5 breakfast recipes using ragi | healthy breakfast recipes | Ragi recipes |


  1. Super receipes of ragi

  2. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œall recipes …love it

  3. very nice

  4. Thanks very innovative method loved it,, defnaterly try

  5. Very innovative and healthy receipes thanku

  6. awesome recipes…thanks for the video

  7. wow ..superb healthy recipes
    and the music is taking me to trans …could you plzzzzzzzzzzz share the music video details …

  8. super recipe…

  9. Super..Can u suggest Side dish for ragi rotti and ragi dosa?

  10. How to prepare paneer stuff

  11. Ye ragi kia hota hai

  12. Awesome Ragi recipes, especially the parathas and the rotis. Thanks, ma'am. Diabetes patients can substitute aloo with paneer.

  13. Your videos are getting nearly 1 million views but why no likes?

  14. Good one

  15. Only Ragi balls were missing. Great going. Will definitely try aloo paratha. something very new for me

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  19. Super..or chahiya ragi recipe

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  21. Superb mam

  22. All recipes are good thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  23. Excellent recipes. Thank you

  24. I have been watching your videos for long. All veg videos ,I watch . They are really superb ! You cook so well, and so easily.

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