5 Minutes workouts to flatten your stomach video for exercise women and beginner

Hello guys. I’m Hana from Vietnam. Merry christmas and… happy new years Hello everybody To day I will guide you a stomach exercise Our belly has 3 parts: lower bend, middle bend and upper bend Most women want a perfect belly And that’s really easy As other exercises, we just need steadily about 5 minutes everyday in one month to have a perfect belly as we wish. So, let’s try together!!! Cause this is the first stomach exercise, it’s quite simple. Be at your home and please try to follow my instructions Bring knees to chest, knees touch chest and then stretch knee. Keep your hands off the floor. Ok? Hands don’t touch floor. Stretch legs and then bend them. Knees touch chest and …stretch out Stretch knees, bend. Knees touch chest, haaa and stretch out Next, put your fingers together, put them on knees, hollow your belly. Ok, hollow belly and lower your body Roll up, legs don’t touch floor. Ok? Begin, down and …up, legs don’t touch floor. Down and up The third movement. Bend the left, stretch the right, two legs don’t touch ground. Bend the right, bend the left. Notice to lean back. Bend the right, bend the left, bend the right, bend the left Next, put two hands together ahead. Twist the body to the left. Guys, please notice, hands touch floor. Let’s feel your body twisting deeply to the left. Now, change side. To the right, to the left. And right, hoooo Ok, first, we seat and put the legs up. Two legs stretch. Hands off please. Can you hold position? Try to hold position. Hollow your belly, hold it here. You may feel tired your legs a bit. But try to hold it. Don’t move, guys Stretch knees out, guys. Hollow belly, stretch back, and…smile. 4 3 2 start. Bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch, bend and stretch. Bend, stretch. Bend … How many times did you do? Give it your best shot! Try your best guys. If you still fail to keep balance, you can rest your hands lightly on the floor. You see? Let’s try. Bend the left, the right. The left, the right. The left, the right, the left. And with your hands.To the left, to the right. Hands touch floor, hands touch floor. Touch floor, touch floor, touch floor. Ok Two legs bend, two legs bend, two legs bend. Please put your fingers together. Ok, lower body. 1 2 1 2 1 2. This’s quite hurt, right? Try to hollow your belly and flex your stomach’s muscles. When do stomach exercises, please remember to hollow belly. Cause this influence effectually on your stomach’s muscles. Ok, stretch, bend. Stretch, bend. Stretch, bend. Stretch and bend. Stretch, bend. Stretch, bend. Stretch and bend. Stretch and bend. Stretch and hold it. Hands up. Let’s try. Hollow belly. Yesss. Hold it. 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Ok. Bend and stretch, bend and stretch. Yes, try your best guys Bend deeply your knees, close to chest. Knees touch chest, touch. Yes, touch, touch and lower body. Down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, up, down and up. 4 3 2 …and one.


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  2. Very effective exercise. I love it.

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  4. She is so cute and graceful….let me try this… haha

  5. Sjoh!!! This is NOT for beginners…lol

  6. This looks like a fun workout! I couldn't do them, but hopefully I'll be able to when I'm no longer a beginner. I started to sweat just watching you, lol.

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