5 Basic Exercises Everyone Should Know | Wing Chun

Master Wong! You again.
– I’m learning, learning. You are learning? I’m learning.
– Keep your distance. What’s up with you man? Can’t you
see I’m training? Doing some fitness.
– Fitness training? That’s what that was?
– Yeah! Do you want some
fitness training? Yeah! I didn’t know what
you were doing but it looked like you were
really pushing your body hard. Yeah? So, I’m here again for more training. ‘Cause the guys I
practice with or the guys that like
to beat me up they’re really fit.
They do boxing. Their fitness is out as well
and I can’t keep up. Okay. I’ll show you the five basic
fitness to help your wing chun get better. Yeah? So the first one we are
going to do are the press-up. – Okay. The press-up will help
you generate power. So the first one you’ve
done already/ Like… Press up! So we do: one, two,
three, four, five. From here, you
need to pop up. Like that. Okay?
– Okay. And then, you this…
Just down, cross your legs. And then come
back, let’s sit up. One, two, three,
four, five. And from here, up, and
then legs out! That’s it! Then come up!
One, two, three, four, five. Yeah? Then down.
– Yeah. Press-up. One.
Up. Then jump. Down. Two.
Jump. Three, jump. Four,
jump. Five, jump. Okay.
– Yeah? Helping your legs strong. Get some fitness. Multiple joint.
Okay? – Yeah! So that anybody can use it.
– That’s what I’m after. Yeah? Okay! Let’s start. So the basic is:
press-up! Good press-up position. Down. One, two, three, four, five. Up! Okay, down! Sit up.
Legs crossed. One, two, three, four, five.
Hop up! Legs strong. Up! Press-up! One, two,
three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five.
Now down. Up! Jump!
‘Kay. Down! Up! Jump!
Again, down! Up! Three. Go!
Four. And five. Up! And up one more go.
Let’s go! One more. Press-up! One, two,
three, four, five. Get up! Come on! Out! One,
two, three, four, five. Up! Go! One, two,
three, four, five. Down, quickly! Up! Jump! One. Down. Up.
Jump! Two. Down. Up.
Jump! Three. Down. Jump! Four.
One more. Up! Five. Not bad. That’s not bad!
– It’s good. But some of the movement
were… When you practice, yeah, – Yeah. got to make sure
you *?* good technique Yeah! -Okay, so for
instance. the press-up try to happen… Make sure
good movement, all the way. Yeah? Good movement.
Yeah? Hop! Square out your leg. Horse stance so there can
be… Able to move easy. Hands in this position.
Yeah. – Yeah. Up, then down. Hands
in good position, yeah? Yeah. When you come down, get
your body in line so you can so you can fall, cross-legged
so you don’t get kicked in the groin. Okay. – You see? So sit
and hands all the way so they are touching your,
uhm… Here, see, one. Yeah. – Two. Three.
Four. Touch. And have your hand like
this, yeah? So what if someone tries
to attack you down? Yeah, so when they are
coming in, see? So leg you already crossed
stopped that kick coming in. Okay. – Yeah? That’s why
when you go like that you can’t kick me in
the nut, you see? – Yeah. – See? – Yeah.
Kick me in the nut. ‘Kay. – See? Just like that.
– Yeah, that’s why… – Cause I crossed my legs
so when you come forward I will stop… Come forward?
See? I’m stopping. – What if I’d want to punch you
in the face there Master Wong? – Yeah, how would you
come in like that? So you’d be… Keeping in line…
That’s why you couldn’t use… That’s why you are going
to be… When you are up They see you coming in Up and here.
– Okay. I’m ready for the matching.
– Ready to fight. Yes, beacuse all this is helping
your Wing Chun up to a standard. Because you are using
this all the time. You understand that?
– Okay, yeah. And this kind of movement. Helping you to move
and be more flexible. – Okay. – So, remember
when I showed you the kick. Yes. – Yeah, so all this movement
is helping you to move. So when you are coming down, see?
You don’t… You come down like this. See? You see right here?
– Okay. – Yeah. So it’s helping you to
move… That’s it! So if I *?* coming down here,
like that, here, I saw you coming in, I’m already here,
I’m ready to… some action already. -Yeah. – Like that.
– Yeah So go and practice some
more of this, yeah? -Yeah. – Have one more!
– One more? – Let’s go, one more. Down. One, two, three,
four, five. Up. Down. One, two, three,
four, five. Again. Go! One, two, three,
four, five. Again. Down! Up. Jump. One. Two. Three. Four. And one more. – One more. That’s it! Yeah! Now nice and strong!
Yeah? – Yeah! You feeling you got
some fitness done. Yeah?
– Yeah. Okay, so that’s what
you need to practice. Every morning you got time.
– Mhm. – Go and practice this
kind of movement here. Yeah?
– Mhm. And then when you get
good at this then your fitness better and then you are able
to use, combine the movement together.
You understand that? – Yeah. You still got your
fucking beard. – I do. – Is it… For the girl, but it’s working!
– For the girl? It’s working? It’s working! – Is it al…
– I bet I get more girls then you do Master Wong. – (mumble) You probably do
cause you probably like it too much when you are down
there, yeah? – (laughs) So that’s probably the problem.
Now piss on and go do some of that.
– Okay. Unless… Training, yeah?
– I’m calling you again. Yeah, I’ll see you next time
when I see you again. If you like this kind of thing,
you want to get fit and strong, get nice, and before your enemy
got more exercise, more leg power and more
strength than you, you are gonna have a problem. So, subscribe to me before
your enemy do that. And if you like it so much
then do one of my training courses on Udemy
and I will be there to helping you, to answer your questions
if you got any kind of problem. And if you wanna ask me
anymore, underneath this video, yeah asking me and I will be right here
to answer your questions. Spend some time
to practice. I will see you on
the next lesson.


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