5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School!! | MyLifeAsEva


  1. 4:49 5SOS!

  2. Why she use the word “apply” about everything when she’s making a smoothie

  3. 2021 anyone

    Lol… nope ok….

  4. I remember watching this when it came out and how this used to be what youtube was lmao I miss it

  5. Last me a good what??? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  6. These foods literally arent healthy but we appreciate a queen who tries

  7. Can we just appreciate little Eva’s clothing choices real quick

  8. “healthy”

  9. My school ends in 3 weeks

  10. 2019 anyone??? 🌈

  11. I swear Eva is the best and most beautiful role model ever! I can’t wait till I attend High so that I can use all these!

  12. Thank you i did not know what to have for lunch today

  13. “5 Healthy and Affordable Lunch Ideas for School”

    adds 2 spoons of sugar for a lemonade drink

  14. Ava you are so pretty and prettier in 2019

  15. Who else hates school. If not who else hates school food. Definitely me! I hate both! That’s why I always love these videos to give me some ideas!!♥️😊🥰

  16. I’m literally 34 years old and I’m in love with your videos. I’m too old for high school. (Right?!?) but I love your healthy food ideas for work. 🥗 mmmmm 🥰

  17. Eva is so young

  18. “This lady just walked into my house, she’s done it before.”

    You see guys, this is why you lock your doors 😂😂


  20. #roadto10milion!

  21. Same I'm a quick eater, and your smile is so pretty.

  22. If you pause it at 7:26,it doesn't look right. Sorry Eva

  23. (rewatching this) I love how everyone else's filters are so bland/pastel/neutral/nude and this is so vibrant.

  24. I thought your vegan

  25. 4:42 it's like she said peed instead of paid 😂

  26. What kind of sauce did she use 7:12

  27. Wow, this helped! I’m gonna take two of ur ideas Eva, and put salad, chicken, tomatoes, and raspberries into a mason jar! My fave kind of wrap, in a jar!! Xx

  28. Aug 10, 2014, and now 2019!!!!!

  29. For the last thing (the wrap) you can add croutons to make it more flavorful and crunchy.

  30. A GOOD WHAT!!? Ahhhhhhh

  31. 2019 anyone?

  32. Ahhh the old times when acrylics didnt have to be at least 5 inches to be appealing

  33. 2019 anyone?

  34. 2019 ??😑😑😑😑

  35. S ix
    C ruel
    H ours
    O f
    O ur
    L ife

  36. 2096 anyone?

  37. The red colour is sooooooooo bright

  38. 2019?

  39. 2019 anyone?

  40. 2019 anyone…… no one just me k I’ll leave:(

  41. My school starts tomorrow

  42. 4:17 lol

  43. 2019

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