5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas!

hey guys Cassey here so today I want to talk to you about snacking I love me some snack in because I like to eat and let's be honest everybody loves to eat but we need to make sure that we're actually eating when we're hungry my general rule of thumb is eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full but a lot of times no food can make you crave and you're not sure if you're stressed or you're bored or if you're sad and you kind of just stuff your face we are going to talk about the difference between eating free motion versus eating for actual hunger so here's what I always ask myself before I decide whether to snack yeah and I know that if I say then it's probably a craving because if you're actually hungry anything would really fill up your belly if that question doesn't work for you here are two other ways you can help distinguish between hunger versus craving so I always make sure that I'm hydrated because a lot of times when you are thirsty you begin to think that you are actually hungry but it's not true it's just thirst in disguise as hunger and southern way is just chill wait like 20 minutes before you dig into afraid or like ah ravenous want to eat everything because maybe your mind is just telling you you're hungry and you want to fill a void but really you're not basically what I'm trying to tell you guys is I want you to eat mindfully be conscious of your body because of how it feels and sometimes that takes practice even for me so eat with intention and eat with attention so now that you know you're hungry you're clear to snack what are you supposed to eat so same rules as clean eating I want you to try to stick to whole natural foods as much as you can and avoid those sugary empty foods you know why okay because the sugar enters into your body and initially it'll give you a high but that's followed by a quick crash and then you'll feel really sludgy that's Notting reward luggage and slow this will probably make you more hungry cry he and I'm able to concentrate and here's a really dangerous thing about snacking have you ever found yourself saying I'm really hungry I'm gonna grab this bag of whatever and literally 30 minutes later that whole bag which has eight servings of popcorn for example in it it's all gone yeah portion control is really important so if you can grab some that popcorn put in a ziploc bag and just have that by your side because again that's not mindful eating when you just keep going like this now let's get to the food I have five amazing snack food ideas for you and I'm gonna start out with something that is a little bit of shocking these are grapes but they're not just any type of grape these are cotton candy grapes now how many of you have had that okay if you have you know why I'm talking about this right now this thing right here is not your typical green grape it is not sour at all in fact imagine cotton candy from the County Fair swirled into a little green spherical object and it tastes just like that mmm still blows my mind every time I have it grapes are easy to take with you on the go or if you want to be a little bit creative you can actually freeze them they make super awesome little baby popsicle thingies they can just pop in your mouth on the go second idea are yogurt dipped blueberries that are frozen they're basically like candy so all I did here was I took fresh blueberries wash them dip them in my Greek yogurt or you can use coconut yogurt whatever you want and then put them on parchment paper freeze it for a few hours take it out BAM you've got a snack that is easy to take with you on the go mmm so creamy next we have banana sushi I took a low card for Tia I spread peanut butter all over it and then I put my banana in the middle I rolled it up and then I cut it just like I would cut sushi so this is what I have right here it your whole grains your fats your carbs and your protein mmm now this I call my Apple donut rings all you have to do is grab an apple I love Fugees personally and slice them into as many thin slices as you possibly can watch out and try not to cut your fingers off and then slather it with some almond butter peanut butter whatever you really like try not to put in the hole or else it's gonna get all over your hands and that's going to be a sticky situation right here I have to stash iou's and dried cranberries so absolutely delicious let's have a bite mmm crunchy sweet creamy and you guys know I also love my baby carrots with hummus or with peanut butter you may think it's weird but it's really good I want to share with you another type of snack that may not be familiar with okay so I was talking to email the other day and I got this email from Shelly she is a pop stirrer and she's like Cassie I know you love your cheek Leonie love cooking I know you also don't have time so I work at this company called greys and I just want you to try out our snack service and I was like cool I love food and so I went on the website I went under this category called balanced goodness that's such a casting category and I picked out a few things and they sent me a customized box it's in these portion-controlled containers which I told you in the beginning is very important all you do is you slip in your bag and take it with you and bam you're done so that you aren't like hungry between meals let me show you they sent me this box there's one called triple berry smoothie and in here you get mini strawberries it says mini strawberries blueberries cranberries and chewy banana slices if you put one of each of these in your mouth at the same time and you chew it actually tastes like a triple berry smoothie chili lime cashews I mean my protein my fat a little bit of salt a little bit of zest this one is called strawberries and cream granola topper it has tons of fiber and by itself or I can put it on top of my yogurt in morning and it's GMO free no trans fat and no artificial colors so because Shelley was so awesome I was like Shelley can you hook it up for our postures we are going to give you guys a free trial box with four snacks so if you guys want to try Gray's then all you have to do is go to grace calm or click right here and you're gonna type in the code Cassie now please spell my name right is CAS s ey LUN has people say CAS s ie or call me KC just doesn't make any sense because there's two x's it's obviously Cassie you see my name everywhere it's CAS s ey right now the offer is only valid in the US I really sorry international pop stars I will make it up to you soon with something else and I hope you get a chance to try it hope you like it oh and if you guys do run any awesome businesses or something I am all about supporting that because girl power I love it when you guys are entrepreneurial when you're out you know doing your career thing so guys thank you so much for joining me today and I love you so much if you do make any of the foods or if you get grades then hashtag cheek create so I can see and I can like it and yeah that's it


  1. #cheapcleaneats

  2. Whole grains aren't healthy Cassey

  3. I heard of graze AGES ago

  4. Are the banana wraps nice?

  5. There is two different ways to get skinny

    1. Hunger yourself and don’t eat..

    2. Eating healthy and working out, doesn’t mean that you can never EVER eat candy again. Just not everyday

    I would personally say that number 1 is bad and you should do number 2, since it’s good for your health.

  6. If I'm hungry there's no way an apple is going to do anything. It would be like eating a few chips. I'm chewing but it's not enough to actually make a difference. What would make more sense is to ask if a plate of proper food, a wrap, oatmeal, etc would be filling.

  7. Is this dr pimple popper 😂😂


  9. . . . I'm here cuz I made meringues and I'm on a diet and I just ate 4 so I'm trying to control myself and look for something else that is healthier to eat…. Because if I don't… All those meringues are gonna disappear… xd

  10. Thank u for making these videos.They made me think that healthy foods isn't just plain gross salads but now I can make these that are really heathy.😍

  11. 2:41 yw

  12. i can't figure out how to use the code, is it too late?

  13. I love how happy and energetic you are everytime I watch your videos you're so full of life!!!! I will try these snakes thank you!

  14. Yeah i dont have any Portion Control when it comes to popcorn 😋😋😋

  15. What is clean eating?

  16. I live in England so I can't get a graze box but here we sell the little packets at supermarkets instead x

  17. You sound like a add 😅😂

  18. The video starts at 2:49 pls dont waste 2 minutes and 49 seconds like i did :/

  19. gets motivated to workout and start eating healthy after a couple hours gives up, doesnt exercise or go to the store to get healthy food so ends up eating Doritos

  20. Eating potato chips rn

  21. You should add a little cinnamon sugar to the banana sushi

  22. A lot of stuff u fix r things I shy away from it's easier to buy some bread peanut butter and chip for up under five dollars where as anything healthy that my be on sale is always more than that and last time I checked no one has that kind of money laying around idk what else to tell u. But I do the best I can

  23. Wait grapes aren’t sour

  24. Every time I eat healthy, I’m never full

  25. 14 bucks a box bullshit

  26. i go to the kitchen and eat oreo beacause I feel like I'm starving but now I know like my mom made food for me I was like …I'm not hungry

  27. those graze trial boxes are free anyway lol


  29. stretch face

  30. oh my god, the way she said "lets have a bite" at 4:50! lol i love her so much

  31. Stressed or board or sad and you stuff your face

    Never had described myself better 😂 do love these though 😍

  32. I am really liking the charisma you put into explaining all these foods. Right now sista!

  33. wow great snacks, I love it

  34. Sometimes people don’t hunger for emotions, but for actual nutrition. If I eat low nutrition and low fiber foods through out the day, I keep craving crap to eat and I won’t stop. If I eat plenty of plants (sweet potatoes, veggies, brown rice and nuts) all day, I have NO mindless unhealthy cravings EVER. So sometimes blogilates, self-control is not what it’s all about. Sometimes people are actually nutrient deficient and that’s why they’re craving trash.

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