5 Aspects of Physical Fitness

detach here in the front and then it can pre attach here in the back now did you get a lot easier but yeah whenever you know most people watching you you always screw up but here we go hey youtube its meaning from BAM secta cool here I'm out walking working out getting ready for my bug-out trip that's gonna happen later this week and I just wanted to talk a little while I'm walking because these uh I walk for an hour I try to get in three miles in it it's kind of boring so I had an idea I wanted to talk about while I'm out here you know carrying this pack of mine out here worrying about well I only got about 45 pounds of gear on today I said bug out trip trying to make it fast in lane but anyways what I wanted to talk to you today was about being physically fit you know physical fitness in general and I've been looking on a lot more forums and watching more YouTube videos and well I'm trying to figure out what I can contribute to the tactical and prepper communities and I've got two degrees in kinesiology which is the study of the human body and how it moves and so I thought this was a good good thing I could contribute with well there's there's five aspects of physical fitness all right the number one thing that most guys men in general and especially the tactical and prepper types they want to they want to focus on is the muscular strength and this is the weightlifting particularly the heavy weight lifting you know they're doing the deadlifts and the squats and doing the five sets of five or three sets of five and doing the heavy weight and this will make you stronger yes it will and it'll and will actually make you bulkier it's not a way to lose weight it's not a way to build cardiovascular fitness you know it's a it's a way to get stronger it's a muscular strength that's the first aspect of physical fitness but there are four more than these four I feel like our way disregarded they people don't pay enough attention to these other four so number two muscular endurance these are your slow twitch muscle fibers what right now I'm walking carrying this weight all right my lower body is getting a muscular endurance workout as well as me getting a cardiovascular workout all right so muscular endurance when I lift I don't do small sets and do big sets I do two sets of 15 at a lighter weight I don't do anything over 135 pounds ever do two sets of 15 on bench with 135 two sets of 15 on squat with 135 all right back never hurts joints don't ever hurt but I get stronger I do and as it gets too easy because some guys are gonna say oh well that's just way too easy for me well then you start the East centric lifting here you're going real slow on the way down pause for a second at the bottom and then go up all right you'll still get stronger but you're working that muscular endurance while working that muscular strength all right sorry I think the hammer camera is getting a little shaky right now I am into a little rougher terrain we're just walking on and by you down here as you can see you know a little more private but anyways so number three cardiovascular fitness this is working your heart this is where jogging swimming like step walking anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up and that's the thing is it's got to be an aerobic workout that keeps your heart rate up all right aerobic means that it takes a lot of oxygen when you lift heavy and then you take a break a good minute or two before your next lift yes I understand that's how you lift more weight but it is not how you do a cardiovascular workout it's not how you do an an aerobic workout you know that's an anaerobic workout to workout without oxygen alright Sprint's are also an anaerobic lift and when we're talking about when it's aerobic things so walking jogging anything that takes 20 minutes or more and get your heart rate up and keeps it up when you run a mile it only takes you eight minutes and that's that's it for the day that's not a great part of vascular workout because you didn't keep that heart rate up for a long time alright so fourth aspect of physical fitness is flexibility and this is one that men in general way ignore alright your lower back hurts it's probably because you don't stretch enough it's probably because your hamstrings in your lower back are tight because you don't stretch enough all right flexibility is a huge way to prevent injuries right when you when you roll an ankle or you you know pull muscle it's because that soft tissue wasn't flexible enough so flexibility is a huge way to prevent injuries if you're a prepper and you're like I like to prepare for medical things well stretching is a good way to prepare for you to not get hurt all right and the fifth aspect and this is your speed agility all right not talking broad room I'm not talking about 20 yards sprint talking about changing directions alright you know some of you watch the NFL Combine you're doing five ten fives and stuff like that that's that's the speed and agility I'm talking about and that's it's fast twitch muscle fibers and it's and you know you got to remember to work that because in like tactical responses they move emotionless operators generally easily well slow moving operators also Findley easily so you got to be able to practice your speed and get your speed up alright so those are the five aspects of physical fitness muscular strength muscular endurance cardiovascular flexibility and speed and agility alright now you've got to balance those in your workout if you don't balance them so you want to focus on muscular strength maybe you're saying I just want to get stronger right now you know in the winter months you see a lot of people do that whether it's not good outside I'm just gonna go to the gym that's fine but you got to cycle on and off if you're gonna do that six weeks muscular endurance all right the next six weeks I'm focusing on cardio all right next six weeks I'm focusing on flexibility I'm gonna do some yoga something like that right now you can't with what I do is on Mondays and Wednesdays I lift two sets of fifteen on everything I do a full body lift all right on Tuesdays I do this what I'm doing right now it's cardiovascular and it's muscular endurance on Thursdays I run three miles takes me about half an hour all right make sure I run half now or sometimes I get up to three and a half miles but I want to keep that car you up I want to keep that heart rate up Friday's high do a a circuit a lifting circuit where zero rest in between lives you go from one lifts to the next kind of like CrossFit if any of y'all do that but it's a good way to keep the heart rate up while still getting a decent muscular workout all right and then Saturdays I do speed I'll go out in the neighborhood there's a long street that's uphill I'll do some build up so I'll do some short Sprint's but you got to cover all aspects and that's what this video is really about too many people focus on one thing and they they're missing out you know it's just like prepping for all bullets no medical or food or all food and no won't have any guns in your house all right you got to be well-rounded even physically all right this is just another way for you to prepare doesn't cost you any money all right go work out and do it right remember those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do thanks for watching you


  1. Strength & physical toughness are diff

  2. …..are those who do.   Nice tag line. Good for You. Keep it up.

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