come back to a brand new episode lien living excitement levels are high squaddies today I'm gonna show you six super easy super simple super tasty healthy food swaps these are guaranteed to help you burn more fat feel more energized and ultimately live a healthier life almost instantly now if you're someone who feels like you've been overtraining or you train all the time yet you don't get the results you deserve that's probably because of what you're putting into your bodies and when I say this I have learned from experience I used to be a professional rugby player working out has come easy to me we would train six hours a day and my lean levels were nowhere near where they are now and when I look back at things it is simply because of what I was putting into my body so these food swaps you're gonna want to pay attention to really excited to share but first please please subscribe to the channel give a nice big thumbs up if this video helped you and otherwise it's time to get lean well we're kicking this lean party off with breakfast breakfast we've been told is the most important meal of the day and one of most people start their breakfast with is some yogurt now what we haven't been told is that yogurt is filled with sugar and that is not how we want to be starting our day sugar filled yogurts end up spiking your insulin and set you up for a big crash early in the morning and certainly does not help your fat loss journey when we take a little look at this Activia brand this one little cup here has 15 grams of added sugar just in this one little one some are much worse some have up to 30 grams of added sugar which is why you're gonna want to try this this is my favorite this is my go-to this is Icelandic yogurt it is insane it's even better than Greek yogurt and I'm gonna tell you why because in one serving it has 22 grams of protein only 120 calories and 8 grams of carbohydrates and to make it even better you add a little of nut butter to increase those healthy fats keep you energized sprinkle on some berries which are low in natural sugars and you're gonna be off to the races okay this one is really exciting but before I get into it I just want to say and clarify for the record I am NOT an anti carb guy I love carbohydrates I have them every single day however these options I'm giving you are going to help you reduce your total calorie intake and adjust your macros so you're eating the right foods at the right times and again aiding in fat loss that's the goal pasta I love pasta you probably love pasta we all love pasta and this is what used to be one of my go-to meals probably seven days a week when I was a professional rugby player however when we look at the nutrition in only 1/5 of this pack you're gonna have 300 calories 63 which are from carbohydrates and again the problem with pasta is most of them are highly processed stripped of their nutrients and make it really hard for your body to digest so this is not good for your overall well-being if you're eating pasta all the time which is why I'm introducing you to my friend pal mini right there this is the best pasta alternative you're gonna see better than zucchini noodles better than sweet potato noodles better than konjac noodles better than any other pasta substitute out there this right here my friends is gonna help you on your lean levels super easy to make I am posting a recipe on how to make bit next week it's so easy and the recipe is insane so make sure you subscribe and tune into it because you don't want to miss it but when we look at the nutrition levels in one serving of this only 20 total calories but it gets even better only to net carbs ooh now some condiments these are super easy swaps first things first we probably all have ketchup in our house filled with sugar not a good condiment tastes good but not a good condiment which is why I want to introduce you to my friend sriracha this sriracha again is one of my goat cheese put it on almost all my food and when we compare the nutrition of the two you are gonna see that this has zero calories per tablespoon this has a lot more sugar a lot more calories per serving that is why we want to introduce sriracha into our cupboards another condiment super easy Swap maple syrup packed filled with sugar jam-packed filled with sugar in a quarter cup 260 calories 66 of which are sugar that is setting you up for possibly the worst start today you could ever have which is why you are going to switch to Walden's zero calorie maple syrup this tastes so good I posted so many recipes with this that you can try first hand and I guarantee you you will not be able to tell the difference next swap I must confess this one is one of my kryptonite's and that is chips and dip these are packed full with carbohydrates they're really gonna slow you down increase your calorie intake almost instantly and if you're like me you can get carried away very very quickly getting this back in one city don't lie so we need a swap for this really really neat a swap which is why I am introducing you to walk a moley cucumber and chips and dip trust me this is life-changing cucumber you just cut them up into little chips just like that almost zero calories guacamole healthy fats tons of spice gonna keep you fueled satiated so that means it's gonna give you that feeling of fullness and you're not gonna get carried away like you would eating that whole bag of chips okay squaddies I hope you guys enjoyed these healthy food swaps I honestly think these will make a huge difference if you've been struggling with your weight loss or fat loss journey I know they certainly changed my life they are all easy to implement they are all super tasty and I honestly live by each and every one of these which is why I'm so excited to share so let me know in the comments below whether or not these helped you give it a big thumbs up subscribe do all that fun stuff and if you are also looking for a custom meal plan tailor to you then you need to go to WWE Wacom or just direct message me at lean squad on Instagram and I will see you guys back here next episode


  1. I totally agree some of these seemingly healthy foods have low protein and crazy amount of sugar. My favorite yogurt is Siggi vanilla and I like to add granola! Thanks for sharing these amazing swaps! *SUBSCRIBED!

  2. Wow. There is 0 nutritional value in pasta…but it's so good! But thanks for the switch tip! I've never heard of palmini! Excited to try it

  3. I can’t do dairy, but LOVE yogurt. So I went and found a coconut milk yogurt and I was SHOCKED that that coconut yogurt has ridiculously lower sugar than traditional yogurt.. WHY. Side note PAsta 😂

  4. I love your videos and recipes but I’m shook by the syrup with artificial sweetener😭


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