5 Killer Resistance Band Ab Exercises (Combine For A Total Ab Workout!!)


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  2. Look like Maluma

  3. love this

  4. right to the point and didnt want to look for another video lol thanks

  5. I tried this and I love it can see difference finally something so simple and effective for abs

  6. It may look very simple but man let me tell ya it's very effective and It BURNS like hell!

  7. awesome simple routine. thanks!

  8. Love the Band Raised Plank Spidermans because it allows me to work the abs without the collateral neck pain I get with crunches.

  9. Thank alot for your great tips man! I'll try it out right now. Best regards

  10. Decent bro 👍

  11. Hope it doesn't cause a hernia

  12. thanks for simple, direct instruction. Looking forward to seeing how these go for me

  13. Thanks!

  14. Do you even lift, bruh?

  15. 2:26 that really is hitting the lower abs?.. and NOT mainly the hip flexors?.. hopefully that really is working… I gotta say, the whole reverse crunch (w/out bands) is weird exercise that I find kinda difficult to do since ROM is like 1.5 degrees of movement… anyhow, thank you for great video

  16. the best resistance band exercises for the abs, simple and very effective

  17. Trying this tonight. Thank you !

  18. How have I only found this channel today?

  19. This is actually really good. Thank you.

  20. This guy is such a douchebag

  21. Great moves thanks a lot

  22. Man that flooring is damm nice, I want that in my kitchen 😘

  23. Nigga you always on point 👌

  24. Very effective routine…thank man..

  25. great! love this except the equipment you have to wrap the bands around I don't have. can you make one of like at an at home setting? but I loved it. the ones I can do I will do

  26. Thank you for these workouts!! (the band ones) I love how you show the targeted muscles charts. I've been on a plateau because I stopped going to the gym & just work out at home lately & only had the short loop bands and tube bands sets so I was limited …but I just bought the pull-up assist bands you use and wow what a difference in every exercise! 😀 The pain feels so good! I have no idea what you're saying because if I don't listen to music while I workout I'm useless (I'm imagining you have one of those cool Irish accents for now…) anyway please keep posting new stuff …. especially for the bands 😉

  27. Nice work….dude

  28. Very informative. Nice work.

  29. That ab floor exercise is all over IG, and the standing one too. But hey, nothing new under the sun, right? I'm enjoying watching your vids. Thanks!

  30. Awesome video. Can you do a video for the chest or back? Do you have to max out on your back to get results? I would appreciate it if you did keep up the good work

  31. You are an inspiration. Full of energy. Great job and I have already subscribed. Your workouts are a super challenge but effective if 100% effort is put into them. Keep it up.

  32. I dont know how to burn fat on bottom stomach help meee

  33. gr8 content, can you do some more resistance bands workout? video for chest, another for shoulders and so on? keep up the good work, loving how you wrap up the content in a very efficient time.

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