4 Years of CrossFit and this is my Physique


  1. Hope you guys enjoy the video! Real honest physique update – No Pump, no fancy lighting or tan, pretty much fasted and after a pretty brutal conditioning session.
    Keep Crushing life #WeDontQuit

  2. I like Jas’s comment that everyone is different because some people’s transformation (especially women) will be different.

  3. 4 years wasted. I wont say you look like shit you re in shape but you re too lumpy thats for sure. Every muscle is too separated from each other and you just look lame. But thats ok nobody these days knows anymore how to look good and fell good. Everyone reading this comment is lucky cause I will give you my secret to look and fell good. Here is my workout 0.5 mile of swimming and then later in the day 40 chin ups or gym. swimming will make you loose fat in unnecessary places like your hips, butt and make your shoulders and chest bigger but not lumpy as his are and you ll have great cardio. Gym or street workout will give a bit more definition to your body. Combine those 2 and when you come to the beach bulky dudes like this will be a luaghing stock at the beach compared to you. Not to mention you will be able to show your swimming skills in front of the ladies and put last nail on their coffin

  4. 💪👍🤔🥴🥴🥴🥴🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😋😋😋😋🤯🤯🤯🤯🤫🤫🤫🤫

  5. 4 years crossfit i do in 3 months home bb nice

  6. Do 10 normal pullups…

  7. And don't forgot the steroids

  8. song at 1:59 ?

  9. Do you do ANY bodybuilding? Like, going to a regular gym and train chest, biceps, etc.

  10. Great body ! be proud

  11. Im in the same boat. Starting bbing and now have been doing crossfit for 2 years. Im more functional, the same weight, eat for performance w/o tracking anymore and Im just as lean but at 5’11 175-180lbs :/. What type of program do u follow for training? How many days a week and my goal is definitely to get 190-200 at around 10% bf. Check my page on ig @builtongodsrock for my physique. Cheers mate

  12. Genuinely mate. F the sweet potato. If you run short on time. Rice crispy square and thank me later

  13. YOU NEED TO GO AT GYM (your chest) Rich

  14. Congrats!

    Looks great! I’ve following u for a quite time and time have and effort are helping u! Keep going!

  15. too badf your face looks like a homeless version of abraham lincoln

  16. Hate crossfit fit

  17. I feel you with eating to perform! That has taken a bit of tweaking to get what feels right. 👌💪 Awesome vid as always 👊💪.

  18. Just wanted to drop that you guys put out great quality videos with great soundtracks. Keep, keeping us motivated please

  19. Love it, I’m trying to get fitter and get off my BP meds. Thanks for this one, helped this old man out.

  20. Achievable in 6 months with a third of the volume from CrossFit.

  21. I'd be interested in jas's change in physique or a woman who does crossfit and *does not*count macros and eats like you.

  22. I think enjoyment is key. You seemed happy when you were bodybuilding and now doing crossfit. Keep up the good work 👍😊

  23. Great video, was good to get the take on eating and training. However as an electrician can you please get the double socket behind you in the physique bit put back on correctly. The front plate hanging off completely distracted me plus its dangerous. Sorry

  24. 8:43 I agree with Jas, be careful what message you are putting out there. Some of us are ALWAYS HUNGRY and cannot be trusted not to track 😂

  25. Just realized I've been watching you guys for a little over 2 years

  26. You are amazing

  27. A CHAVVY TRAINING FACILITY INNIT!!!!!!!! #haven4hooligans

  28. diet >> training of course i train so so hard but… i like my beer and gin tonic in weakend XD

  29. Hi. I'm curious as to how tall you are, being super fit and around 90kg. I'm the same weight but nearly 6'6 and nowhere near as fit!

  30. People need to temper their expectations about crossfit, especially if you dont have althetic past or have natural athletic ability or coordination.

    This was the mistake I made in thinking I could do these workouts like these youtubers. Nope.

    Watching crossfit youtubers get their narcissism on is great and all, but over 4 million people do crossfit worldwide and the people on YouTube doing these videos are in the top 2000 out of 4 million.

    These are the .001% of elite of the elites, many who were elite athletes in college or were on the Olympic weight lifting team.

    And all the crossfit workouts and wods are for these people only. You as a normie need to scale your workouts to there's.

    I've been doing crossfit for 10 months 6 days a week and I can barely do a wall handstand hold for 60 seconds. No wall hand stand pushups, no handstand walks, no muscle ups or rope climbs, can't do any of the workouts RX.

    People on these videos are doing Fran in 90 seconds to 2 minutes. It takes me 10 minutes.

    Maybe in 4 years I'll be able to do a wall handstand pushup and do Fran in 7 minutes.

    It's a good workout, but the progression at least for me has been very, very slow.

  31. T-shirt slogan ‘eat good, not great, train hard’ 😆

  32. Wheels are looking sick! Great work 👊

  33. Better physique than 90% of the bodybuilding scène. 110% stronger than bodybuilding. In 20 years crossfit is more a thing than bodybuilding/ mens physique

  34. The bodybuilder Steve Cook said in a video that bodybuilders only look their best a short time out of the year, but crossfitters look good most of the year (paraphrased). He later recanted that statement after being booed by his bodybuilding fans, but I think he was correct in his first statement.

  35. Dog at home?

  36. 2:21 "oh left the keys in the ignition"

    My damn brain:
    Mama rollin' that body
    Got every man in here wishin'

  37. You are by far the best ambassador for crossfit in my book. Keep up the great work!

  38. I havent seen chicken, rice and lean meat for quite a while in this channel! 😂😜

  39. Sometimes u do just ramble… but sure no ones perfect 😍

  40. how often do you shave your chest Craig?

  41. I did my level 1 with James! Great guy! Keep up the #sickcontent 💪😎

  42. So amazing to see everyone different. If i do not track i will undereat. Because a come from a obese background ( also not a crossfitter 😁) i need to know at this moment in time that i am hitting enough calories tonot loss more weight. Keep on smashing it and offcourse 👍 for Jas!!

  43. can you start CrossFit as a complete beginner who just goes to the gym regularly?😂

  44. I think tracking is super important if you’re starting out trying to lose weight. There are loads of people in CrossFit that aren’t seeing progress because their diet isn’t right.
    When I started at 18 stone I had to track to re-educate myself on portion control. I’m now 7 stone down and eating for performance. Now I’m in the position where I probably don’t need to track.
    You have also tracked for years so you’re educated in what you need to eat.
    People that have a messed up relationship with food don’t have that so tracking is a good tool to acquire that knowledge. It can be let go of when they have that education or have lost the weight.

  45. I need to get back to adult PE… I miss it so much! Sick content as always! 🔥

  46. Aren’t you guys on vacation?

  47. Crossfit makes you grow a beard & be a better athlete 🧔

  48. Hi, subscribed for a while now. Love the vids. I would love to see your journey if/when you decide to have a crack at making it to the games. Not saying not always the goal but it's clear you're aware if you switched gears you'd have a good chance. It would be very interesting to see what it actually takes to breakthrough to the elite as you have established an awesome platform to test this.
    Keep up the awesome vids.🤘

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