40 Minute Lean Legs and Flat Abs Workout πŸ”₯Burn 480 Calories!* πŸ”₯Sydney Cummings

what's up guys it's Sydney and this is your 40 minute lean legs and flat abs workout so grab your dumbbells and let's get started what's up guys I'm so excited that you're here for our 40 minute legs and abs workout lots of variety today and I workout so if you're someone that doesn't like a ton of repetition this would be great for you okay we will need dumbbells and as you can see I've got some variety here I've got 15 20 30 and 40 pound dumbbells we'll be doing things with lunges deadlifts squats and then of course also ABS I'm going to challenge you to use dumbbells on your abs as well so something that's gonna push you in your deadlifts so something in your heavier in and then something you can control for the ABS as well okay so if you're ready we'll go ahead and get started with our warmup I'm so proud of you guys for crushing it so far this week now let's continue to work hard together okay let's start with butt kicks single leg and three two one here we go pull the heel right to the glute and just kind of relax your foot as you kick it back okay start your breathing now today we're gonna work a little bit on tempo let's speed up your butt kicks okay so within this workout today you'll hear me ask you to pause at the bottom of Reps okay you'll hear me introduce pulses a little bit with our strength moves three two one alright step it back let's step forward pull step and pull definitely going to be introducing a lot more tempo control over the next couple weeks high kicks here we go get the hamstrings and the claws all right give me a nice wide step let's go side to side that lots of time to warm up here because I want you to really feel loose put some muscles to be warm good as you lean over feel this straight leg in your thigh stretch okay take your time sit low push your hips back there we go good – I'll come back to the middle and I want you to hinge your hips back squeeze forward we are focusing a little bit more on the quads today but you will use your glutes you will use your hamstrings okay so let's stretch get everything nice and warm all right come back in a little bit with your feet let's go hip circles okay not something we do a lot but I want your hips nice and open today with the pauses at the bottom the pulse is at the bottom great job and switch directions yeah this feels nice huh all right let's take it on back to the back of your mat and want you to fold forward placing your hands on the ground walk all the way out drop your hips down to the floor and let's twist left and right those hips out stretch your core good all right now drop the toes lift your chin and lower one more lift it up lower it down and tuck your toes down let's walk it back in a little more core and then we'll hop right into it okay arms out to the side twist and twist we'll be doing some Russian twist today rotations planks okay so I'm gonna have the core nice and warm good come back to the middle last couple I'm going to lean over pull back bring it over pull back let's go six and switch it over and one more great job bring it back into the middle and we're gonna start with a goblet squat with a pulse at the bottom I want you to jump up to your heavier weights okay to get started so in four seconds we're gonna go down one two and up okay go ahead and join me let's go see this is not fast I all we're doing here is controlling the eccentric and the concentric portions of this lift 45 seconds they push into the floor as you come up there you go 15 more seconds good seven six keep your chest up on that flaws two one rest right one more round there and then we're done with it okay so bump up if you can in wait okay here we go nice tight core four three here we go two one let's go sit pause push back up two seconds at the bottom sit in your heels [Applause] don't let your background keep it flat it's gonna be a good connection here with your core and your legs let's go good job fifteen more seconds ten nine three two one and rest okay move that heavy dumbbell out of the way we're gonna grab a light dumbbell okay lay it on back single leg crunch and raise okay so you're gonna raise one leg punch raise crunch ready let's go left leg first good throughout this whole workout I'm probably not as vocal and loud as some more hit workouts but what I need you to really do is focus on that breath okay it's all about exhale crunch good job ten more seconds then we're going to rest and we're going to switch legs to one rest okay stay right here you're gonna keep this leg grounded now and we're switching to the other leg what I want you to aim for is shoulder blades off the ground okay here we go three two dumbbell up one let's crunch good you guys feelin all right so proud of you come on that's it exhale crunch good job you've got ten seconds left here we go five four three two one rest come on back up for going for forward lunges with a pause at the bottom okay left leg only for the first round we're gonna go one two push back okay if you need to modify go to body weight that's okay two two one let's go pause down there push there we go pause hand push keep your chest up in the pause that tempo makes everything a little bit tougher right great works it and big push come on push push push push there we go only one round per leg you can do this five seconds to one wrist all right let's switch legs you're doing okay I know this is tough just breathe we've got to breathe together okay right leg let's go in four three two one here we go right like pause push lean it out heel to toe and then push away heel toe push sit there get a little bit uncomfortable at the bottom and then give me all the power coming back up come on I'm with you I try not to lean forward over your front leg just sit in the middle ten more seconds that's it four three two one rest all right grab one of those dumbbells again for leg raise flutters okay so we're gonna lay back dumbbells right at your chest over top you're gonna go halfway down flutter right here to one let's go give me a little crunch at the top take your legs about 45 degrees down if you need to modify go a little higher okay keep the leg strong and straight perfect you've got 20 seconds left take your time here I like to sometimes look at my quads make sure they're tight make sure they're flexing so you're not bending almost there three two one rest whoa you guys alright I told you it's gonna be a brief heavy kind of day so breathe one more round here are you ready four three two one let's go start up top lower where you feel control and flutter the lower you go the more resistance you put on your abs so take it where you can do it controlled where you don't feel your back floating up into an arch position okay keep it slack whoa almost there you got 10 more seconds let's crunch up ready come on come with you you've got 5 4 2 1 breasts beautiful job we're gonna go reverse lunges now reverse lunge and curtsy lunge okay so you're taking just the left leg I'm gonna go straight back and then curtsy okay ready let's go straight back come to the top curtsy come back to the top good keep those hips facing forward your curtsy really push down into that right heel for your front heel keep the core tight as well I like to find a spot focus on it that's it 10 9 4 3 2 1 rest by the way it's okay if you stumble like I just did just come right back in we all lose our balance sometimes totally fine all right let's switch legs bump that wait up if you can all day two one ready let's go other leg goes reverse and then curtsy down low down low so when your curtsy you're just taking a little diagonal approach it goes back again well you go a little bit sideways and then down come on we're right there ten more seconds good five four two one rest grab that light dumbbell again went back to the core alright we're going down bicycle crunch okay so you're gonna take one leg at a time bicycle it in crunch bicycle crunch ready let's go cycle in crunch it up good slow burn right if you need to modify keep one foot down crunch switch okay fifteen seconds come on seven six three two one rest whoa breathe one more time through that one should feel that in your upper abs and your lower abs okay breathe one more round two one let's go psycho crunch great job come on work that core I know it's burning but I also know we can do it I don't know we're together in this so you're pushing me hope I can push you today as well don't quit five four two one rest we're standing up we're going deadlifts with your dumbbells at your side okay so heavier dumbbells you're hanging out right here feet are about hip-width apart and we're gonna sit and stand like this ready let's go good job good work 15 more seconds squeeze the gluts on the way up there we go ten nine four three two one wrist all right 15 seconds rest hey guys all right I know this is tough I know you're strong we're gonna rock it together for one more round and then we're back to the core cool huh two one let's get it keep the knees out no what's your knees cave-in keep the back strong good job 15 seconds let's go five four two one rest good light dumbbells again we're going back to just a basic one just sit up with the dumbbell okay so dumbbell right it's your chest you're gonna roll up touch your knees roll down ready let's go [Applause] try to keep contact with your chest in the dumbbell okay instead of going here and letting it swing you up you push it up okay good job let's go fifteen more seconds come on we're in it together four three two one rest good one more time through okay have a quick drink of water really quick all right you ready for seconds here we go again two one let's go roll it up you're pushing the DUMBO don't let it pull you good work good work let's get it that's it I'm with you breathe nice and deep seven-six three-two-one come on up and grab those heavy dumbbells we're gonna go single arm sumo squat okay so bringing that one heavy dumbbell here in the middle okay straddle it wide I'm gonna grab it stand down switch ready let's go that allows you the freedom of one arm to balance also forces you to engage your abs so that you're not here okay everything's shoulders and hips are straight push into the ground with equal pressure here we go I'm here with you 15 seconds [Applause] seven six five to one breast we're doing great we're over halfway home big deep breath that's it one more time here are you ready two one sit it down let's go don't let your hips fade side to side either good job keep them straight set the butt down keep the chest high notice there's a difference in this and this we need this okay almost there come on come on seven six to one wrist and move that heavy dumbbell out of the way no dumbbell needed for this ab exercise we're gonna go side planks okay so double your mat if you need to stack your feet up okay if you need to modify you can stack your knees up and we're gonna hold it right here you want to make this a little tougher throw a dumbbell on your hips okay another way to make it tougher lift that top toe up okay wherever you're at today we got it we're in it together let that sweat fall here keep your chest and your hips open fifteen seconds let's add a little pulse up up here we go getting a little spicy right four three two one great job let's flip it right over to the other side all right same thing hold tight the last 15 seconds we'll pulse it out three two one let's go hold here open hips open chest her should say open shoulders a lot of people tend to go here right I don't want everything open great job just breathe this is your last kind of isometric position seven seconds and we're gonna pulse it out are you ready big deep breath in two one let's pulse up good let's go let's go we've got six five two one breath amazing job whoo all right come on up grab one of your dumbbells medium range erection it though and on the back of your shoulders good morning position half squat step step two ready let's go [Applause] good job good job kind of a half squat good go Ango say low keep your core tight who let that sweat by now it's pouring over over good six five two one rest beautiful job whoo one more round let me get the sweat out of my eyeballs to anyone else whoo that one really started pouring five seconds and we're going one more round are you ready three two one let's go over and over stay as low as you can I want you to keep this position with your dumbbells to really engage that core okay almost there keep your knees out don't let your knees cave in as you step like this keep them out I'm with you come on I know everything is hurting I know we can do it 10 seconds good to one wrist and let's see if we can keep that same dumbbell for a Russian twists okay have a seat lean it back I want you to hold on to the top part go side middle left side middle ready let's go just one side who got the sweat in my eyeball anyone else Oh squeeze middle 15 seconds good ten nine eight three two one rest great job other side now we're gonna switch it over you guys can stay right where you are I'm gonna swing to the other side right to one other side last round of Russian twists let's go [Applause] twist pull back to the middle if you can lift your feet up okay good job 20 seconds left I know guys I know this is tough and I know you're with me that's what's pushing me through come on four three two one rest all right here we go dumbbell overhead hold with a side leg lift so here's where you're gonna kind of test your stability alright throw that dumbbell right up overhead you're gonna take it one leg at a time out down okay ready let's go touch lift okay think about holding that jumbo right over this stationary leg right over the middle of your foot abs are tight squeeze the leg out to the side good good core is tight stay right over this foot dumbbell is here so don't worry about your dumbbell being in the middle put it right over this foot nine eight seven good job we're right there two one breath there we go one more time on the other side if you could bump up and wait let's do it okay if you feel good go with me here we go three two one right over this side foot lift tap ok if you can try not to come all the way down and put weight on this foot just lift it tap pull the core in right over that side leg good job anyone else just completely dripping right now whoo okay core tight good job we're about to go down for a little plank again stay here for four three two and one rest okay no dumbbell needed for the plank we're gonna drop down onto your elbows so we're gonna go plank body saw okay what that means is your head in this forearm plank your nose is gonna go over your hands bend behind your hands you're pushing your body with your toes ready let's go keep that belly button pulled in and your glutes squeeze tight and you're gliding nice and slow again with that tempo right push up pause push back pause good it's okay if you're shaking I'm shaking too 15 seconds and then we can rest good job you've got five come on four three two one rest all right 15 seconds so we got one more round of that then we've got a leg exercise and an ab exercise and we've made it we're right there okay two one let's go pause at the back pause at the fresh great job let's go pause push pause come on twenty seconds almost breathe don't get overwhelmed just breathe six five three two one wrist okay come on back grab your medium dumbbells we're gonna go for lunch pulses and a lunge lift so once your dumbbells in between your two legs okay spread them out and front and back we're going to go one two three four grab your dumbbells lift okay put them down one two three four sit it down and lift let's go one two three four grab the dumbbells push come on this is that burnout exercise we're always all looking forward to right ten seconds one two there you go two one and rest okay switch legs same exact thing just make sure when you grab bend forward so grab those dumbbells keep the core tight okay four pulses grab the dumbbells lift it up to one let's go four three two one grab them and lift good job four three two one push into that front heel let's go good come on front leg 15 seconds that's it five seconds and rest good job okay light dumbbell just one of them come on back this is it all right dumbbell right over your chest lift your legs up okay you're gonna open your legs crunch through open crunch ready here we go this is it go slow on the way down when you crunch up slow on the way down come on 15 seconds good 5 4 2 1 rust one more rounded Allen guys and we have made it no surprise and things this is it I don't think you need any surprises today alright legs back up dumbbell up over your chest here we go 2 1 let's go crunch down slow on the way down let's go I'm with you 20 more seconds here we go breathe there you go push push push for ten nine eight seven I'll count it down with you five four three two one rest oh my goodness move that dumbbell out of the way first of all just take a big deep breath oh great job let's flip it over onto your stomach all right whoo breathe I want you to breathe breathe breathe here relax your legs open that stomach up good all right push back up into a tabletop position bring your knees in together and let's separate your arms nice and wide and let your hips fall side to side okay stabilize with your hands here let those hips fall over stretching your quads hamstrings glutes here mostly your hamstrings and glutes on this one and your hips all the muscles that surround your hips come back to the middle and bridge it up toes down hips high pedal your heels down one at a time great job great job separate your feet just a little bit I want you to walk back and do your toes and hang out right here for a second I want you to remember on the days where it seems super tough speaking from personal experience roll it up one vertebrae at a time this was tough right I'm drenched I was working hard I'm really pushing myself in the weights that I'm asking you guys to use or to do as well use those heavier weights pull your heel to your glute for me okay I'm doing the same thing that I expect of you guys and someone asked me yesterday what are you doing you look like you're getting stronger you look like you're leaning out a little bit like I said I'm doing the same thing that I asked of you guys I'm in the summertime fine challenge in the city squad I'm doing the exact same thing then switch legs as everyone in that city squad the same nutrition plan the same challenges with the workouts I don't do additional workouts it's just this okay because I want you guys to feel confident in the programming that I bring to you I don't want you to have to do this and then figure out how to fit in another cardio workout or anything like that okay if you want to if it brings you joy if it makes you happy to go for a run do it by all means but this isn't a program that you have to add on other things to okay if you want to you're more than welcome it's your body it's your endorphin rush that you're getting out of this so if you want to add more you can but just know that I'm not doing anything else and I'm using the nutrition plan in the Sydney squad reach those hips over to the left side I'm doing the same thing that I provide the members of that squad so had so many life-changing results in there yesterday you saw on the video Britney's transformation I've got ones in there that I could post every single day but I want you guys to experience your transformation okay for every one that's different some people when I just build muscle across your arms over your chest okay some people don't want to lose weight some people want to lose weight some people want to add muscle or maintain their muscle while they drop body fat it's all different but we teach you how to go about those goals for yourself in there so Dustin I have put together a massive nutrition program laid out in three steps and you take it day-by-day that's all anyone ever does we take it day-by-day alright push your hips forward for me and back back but most results are coming to the people who are just maintaining their consistency it's nothing magic I'm not cutting out you know a random food and your diet it's not a diet it's a lifestyle and the ones who see the results are the ones who keep it consistent okay I want to cut the yo-yo dieting from your vocabulary from your life I don't want you to be confident in the programming that we do here together so make sure you check out the Sydney squad before you head out today I promise if you just at least read through it you'll probably see something that sparks your attention okay hope you guys have a fantastic day I am so proud of you for showing up and rocking it today crushing it you guys knowing this that you were gonna do this workout tomorrow kept me going okay make sure before you head out you like the video subscribe to the channel and last but not least turn on that Bell notification and I'll shoot you an alert when your workouts ready tomorrow bye guys


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