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thank you for tuning in to silver lining I am your host dr. C and this is my season today we're going to talk about five ways five ways to be more healthy this season I just love summer and springtime thank you guys for tuning in to silver lining this is when I blossom I love the vitamin D this is so a healthy shameless post my vitamin D video anyhow today we're going to talking about five tips to get healthy this season let me know if you are interested in these types of topics by giving me a thumbs up hit that thumbs up button leave tips for the Silver Lining community let people know what you're doing to be more healthy this season be specific go ahead and comment below that everybody could benefit from them as well so number one and actually a lot of these have to do with food quality you know there was a big craze with counting calories which I'm not you know denouncing or anything like that it's still a good idea to get an idea where you are at but it's really important to have good food quality so my first three points are basically about food quality number one eating organic as much as possible consider eating organic and I did a whole video on organic and GMO foods which I'll link up here eating organic has a lot of health benefits I mean just eating fruit and vegetables in general one of the ways that you can do this that I didn't touch on before is maybe even starting your own little garden it's spring time you can start some herb start some vegetables you could actually get some starter plants at your local grocery or nursery and sewed them into the ground sew them into pots containers there's so many videos on YouTube on how to start your own garden so consider eating organic great quality number two is eating what is in season I touched on this a little bit before but I'm gonna touch on it again now there's nothing like fresh food at your table I'm talking about picking it from the garden whether it's your garden or a farmer's garden and putting on your table the nutrients don't die off things are less wilted and helps your body regenerate and prevent disease so many health benefits number three avoiding non GMO or no avoiding GMOs eating non GMO especially when you can't eat organic some of the genetically modified foods that I talked about before they go for more of the production benefits but there's some that go for being seedless or being high-fructose and more palatable we just don't know too much about the genetic modifications and you'll also do yourself a favor by avoiding high levels of pesticides that way in addition to what I talked about before I'm gonna add that a lot of the food labels don't say whether something is genetically modified it's not gonna be beneficial for a carton to say we used genetically modified foods and unfortunately foods are not required to be labeled as genetically modified I repeat they do not need to be labeled as to whether they're genetically modified or not so the foods that are non-gmo are the ones that we really know about that are not genetically modified so by default you may have to assume if something not organic or not non-gmo that there may be some genetically modified products in there another thing that's obvious is get going get outside maybe if you have allergies you may need to do some indoor exercises like get some physical activity going get your body moving get your body pumping if you have kids when you bring them to soccer do some laps walk around make it fun people tend to have more energy in the summertime so make use of it and number five start self-reflecting if you haven't done this before it's really important to incorporate it into I would say if not your daily life at least your weekly life set apart some time to just wind down relax breathe easy think about your week try to unwind from all the stressors connect with your high Opower just be intentional this season so another thing that's trending is mindfulness so what that means is to be more purposeful in using your senses so what do I feel what my tasting what am i hearing what am i touching yeah your five senses so using your five senses to be more intentional and more present and be more purposeful it brings more meaning to your interactions and to your daily life if you have more of a mindful state also decrease your stress so stress has been linked to a lot of different things weight gain increasing your cortisol levels which changes your metabolism for the worst for most people it hasn't been shown to cause cancer but could certainly support and cause the cancer to spread more quickly there are so many benefits to making sure you're less tense less stress and of course it just feels better so that pretty much wraps it up my five tips to be more healthy the season organic seasonal foods non GMO getting outside getting active number five being more intentional and mindful hope that was helpful for you guys let me know if these seasonal reminders on how to be healthy have been helpful to you these are things that I like to use in my daily life and of course consult your medical doctor if you have any questions about your activity level or about the things that you should be eating and yeah I just have an awesome awesome spring and summer make sure to come on back to my channel make sure to subscribe and hit that notification button so you can stay up to par with your health tips and other awesome lifestyle greatness so until next time I am signing out medically yours dr. 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