5 Medical HOAXES Killing MILLIONS Of Americans EVERY YEAR

greetings brothers and sisters family and friends I am the minister of wellness Nathanael Jordan and in our continuing the eternal serious that I've just started get off the death train when I come and focus on non topics just some topics to help you get off the death train so I've been going over some of the details of the diet that we should be eating getting off the death train of alcohol over salting the food and eating oils using abusing their medicinal components and so forth so I want to drop a video about deadly you as medical hoaxes that 200 million Americans still believe we're not going to save the masses my information is not for the masses I can care less about widespread acceptance of the message I teach I'm here to serve two purpose as the minister of wellness of the most high when when he called me to do this work in 2015 I told you all I left the police department and I've been working for him the most high of a sense and my mission is twofold my mission is twofold that this truth will spread across the entire earth as the waters cover the sea now as every single person will change but that everyone will know the truth so they can't say that they know how to take care of themselves and then too for those who have it within them who've been chosen who have been chosen to make that change and I don't know I never know some of you are listening you could be three four hundred pounds but you have that greatness within you you have that greatness within you and so I have to teach the truth and speak the truth because I just you just never know just never know who can be chosen but then someone else you might be listening you three four hundred pounds and for whatever reason just turned on this video I guess because the subject look good and you're one of the ones that'll just troll the video and go on eating yourself to death and telling yourself lives that you don't care and we're gonna die anyway which is true but it's not about death is about living life to the fullest before you die because if you're killing yourself with food let me tell you something you're suffering now mentally which is why you're making those statements cuz you're already mentally deranged and then you're suffering emotionally you're suffering physically so it's a lot of suffering that precedes death for most Americans especially mentally especially mentally and so those are the two purpose those are the two purposes it's just putting the message out there so people can't have an excuse and then for the people who really want to change they'll they'll know what they need to do and that's why I can't play games I can't sugarcoat I have to be very strict with what I teach because if I'm not your blood will be on my shoulders I'll be on my hands and your blood will not be on my shoulders will not be on my hands so I'm not sugarcoating nothing deadly US medical hoaxes again deadly new u.s. medical ho every single year Americans are being slaughtered by the hands of that but their doctors these legal drug dealers who prescribed deadly drugs and wield bad advice for their patients chronic diseases but people worship doctors doctors or false gods of our society they're really medical deities and even the Greek god Hermes the demon is the symbol of the Dogon medical industry the whole thing is satanic it's a satanic system and a part of whenever you worship the devil human sacrifice is a part of devil worship and that's what they do they're sacrificing people lives in these hospitals Hoff's means death it'll mean sinner so that's all it is it's just one sacrifice or system to the devil that's all it is all of these so-called prescriptions have been designed to fail they're designed for the purpose of failing they're not designed to work they're designed to keep you on the death train no matter how nice and honest the MVS and oncologists seem whether or not they whether or not they know is irrelevant they will still be destroyed for a lack of knowledge they will still be held responsible for killing people and and it's all they're allowed to know by the American Medical Association or the American murder Association the FDA the frankenfood and death Administration and then the CDC which controls disease they don't get rid of the disease they just control it number one from fluoride in drinking water fluoride is a drug even in parts per million or billion no human should ever consume sodium fluoride Americans dips into the municipal taps with one goal in mind slowly poisoned consumers until they head to hospitals for chemotherapy brittle bone syndrome and dementia remember inflammation is the catapult for nearly every diseases and disorder and industrial pollutants like fluoride or a key element of that insidious medical hoax and deadly Ponzi scheme if you have not already you need to invest in a home water filtration system if you can afford to filter out your entire plumbing system if you have the money get a water filter reverse osmosis and replace your entire plumbing system so all the water that runs through your house is purified if not at least your drinking water should be and the system that I use is with true I quit true I have it right there on the screen number two the flu shot the CDC has no clue how to stop the flu and they don't want to why the heck would they stop the flu and then that means that they wouldn't get money so again most Americans are being dumbed down with the fluoride fluoride dumbs you down and causes mental illness just walk through Walmart stay in Walmart for one hour when you have free time stay in Walmart for one hour stay in Walmart and look at look how how physically deformed people are like I said it is I am Legend is truth that is how we are now I am Legend we will smith that's that's how the masses are that's how they are they nearly look like that too just look at just go to Walmart and look at Walmart foot out and then after you get done with that then just scroll through take our and go to look up never eat fried chicken the Minister of wellness some of my videos has gotten over 100,000 views just read the comments and see the mint the mental state of people them into depravity of the masses that will fight you even if you lose three four pounds the flu shot sells about two hundred million doses to every year to morons across America who are not over only still reeling from last year's mercury jab jab but are more likely to catch the flu this year because of it that's right the years previous influenza vaccine causes the patient to have lowered immunity to the flu to the flu the fucking year and plus it's just a shot in the dark since the CDC has no clue what strains will be coming out there's way more than just two or three folks it's one of the most prolific medical hoaxes of all time they're putting in the flu strain that they don't even know will be the flu strain in the environment it doesn't help people it says they're right on the in-circuit lists all the ingredients and yet you have millions of dumb sheep still taking this mess and then if they see that you're not getting vaccinated it's really the shame in them because they know they're killing themselves and killing their children and because people love misery and that's why there's a backlash against anti-vaxxers because they want you to be sick and that you didn't like would suit if i'm taking the risk and harming my children you going to that's how people are that's why if you all lose five or ten pounds they're already persecuting you my sister the youth of your youtube name black i think there's a black queen jesus i think you said that you lost four pounds and they already noticed that work that's ridiculous i mean congratulations to you but my get four pounds unless that was a typo I think you said four pounds and they already saying something to you keep fighting the good fight my sister that's right the the years previous influenza vaccine causes the patients to have yeah lowered immunity to follow year again it's a hoax it's a hoax and people are dying from the mercury all you have to do again check the vaccine insert the murder saw they just rename it so no one thinks twice again people don't even ask to look at what's in what's in the vaccine don't even look at it again medical doctors are the gods the false gods of our time the H P 3 P 3 HPV vaccine ask yourself why on the earth with a nine-year-old child need a vaccine that wears off in three years for sexually transmitted disease spread by having anal sex up from sharing Harry needles why why are they giving little girls this and now they're trying to give it to boys but you know actual actual actual medical diety that your legal drug dealer and all they're gonna do is heme and har and back peddle and some of them might yell at you wait I go over that autoimmune disease these medical these medical doctors I'm telling you most so they most of them are wicked they will you know they'll cuss you out and throw you out of the office why more than ten thousand adverse effects have been reported from children and teens who got this genetically modified HB HPV concoction injected into their muscle tissue we've witnessed horror stories about anaphylactic shock loss of muscle tissue seizures comas comas permanent paralysis and death that's because the vaccine contains fragmented forms of the virus aluminum and even sodium chloride these are neurotoxins and costs integers that disrupt and destroy the central nervous system plus most forms of human papilloma papilloma viruses are beaten down and defeated by the human immune system easily and never amount to health problem but of course they don't care about telling people to eat right no medical doctor in America stresses that point properly to their clients for life no they don't distract that we're so stupid and dumbed down by all these toxins and food that you have millions of Americans who can't even who can't even use critical thinking skills turn off the stupid Marvel Comics movies and Housewives of this and that and this and that and all you got to do is read a book and see that we have blue zones in the world right now with the longest-lived populations don't get vaccines and they live much longer healthier lives but I can't think just open up a book and see that well because they're being programmed that's why I buy television why is HPV such an enormous issue for us but not other countries around the world why are our numbers so high because the HPV vaccines spray it's disease and the CDC uses propaganda for the research to make a fortune you know science science is with people that believe in science that's just humanism that's all it is science is just the worship of the sin of the self some a very some of it some of it is legitimate but for the most part it's just it's just it's a hoax they just make up studies and people believe it on science says whether it was performed by human beings human beings that most likely they don't believe in the most high they don't believe in them they don't serve them they reject them and they're just out for money and again they're put on this pedestal they're once again a part of the false god worship of our society so they're making a fortune Merkin GSK okay it's a scam to push more deadly immunizations just like the swine flu and the Zika virus chemotherapy chemotherapy anise is an archaic form of bloodletting that drains every nutrient from the human body and destroys the immune system even in the cases where doctors and colleges and patients claim the chemotherapy worked do we really know if the patient even had cancer to begin with and how do we know it was the chemotherapy that saved them especially if they died shortly after the infamous five-year mark scam Oh gram mammograms return false positives all the time I despise breast cancer awareness month oncologist guests at gray areas in the breast and lungs all the time people go under the knife to have surgeons remove a disease that's a disorder of the sales caused by the consumption of chemicals and sugar how in the heck was surgery helped to defeat something which root causes toxicity externally and internally as long as we consume fluoride mercury canola GMOs prescription drugs they are exacerbating the uncontrolled mutation and manipulation of bad sales that turn and attack all their weakened tissues and organs that's the definition of cancer the uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells and those cells become abnormal and uncontrollable because of our diet and this toxic environment that we're in chemotherapy may be actually the worst thing you can do to someone who is battling cancer thou Devils that prosper from this you shall have your reward and lastly antibiotics for viruses doctors all across America over prescribing antibiotics for what they misdiagnosis a bacterial infection when in fact more times than not it's a viral infection and the results of this mistake can be deadly antibiotics wipes out all bacteria in the gut and bad when your body is battling a virus the last thing it needs is for some quack MD to prescribe antibiotics such as pneumonia you shouldn't be getting antibiotic for pneumonia should not be getting anybody from bronchitis should not be getting anybody for sinus infection okay antibiotics are dangerous and they're becoming obsolete so now we have superbugs like M or s eight becoming immune to them and C AFA and oh an amaz get more and more so farmers can stave off all those bacterial infections what about when those animals get with vaccines okay I mean this is ridiculous these are ridiculous these hoaxes all of this madness that exists we got superbugs floating around but then some of you all your food addiction is made you so insane you still want to argue about honey based off of what John the Baptist did 2,000 years ago open your eyes wake up that error is over this is not the Garden of Eden this is not biblical times this is 2019 we have to eat and live in a survival mode manner we are in survival mode we are in the last days and every single calorie counts every second counts get off the death train we have to strive for perfection not old not even if we can't make it we have to strive for perfection we got to go all the way back before John the Baptist before more on the way back it's all the way back to the beginning and that's fresh fruits and vegetables nutrient-dense plant rich diet medical industry is a death care industry their death care industry killing people murdering people murdering people for money people for money and it's all races of people participating in this mess all racist that's all I'm not that's why I don't tolerate no racial dissension a disparaging in my Dogon comments section because it is white black blue green Mexican they're all participating in every country there's sellout devil's participating in this so that's how I get off the Deaf train another get off the Deaf train segment I hope you all have a blessed day if your able to support Ministry of wellness ain't God besides this information I have some products you can buy to bless me and those products can bless you I have books that cover all the major diseases I have some very great high quality supplements for you covering a variety of issues it's all on my website take a look the minister of wellness calm I'm having a seminar January the 4th I hope you all can make it it only holds 500 people we have early bird special for tickets going I only have space for 15 vendors I'm looking for two vegan food vendors and one more sponsor January the fourth st. Louis Missouri polish Polish Heritage Center hope I can see you there hope I can see that Polish Heritage Center January the 4th 12:00 p.m. to 6 p.m. doors open at 11:00 hope I can see there I'll be delivering the keynote message my keynote lecture from May 4th is airing tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time please share this video subscribe share lose 50 pounds listen to me get off the death train listen to me 100% lose 50 pounds like Nate like my brother Nathan Duncan and submit me your before and after and I'll send you something for free I need you test them all I need you all to be healthy I need you to get healthy that's what I want I need you know not it's not what I want is what I need I need that that's medicine for my soul when you all tell me that you're losing weight oh yes it is oh yes it is I care about each and every last one of you I pray for each and every last one of you and I want you all to get off the death train and I want to see you all as much as possible January the 4th if not some of you all are working hard to get me to your city my signature programs and all my teachings can be found at Nathanael Jordan calm and you can your organization a church can submit a request it has the budget that you would need however I do work with all budget levels as long as within reason reach out to me tell me you're interested in partnering with me to bring a seminar to your city and I will work with you we can talk it over and as long as it's within reason because I guarantee you anyone who's heard me speak live you know that it's a life-changing life-changing event I'm honored to be the minister of wellness


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  10. Went through the breast cancer scam for over a 4 year period of having a biopsy and then being monitored! For the past two years, my nurse practitioner keeps saying you are in good heath, do you want a flu shot? So, I said let me see the insert, he said, no, you don't seem too interested! Never had a flu shot and never will!!
    Currently, dehydrating 5lbs of garlic…ita a preventative measure for antibiotics etc. Once a year, I do an annual checkup, getting ready to stop the mamm and request the alternate. Living off of plants, herbs, 35% H202 and honey.


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