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oh hello welcome to our top five things have changed our lives number one meditation for the nation ooh ooh now you don't have to be in an idyllic Buddhist type scenario to meditate you don't need necessarily candles you didn't need to be in a dark room with sage and incense you really just need yourself and we like to do it in a quiet space because we're not that advanced in meditation so we do need to focus on ourselves and we started meditating as a way to help us relax but also to just check in with ourselves and see what's going on with within us what's going on base perhaps upsetting us or even if it's joy so that we can register that and we can then take it with us and remember that feeling when perhaps we are feeling a little bit upset and we do it from five minutes 10 minutes and building up with how much time we've got you know a lot of people say oh I don't have time to do this and yeah we all have very busy lives but it's prioritizing that time and it's a sensual time for yourself number two communication this one is probably the most important one out of all of them so it's something that I would say probably more natural at it's something that you are developing with the time yeah not so natural at all for me it's been a challenge and it's coming out with ways that have worked for me to help with that there's different ways of communicating not just talking writing but in letters or even writing journals just put yourself that helps communicate and bring out the feelings inside dancing is a way just doing anything that is creating that helps you express yourself music or drawing we had a period of time where we were struggling to communicate to each other and we were writing letters to each other and that was just so helpful just to listen you know read someone else's thoughts without interrupting those thoughts really taking time to respond as well as even through their response when you read a letter you can read it over and over again and maybe when you first read a letter you might think differently to reading it maybe for the fifth time number three conscious living by that we really mean living life intentionally and making choices mindfully so call it whatever you want to call it conscious mindful intentional but just not letting life just pass through in front of your eyes actually be present in every moment and for whenever we can making those choices according to what we really really need and want eating something because it's what we've always eaten or doing something because what we've always done for me personally it's always been a constant seeking health or finding a way to be healthy so understanding what it is that feels good for my body in terms of eating what it's good for my soul in terms of people I'm surrounded by your environments that I'm surrounded by yeah it's just also being aware of the consequences of our choices so whether it's for the environment how much are you impacting the world by making a certain choice we are choosing to be aware of it we're not perfect but this is our journey and this is what we're doing just to try and I'm sure it's going to evolve everything that everything does number four practicing gratitude Martha I'm very grateful for you and all of thing we'll see different ma we've been reading a lot of books self-help guides Law of Attraction manifestations sometimes in certain scenarios when something horrible happens and I feel like I'll be grateful for that we try and find something to be grateful for that's really really hard you know it's really hard to do it all the time but on a daily basis it's just so easy to do because there are so many things that we are so grateful for it sounds a bit strange in to me when I first read about it or heard about it really and then as soon as I started saying it or writing it down it just makes you feel so good it's something about saying out loud or writing it down really brings it don't you really feel it a lot more today it's gonna be a great day even just starting the morning saying today it's gonna be a great day and even if you are silly yeah then you start laughing it's that thing you do is start laughing so we're very grateful for you guys whoever you are how many of you are watching this we're very grateful for you Josh earnest thanks thank you number five spending time in nature and appreciating the simple things me nature is so powerful and once you realize the power that it has is healing I think it's healing to be in nature even ten minutes a day being surrounded by green or being in the water whatever it is it's just so powerful which is why we chose to be in the van and to have no electricity and have no water running and find ways to find that you know in nature and having a dog brings you back to that as well especially when you see him running around he's just running around outside but he's the happiest he ever is some of our best holidays and moments have been around the corner in our town all down the beach not necessarily the other side of the world in a luxury hotel or something sometimes it can be nice but for us being outside on a clear night of all the stars and a fire that that to us is just perfect yeah and if camping is not for you I think we should do a whole video about this because I was against it 300 percent I was like you're talking to me about going anywhere in a filthy field and call it a holiday are you insane or not a fan of camping in a tent not that simple not that simple sorry not you know I'm not sleeping in a plastic bag I'm not doing that thank you very much for watching this video we really appreciate you being here with us we hope you've enjoyed our changes that we've made to improve our lives is there anything that you've done this dramatically changed your life please let us know in a point below and if you like the video give us a thumbs up okay see you soon ciao for now

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