5 Foods That Should Be Your Breakfast Every Morning



  1. The only thing I can actually eat in this vid is fruit. sucks

  2. Nice video
    Tumambay na po ako at nanuod patambay din po panuod na rin salamat

  3. Who's eating a handful of nuts for breakfast?

  4. Pleaee mention those things in description box..Thanks.. follow in next video..

  5. Can sumone please tell me do u fried the eggs or boiled the eggs or u just eat the egg raw

  6. Not all oatmeal brands give you 13 grams of protein. As a matter of fact I have yet to find a brand with that amount of protein. If you know a specific brand can you please list it.

  7. I want to start eating healthier breakfast . Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I cant have dairy, but the rest are great!!

  8. # 1 to 4 are good, but totally disagree with #5.
    Fruit should be eaten separately on an empty stomach, and never ever mixed with other food!

  9. It's hard to stay with it

  10. So true boiled eggs n work hard n workout helps me plus jogging.

  11. Thanks

  12. Nice video. ..important info n love the BGM….the whistle!!😄😁😀

  13. Nice one !

  14. Four Horseman. I agree with you. Intermittent fasting from 7pm to 11am.

  15. Nobody should do breakfast, everybody should do Intermittent Fasting every single day. Heal Diabetes 2 and thousands of other illnesses. Stop this breakfast madness. (Book: Delay Don't Deny)

  16. Music link pls

  17. Great tips!! I will start using these 5 food for breakfast every morning. Thank you for sharing this video.💖

  18. Short and to the point! Thank you.

  19. yogurt is the worst option ..!

  20. How about just getting pussy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, period ….. It's non caloric for the bitch if she don't get pregnant, period…..

  21. My girls punani is always the first choice for me it just gets my day going

  22. Captain Crunch in the morning. Cheetos in the afternoon. Snickers in the evening.

  23. No oatmeal or yogurt..both spike insulin sky high which causes fat storage. Berries, eggs, any meat and vegetables are fine.

  24. Well i am on the right track except for yogurt. Ewww i hate that stuff

  25. You copied Bright sides music.

  26. Do you have any idea what you are talking. You should not have solid food with fruits. Also you are teaching every one to eat eggs. God bless you.

  27. "Breakfast the most important meal of the day" what a bunch of bullocks. Not if u trying to lose weight and not spike ur insulin. Its a good marketing strategy doh to get ppl to buy all the stuff to have at bfast

  28. Ass!

  29. A pint of Guinness

  30. Mc Donald’s

  31. this is very helpful and informative. thank you for the video.

  32. Isn't it varies from country to country ? Each nation has their own brekkie recipes.

  33. What about the wife? She good to ete? Makes her happy!

  34. Well then im doing ok … oatmeal and 2 eggs every morning. Thanks

  35. No vegetables and fruits? And why breakfast? Viewers, please research first on Intermittent fasting…

  36. Most of the foods suggested here are the opposite of most of the reputable doctor would suggest, for ex. Dr. Jason Fung. This one is another mind controlling so we keep buying their products. Keep on researching before believing these kinds of lies.

  37. Everyone has an opinion on what is and what isn't healthy. I say eat what you want healthy people die just the same as unhealthy

  38. Can I add full cream milk on my oats

  39. Thanks for sharing. Healthy eating

  40. the best breakfast is pure organic GREEK honey with pure organic GREEK yoghurt.

  41. Full english breakfast

  42. Aloo ke pranthe😍

  43. Burger King Whopper & fries?

  44. Oatmeal and yogurt are not present in our state

  45. Eggs is #1 has more nutritional value than oatmeal

  46. Yogurt isn't a good idea for breakfast.

  47. Best eating pattern and weight loss quickl

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