4 Ways To Achieve Ideal Or Optimum Health with Dr. Cathleen Gerenger

hey everyone this is dr. Nick Delgado
streaming to you on the next segment of the four ways to achieve ideal or
optimum health I’m with dr. Kathleen Gehringer streaming in from Tampa Bay
Florida right now I believe it’s approaching 12:00 midnight over there
over here it’s 9 o’clock in the evening and she’s been so gracious to come on
for this segment because I felt it’s so important that people understand how in
the world in 1990s did I write the book grow young and slim and the concepts are
still the same we know the importance of these four steps detoxification which we
talked about in our last couple segments this segment on nutrifix nth we’ll talk
about fortification and then we’ll define the power of the mind and the
role that it plays so dr. Goucher in your experience then new traffic what
does that mean to you and how can we help our viewers understand how they can
accomplish the ideal ways to intensify the density of their nutrient intake
it’s so important well we talked about neutering to actually put the good
nutrients the right type of nutrients back into your body so then your organs
can function naturally normally efficiently and optimally agree that’s a
great definition yes because when new traffic and I mean it is 12:00 midnight
I play doctor all day and I still have the energy without increasing stimulants
or or the coffee at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon or anything like that and my
energy level is sustained but when I hit my bed I’m knocked out and I’m totally
asleep so we talked about supplementation it is so important for
us to supplement our body because no matter how good we eat like I have my
little fruits here that I eat which in antioxidants
I have my culprit juice that we were talking about earlier to nutrify my body
but no matter how much salad I eat no matter how much juice that I drink it’s
not going to give me enough what a supplement will allow me to have
for example this wonderful stuff like called stay young hey it makes me feel
young doesn’t it and look young and yours is a tablet for the daytime and
once you say that let’s say someone decides they want to go more plant-based
or even if there are an animal-based diet individual they still need vitamin
b12 they need folic acid which is 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate the most
absorbable form they need el carnosine which some people have an enzyme defect
so they need that in case their body is not producing enough so they get a rich
array of the B vitamins they get the importance of l-citrulline and B
releasers that improve circulation namely the items that help with nitric
oxide particularly like beets and and a special kind of spinach that’s pretty
amazing in terms of its nutrient density so these are part of the parts of
supplementation that fall in the category of nutri focaccia isn’t that
true yes exactly and like I said no matter how how you and I eat we still
supplement ourselves because it’s so important for us to keep our our levels
nice and high and I mean we flew over to Malaysia we had like a buffet of food
and then the lab people show up the play bottom is showed up and he took our laps
and our blood chemistry was fantastic and doctors were so amazed and it’s
because what we do on a regular basis to our body is what really sustain our
health and wellness long term yeah absolutely
we actually had her blood drawn and I had my blood drawn again as recent as 10
days ago and it’s important to track especially when you add new supplements
or new protocols or you try out new things you want to see what’s working
and I I have the advantage of having this incredible live blood microscope
where I can look at people shape and the quality cells including my own which is
on the screen right now and I can see are you absorbing enough b12 folic acid
hyoeun I coached a client here yesterday and he’s been a vegetarian since he was
born and he’s in his 50s and the prior blood tests showed his levels were OK
for b12 folic acid but over time the next test showed he was deficient so we
looked under the microscope she saw these oval-shaped cells very conclusive
when you look at the lie blood tied in with the CBC the blood cell count and
you know get that perspective isn’t that the best way you can’t just assume
someone’s getting good nutrition unless you look at the labs you look under a
microscope you put that all together absolutely agree with that because we
have to establish a baseline and we talk about three simple steps let’s measure
let’s establish a baseline like look let’s serum urine or even saliva or even
hair you know intolerance testing so our next step is analyzed well we get the
results let’s analyze it find out what’s going on in there and then the third one
is let’s map out an action plan let’s figure out what’s going on what can we
do to help you to get your body heal a lot better but the most important part
is that we re measure to see what we do is working or not so now we have science
to back up the data and the findings and and what we can do to improve your your
life a lot better so you’d be pain-free so you won’t be so tired throughout the
day or even constipated and I can’t even focus and can’t even function or even
know sexual desire I mean it goes on and on but back into supplementation it’s so
important for us to put that supplementation back into our body and
renourish a body with the white kind of supplements and another one that I
absolutely love is your dim 259 I mean Jim is so important
to actually manage our estrogen levels are good estrogen which is estradiol
versus the bad estrogen which is Sto well it’s true I mean using dim 2:59 to
get a high quality cruciferous special extract that helps to detoxify like you
said these these harmful estrogens and we use this both men and women it helps
to reduce abdominal obesity it helps improve the quality of the skin it helps
to reduce the likelihood of certain types of cellular growth that are
inappropriate within the body so this is a very important edge adjunct to anyone
either doing natural biomechanical hormones or using even synthetic birth
control pills and other types of synthetic hormones or even just over the
course of their life if they’re not using any kind of hormones you know
people need to understand that these herbal interventions play a huge role in
improving the quality of the body particularly from a nutria focaccia
standpoint right so a neutralization can kind of dovetail over into other
categories but for the sake of this conversation
who eats one or two pounds of rocker surface vessels a day except you know
someone like myself who I run to the store I go to Charlie’s chili and they
make up a special vegetarian 3 being with mushrooms and no oil and and herbs
in it I mean I bought a gallon and I’m gonna eat this over the next five days
because I want that the prior segments I’ve got my chips that were made in less
than six minutes in a rebel like a special kind of stove that doesn’t
require any oil and then I even have my french fries it took 18 minutes to make
so I don’t have to use oil and all of this was done here at my home and of
course I was smart I went up got a whole gallon of beans cuz I can cook beans but
I wanted to try cuz Charlie’s chili in Newport Beach is one of the best chilies
in the world so why not it only cost me 35 bucks for a whole gallon that’ll
serve eight people for the next three four
days but the supplements are everything right something Erica because when you
eat a good Whole Foods diet don’t just depend on your foods you’re going to
need supplementation I want to jump back to stay young because there’s so many
important things about stay young it’s not just the vitamin C e b1 folic acid
b12 people say oh Nick you’re just selling this because you know it’s a
supplement you want to sell people I take this every day for a good reason I
look at my blood under a microscope I want to make sure that I’m getting the
absorption I’m never developing pernicious anemia dangerous neurological
damage issues that affect people but more importantly this has the
ingredients and in lengthen the telomeres you’ve heard of a stragglers
there’s a company out there that sells a competitive product and by the way this
is on special during the Halloween special I’m not sure if it expends a
Black Friday but one of the best specials of the year on stay young and
being greeted in here is a two hundred to one concentration of a stragglers
this company I’ll just say it has something to a ta something but the
bottom line is it’s extract they sell for over $300 a bottle compared to what
we’re selling on special for under $30 a bottle ten times more for a product that
doesn’t even have the full spectrum of all the extract that astragalus says
they’re isolating an extract so I think of stay young as equal to a value of
over three hundred dollars that people get during this Halloween special for
almost whatever it is 40% off I think is what it is but it also has L carnosine a
subtle l-carnitine it has a blueberry fruit alpha lipoic acid coenzyme q10 DNA
RNA CH I mean what product out there has all these amazing increase that folks is
why we call it stay young we want you stay young that’s why I wrote the book
and we’re gonna update the book on eBook now it’s grow young and slim you’ve got
to take stay young to grow young and slim how do you feel about that oh I
love it I take my stay young every single day dr. NIC
now you have the chewable tablet I’m using the capsules here tonight because
it’s p.m. is your bottle open there and it’s it’s a closed bottle because it’s
there at your at your medical facility too right yes they’re at my medical
facility too yeah well the beauty of it is they’re chewable tablets and that
helps with your saliva to mix in and absorb the nutrients and improve the
circulation much more rapidly an important factor so what about when
we’re dealing with dim which we talked about the dim 259 there is the
metabolism of estrogen so what’s going on and in the next phase don’t we need
something called a methyl donor because once you convert the bad estrogen to do
the good estrogen the body has to kind of release and let that go so tell other
people about one of these elite methyl donors that we in this case we’re
calling an arrow in sight but can you just tell us a little bit about PSS
phosphatidylserine TMG trimethylglycine dmg methyl cobalamin you know these
along with MSM all of it is in this product it’s the ultimate methyl donor
and why is that so important I just love the phospholipid serine just because I’m
all about my brain and my function my brain function because we can replace
our organs we can replace our lungs or our kidneys our heart but we cannot
replace a brain yet so you have to do that brain support I take the neural
Inspire which is a blend of your neural insight and what it does is that it
really helps me focus it really allows me to really focus but we also use that
for acne problems right the formulation really helps for for our young adults
that are battling with acne not only young adults but adult acne as well
because your skin is the largest organ in your body so you got to nourish that
skin with the proper nutrients so no matter how much nutrient dense food we
eat our body some people aren’t able to assimilate it because they don’t have
the proper nutrients to assimilate it and
that’s why I love this formulation because you’re able to put a lot of the
stuff together into one capsule so it makes it so convenient for a patient to
take and they become compliant because it’s not that complicated they just take healthy skin that really people are
concerned about ADHD autism spectrum all of these things become a big factor I
also it has a special amount of vitamin b6 and dr. berry remin proof Rimland
proof that is that his research on kids on the spectrum that a product like this
could be life-changing literally now it’s not going to necessarily cure the
situation but it’s going to play a big role in their brain function and
metabolism exactly it’s protecting your intellect or intellectual capital I’m
gonna be talking to a on wealth management firm in a couple weeks and
I’m going to talk about brain health and how our gut and how supplementation how
eating the right kind of foods and of course our basic four steps you must
detoxify it you must nutrify you must fortify and the power of the mind and of
course this segment we focus on the nutrifix
are where we want to make sure that you’re putting the right kind of
nutrients back into your body and the earlier segment we focus a lot more on
the foods but like I say sometimes the food is not enough and we need to add
more to it and supplementation is where we need to have and I wanted to kind of
transition because it’s absolutely true that we’re using a supplement we want to
make sure we have the highest quality that it’s a supplement that’s really
delivering the nutrients that the body needs which brings me to
product that’s designed to help help the health of the heart the number one
killer in the country is heart disease if not in the Western world and of
course the sub problem is PCOS with polycystic ovarian syndrome because
there’s a related insulin metabolism issue but there’s over 20 ingredients
all the way from strictly pear to trace minerals to lactobacillus it’s got the
use of maca it’s got chase berry it’s got three of
my favorites Berber and bergamot II and lycopene and and these help to really
manage insulin levels but it also helps to lower lipid levels again a person
might be on a healthy Whole Foods diet and maybe they’re new to transitioning
to a plant-based diet but their cholesterol levels still high from years
of eating massive amounts of animal product I say massive when you eat for
breakfast lunch and dinner some kind of dairy or animal product or fish or
chicken or turkey or red meat you’re getting a lot of bluster oh you’re
getting a lot of issues and I know people out there will tell you
cholesterol is a myth don’t worry about it why do you think statin drugs are the
number one seller I don’t want it to be that anyway because statins basically
can have side effects what about a natural equipment I can’t promote it as
a product to replace a drug but I can tell you we’ve had a number of people
using these three principal herbs along with the insulin stability factors who
lower the bad LDL cholesterol managed cholesterol levels themselves I had a
young gentleman he’s been on a plant-based diet for over I think going
on three years he’s one of our health educators and he went on this product
when it first came out last year and he said astonishing his cholesterol level
drop something like 50% within weeks of using this product though it can really
make a big difference isn’t that it it blocks cholesterol it metabolizes it it
puts it through the process of the liver function and in a healthier fashion so I
know you’ve been using PCOS heart because heart disease is such a concern
and you have some young people with skin problems with this terrible problem
piece us tell us a little bit more about this exactly the formulation of the some
PCOS heart but you rebrand it it’s called heart insulin
shield and what that does is that it actually
when we talk about acne problems or your adults fighting acne or somebody that’s
on birth control pills and getting off of birth control pills and then they
start breaking out the reason why is that their insulin resistance so insulin
resistance to me that metabolic syndrome is the primary root cause of the acne
they place these of young women on these birth control pills to get rid of the
acne but why would you do that if you’re not correcting the root cause of the
problem and nourishing the body the the inside to me is really really important
because beauty is from the inside out that’s true beauty everything else is
superficial well Beauty starts from within and
undoubtedly you really have to get a sense for why we’re so passionate
enthusiastic about these four supplements that are available on
special together and if they just simply go to our website I’m just checking to
see on on our YouTube channel if there’s some some questions that are coming up
at this time because you know I I get excited when people are engaging with us
and I know it’s a little bit late and we didn’t really announce because we’re
kind of getting the swing dr. Gehringer out during daily live streams and so we
needed our technicians to help us get up to speed this evening but you know more
likely we’re gonna be doing more daytime streams where we’ll get more engaged
audience so they’re aware that we are actually see me I’m really excited about
it because you know each person has a choice to make and you can do these four
steps to be able to accomplish the mission of grow young and slim and grow
young and slim really gets back to detoxification nutrifix so now I think we’ve done a good job
little overview of nutria focaccia I mean from a standpoint of
supplementation there’s over 20 different products that life performance
store now offers and these products have been branded and appropriately named to
help people to kind of very get a clear idea and there’s videos with each one of
them that explains these products and if we’re a little bit delayed in getting
the videos up we’re getting together in studio this next week it’s so exciting
we’re gonna be seeing you here in studio live you we’re streaming you in live
right now which is amazing when a technology has what it can do so when
we’re looking at then the supplementation we can base it on
symptoms on questionnaires on laboratory blood tests on live blood test analysis
so we’re doing it quite a compete complete package when we’re looking at
helping people to choose the very best nutrifix that will help them from a
quality standpoint but more importantly personalized for each individual right
yes exactly and people will be asking hey what are the steps just tell me the
steps tell me what to do you know you guys are a wealth of information just
tell me what to do first thing get on the website go on to the questionnaire
fill out whatever you need to fill out like the thyroid or your symptoms and
stuff like that and then just press ENTER and then we’ll have a health coach
or somebody that’ll reach out to you and see what we can do to guide you along
the way so then we’re able to answer these
questions because again health is from within and you know your body best so if
you know that something’s going on in there do something about it really do
something about it and figure out the root cause of the problem not just not
just put a bandaid on it you know it’s it’s not a band-aid effect it’s doctor
Nick and I are transforming lives every single day by throwing contents out
there showing you that there are solutions that you can you can reach out
you know anywhere you can just go onto the website and see what we can do to
help you I know coming up Tuesdays we’re planning to do
some more live broadcast podcasts and I know it’s Friday night like who would do
a live podcast on Friday night you know when people are going out and all that
good stuff but you know what we wanted to get the information out we’ll be
happy to rebroadcast this and you know I will check for any questions or comments
that people have during the streams sometimes there’s a little easier to
answer the questions after these events so tune in next Tuesday for sure and
we’re gonna make a commitment randomly we’re gonna be coming on some live
streams as we test the reach and the ability and the technology that we have
now both in our home studio in our office studio so
please engage share and comment I mean you know for us reviews and comments and
now that this is going up on iTunes it gives us a chance to get some quality
feedback and really know what you’re interested in and we have interviews
coming up with dr. John McDougall chef AJ we have an amazing array of
individuals from the rad Fest the immortality conference jeffery life that
interview is already up there and we have some other interviews with dr. dip
my maharaj about stem cells and talking about what do we need to do to kind of
break this code of longevity go beyond what no man or woman has ever done
before and that’s our mission if that’s of interest to you and importance not
only are we working to eradicate the crowd the chronic diseases of aging but
we’re looking to beating the clock beyond what anyone has but in a quality
fashion not ending up in a wheelchair and you’re drooling in a senior’s hair
center I mean I’ve worked in senior care centers I know you’ve been in trauma
centers as well dr. Gehringer we need to really enlighten people that there is a
better way and we don’t have to suffer what past generations did especially as
we go through this journey together exactly quality of life is huge and a
health and wellness is a journey that we all have to take and be consistent and
be mindful about it but do you tune in and keep following us because we’re
going to be throwing a lot of content there and it’s for educational purposes
as well to make sure that we’re guiding you along this journey that dr. Nick and
I are are passionate about all right everyone be strong be well please update
for our coming webinar on Tuesday in the evening I believe it’s going to be
towards 6:00 p.m. Pacific I believe by then you’ll already be over here in in
town I think you’re arriving Tuesday morning so it’s gonna be a little bit
exciting but will Belle’s dream from our Stewart here in person you get to try my
new french fries without oil and my chips without oil and my various
vegetables with my stove Breville I’m probably saying it wrong but we’ll get
the pronunciation down yes take care let’s include this session and we’re
gonna do a shorter segment next after return here in a few minutes on what is
the third step which is the process of fortification okay everyone

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