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my name is Oliver shagreen and I'm a pediatrician and family physician at Mayo Clinic in Florida back to school can be a very scary time for kids there are lots of new adventures ahead of them we want to make sure those kids starving those ventures in a safe way here are my top five tips for parents when Senator kids back to school first and foremost you want to make sure that your child has a good night's sleep that's the best way to start off a day a sleepy child doesn't learn very well at all for children ages 1 to 3 recommend 12 to 14 hours of sleep 8 is 3 is 6 recommend 10 to 12 hours of sleep ages 7 to 12 we recommend 10 to 11 hours of sleep in from ages 12-18 recommend at least eight to nine hours of sleep my second tip for parents is good nutrition you want to make sure that your child starts the day off with a good healthy meal including a good protein the American Academy of Pediatrics also wants you to remember 5 to 10 for tips to help your child help a healthier diet five at least five healthy fruits and vegetables a day to making sure that your child has no more than two hours of non-academic screen time daily 1 60 minutes of physical activity daily is recommended and 0 we recommend no sweetened beverages daily to make sure that your child has a decreased risk of developing diabetes when they're older my third tip for parents his backpack safety do you guys remember going to high school and having that 20-pound backpack on your back we now know that that's really bad for children's posture and their back they end up with having back problems down the line so we recommend that children have no more than ten percent of their body weight in their backpack for a child that weighs 100 pounds that's 10 pounds so children to learn to prioritize what they're putting in their backpack and if they find that they need to bring home more than the recommended weight getting a rolling backpack may be a good idea my next tip for parents is good hand hygiene as pediatrician too often find those first few weeks of school to be very busy for us as well kids come in with kohl's viruses and strep throat quite often remember kids have been away from each other all summer and been of collecting their own germs they come back to school and bring all those terms with them so children are exposed to a lot more Germans during those or a few weeks of school by a few tips like having good hand hygiene washing their hands for at least 60 seconds for child I can't count that well you might want to do your ABCs or sing the Happy Birthday song while they wash their hands as a good guide my last and one of my most important tips for families is to warn your children about stranger danger we're hearing things in the news way too often about child abductions these days one tip is to make sure that your children know to avoid strange people as well as strange animals when they're waiting at the bus stop are waiting to be picked up from school if for some reason parents aren't able to pick their child up from school and they're sending a friend or another family member that friend or filmer should have a password that it must correctly give that child before the child should be willing to go with them if someone comes up to your child and approaches them and they don't have that password if your child should be instructed to run to the nearest by that they feel comfortable with

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  1. Great tips!I love 5,2,1,0:

    5: Healthy veggies a day
    2: No more than 2 hours of non-academic screen time daily
    1: 1 hour of physical activities
    0: No sweetened beverages daily, to keep away from diabetes.

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