4-Week Upper Body Challenge: Week 3 – Total Gym Pulse

take your fitness to the next level with my upper body challenge program is designed to increase upper-body strength stamina and muscle definition within four weeks this is the third week of the program so if you're just joining in now please refer back to week one to get the full program details the program is at an intermediate to an advanced pace during week 3 you will perform the work out on two non-consecutive days in addition to your current fitness program now let's go ahead and learn the dynamic exercises to warm up your body for week 3 is routine well begin your dynamic warm-up with small arm circles the legs are placed in a wide stance the knees are slightly bent and your core is engaged extend the arms out to the side and begin to make small baby circles you'll travel these circles up add an ankle and then you'll bring them back down to the starting position reverse your direction this helps to warm up the small intricate muscles of the shoulders in every angle next are double windmills you'll do two circles to the front and then two circles in Reverse Phelps to warm up the larger muscles of your shoulders next we'll move into horizontal arm swings you're just moving the arms from side to side alternating one arm on top and one our mom at the bottom then you'll come down to a forearm plank position you want to make sure that your shoulders are directly on top of your elbows and your body is long from your shoulders to your heels keep your core engaged at all times you'll hold this for one minute then you come up into a plank position for alternating side place so you rotate to the side keep your hips high and then rotate to the other side you'll do this for 10 reps in each direction and then you'll be ready to start your upper body challenge for this week's forgot to do 20 reps of each exercise one set throw try to increase the intensity from last week's settings the first exercise is decline front raises to take your cables space your Tower and come down to a supine position extend through the arms and bring them up to shoulder height and then down towards your hips I'd like to have my legs at 90 degrees so that I can also work through my core next you'll carefully roll up anchor down and come to a higher in position for static equilibrium hot ropes your client we will stay stable while you alternate the rose keep your core engaged while your body stays in a straight line from your knees to your shoulders keep your static equilibrium for your bicep curls from here you'll anchor down carefully remove the cable you come down to a prone position for shoulder press plyos you'll extend the arms with power and then absorb carefully I control the movement as you come down and your last exercise the single a tricep dips open up your glide board extend one leg and as you bend the arms the glen border ride up and down the rails as you perform your dip you'll do 20 reps on each leg and those are all the exercises digital do for this week's for valor let's go ahead and go over the cool down and stretch you always want to end your workouts with a cool down and stretch this helps reduce muscle soreness tension and prevents injury the first stretch is an overhead arc going to keep your knees slightly bent your core is engaged intertwine your fingers and reach them up overhead arc through your spine to open up through the shoulders and feel the stretch in through your core hold it for a few seconds and then you're leaning to the side you'll feel the stretch coming down from the lateral part of your body then through your core and waistline and then you'll go to the other side from here you'll come down to your blackboard for thread the needle going to keep one arm slightly bent take the other arm through and lie down onto your shoulders the lateral part of the shorter as well as the twist through the waistline hold for a few seconds and then change sides and then your last stretch is Child's Pose you're going to sit back in through your tailbone reach your arms forward to the edge of your glide board you're going to feel a little pool with your arms while your spine goes heavy in the opposite direction this is such a nice stretch to really decompress the spine and lengthen through your shoulders and those are all of the exercises that you will do for week three good luck this week and I look forward to seeing you next week for the week's challenge

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  1. A little behind-but still learning-feel a difference

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