5 Fake "Healthy" Foods That Are Secretly Destroying Your Body

five fake health foods that are damaging your body a lot of people are misguided when it comes to these five foods and I see it all the time you may be guilty of this stick around I'm going over them and why they are not actually good for you hey everybody welcome to the channel if you're new here my name's Cole Hastings if you're trying to evolve your body in mind through a plant-based diet as well as personal development topics then consider subscribing and hello to the recent influx of new subscribers from that ten thousand calorie challenge video you got some good content coming your way you will not regret this subscription I hope please stick around alright one thing before we get into the video if you have ever wanted my built by tofu t-shirt yes my brand t-shirt this is what it's looking like this is a woman size if you want one they are absolutely free if you purchase one of my meal plans or workout plans on my website go there right now seasoned tofu calm slash shop check out the shirts check out the plans see if you like them and you can get trained by me okay first fake health food is granola bars or granola in general for no law can be good but it's also got a lot of bad in it for you most granola not very good for you at all so a granola bar that is currently in my house right now is called wholesome they are Wegmans granola bars let's check out the ingredients list here and see how they're fooling your the dark chocolate sea salt kind dark chocolate sea salt must be healthy right it comes from the sea it's gotta be it's healthy its natural the things that really stand out to me here are the dark chocolate flavored coating it's the second ingredient it's not dark chocolate it's organic sugar palm kernel oil cocoa powder and cocoa powder process with alkali if sugar or oil is one of the first three ingredients that's a huge warning sign that this food is definitely not actually that healthy for you there are almonds in here there are other nuts in here there is crisp rice but dark chocolate and oil and sugar not actually good for you it's just these fake health foods next up we got banana and this is really surprising because bananas themselves are super healthy they contain tons of vitamins tons of minerals especially vitamin C the really good potassium source they're really good magnesium source I suggest everyone eat a couple of bananas a least a day it'll help you a lot with meeting your caloric as well as vitamin and mineral needs what banana chips have crap ingredients in them let's check out the ingredients list so I just pulled up a random one from Google but let's check out the ingredients here the first ingredient banana of course then palm oil dextrose sugar natural and artificial flavor there's that rule again having the first three ingredients have either oil or sugar in it this one has palm oil in it which is really shaky among vegans especially for being vegan because of how much wildlife damage it does but then sugar is also obviously just bad for you I'm assuming that this is also processed sugar and I want to talk a little bit about natural and artificial flavor these things are not good like when you see when you hear natural flavor the fact that there's not even a name for this thing or just artificial flavor like what does that mean what are they hiding from us what why like if it doesn't have a name stay away from it and or if it's just super complicated that's also a warning sign to stay away from it if the name is just something crazy the third one's gonna make people mad but I got to do it to you guys olive oil or pretty much any type of oils these things not only contribute to weight gain so much because they're so calorically dense any high fat foods have more calories per gram every gram of fat has nine calories in it and then protein and carbohydrates have four calories per gram that's why I always suggest a high protein high carb diet to someone who's trying to lose weight people think you should cut carbs but that is not a good way to go about weight loss so oils can make you gain weight but not only that but they contain insanely high amounts of saturated fat there are plenty of studies that site and show that saturated fat is linked to high LDL and if you don't know what LDL is LDL is the bad cholesterol there's two types of cholesterol HDL and LDL we want the HDL levels high the LDL levels low and these oils any type of oil because of its saturated fat content is going to raise your LDL it's going to help clog your arteries I'm sorry guys coconut oil is even the same coconut oils insanely high in saturated fat you want to keep the saturated fat low personally I still cook with oil so the only thing I'm gonna say is if you're gonna use oil to cook because it's just so versatile and it tastes amazing then use something like olive oil or like sunflower oil or sesame oil one that is non hydrogenated hydrogenated oils are also known as trans fats you've probably heard a lot about staying away from them and you absolutely should these are terrible for your body they aren't well digested at all and most importantly they're really bad for your arteries so go for the non hydrogenated vegetable oils those at least have polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats within them and these are antioxidants actually and they do provide some health benefits but oil itself as a whole is not really healthy for you all right for the next one I'm gonna include a non vegan food in here and for all of you non vegans that are watching this video I'm sorry that I'm gonna have to come at you for this type of food but also the last food is gonna be vegan and it's gonna surprise you vegans so stay tuned the next fake health food is beef jerky people think it's like this quick snack on the go high protein must be amazing for you it's just pure beef and beef is so good for you isn't it as a vegan I will admit that beef has some vitamins and minerals like good stuff in it that is healthy for you but beef as a whole will contribute to artery clogging it will contribute to a higher all cause mortality there's a tons of Studies on this for all you non vegans out there I'm gonna leave some links as to how beef specifically is linked to these different types of diseases but beef jerky especially is processed and crap let's look at the ingredients list for Jaclyn that's 24 percent of your daily sodium value that is outrageous zero grams of 5 one of the most important macros that you need and then look at it again in the first three ingredients we got sugar and then we got soy sauce in there which is probably why it's so damn high in sodium so especially beef jerky does not provide any nutritional benefits pretty much whatsoever and if you're saying yourself right now oh the protein is off the shorts man the thing is you're eating too much protein anyway go click that link in the top right hand of this video okay last one for you guys is veggie chips are like veggie straws it has the word veggie in it that's all I need to know it's healthy for me there's some kids screaming outside right now hey you know those veggie straws that your mom gives you they're crap put that down get some serious have you read the ingredients list alright let's check out the nutrition facts on veggie straws the most typical brand so the first ingredient is veggie straws and they're made from potato flour potato starch corn starch tomato paste powder salt sugar beet root powder and turmeric so the straws are literally just made out of like starches of vegetables they're not really vegetables themselves at all and then look at that the second ingredient is canola oil you guessed it canola oil is hydrogenated then we got freaking sea salt is the third ingredient there's literally pretty much no nutritional benefit to this provides 10% of the daily sodium and less than one gram of fiber less than one gram of protein actually maybe it was made from plants because it doesn't have any protein in it but yeah these are pretty much on the same scale as potato chips I think they're a little less bad for you because you know they're still kind of made from vegetables but stay away from these if you're going for a healthy snack just go for the whole foods if you enjoyed this video today leave a like for me thank you for sticking around to the end the people that stick around till the end are the real ones you're my number once thank you for the continuous support I'll see you all in the next video [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Still can't give up olive oil tho

  2. Rapeseed oil is my oil of choice (helping me meet the omega 3s) is it really THAT bad for you if you had a tbl spoon a day? Dark glass and cold-pressed?

  3. Great video bro ! 💪💪🌱🌱

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