5 HEALTHY MEALS | With Calories and Macros!

hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today's video is a food video it is five of my staple healthy meals that I eat within a week and basically I'm just showing you five meals that I have regularly and generally every week or some variation of them each week I really enjoy them I know they might not be for everybody I have tried to show you a variety of different things so that you get an idea of what I mean to roughly and I don't eat the same things all of the time but I do eat very very similar things I'm perfectly fine doing that I don't really care I know for some of you you might like a lot more variety than this but these are staple meals I have and then I do have other things that vary a lot within the week just to keep it more interesting and so yeah I hope you enjoy obviously I did not film this all in one day these are from throughout the week so I hope that you enjoy please let me know if you do and if you have any comments or any questions leave me a comment down below please don't forget to Like and subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you in my next video enjoy okay guys so today I have got one salmon filet and 300 grams of white potato and then just a load of broccoli which I don't bother to weigh guys this is so so quick and easy to make sorry and the veg and the potatoes are like about 15 minutes and then the salmon fill it takes max 10 minutes so this is a really quick easy meal so when you're in a bit of a rush but you want something healthy very very easy and you do not need to defrost the salmon Phillips before you use them you just take them straight out and pop them straight in the pan so very quick very easy if you are in a rush but want something healthy okay so this is a little bit different to normal because we don't normally have sliced bread and we've just got it cuz my family came to visit so we've got some leftover so I thought I would use it up but this you might have seen before so I've got three eggs 100 grams of mushrooms 100 grams of mixed peppers and then a handful of kale and spinach and 25 grams of red onions and I just scramble that all up in a pan and then I've just popped it on two slices of Kingsmill 50/50 bread okay so tonight I've got 300 grams of our chicken and then 500 grams of white potato which we've caught up and then made into homemade chips and then a side of edge it doesn't matter what me or we have in an evening we always have a side of edge so that is my plate of edge and then that's my chicken and chips okay so this is basically my healthy take on enchiladas so in here I've got two wraps and then in each wrap is 100 grams of chicken 50 grams of mixed peppers I've just put a handful of spinach in each and then there's some red pesto some tomato sauce and then I melt some cheese on top and then I'll just pop that in the oven and that is that meal for tonight so I know it is falling apart just fall apart a little bit as you eat it but and it is quite hot but that is pretty much our dinner for tonight and then again I have got a side plate of vegetables okay so today it is traditional spaghetti bolognese so I've got 140 grams of spaghetti and then I've just got mint and I was pretty lazy making this today so it's literally just mint obviously seasoned it and then just chopped my eyes I've not added them any moons or mushrooms or sweet corn or anything like that today is literally just chopped tomatoes mince and unseasoned and that's it so I'm just going to add some cheese on top and then I have also got some garlic bread which I'm gonna have with it as well you

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