5 Awesome FITNESS Inventions you wanna try out 2017

at the gym it's all about confidence can you ever have selection you sure can but most people don't have enough because let's be honest most people don't know what they're doing I sure didn't I was one of those cardio only people wondering if I would ever pass the psychos are ten what a long little great naked chest and then I slip these on and now I know exactly what the fuck I'm doing the double class made me as confident as this yet though – a ten percentage factor 20 here's the deal they're about five hundred different ways that you can track cardio workouts but tracking strength training is always going to bid oh okay we get it it sucks or whether it did suck you see the double gloves automatically protects how much weight you're lifting might exercise you're doing and so many reps you double what are you even when you lose count they work with free weights machines and bodyweight exercises so you never miss a rep once I get to know you the deltas up take you step-by-step through your work outfit pop in some headphones and follow the program how much weight should I use this money what s the fuck should I do Chris one two one of the time that increasingly now the gloves knows just where you are in your fitness journey so they build up the workout to build your boss for those of you that already know what's on doing the double closet Rack professional metric which the power explosion and velocity we're talking solid statistical evidence of what a badass you become don't just open pickle jars crush pickle jar pure carbon believes that strength is for everyone that means you so stop counting steps and start counting reps with the Delta glow hi I'm Damian Sanders founder of X bar fitness three years ago I developed the original X bar because I needed a workout and fitness tool that would fit my extremely busy lifestyle when we released the original X bar in 2014 we were new to Kickstarter and the fitness industry with your help our campaign was a huge success proving to us that there was a demand for a product just like what we were offering since then we sold almost 10,000 X bars we're incredibly happy about that but we're even more excited that we have had the Xero returns that's a true testament to the high quality we've been striving for since the beginning the original x-bar is an awesome piece of equipment but like with most first products there's always room for improvement everybody loved our bars but we did hear one request over and over you all wanted a collapsible X bar for travel so inspired by your feedback we gave ourselves one simple goal design the world's most complete and now travel friendly personal fitness system being travel friendly minute had to be light it had to be durable and most importantly it had to be extremely versatile so that you could achieve the workout you want anywhere anytime our design team went back to the drawing board and spent nearly a year designing new concepts and testing prototypes after almost a year of R&D we feel we've absolutely nailed it and we are so excited to introduce the X bar flight the world's most versatile and extremely portable personal fitness system with the X bar flight we've streamlined the bar shape smooth out all the angles and termed all the fat because of your feedback we completely redesigned the docking system and we're proud to introduce a revolutionary hex Connect system with the docks now being hexagons you have six different docking angles for each exercise because the doctor attached you now have the ability to transition seamlessly from standing exercises to floor exercises with ease with the hex Connect system will be released in a future line of connecting components to expand your arsenal of exercises and make the flight even more versatile and now with the Quick Center disconnect it allows you to use your bar as two independent handles this has opened up dozens of new exercises like army crawls fly push-ups and even lateral raises the flight is so intuitive that the learning curve is next to zero trainers and class instructors love it because people just get it the second you grab your flight you instinctively know how to use it with this new design the flight is the ultimate travel buddy there's nothing worse than finding yourself stuck in a new hotel or a new city missing another workout the plight is so versatile that you can now turn your hotel room into a personal gym in seconds and at only 18 inches it fits about anywhere your suitcase your back seat even your backpack and when reconnected the flight is incredibly stable and feels like one solid bar when we say you can workout anywhere anytime we really mean it just imagine the places you'll take yours so whether you're a busy mom or you're always on the road for business or if you just have no interest in going to the gym the flight is your solution the gym is right there in the palm of your hands whenever you're ready from beginner to advanced you decide how much you want to push yourself the X bar flight is always ready for whatever you can dish out if you're a professional fighter and amateur athlete or you use combat training for pizza you already measure your performance but how do you know your hard work is truly paying off how do you get consistent accurate feedback now you can would strike set strike tech is the ultimate training technology for the smart tough fighter my name is Wes Elia founder of strike tech I've been around boxing and combat sports my whole life back in the day my grandfather was a boxer and he taught me how to box when I was a kid and I loved one thing I discovered from my own training and from talking with other fighters was a frustration of not being able to truly measure your performance or improvement Strike Tech was created to help you learn to be a smart tough fighter an instant source of feedback that measure speed power punches and other struts all synced to an interactive mobile app and unlike other wearable fitness devices strike tag was created specifically for combat sports train strike tech is very simple to use place the sensors on your wrist sync them to your smartphone or tablet go through your routine get instant feedback measure result and set new goals it's just that simple [Applause] my name is Montana I've been training for three years I'm always looking for a speed advantage I may not be more powerful than my opponent but if I hit them twice as fast I don't have to be stretched extract my punch counts and my speed when I'm training beg text if you need the confidence to know my hard work is paying off my name is Mark de la Rosa I've been training for nine years I'm all about power the impact of a punch if you only train by feel you're only guessing out your punching power with strike tech I can measure my power and performance we know we have a great product we developed it and tested it with professional fighters now anyone can have the same competitive advantage as the pros at a price that most athletes can afford check out our perks support our campaign and help us make strike tech the next big thing and combat sports training strike Tec is what you need to be a smart tough fighter when you live in the city you work hard can you play hard too but keeping a healthy lifestyle can be surprisingly challenging especially when every inch of floor space counts luckily we face the same problem that's why we created practice an innovative weight lifting system designed for the urban lifestyle practice is the ultimate space saver we design practice to be amazingly versatile develop your strength and muscle power work on your core muscle which from dumbbell to kettlebell in just seconds it's bad easy practice is the only set you'll ever need for a full body workout whether you're a beginner or advanced in the city space isn't the only thing at a premium your time is – that's why we've designed practice so you can take it anywhere achieve your goals on your own schedule at home or in the park the choice is yours you you ready to run today time can stand a minute we are a group of passionate runners some of us run all the time and some of us run occasionally but common for all of us is that we want to run right that's how we came up with the idea of shift IQ we created the world's first virtual running coach with artificial intelligence that measures the way you run and give you live feedback while running straight on your body and lean forward from your uncle we wanted to create a product that would help runners run better faster and without injuries we simply wanted to give all runners the ability to learn how to run right shift IQ is your personal running coach that helps you become a better runner one coaching session at a time with shift IQ you will get real-time coaching full-body metrics coach report training drills in the world's first of virtual running coats with artificial intelligence to advance what measurement and many other precise running metrics shift IQ analyzes your run and sense the state and to live coaching while running all you have to do is press start run to initiate your coaching session and shift IQ will guide you through the restless ready to run the length of your stride the strike of your foot the tilt of your body ship that you takes in a hundreds of these readings every second and uses them to give you live feedback through your headphones coaching you to make you a better runner when you run right you will enjoy running longer distances at a faster pace a more efficient running technique will also keep your legs fresher for longer a smarter technique will help you focus your energy in all the right places activate the complex combination of intelligent hardware and sophisticated software creates an advanced virtual running coach that will help you become a better runner and after each run you'll be able to see a full breakdown of your technique with tips on which areas still need work with improvements in your running technique you'll feel happier about your run and continue to want to improve I have been running for president since I was a little girl and shit blew me away even I had some points to improve so I think this shift can help all types of runners many runners will sustained an injury at one point simply because they are not running right with chip you may catch bad habits before they become bad injuries and that enables you not only to keep running but to keep running right last year we launched shift Pro our solution for advanced runners and now we're proud to launch shift IQ for beginners and intermediate runners was life well done we brought your past record you news made your target right Joe


  1. 3:33 "Spent nearly a year" Five seconds later "After almost a year".

  2. 3:23 Such a modern room.

  3. wow, this is a lame video

  4. those. gloves are exactly what keeps you from lifting more😂

  5. 2018?💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  6. cover up your butter face and you might look decent naked

  7. Using a bamboo stick would be better and cheaper than this x b a r nonsense

  8. I have alot of gym equipment ideas I bet my life these inventions they will make millions, ideas are just sitting in my head

  9. Haha ha… "we happy the x bar has Zero returns" most properbly all 10.000 sold have been stashed in the basement after the 1st time trying it out 🤣🤣

  10. 5 Awesome FITNESS Inventions you have to try out if you want to look like a right nob

  11. I wouldn’t use a single one of these items. First of all you don’t need gloves , just give it time and you will build up calluses so your hands will be tougher. Just work hard, you don’t need all these items. There just a scam.

  12. The swearing is pure cringe

  13. X bar dudes hair is retarded

  14. Glass shards fell on the naked guy's penis…

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  16. Hey Einstein,
    Have you ever heard about progressive overload.
    Top 5 fucking bullshit.

  17. I love it

  18. The second one looks cool

  19. Geez… people will try to sell/buy any piece of shit

  20. The kettle bell and gloves aren't actually a bad idea I'd use them because I honestly hate when my hands get calisus in the gym it makes my workouts hard to do and it just makes me wanna give up and not wanna hold anything I'm pretty sure half these comments are people who don't even work out

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