45-Minute Cardio Pilates Total Body Workout

today we have a cardio Pilates and strength training workout with Burnett's F founder Lisa course L oh thanks Anna I'm going to be working with three pound weights and five pound weights let's get ready to work do all right guys let's get started we are going to come to the edge of our mat with our feet parallel about shoulder width or hip width apart we're gonna inhale bring our arms up exhale we're just gonna bow forward with a flat back now Rachel who's modifying is going to come down with bent knees and I really keep our legs straight in our backside we're going to inhale back up so I took this nice stretch exhale down pushing through details let's do one more inhale up all right you know you and I are going to calm down and crawl it into a plank Rachel you are going to come down on to you go ahead one two three out into a plank we're going to inhale as we Bend our elbows down exhale pushup three two one with those panting flat back left all the hamstrings are you Hill down nice access stretch here all right now to push up inhale down exhale up two three good on fingers okay last one everything's warming up now and yes it is yes it is and this is just the beginning hey three two one time's up now bring your feet together as close as you can comfortably get and stay balanced arms are up by our ears and we're going to come down into a chair pose did you start with your left arm using a triple backwards three this one's keeper hard immediately into your upper body let's to know what's going on plug that left arm back into the shoulder right arm circle backwards three times and handling exhaling right arm comes up think about the arms moving into the shoulders reach your arms up just a little bit higher push through the heels resource of pulse so really you're going to go with a little bit of a slower pace and not pull out deep and a uni-baby we are pushing over he'll want you to take some of the pressure off the front of your feet and we're all sort of gazing down at the center or the edge of the mat yeah it feels nice on the neck right we want to not tweak our neck kind of a life goal no no okay all right let's pick up the pace a little bit good Rachel how we do in there with a modification bill and good girl shoulder we're burnin I know isn't this weird that just holding your arms are so sore yeah like the back and arms yep alright two more go ahead inhale arms back up exhale we're going to crawl back out into that plank and hold okay bring your right knee in towards your right shoulder send our right leg back up good left hand I know exhales and you can say all right Rachel you stay here Anna take it up oh boy so the shoulders stay over the wrists knees coming in tips are sold they stink laughs okay good and exhale let's get the heart rate up yeah it is yep got your shoulders on AB site of two three two and one Rachel you're going to bend your knees to come out Anna you and I flap back you know how to do it Oh arms up okay speed her now about hip exertion width apart SIG's back down into that chair pose arms up do it again oh goodness now what you got to ground we're evenly through all four corners okay huh huh yeah yeah burn I know how to close your ribcage draw your belly button in towards the spine she want to reach in your arms so in addition for getting a heart rates up and working my legs I want you to throw your arms reaching super-active stretch here a little bit deeper Anna good you guys feel this oh yeah I feel everywhere literally we're on fire totally cute five more good inhale up last plank I promise oh now crawl it on out three two one okay get your bearing shoulders over wrists chips down bring your right knee towards your left elbow feel that oblique exhale submit left knee towards my you know just what oh no hey my friend right uh-huh I'm with you pick it up pick it up Rachel slow and steady is your way got it good gaze it down towards the edge of the mat keep that neck long on a ten-pack exact hold on a brief breather hahaha go for whoa she's 100 curling I got hungry too cool Idol inhale up Oh beautiful are you ready oh my god way to put my arms down hahaha whole time I'm feeling good bro okay we're going to the left side of the mouse right parallel to the shin cake step out with your right foot bend down into a squat come up left elbow towards right knee yeah good take a quick look at your toes and make sure that your right foot and your left foot heart even okay so your right foots not closer to the front of the mat in the left inhale down exhale drive that left shoulder towards the right knee so I love that little twist video bling all right yeah we're kind of building on that warmup I think you shouldn't know it so let's bring it down hold your squat squeeze your hands together get your chest active elevate come on to the ball of your right foot good and we're just gonna pull so this one's super tricky we're trying to make sure you're pressing easily through the ball of your right foot and your left heel okay sips are stable just does not feel right put your right heel down and pull okay keep on squeezing pressing through the palms activating the chest ribcage closed out title sizzle silly candy coating on my leg right here they look down oh my god I know it let's do four three two one Oh step to the right row to the right now you're okay left leg now step out squat down step in once you get that movement going lucky and hold it on exhale good how we doing back there Rachel feeling good yeah well Monica heart rate up occupation is definitely I guess seriously what's before last one come on down line those toes up elevate okay left heel up pressing evenly through the ball of the left foot right here now I want you to flip your pumps up and start to squeeze your right squeeze your elbows in your less feelers up their tails yeah so what units have this active movement here pulling your elbows in like there's a balloon you can try to pop it hopefully you're starting to feel your biceps yeah yeah my legs are shaking oh yeah come on control your carotid oh it's only the beginning it's in this oh god that's the floor huh sorry okay let's finish this nice and strong come to the center of your mat okay you know how to do all these things are just going to put together step out to the left touch step in I'll do the right touch and in Rachel's stay here keep your arms active movement as much as you can and I come with me we are doing lateral hops touchdown now do whatever you want with your arms as long as you're doing something with them okay okay I don't know GRA here right make sure when you come down your knees take over your ankle both knees Bend whole lower body just fire these to meet it come on let's go deep a little bit faster touchdown use time we got 10th hey you got it lady hey even the modification is hard guys how old he cooled what oh and your warm ups is over oh all right come down onto the mat oh my goodness you might think that we're going to be chilling out on the mat we're not it's just different so bring your right shoulder over your right wrist right knee on the ground to throw a line from your right wrist your right knee and then to your left big toe Rachel good here are your modifications thank you for that okay can I bring your left hand behind your head okay awesome now what should everyone to elevate their left leg so it's kind of floating off the ground flex your left foot really links in through the entire left side oh yeah the only pay so notice that I'm not coming up super high they don't want my hips to come out of alignment so all we're going to do here is even lower gently slowly what would that look like though you know now there's so many beautiful things happening right now the space you're not feeling everybody you are working both sides of your body cable weak and you're really lengthening through the back of your left leg and any second now your left loop is going to start to fire up okay you can always come on – you have to do a different grip on the mat if you need to Rachel found an awesome modification going for any risk hip issues you can all do this good you can do a the exhale down take a look at that left leg teaching and straighten it reaching through the Western a little bit more good anyway you don't need to feel this um a little bad yeah and on the bottom here it's like to stabilize right is burning always sometimes people think they're doing it wrong if they feel it in that narrow renewing leg you or not let's do two more okay well I got okay next hover oh I know I know reach through that left heel I want you to do is gently slowly bring that left leg around okay so your left foot stuff is flat and you're pushing and then you can yeah excellent now you'll notice that I'm doing a little bit of a side crunch just to make this even more fun so I'm shooting my hip back awesome yeah I can't feel my arm is working a bit by definitely definitely in getting a steep right a weak movement oh and yeah my left leg yeah try to keep your left knee behind your head you can keep your chest open so you don't force a crunch or curl so this is an amazing mat Pilates exercise but it really just gets your entire body you can do it from everywhere on the road at home about tons of these on my website so other one can do be every day with let's do two more make them count ah yeah okay guess what the best best part is coming everybody take a deep button do your nah okay drop your left foot down just for a second enjoy it put your left leg up forward back to that starting position and lower so the two movements are coming together this is where form starts to break comedians retirements just want you to go at your own pace I want you to try to be mindful of your entire body and how it's working how strong at it this is hard this is really hard yeah application I feel like I smell operation out Hillary I am right now oh this is good because you know I don't do a lot of Pilates and this is just so helpful because it helps you get strong in areas you don't normally work yeah areas you don't know how like you're happy that I am just rolling oh and all right bye Barney so we're going to come down and start our series of five another classic Pilates set my favorite to be honest where you start with a single straight leg stretch is going to feel good because our legs we should protect so where do you have your knees soft the whole time in your head down with this one and our right leg out that Leslie gentleman should have point all 10 toes plenty cheek crawl up your right leg hold your right leg in twice and swish for the will say the kick action here your neck is bothering you put your hands behind your head the try to keep your legs active as possible and if you're wondering where to look this are going to look down at your belly button the best way for your next to not fit super to th good how we go back Oh Fred fire oh but that is not working anymore so it's kind of good to break this is my treat again perfect you one more each other oh yeah okay pull head down go ahead and bend your knees the hip hop inhale here we're going to exhale curl up hands behind the head Rachel you can Kia exactly Rachel your knees are going to stay possible sighs Anna yours or not you're either going to come up soup straight turn your toes out so your heels are together in your toes are apart inhale through your nose exhale a little bit higher try to hold this just like fish okay we are going to lower our legs down 45 degrees Rachel just your feet come down a few inches when I'm with X up what's up good in order oh yeah my legs are shaking my favorite memory so on so the reason that they're shaking is because we just did all that stuff but also to them really using my heels together so I'm activating the muscles in my legs there's no time to waste Reggie got to get this workout in get it all going in Jill down XF up to 3 min the hardest part for me is keeping my back flat yeah you know as the legs lower so with the minute you're back this is your last one bring your knees in the minute you start to feel that arch don't go lower yeah curl your shoulders higher that'll give you more of a burn we won't hurt your back okay that was your break curl up right knee in left leg out which is a flex your left boy I liked you before it didn't let me later okay good Rachel you're on the mat soft knees all right Anna we're going to go in hill for to exhale so if this isn't too confusing experiment with point beneath the leg of the knee that's coming in and selecting the foot of the three legs sort of confusing this new point but yes lots of stuff happens you still have to work that other size it's kind of on that so I think that the feel out girl hi are free one more each side good do not put your head down put your hands behind your thighs crow opposite sort of a break still super active in the core tabletop position reach the arms back around your head good Rachel you're just going to do the upper body portion of this and a you and I are going to continue without leg movement don't get too freaky about pointing and flexing but you can if you dig it shoulders try not to roll from one part of the body to the other whole shoulders up the whole time breathing woo yep there are five cheer almost I thought that way three to head down knees and algebra shoulders up that is the biggest challenge totally doctors using your absence of the job alright arms around the outside of your shins weak exhale curl up hey all right keep looking down at your belly button you want to keep your shoulders up the whole time originally you're just going to do the upper body portion of this stay in tabletop Anna you and I would come into movie ok arms to the sides of the ears inhale reach I feel sweet Smeaton arms around good racial Arbutus head Spears intial exhale really hold user upper body good my stuff has everything working now – four more curl up higher I know you can legs active muffler nicely alright for work our other side oh okay I know you're looking forward to it now the butt stuff nothing I think I'll be others pushing to get on it so regional you're down on your side's for you to put our left hand down left shoulder slightly over the left wrist let me down leg up put your a nice manner to see press everyone lengthen both sides of the body soften your jaw and lift your right leg up push through your right heel okay looking a little Roma remembering you don't have to get your leg up super high that's not the goal of this exercise it's really about being lined up reaching through the soles the right foot working on the phone and I love how since we do those ABS my abs feel totally engage more of this size definitely thanks no money down low huh how are we doing on those modifications back there reach are you feeling your element oh yeah you are in my head I thought I'm a glutes so I have everything by the way guys the modification that Rachel's doing back there is a perfect pre and postnatal Pilates movement I do it with all of my clients we have a whole bunch of videos on my website all about what to do before and after oh so this is how you work but you do so with proper muscle yeah alright two more okay good hover to me quite like forward now this for me is always my harder side I pick it my right leg up but so be it that's why we says what we do this right exhale a little bit of rotation it when that left thigh reach it has really hard for me I know I don't know why just have a lot of flexibility either so then the hamstring also totally gets challenged right and it helps if you make a really weird face when you do it I was gonna change I think don't watch me like you just ate a lemon or something but whatever works good Axew inhale try not to overdo it as we succeed we tend to want to use all right so shorten it up if you meet you that's better you Peck try to soften your jaw lengthen both sides in the next I know you're getting a howl that help me yeah I was pecking oh reach that right elbow back okay ready ready ready yeah right licking go lower uh-huh left sweep you okay guys yep firm enough okay is the word ah dang it okay I would say that's okay we're with you oh six more reach exhale inhale three we do it oh God power is round two oh oh oh all right why don't we get some water while we kind of sit we stretch a little looser oh I need a little bit because party of coming up just just be aware huh okay water I like the mix of you know really burning it but then we get our heart rates off so it's kind of going back and forth with Yama – perfect it's the best way I think you cardio you have to go hard for three minutes but then you know it's just there's a break but it won't believe all right so here we go we that should feel kind of good it's football feet okay you kind of shake it out shake it out shake your head no Monica this is where you kind of get loose shake it all out good hard stuff is coming up so and I want you to a deeper sure to pick up your pace Rachel you see with that good ten seconds here that we're going to move it into Nordic Track here's three we're going to turn to the right into in one now and you and I are coming into this motion good reach a one leg back at a time move your arms as much as you can and I would circle in forward we're going to add some plyo hot so we're going to go flask right drop your left knee right left drop with me just one two good Oh baby take it alright oh no these get everything really do you can add a little bit of elbow to knee action you got your oblique where you tool you're looking good I can see out of the corner of my eye see it's a lot of coordination right – one more inside and painting the front we're going to come into mogul okay Rachel you were coming up with involved with your feet without that impact shield found them in heels down woohoo whack out cheers oh my gosh speaking of working your glutes yeah where we kind of bring it back in yeah who could have pulled your arms a little bit faster just stick it fresh 300 feet coming up into if you repeat it one okay check it link and then if you have the right thread a little bit lower okay we're going to turn to the right in three in two in one NordicTrack gear and we're going to go right into this fire right now one two go oh my gosh second time around come on I'll bring it down one two elbow towards the knee fine long four three no balls in 100k oh my god here we go Eugene finding our valleys finding our way seeing down yeah ready okay KJ girls Eleazar seconds ready mister pants amigo fat thank you right yeah 3 5 2 1 okay yeah more water and then wait yeah take a sip I'm gonna start with my five pound waist you can do threes or five picks up to you we're going to be working biceps nice biceps generally we do a little bit heavier with biceps at least I do and then I go lighter on shoulders and triceps so yeah bring their heels out okay a little bit wider than your shoulders toes are turned at 10:00 and 2:00 to 10:00 and 2:00 or 11:00 and 1:00 however your body feels comfortable depending on your flexibility yeah we're going to drop down take a little quick look make sure your knees line up with your second toes there bring those weights together and down okay we're going to draw them up into a V so we're sort of making this narrow V in front of us while we are opening it working the core and definitely getting into the inner thighs I figure guys we did a lot of outer thigh stuff a lot of booty so let's eat in our bodies now move get the inner thighs just Pacific just too strong a ski powder good so it's just a nice long beat elbows pinched in to the side good that's important lots of people tend to swing their elbows you don't really do much except for potentially hurting you yeah okay momentum over that way go ahead a couple months yeah okay now I want you to stay down in this slot parallel position with those weights we're gonna draw the letter M so we're going to bring a way to gather when you come up out and down don't hit yourself in the leg up together like a cursive lowercase M okay anything so why are we doing this it's a different move the different grip see however we're getting the inner Olmec on my leg fishing I know oh my gosh position to the leg stuff we're getting the inner and the outer biceps really working and we're going long do one more m and we're just going to flip it and make it doubly gets the weight come together and up yeah okay okay find your own range of motion again all those don't really move your little couple millimeters above it good necklace so sometimes keep the breath oh these people since I thank you for reminding away the word I'm breathe okay one more okay now parallel position hi sister working when we come into the ball of your right foot okay and you're going to drop lower your weights down drop your right here with your left so Rachel I want you to keep both heel down please and a you and I are adding in this alternating T lift with hammer curl plus I'm shaking yeah Louise for me and it lets the lower we're almost done with this bit we might we'll work I will get it a little bit more ho-oh you ready your body will love you later yeah one good Oh stand up now I'm gonna grab lighter weight you at home you can stay heavy okay we're all working with phrase right now we're gonna continue to work our legs our arms in alike threes because then you don't use your traps as much you really do use the shoulders so we're going to step a little bit to the right side of our mat bring the step out with our left leg we're going to step out without let's keep the right knee pretty straight and make sure your left knee tracks over your second toe you know push off send those arms up now the modification for Rachel's just to keep our arms down the whole time we inhale down the exhale bring the ABS in belly button to spine guys push up for this down okay oh yeah exhale I love this move because it really gets the entire left leg okay you can feel your calves working there's a lot of balances a lot of course do we have this nice push at the top really lengthening pull by you're reaching integrating everything yeah that's how we do it two more inhale down also and make it count good okay let's step over to the left we're just going to flip our grip again Rachel your arms are just going to be straight down and you're just going to flip our palms this way a little bit of a different way to work our upper body where you step out to the right send it down good as we push off that right heel we come off and our palms are in this reverse grip so then just down push it up now fist grip for whatever reason causing your shoulder discomfort obtain go back to the grip we're just doing or new leg rachel does and keep your arms down nobody has to go as fast as you right Lisa they do not that for me you're why I'm trying to compete here so let's lie if you know if you lose for myself look now that I know you're continuing on oh no not really two more oh yes good okay trust us neck whoa so take those weights bring them together elbows in not super super tight bring your thumb to a V at the front edge of our mat all right take your right foot you're going to bring it back make sure your hips are both lined up so kind of pulls the right hip forward left sit back and you're on the ball of your right foot we're going to curtsy lunge so you're going to drop your right knee down okay bend your elbows a little bit and as you found everything lengthen inhale down exhale up woo so this move is really tough there are a lot going on right but I want you to kind of keep your ribcage closed we all tend to arch and flare yeah try not to do it so we got our triceps better a nice strong long find tight cores boy and what's going on with my legs let's do one more of these and bring you down cool won't you post your arms down just beyond legs are in this holding pattern is burning for 30 to keep a all the fence post your lower body down for eight Oh mom baby outside three two one oh saying my gosh it's awesome roll your head pick it out soften your jaw other side okay come into that nice V pattern abs tight ribcage closed we step back with the left foot this is a hip very pain okay same deal with you with the upper body now again one-sided will be stickier this is mine so I can't go as wide that's fine so we're going to bend I'm inhaling down exhaling up so in order to get my knee to track properly on this side I take a little bit wider stance still not perfect but good I'm trying hit I'm really feeling the triceps maybe bring it down hold outside post the weights behind your head my thing is to focus on the ribcage like you said yeah really first thing to go and then I realize it who start to pulse up Lolita i-43 Oh awesome alright guys water super quick because the next one is my my treat where's my treat to all of you all right doesn't look like very much but it's incredibly hard super super useful in your everyday life but you can pour it over okay so this is embarrassing but the way that I came up with these movements yeah I was trying to clean my house with a broom click up high cobwebs and it was almost impossible to move my arms I could a broom clastic room so this is where we're going to do this not you can clean your houses but that you're strong you're better at it I'll see chance finally my house is defense day when she's bring your arms up just hold so modification Rachel is soft elbows okay doing this without weights by the way for heart and I'm just going to start here want you to really start to feel your back getting stoned on your as long okay thumbs are down I'd open up your chest a little bit more she's going to lift and lower so we don't often work at the end of the spectrum and it's an importantly you guys feel it oh yeah oh yeah all right three pounds is more than enough hold one time stick would be nice deck would be nice right between houses okay hold I want you to flip so palms face the front thumbs up thank you sounds gay chacker position here and lift and lower just start to notice the different areas of your upper body that is being challenged okay steel shoulders but again good case closed abs tight knee soft three two no one should have hold it reach again keep your left arm as it is where you so you go ahead and bend your left elbow to 90 degrees okay we're going to lift your right arm up alone okay don't let that right shoulder shrug pull your abs in notice your muscles weak is firing up yeah reach I'm lower three left arm should be on fire my friend sigh all right one full commit into that ready to go and bend your right elbow that's removing down so this is a hard one speaker just as an ass right oblique firing up three two one you're not done put your armpits s going to pull forward four three two one back four three two yep got it you guys are quiet now are spoken last one four whoa yeah we're all ready to put these things down thank you okay guess what cardio cardio cardio you're going to roll your neck okay at least you're not doing that shoulders head okay so we've experimented with this turnout now we're going to turn out even more we're going to bring our heels even wider go deeper right well you are going to come down touch the mat and reach up and down and we can start the quest okay good the more you move your arms in your low-impact the harder it gets okay we're going to add a little mini hotforwords and mini hot back working on it in three forward so we've been working our inner in our outer v a lot yeah I want you to think about that when you think about that energy spiral from your hips going around through the booty down to those inside yes this is a movement that puts it all together in cardio what more you need go 403 – okay oh sorry to do this oh you left the board in your right foot back right so my friend you Arnie repeaters Anna bring your right knee up towards your left elbow drop your right knee down hop okay oh boy oh my god legs and crawl baby we knew again open the element strong arms for for this two-part 300 oh wow thank you other side I love how that requires so much balance – it really does so left knee up drop it down this is such a hard side for me again not as much balance which is even more losing to keep doing it are you Alessi like why not but I feel I always lead with my left big toe 4 3 2 1 oh thanks come on down to the back go without him oh this ad-lib has that frog a little bit of a frog press it's a great hip opener because we've done a lot of stuff so your hips are going to open your legs going to be active in your calves are gonna be sore so roll back when you bring your heels together toes apart sound behind the head inhale case their head is down as you actually crunch up make sure you're going to stay in your for in your event you need to continue just going to be the crunch and you and I are going to crunch up extend the leg out to a 45 degree angle cool we're going to do two beats so we open close twice one two he's in head down one two point those toes Oh toes out heel okay so again guys great hip opener great leg length inner about actu stretch good you like for me to go down that left sit your chest higher two more now hold it up here we're going to bring the right leg up Rachel you're going to sit your legs just like we are but keep us off me good eye now we're going to really start down to put your hands behind the head sinking Rachel with your soft music as we head and your leg down exhale we're going to crunch up left shoulder so it's for right knee and down so if your lower back or your hips are bothering you you take Rachel's modification bend your knees as much as you need to so chill just come up that's five more ah I know more emotion sure relevant hold then he likes s which list inhale head down right shoulder up towards I love me come up first before you add that rotation try to point your toes remember you're like you're denied active part of movement how we doing with the modification Rachel you callback burial and great yeah my other inspire see the lot of nations are hard Josh I don't know my man's about to give up one more oh I just want to say that okay so head over here needs your son for one quick second because we're going to put all of those together so I want you to be ready and we'll hang in there like that like back up good inhale through you know excel formula okay we're going to put those two moves together lower your left leg down Rachel you're not going to move your legs you're just going to do that upper body portion drive your left shoulder toward your right knee as you lower your left leg down inhale legs up to Center yes so we're just putting these moves together all right follow that breath close your hold if you need to sometimes I start to get all freaky and when we close our eyes we can really focus on what it is we're working which is our car good all right knees into the chest this is our final move so bring your knees into your chest you can inhale bring your arms back exhale we're going to curl up leading with the fingertips shoulders up arms hover above the mat we're going to start Rachel you're going to see in your tabletop and we're going to beginning tabletop and then move on so you start to puff those arms with all your fingers and we see the tricep move inhale for five so you can stay in this position where you can press your legs straight up or down to the 45 degree angle if your head neck or shoulders are starting to Bob you put one hand behind your head you want to make it harder than row where you're like downloadable feeling your core down oh yeah I get the shots are fired up to focusing on the breath well two more oh good head down then rock side to side I have one more little bit of love for you we're going to finish with burpees oh yeah everywhere setting no no no come on Ella oh all right guys so Rachel you're modifying your Burpee let's just do it let me go you are going to squat down hop up down and out okay now you can add a push up I really want to make sure guys though you're using your legs okay and you're not letting rips do this work for your lower back Oh take the time to plant those feel firmly on the mat to really explode out of that squat alright five more go ahead add some punches Rachel laughs 100 all right so struggle yes oh yay waterless company all right are you guys ready to stretch yeah are you happy to try yes have Jessa I should hear it let's lay down okay Oh extend your right leg out on the ground keep your right have active so you get a nice right hip flexor stretch and then bring your left leg up this is should be to countering stretch but be mindful of your right leg being long and then I told you the point in sex your last right yeah all right then you're going to bend your left knee put your left foot on your right knee and bring that right knee in all right flex your left foot put a little bit of gentle pressure on your left knee good an appointment flex your right foot good I got really really getting into those glute okay guys let's extend our right leg out on the ground and then we're going to gently do a little twist so your left knee goes towards the right side of your body while your upper body you extend your left arm out you're going to look toward your left hand you get a nice chest stretch as well get into the back the glutes success you work them all yes we did all right let's come back slowly as we inhale exhale that our left leg find its way down onto the mat send my right leg out Oh long nice heavy left leg going to flex the right foot come in see how tight my ankles right circle it soon oh my god bend your right knee place your right foot on your left knee and hug your left foot in so we're going to gentle pressure on that right now turning point in flex your left foot getting into the glute Carrie Oh extend your left leg down on the mat gently guide your right knee towards the left side of your problem or your upper body twist to the right except maybe the best when you feel a little good hahaha good hand hill here exhale back down the printer needs into the chest roquefort working backwards couple times alright and we're going to come into a pigeon so keep your left leg left knee bent whoo this is a really hard movement a really hard search for everyone yeah you want to try to get both hips down but really you can come up onto your fingertips whatever helped you get into this press it really this stretch is about listening to your body feeling the left glute and then excuse me comes down just do it even more but don't feel like you have to do that pull those shoulders back close your eyes think a little bit deeper on your next exhale all right then find our way into a cliff around his lunge left foot horrible sight wake up feels good tomorrow best novel tips yep right hand down good we're going to bring the right foot forward then the left leg back find our way down into a pigeon this is always again Vicky's side for me so just work your way into it a little bit of this every day goes a long way I know we can rise up onto your fingertips you can come down I need more Pilates or yoga Pilates ones are good it's so hard all right let's underly in Vietnamese lunch and go Lea let's add that left sound you know when I'm down on the exhale we'll step back into plank bring your shoulders a little bit further forward over the wrists we're going to chaturanga down find a nice Cobra we're up with some really kind of dragged your body forward a bit you can nice and right through your hips I'm going to find our way soon slide pigeon pose knees wide and crawl your hands to the right side you really get a nice beautiful stretch along the left of the bottom oh yeah I hacked a sinking deeper so when you're ready slowly make your way over to the left thank you for this stretch is something that workout everybody did I need it too oh alright guys good slowly make your way up oh my god everybody workout with us


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