45-Minute Workout With Weights to Boost Your Metabolism

get ready to torts calories and fire up that metabolism with this 45-minute workout all you need is a pair of light freeways let's do this all right you guys we're going to start with a nice easy warmup this is our hip opener so as we're getting started here I'm going to introduce my two fabulous ladies behind me we've got ray she's going to be showing you all the modifications today so watch out for her because these moves are going to get tough we also have our Asics Furman elite athlete ratio she's in the house ready to walk you through these moves and sweat it out with us oh yeah so really thinking about right here pulling the foot away from the body opening up the knee it takes a little balance and if you're tight in your hips like I am right now I'm like oh gosh I'm feeling feeling it today this is a great way to open up the hips and to get that heart rate up a little bit remember today you're going to be sweating you guys and it's going to be rough so make sure you have lightweight clothing on all right and so that you can breathe and you can kind of work your way through this 45 minute workout all right switching it up we're going to go into a sumo squat sidestep so open up your toes here a little bit okay and I'm going to have you take a side step out go into a little sumo squat bring it together all right now make sure you got water around you as well maybe a towel you're going to need that too because we're going to be dripping hopefully it's that side to side here you want to keep that upright posture and just opening up those knees if you wanted to add that little bit of a push with the knees open you could and you also don't have to go super low on this breathe it out the calm before the storm exactly so we've got a nice warm up here but all dynamic moves that we're also working the muscles we're getting them stretched out working on that mobility a little bit last couple opening those oh good job nice great job good right last one good and relax now we're going to go from a heel to toe so heel to toe is just rocking back and forth and we're going to add a shoulder circle so you can kind of get that shoulder circle going along with the heel to toe so we're getting to ankles and hump you to fall a few times on this way fun so like you're nervous or something I actually do it we're opening the shoulders but we're also opening the ankles right you got a lot going on here we're kind of double whammy in it so that we're not just standing here doing shoulder circles which is great but we're adding that role so we're challenging our balance and our shins and our calves we'll switch directions on the shoulder circle so now we're going forward and back good breathe it out that's it and if you also needed to support yourself here you could if you needed to hold on to something and kind of do it separate you could do that good nice job you guys last two give me one more beautiful I love the way that starts to burn now we're going to go into a straight leg kick give yourself some room here as you kind of give it a little shuffle in between you're going to switch sides back and forth really trying to open up your hamstring and activating the quad and hip flexors here you also get those lower abs so yeah so really tighten up the core as you kick that leg straight get a nice long leg – if that knee is bent then you know you need to work on your hands and flexibility a little bit you know I do so work on getting that leg straight by kicking that heel away from your body right so you're extending the bottom of the leg it's like some that like a good drainage – yeah Rachel I like this so in terms of calm before the storm but you guys should always warm up like an athlete like our athlete right here yeah we need to do these in our water day so before run you know to start running right you get the movement going through the body especially these dynamics exactly because you're getting the flow right all right next we're going to go through a little lateral shuffle and straight leg what we're going to go into a squat and straight arm race so I want you to give me a little lateral high knee across your mat then have your feet about hip width apart squat and reach let's do two of those big up hips are back good and let's go back heinie pump those arms good and then you're doing a squat and reach so this is just warming up that low back getting the arms and shoulders getting that heart rate up good job ladies you don't have far to go but we're making a kind of spike that heart rate up a little bit all the way back looking good well nice one I like oh yeah good and Dre showing you that all you got to do is give it a little shuffle – you don't have to get the knees too high if you don't want that impact right good nice long brings it up one more girl way back take it off football line the body ready good raise it up breeze it out whoa baby okay we're gonna bring it down to the floor everybody's like yeah I'm gonna see you later we're going to go into a burpee and straight arm push up so you're going to go down into a burpee jump out or walk your feet out and I want you to do a straight arm push up so you're not bending your elbows at all you're painting and pressing your shoulder blades alright this one's really a good challenge for that shoulder girdle and then we're going to jump back in or walk it in raise those arms up reach to the sky stretch stretch and then back down so your hands should be pretty close here as you go down to the floor the closer your hands are the easier it is for you to pinch and press the shoulder blades all right this is getting all those small muscle groups around their shoulder girdle oh yeah yeah yeah jump it in or walk it in raise those arms reach your body long good down jump it out abs are tight here so you are working a little bit of core Shh breathe it out shoulders should be fired up at this only oh yeah it affects you take the workout jump in and reach it up to the sky all right you guys we're going to go into a single legged hop next all right so Drake is going to roll up on the toes back on the heels we keep working on her ankle mobility yeah just like that we're going to be bouncing off one foot this gets both lower yeah so blower leg muscles have to work in this is an elite runner engine so she does it you got to work up to this pace here working the lower leg switch right other side good good off the balls of the feet hopefully you starting to perspire a little bit you're looking well working yes good dad wear comfortable shoes is good let's switch the other side one more time on each it's a couple more seconds good leave it out now straight you feel that right on you're here to switch other side squawk good retire me sometimes a ladder night a little lateral side to side a little variety's good I enter laughs are you guys now we're going to open up the backside of the body with the good morning so feet are hip width apart hands start on the hips and I'm going to have you do a nice good morning dropping your chest to the floor but keeping your back series nice and straight and come up nice and tall good keep your chest high here make sure you're looking up so that you're keeping that back nice and flat feeling that stretch throughout the back of the hamstring and really just really activating those glute and hammy bring your feet closer together a little bit dry because you want to have a good stretch there for me good beautiful and then come up tall you're squeezing the glutes at the top if you wanted to advance that you can bring your hands up to the head here or all the way straight I know some of you are advanced I know racial problems like okay and I got a little more than that you can go up here Asia all right going down and up getting a nice extension you guys look awesome you can go straight like I mean straight arms over the head and this is the most weight you can have without adding now free weights in your hand is a great way to open up in the morning if you guys is a reason that calls good morning right open up those hammies good and jog it out a little bit now next we're going to go into a jump rope with Jaime alright watch my girl dray while she goes into a little heinie skip and yes Rachel's already in it she's like yeah I know then go on for me that's right so we're thinking we got her jump rope in our hand we're keeping our abs engaged we're picking those knees up nice and high and we are running I like right here and I have like fun now we got 45 meters together you got to start getting friendly yeah yeah oh you guys ready for this the only good couple more seconds here freak it out it up and relax now the last moment move I want you to do is an acid hip flexor extension okay so Dre's going to show you from the knee how she's going to go in and she's going to shift forward and then back Rachel I are going to tuck her back toe and we're going to extend the back leg holding ourself low to the ground and then touching back all right so it's extension holding good and then relaxing right so here I'm flexing my back glute right here extending that hip flexor and then touching down one more on this side extend feel that right oh yeah good straight you like that oh yeah and down let's push sighs I know I know I've been on my head oh my gosh everybody right because we're always sitting we're driving good and we're using those hip flexors for a lot of these moves good and then tap it down so it's a really intense stretch so that's why we do the Active Release where we hold and then we relax okay so it's a hold squeezing that back glute really keeping that leg long getting that nice extension hand and drive one more up good extend and drop alright let's come on through up and low now we're going to warm up with a core circuit because you know how I love to activate the court with the around the world so here we're thinking about banging the knees and bringing that free weight up and around the body around the world make every circle all right so we're getting activating the shoulders the core muscles a little bit of the legs and we're given a little bit of a rotation through the torso breathe let's go the other way and we're going down in our however you don't need a heavyweight here but you guys can hold on to a little bit of a heavier weight if you want to as long as it's under control and you're controlling that movement and not letting that weight propel you you have control with all your muscles in your core and your shoulders in your hips go back and forth doing good breathing it out awesome couple more last one boom and one up all right now let's drop it to the floor and we're going to go into one of my favorites the plank and side plank lift so we're going to start here in just a regular plank position alright what we're going to do the ship on to the side of the feet onto the elbow we're going to lift for one lift for two lifts for three back into a plank we're going to pause here and then we're gonna switch that so we're down we're going to lift the one good job and race going from the knee so you can give yourself a little support good and once we get free for right back onto those elbows and so we're stabilizing the entire body here on switch going up we're going to get a couple on each side two three and this makes planking more fun doesn't it you guys better yeah because who I should just hold a plank Oh boring I drive me crazy that's all I have to move it I don't know what it is let's get three good and relax awesome alright now we're going to go into a kneeling check so with this you're just going to grab one of your weights and you're going to go on one knee so make sure you got a cushion under your knee you feel comfortable there on kneeling position it's going to come across the body and then across the knee so it's kneeling woodchopper BAM we're going up and down you got to do something yes thank you I can't work out without sound effect right now you know that it's either BAM or with going back and forth you guys are great bringing up and down and let's switch it up so we're getting a couple on each side here I really want you to be able to you know feel that stability through your torso now don't go heavy weights with this at first but you can build up your weight on this one right and we amplify I feel good with a five-pound dumbbell right now oh yeah I'm in control good actually keeping those arms straight it gets hard after yeah oh yeah arms are short so don't burn and you're like wait what happened it is good last one as if I miss fittings all right now I'm going to come into a butterfly crunch Dre is going to show you with her knees fairly close together and we're going to butterfly all the way open bottom of the feet are together and we're going to lift the shoulders lift the feet squeeze and then lower down so this crunch we're lifting oh man we're using all of those abdominal wall muscles right now are ya so go at your own pace here but try to pause at the top I know that's the hardest part is when you get up here you're like I'll I'm ready to drop and then just give it that pause and then come down good we're going to your old pace lifting up and by dre having her knees a little closer together it makes your legs a little less heavy for the core to lift because you got a little more help from her hip flexors right here butterfly all the way is going to be the most challenging so do what you feel good way okay I feel it exactly it really yeah good and relax now roll up and grab one of your free weights for the bicycle now here we're going to be leaning back but we're only bicycling our legs alright Dre's going to tap alright extending one leg and then the other we're trying to kick the heel out and away from our body and we're cycling those legs pretend as if you're riding a bike lucky guys in my heart good cause it's challenging the guys challenge so if you gotta let go of the weight you can let go of the way all right you can also use your hands here do you want a bicycle with a little bit more stability it's up to you right breathe it out hip postures and employers if your answers really start to burn you might want to do the cap like draya's and go back and forth giving them a little bit of a breather in between a relaxed let's go back up on to our feet for our around the world we're going to go one more set through these core moves so now that you know them you can give me a little more effort a little bit more peace out yeah I am good like you mean it get into your flow get into your breath yes get it get aggressive with this one with this circuit you guys you look great let's switch up direction and I like how we're all on tape you guys are good good here keeping those arms nice and long think about your core right now tighten it up tighten those ABS up make sure you're twisting from that torso all you can't on the word girl that's right back and forth nice shoulders get a nice work here but it's light enough for that doesn't burn too bad get you ready for a couple of the other groups come in oh yeah good and relax come on down we're going to go back into that plank in side plank oh my gosh I forgot how good this morning I was already feeling it I was about to skip this one have some right here breaking let's rotate open side plank for three so two three we come back into a plank we hold here pausing for a second then we rotate onto the other side lifting two three good back into that plank pausing for breath abs are tight rotate lifting three – hello yeah good last one hold it break isn't good wish for three one and three and I love how your shoulders are still engaged on that one yeah you know you're still working a lot of muscle groups at the same time you're really dial into the core muscles now let's go across with the woodchopper cross the knee up over the body so the important thing here is to not let yourself rotate and open up your hips it's easy to let that knee open up you want to keep your core engaged so you're going to feel this huge stretch right from the side of the body here but I'll get on pace with these it looks pretty good down the back but think about tightening up your abs as you bring that weight over the shoulder so you're stopping the weight with those core muscles in those obliques let's switch other side right so hips stay stable this knee stays facing the front lengthen like Rachel said keeping those arms long right you got that Walla Weaver to make it hard and challenging on your core look on your shoulders that's right to figure out if you added two pounds to your weight right now how much harder that would feel but you will work up the strength to that yes good a couple seconds here good where is it out thanks thank you I like being cheered on by my team all right coming down we're going to go back into that butterfly right so we're going to open up we're going to butterfly it out whoo I love this one it's such a good challenge so let's lift that's it go in at your own pace here remember the challenge is at the top think about pressing your low back into the floor as you lift your chest up lift press your back good haha I felt that more about ends right so pressing the back down lifting the chest and feet and it doesn't have to be super high right breathe exhaling on the way up Shh that's the way there's awesome rock stars rock furnace good whore okay one more squeeze and relax all right grab that free weight all right I know that wants to challenge yeah nice opponent ready all right let's go now remember here it's easy to start punching right so you got to keep that upright posture that's the hard part think about your heel kicking away when you do that it's going to activate your quads which is going to make it a little less hard on your on your hip flexor right but you're just trying to sit up and trying to bicycle out remember you can tap tap do you need to or drop the weight use your hands right there's so many modifications for this one you guys are doing great breathe it out last three two one and done not done Jean but that move okay I don't you guys take both of your weights we're going to get into a lower body circuit now all right so don't hate me because your legs are going to alright but you have to still love me all right go ahead tomorrow it is kind of you can say that thing's mean kinda so hey I appreciate the comment so we're down in that split lunch and we're going to do an alternating overhead press so we're stabilizing in the legs keep an upright posture I know it burns to hold so if you got it you know decrease the depth you're in that's okay you can show them that dress you don't have to go all the way down to 90 degree bend but if you're in that 90 degree Bend it's going to hurt in a good way good and bad which way I Anna is impossible besides hurts so good yeah and you have weights in your hands so you're heavier now right so you're feeling that burning through the shoulders core has to stabilize because you've got something in your arms now right working all the muscles yeah we're working everything right now good you guys looking great bring it out – good let's get one more and let's come all the way up now we're going to go into a forward and backward hop okay so Dre is not going to do the jump she's going to do the step so if you're modifying you're stepping on the mat and you're adding that squat Rachel and eyes go ahead rake we're going to go right here little squat hop boom and boom you're like my she didn't like my sound track cut outward just our X is always amazing good for your second daughter and you're adding that squat or you're dropping the weight completely and that's okay too maybe you want to go in the middle right and relax beautiful now you can always drop your weight for any of these moves you guys okay all right if you need to we're going to go into a quick Jack holding your weight we're apartment together so core strong right abs are tight quick feet remember yeah good house like you can modify just one making sure Drake got you covered over there good job I got a man I got him now I don't know if you feel it but right oh I definitely wait right during this or no joke you know Joe oh yeah exactly I relax okay sexy laughs ass water yeah why are super fun yet Jim grab long zip remember hydrating all you doing is taking a sip nobody guzzle or your stomach is gonna not be a friend in a second so rappel down I say wipe the brow grab you free weights round two baby oh yeah all right so split lunge we're going back okay so open up nice wide stance yeah look at that and let's press up and out good stabilize really working number your weight is pressing through that front heel all right and you got weight on the back toe but most of the ways on that front heel do you really activate in that hamstring and that glue as well as the quadricep the whole thigh is working okay I love y'all this one like I said earlier it's just every muscle every single is oh my goodness and when you focus on your form hopefully by the time you're ready to switch it up the focus has been distracted for a little while I started from the pain hammer is that what I get from the burn from the burn yes exactly good guys look awesome bring it out back and forth yeah oh yeah last one and come up nice job so for this second round set your weights down we're going to go the hops back and forth I want you to be free we'll grab them for the millisecond don't worry if you're missing your weight pata cramping my waist and I'm sorry I'm so sorry good but it's that I want you to use your arms I want you to use a little momentum and propel yourself notice how Rachel could probably do like a 50 foot long jump right but what she does when she joked that far if she's got to use her arms right so we were not really jumping to the moon but we're using a lot of force yeah yeah great your shoulders are gonna get ripped like a long jumper so use that move propel yourself forward back and forth couple more seconds you can do it I know I know you're you're still my friend right oh my quarter nice good my quads and laughs ready free wait all right so Java Jackie okay open conference and don't in an hour fast Jesse I'm gonna go hang out with my chicks out here I'm gonna come back I'm gonna beat you no thank you doing good nice work Rebeck nothing easy one almost there great Jim one okay whoa whoa all right all right up we might as well just hold on yeah I'm not shooting civil waters Hardy going your normal if you can't breathe right now I mean athlete is breathing honey you should be too all right here we go ready split lunch we're dropping it down well I'm like okay so here we go we do both I say that a lot in my orgasm likely thank you it's normal just make sure you switch in between nice work want to challenge yourself roar this time get a little lower to the floor all right keep that upright posture keep your breath flowing doing awesome breathing out your last round promise then we reached upper body a very violent in a different part of your body yes and we'll work at everybody good laughs to one and come on let's put you down my leg leg I'm not sure I can Anna you can do ball down to a low just like no lie you can come up from that lunge and just go into that shoulder press you know Dre's not too low if you want to sink it down your legs are fine right they're burning but they're fine we'll be safe here you're going to fall over come up a little bit so sink into the brillo good you guys breathe it on your side breathe in here you burn him working hard without that burrito good here and come up okay so I'm giving you the choice to wait for later no wait to the squat jumps what are you gonna do oh I don't know I guess I watch you I'm right Ana you're gonna do out there who's got this Oh got it in and out so it's a little soft top now you don't have help from the arms so it's much harder harder yeah we got it we got it sit back in your heels when you land to use your butt force that's going to be a new thing right the block more top for the force of your glute there's nothing like it good but for one of the biggest way my father's be with huge Star Wars fan okay okay thank you for almost there 3 2 1 oh my god okay sir but force anybody work with you oh yeah all right all right all right silly girls let's go in and back important breathe do it in and out I'm so glad I'm not wearing a sweater today Alex got it yeah white light clothing people sweating it out who's it out you think about how much you are making it work today you give me so proud of yourself we need to take the town baby oh you got this three two one hahaha oh yeah right alright well worth it before we go into our upper body which my shoulders I'm like on fire everybody Anna yes kind of yeah alright now doing it right you're going to grab hold your weight for this one we're do a single legged row stretch Rome the one modified alright gonna kick that back leg up gonna kick that heel out and we're going to row it's like bending that front knee alright elbows staying tight to the body and you're squeezing those weights up Valley from this one that's right oh thank you move it a little bit just cap down and then try to bring it back up right cause it's all about just working at your own pace you're stabilizing that but should be on fire go ahead and switch other side so we can show it either way what you guys to make sure you can see I got more stability on this side just kidding oh they're both pretty unstable back when your butt's on fire exhale on the way up remember to keep those elbows in tight pinch and extend there's that pinch at the top and then that extension pinch and extend right yeah and relax okay beautiful drop it down to the floor you got to drop your weights in the moment we're going to do a perfect push-up know I teach what a perfect push-up looks like and I think this is it but you guys can tell me if I'm wrong so you can go goal from your knees or your toes you're going to slowly drop all the way to the floor you're going to pick your hands up off the floor and paint your shoulder blades together so you work your back too and then press through the floor and pick your whole body up as one unit alright drop it down slow slow pinch and press so good job you guys slow so you're doing a negative push up to work in the back pinch the shoulder blades press ups use the chest and shoulders and tries I think that's a perfect push I absolutely like it it's hard to do so you got to go from your knees that's okay last one pitch oh you know that if you do like five to ten of those you're getting so strong okay so grab your free weights now and we're going to do a chest fly and tricep combo all right we're just going to show you while she's working her core a little bit with her feet off the ground Dre is going to keep hers on the floor and we're just going to do a nice little skull crusher dropping the waist towards the ears and then extend up bend the elbows open the chest and bring it together so you're just alternating here all right back and forth go at your own pace all right whatever weights you have at home maybe there's some water bottles around you can grab all right if you want to add a little bit of core to this you can extend your legs as you do the move or you can just extend one leg right if you're like wait Anna what are you crazy what are you doing girl all right but doing that challenges if you if you mess up that's because you're going to do too many things at once right I'm just going back and forth going try chest and going chest I like to add a leg extension every once in a while I like that feeling that pull you guys doing great a couple more seconds breathe it out good remember elbows up towards the sky working breathe and relax all right come back up to the feet let's go back into single legged rows are you ready okay so we're on one foot remember we're trying to kick that back leg up keeping a nice straight alignment with the body the front leg is slightly bent so you're not straight legged you got a nice slight bend in that knee all right and this is working that glute work of the hamstring a little bit doing okay oh yeah the neuromuscular system warms up a little then your balance is a little better but if it's not leaned up against your couch it happens right you know forget your couch or your table and switch side then this is going to help you work up to that balance on your own good taking that heel back it's going to create a flexing the glue to help you with your balance so flex that foot and flex that glue good to try to really align yourself good chest is up nice and high after and tight okay yeah I know everything is lucky for me good one more oh just in time sorry to miss yeah like I want to get one more one more down to our perfect pushup here we go guys you're looking great so here make sure you've got a good distance from your arms I mean in between your hand so you can drop down your chest goes all the way and when you pick those hands up you should be pushing from the floor right where your chest is should be alignment right there perfect slowly on the way down your hands up where have your hands naturally go to press up that's where it should be now try not to let your belly be the last thing that comes off the floor a lot of guys feel like this they do which is okay work your way up by going from the knees so your body is a unit so that's going to be working your core more oh this is good and everybody cook up a billion when you're buying said I don't want to come up from the floor and you're pretty much done all right yeah now let's grab our weights again we're going back into the tries and the chest why so obviously we're super sending you upper body gear because this is what you work when you're doing the perfect push-up you're working your triceps you're working in chest ISIL is a lot going on and now we're going to use it with the free weights a little lighter than our body weight but we got to stabilize now with our shoulders holding some free weights and if you want you can challenge your core you guys all right oh yeah feeling good feeling good I'm feeling great I love him getting my Jimmy strong I'm getting my head adrenaline boost right now my metabolism booster I'm going to keep that breath flowing get that Fitness that's right girl I love having an elite athlete on set it's such a pleasure I greatly open it up train my pitch that's right showing them that we do Elite Fitness on PopSugar oh yeah one more kiss challenges thank you girl so the audience you guys know you're working out hardcore oh yeah all right let's roll it back up you guys ready for a third round all right okay ready let's do it she's ready I'm ready are you ready all right they're ready yeah you got it let's do this guy's all right so back leg is up kick that heel back stabilize and row my bow oh my god oh don't make me laugh like no distractions so you're not that spot on the floor exactly so find your target you gotta use just sound effects to give your balance that's right use your sound effect that should be your breath yeah good passport on this side and let's switch your glute should be given out so if you're really stabilizing on that leg kicking your leg up nice and high row it up squeeze that back flute really keep a nice alignment of the body remember you pinch at the top hold most shoulder blades together and breathe and we don't want to hold your breath thank you things like when you're focusing you stop breathing like a it's so true ah oh my goodness gracious couple and relax Oh baby all right you guys ready perfect push-ups oh yeah gimme some whatever you got left all right you guys got this going all the way up remember it's negative on the way down all the way slow pinch and press good flow no we're doing great Oh baby all right all right all right it's a negative it gets hard for me yeah so as you guys are going down yeah try to challenge yourself to go slow I know it's easy to school right obviously pushing up is hard but you get so much strength on the negative oh yeah good even get one more I'm ethical for my knees we're gonna go the last move I got notice how I've got humility too you know I go for my knees but I need to because I don't compromise form right now felt it on that last one I might not come up why wait for my knees all right here we go let's work those triceps in the chest drop it down and extend arms are burning I love it nice and you know even as a runner you got to have a strong upper body right oh yeah people think it's just about yelling but having a strong strong arm you know get on Armstrong chloroform exactly gives you so much of your power keeping getting hurt and hello got to be total body fitness right right so really important you guys even if you're like I don't need weights I'm a runner yeah you do you're you're right your muscles toned and tight per Mille team will not take no for an answer right yeah we do circuit work all the time it's great that's just like this Oh have to woo and bring it on down whoa all right you guys give yourself a second we're going to go through a few stretches all right this is really important part of the workout but you just did a lot of work so first I want you to start with your knees pulls into your chest give yourself these next few minutes just to cool down you just went through a killer strength circuit and then bring your knees over to the side good rotate your legs try to keep your chest open shoulder open good breathe give your heart rate a little time I liked how we kind of finished on some less cardio intensive moves yeah so though I'm like at least for me I'm not huffing and puffing like crazy good rotate so now we can focus on our breath and focus on relaxing the muscles so as you inhale inhale but as you exhale think about releasing the tension in your body so you sink into your stretch just a little bit more and I love stretching it's just so important because they're not soreness from coming on tomorrow oh my god I feel yeah when I don't stretch I feel it so much differently the next day it's a complete GameChanger now we're going to bring one ankle up over the knee and we're going to go in step figure four stretch so this might feel just enough for you right or you can kind of thread your hands between the thigh and hold that five so that you bring that foot closer now the whole goal here is not to yank your foot towards your chest it's to hold yourself in this picks on this position and open your knee away from your body so you're rotating opening the knee away and if you can do that then you can pull your foot in closer but you don't let the whole body to just yank that leg in you want to think about rotating and opening the knee open you guys feel that yeah yeah sometimes one of my favorites so good open the hip the glute huh Sammy my daughter our jela like everybody else you know their legs for that workout for me it was legs for legs I mean the core was good my legs were on fire and I feel like my shoulders got a different kind of workout because we worked them in so many different ways oh yeah even during the quarter so this kind of working our arms right we had a lot of shoulders and so we don't have the new shoulder press for all day right we hold that like don't wait I recovered you for the day and we had you hold in a light free way in those shoulders for pretty much the entire workout yeah you get to use a pulley oh yeah all right you guys and we're going to come into our side stretch so we're going to do a quad extension so you're going to grab that toe bring that heel up towards that glute if you can you're going to take this bottom leg and you're going to put the foot over the top of that knee and add a little bit of a depression so you're going to push down a little bit to get that IT band a little bit as well so you feel the awesome stretch so think about squeezing your glute on the side you're stretching right now and it's going to it's going to enhance that stretch and kind of pull it back into extension a little bit more you might feel this a little bit in your knee probably because you're stretching your IT band and it's saying I don't like you so you want to do is phone roll that you don't have discomfort in your IT band because it's very hard to stretch in IT bands that is tight chronically tight right and just foam rolling those muscles around and I think really helps me up your quads your hamstrings your calves right very important you guys everything is connected and everything is connected so stretching is an amazing way to cool down oh yeah open up our muscles foam rolling is also another way to heal it's to increase that circulation of blood flow especially the day after workout oh yeah I heard so good huh just like this workout yes guys taking it all worth it down make sure you're breathing right now and you're just enjoying this time because how often do you let yourself just kind of chill breathe and stretch this is almost a form of meditation right because you're just really allowing your body to relax and just focusing in on stretch in the breath laughs yoga so much so relaxing yeah all right go ahead and relax that now we're going to come onto the UM onto the heels we're just going to sit nice and tall we're going to bring us our selves into a tricep stretch so grab that elbow bring it up towards the sky and extend nice and long get a nice extension through for you today [Applause] good other side nice breath every time you exhale you're just thinking about releasing the tension in that tricep and having a little gratitude for all the work you did today oh man you worked high shine for your body to be able to get through it you are incredible and then let's go with the shoulder stretch so across the body and right here you want to think about dropping the shoulder yep just making sure you drop that shoulder yes like my toe go any further I'm all shoulder all right I'm pretty for eyes though looks like oh yeah it's like a lot of times you know the shoulder shots and everybody's like yeah but you want to come across your body you want to keep that shoulder low or think about dropping it to really get that extension through show me yeah wow that's so good and that's it you're free to go Hey awesome job to my athlete always Dre is always showing up


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