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hi there I'm coach Tanya the holistic health practitioner here at critical bench and in this video I'm going to talk very quickly about probiotics and exactly you know what does taking probiotics do for your body okay so probiotics I'm sure you've heard about them I'm sure that most of you if not all of you know that they're very good for you but why there's a lot of lot of reasons why and I could talk really for hours about the benefit of taking probiotics and why we need them but what I did was I picked five top points that I want to just highlight in this very short video so briefly just as an introduction I guess probiotics are basically they're live microorganisms so if you've ever bought a bottle or even a probiotic drink could probably notice that it has to be kept refrigerated that's because they are living microorganisms and they're you know they're also found not just in supplement form but also in fermented food products so things like yogurt kombucha you know those are just examples of foods that you can eat that will get probiotics into your body and what probiotics do is essentially very simply without going into a long scientific explanation as they help promote a healthy balance of the good gut bacteria and the reason we need good gut bacteria is so that our digestion works properly and a lot of other things okay so again a very crude simplified explanation here we eat food because we need it to survive it is our fuel ourselves and you know what it did when we eat a meal and we take it in and it's the digestion digestion process begins foods are broken down into like their elements the fats the carbs of proteins vitamins the minerals and all of that is pulled into the bloodstream and used up by our cells to function perform heal you know for everything now in order for that process to happen really well you know we need bacteria in our digestive tract it helps in that process now if that if that bacteria in the gut becomes imbalanced or the amount of you know good bacteria that we have starts to decrease that can cause health issues and it can you know it definitely will impact your digestive process and by impacting the digestive process it impacts things like how well you function how well does your body repair and heal and all of that so it's like you know that domino effect again so here are my top five not reasons but my top five picks for you know what taking probiotics will do for your body number one is and I just mentioned it promotes an optimal balance of your healthy gut bacteria so we need the good bacteria to outnumber the bad so of that our bodies perform and function and work at their very very best now another common thing that can happen like if your if your good bacteria becomes less you know the bad bacteria outweighs the good is that if you if you are allergy sensitive you have food sensitivities food allergies are actually any other allergies that can have an impact on that there's research that has been done that does support that a low number of good bacteria are not having that healthy balance can definitely impact your allergies or sensitivity to allergies okay as well as weight gain so if you're struggling with trying to lose weight there's a lot of things that come into play again I'm really want to stress in all my videos whatever the topic is one thing is not going to help you lose weight losing weight is a is the accumulation of many good choices but if you know you're doing good things and you're making better choices and you're getting active you're eating better you really want to make sure that you are taking a probiotic and keeping that gut bacteria you know add it at its best level alright another number two is it it will support probiotics do support heart health by helping to lower your LDL which is the bad cholesterol and helping to normalize the maintain healthy blood pressures so get your probiotics okay keep that LDL down because you don't want that cholesterol creeping up alright and again it isn't just one thing this is probiotic to support these things along with a lot of other good things so it's a it's a process of many things all right and probiotics definitely have their part the third thing is that it can reduce symptoms of some digestive upsets and disorders so for instance IBS also write an ulcerative colitis Crohn's disease not a cure not a cure but if you do have digestive health issues if your doctor hasn't mentioned it to I'd be very surprised because typically that is definitely a huge recommendation in terms of like things that you can control by with your nutrition okay and that is taking a really good probiotic and again you know also including those foods some fermented foods if you don't mind the taste then or if your diet if you don't have some tivity to them and there's lots of choices in terms of supplements that you can take whether that's in pill form or okay now I even seem like to get the gummy probiotics in who can take and there are some drinks I know one that I've used in the past is by okay love it kind of tastes like a drinkable yogurt so there's tons and tons of options available for you so if digestive ordered digestive disorders or digestive conditions there's something that you're plagued with or are quite you know paramount in your life then you know taking a really good probiotic can definitely help abate some of those symptoms and help with whatever other protocols you're participating in to manage those those conditions my fourth is that there there was a study done in to tour the research the published research came out in 2001 about how probiotics can support your immune health now again 70 70 72% I'm not thinking in my numbers this morning but well more than half of your immune system is located in your intestinal tract so again it makes very good sense if the immune system is there and you have a healthy balance of the good bacteria it stands to reason that your immune system will be stronger and will function better now the research that was published in 2001 on the study what I read was that a study involved and I am checking my notes here so I get get the information right it was a study involving 570 children and they found that the children that were taking the probiotic their frequency and severity of respiratory infection so we all know kids little kids you know they tend to get there any especially once they start school any cold any flu anything that goes around everybody gets it like sometimes bring it home but the 570 children involved those that were taking the probiotic as opposed to a placebo they had the frequency and severity of respiratory infections was lower by 17% now that's pretty significant and as a mom that is that's some really good news because some some moms and dads out there you know you don't just want to rush out and see a doctor and have your child put on antibiotics if if it's not necessary now antibiotics and medicines have their place and helping people heal and get better but sometimes it's just our own nutrition and things that we can do to bump up our own system naturally or by our own means that can help increase a decrease our risk of contracting you know common viruses illnesses things like that and increase our immune health so taking that probiotic again helping increase or maintain a very healthy balance of good good gut bacteria is definitely going to help support a much healthier immune system all right now my last one I chose just because this is something that tends to run in my family and that is Exuma and that there there's some research to suggest that taking a probiotic can help reduce the severity of eczema again I'm not talking about a cure I'm not saying if you if you do have eczema if your children have eczema running out buying probiotics and taking them is going to get rid of it not necessarily no but it may definitely have an impact to the point that it greatly reduces the severity and symptoms of your eczema and particularly when it comes to children and infants and again there was another study done and the research was published in 2012 and the study involves women who were pregnant and were given a regular probiotic during their pregnancy now those children after they were born four were followed for followed followed but they were monitored and so in the first two years of their life they had an 83% lower risk of developing eczema and that was attributed to the fact that their mothers were taking probiotics during the pregnancy so that's kind of good news all right there you go my top five picks for what you know why I like probiotics and what they'll do for you how they can benefit you again my name is coach Tanya and I'm the holistic health practitioner here at critical bench if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you haven't done so already click over here to subscribe to our channel for thousands more videos to have you looking and feeling your 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  1. Can you give a few examples of best ways to intake probiotics (natural foods and supplements)?

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