5 Easy Healthy Snack Boxes for On-The-Go

hey guys it's Danny and today I am sharing five very simple very delicious snack packed ideas with you now each of these is designed to be a very convenient on-the-go snack or it could also be a mini meal depending on how you like to eat so let's just jump right in the first two are my sweet boxes and then I'm gonna follow them up with some savory boxes so let's get started with the breakfast box so for this box I love to whip up some of my homemade high-protein pumpkin pancakes you can of course use any type of pancake you like here but guys pancakes are a great on-the-go snack because they really are delicious hot cold or at room temperature so I start by stacking a few of those into my box then I add in some fresh berries today I'm using some beautiful raspberries and I love these a little pre measured out peanut butter packs they're super convenient they're easy to take with you on the go and I love spreading peanut butter on top of a pancake it is so delicious and plus it adds a little bit of extra fat and protein which I find helps to keep me full for a really long talking about our joint next up I have my yogurt parfait box now this box is very fun and it's especially kid-friendly and I'm going to show you why so what I do is I start off with some organic plain Greek yogurt and you could either do a 2% or a full fat and then I like to top that with some pumpkin seeds and a few dashes of cinnamon then on the side I have some chopped up strawberries and in the back I have a chopped up or x-bar now you guys know how much I love the rx bars they are all natural bar on the go they are made up of very simple ingredients as a matter of fact you can just read the front of the packaging it tells you exactly what's inside today I'm using the mixed berry flavor and it's three egg whites six almonds four cashews and two dates I love that these bars have no gluten no dairy no added sugar no additives no preservatives etc etc it's a very clean option when you're looking for a convenient on-the-go bar and they have been kind to offer anybody in the clean and delicious community 25% off your first purchase so if you want to give them a try all you have to do is go to our X bar comm backslash clean and then when you checkout use code clean to get that discounted I will leave all that information for you guys down in the description box below but what I love is to either take the strawberries and the bar put it right over the yogurt and then just eat it like a big old sundae or you take your little art x squares and you just dip them right in the yogurt so it's kind of like a chip and dip right then you've got the berry flavor from the bar it's chewy it's got a little crunch from the nut and that creamy yogurt it is a match made in heaven I am a big fan and my kids love this box as well okay so for box number three and fYI three four and five are gonna be a little more savory I've got my cheese and cracker box it's a classic right so I start off with some carrots that I've peeled and cut into nice chunky strips and then I add a couple bunches of green grapes and a few crackers in the back here I like to use some type of nut and seed crackers so there's a lot of texture in there and then finally I have a little bit of grass-fed cheddar cheese it is the perfect snack box in my opinion because you have your fruit your veggies a little cheese and a cracker it's just a classic and you cannot go wrong fast easy convenient and delicious okay box number four is what I like to call the party box and now might not look like a party to you but to me anything with popcorn kind of signifies a party so we're going with party box okay so for this one when I start off with is some good old-fashioned ants on a log I love this combo you just take some celery spread in your favorite nut butter and then top it with some raises or any type of dry fruit that you will enjoy and then I cut up some fresh apples this one's a Honey Crisp I love a Honey Crisp apple they are very popular these days they're also a pretty pricey but I'd give them a try if you can find them and then in the back I've got my popcorn for me this combo kind of feels like a party in the box I don't know but it's one of my personal favorites and I you to give me a big thumbs up if you think this one's at the top of your list so far and for our fifth and final box this one is very simple and straightforward it's a veggie in hummus box I always say this about salad I feel the same way about vegetables I'm usually very willing to eat them I'm just not always willing to prepare them so having something like this on hand ready to go just makes it a whole lot more likely and it really is delicious so I start off with my favorite hummus which changes with the day right now I'm really enjoying this a black bean hummus and then I have those mini peppers that I've sliced into quarters on the side some marinated green olives which I really find olives are so delicious and they really hold you over because they have a nice balance of protein and fat and then over here I just have some sliced up cucumbers so what I like to do with this box is I'll just take my cucumbers and my peppers and just dip them right in the hummus pop a couple olives and you're ready to go don't hmm so right now I'm so curious to hear from you guys of all those five boxes which one do you think you will try first and why come on down to the comments below and please let me know and when you try these boxes be sure you snap a picture and then tag me on Instagram and on Facebook so I can see all the clean and deliciousness you're whipping up in your very own kitchens and my dear friend if you have not already would you please take a moment to subscribe like and share this video with anyone else you know who wants to make healthy eating easy and do not forget to go down to the description box if you want to give those rx bars a try anybody who's making their first purchase will save 25% off by going to our X bar comm backslash clean and then using the promo code clean at checkout thank you guys so much for watching i'm danny Spees and i will see you back here next time with some more clean and deliciousness Cheers let's go okay go if you do that he thinks you're gonna play with him you're really on don't understand the dog Oh go are we on yeah all right what you do one two three I don't know about you but I just some old of chalk


  1. I love your channel you always bring nice and useful stuff. I am definitely gonna follow you in my channel. Great ideas once againπŸ‘

  2. All snack ides are delicious!! My favorite would be humus and also pancake🌈🌈🌈

  3. How many calories each box ? Around 100 calories ?

  4. Great ideas

  5. Dani,
    Your link for the stainless steel lunchbox doesn't work anymore. I really would like to get a few containers like what you have here in this video, would you please be able to direct me to a similar one? I need to plan for days I am on the road each month to visit my doctors and these would be WONDERFUL to use. I do not like to use plastic even if it says it is BPA free and my glass storage containers are a little heavy. Thanks so much! ❀

  6. What type of face foundation do you use? Flawless and so natural!!! ??

  7. I like the party box because it looks very remarkable!

  8. Is there any packs with no peanut butter , these be great for lunches but peanut butter not allowed

  9. where do you get those containers?

  10. I would go for the one of the Greek yogurt first, then the cheese and grapes, and then the other three one after the other lol! Great ideas. Thank you and greetings from Spain

  11. I would go for the one of the Greek yogurt first, then the cheese and grapes, and then the other three one after the other lol! Great ideas. Thank you and greetings from Spain

  12. Cheese box and the party box because I have kids

  13. You are so wonderful I'm so grateful i found you on YouTube

  14. #party_box_fo’_life

  15. Where do you get the stainless steel meal prep bowls you are using? I really like those.

  16. Breakfast pancake one it sounds easy and I’m more of a sweet person but still love savory food

  17. Could you do a video on how to make home made Rx bars for people who would like to make them ? 😊 Going to try these out thank you 😊

  18. Hi Dani .l love your good i ideals when is about food your so amazing thank you so much l loved and keep up from H.R N.Y

  19. Dani girl hate to tell you this…. But you better do a little research about Justins Peanut Butter pkts. I just googled it. Since I've changed my eating lifestyle to eating wholesome foods, I am more aware of the ingredients in any store bought packaged foods. To be healthy one must STAY AWAY FROM all the refined foods, added sugars, hydrogenated, partially hydrogenated, & processed foods which are literally KILLING PEOPLE by attacking their health. So…. With that being said I found that those "cute" little packs of Justin's Peanut Butter contains Roasted peanuts and palm fruit oil. Palm Fruit Oil is B.S. – Bad Stuff!! It said that both the Palm Kernel oil and the Palm Fruit Oil is problematic for our health primarily due to the "processing!" RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! Both contain HIGH AMOUNTS OF SATURATED FATS!!
    Now Dani girl I must ask you…. does that sound very clean??!…. And delicious??! Just asking.(shrug). I wouldn't eat it so I sure wouldn't feed it to my children! It's not hard to buy your peanuts and blend them in a high speed blender and make your own fresh peanut butter. How hard is that? It's time people take their health back by what they put into their body! : |
    No doctor can give it back to you.

  20. the yogurt box is the most attractive one.

  21. Yum!

  22. Hi Dani, I actually love the RX bars and usually do not get them because they can be a little pricey. Your discount code helped relieve some of that pain on my wallet and I was able to order them on the website just in the nick of time. I believe the discount ends today! Thanks again and love getting meal ideas from you, considering I too am a busy mother juggling a million things at once!

  23. Ill be ordering some rx bars this evening

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  32. I love the concept of the RX bars but I hat dates and really doubt I'd actually even finish one because of that lol
    I might make the pancake box with my banana pancakes though πŸ™‚

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  36. I'm picking the pancake box 1st!! πŸ˜‹

  37. If eat all of them!!

  38. Pancake one. Where can i find the recipe for them?

  39. Great video and ideas as usual. Thank you.

  40. Where do you get those stainless steel boxes?

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  42. I think the first box I'll try is the "party box". πŸ˜πŸ˜…

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