4 Simple Healthy Habits that will change your life | Autumn/Fall 2018 Edition

welcome I'm so glad you're here so it's bottom it's starting to change season it's becoming the fall and I decided it's important for us to look at our healthy lifestyle habits for the new season remember what I always say in my book and in my program and here on my channel small changes equal proculus results so we're gonna make some simple and easy ships and our lifestyle and it's gonna have massive change for the better just in time for the holiday season can I tell you a little secret the secret to having a phenomenal day is how we go to bed the night before so my beloved I would say that I have been staying up way too late working on my computer and just trying to get every ounce of energy and minutes out of my 24 hours of the day and because of that I haven't always been good about my own healthy habits so with my meditation the other morning I was like okay you have to do something so I decided it's the beginning of a new season and I'm gonna take this whole week to kick my butt back into my healthy lifestyle habit who is with me on this I beloved it's this you staying up all night crazed on your computer eyes bugging out of your head exhausted but you still on all of your electrical equipment checking Instagram every couple of minutes and staying up way past your bedtime if it is this video is going to be perfect for you alright tip number one getting a good night's sleep how we go to sleep at night completely determines how we wake up the next day and what kind of date we create for ourselves start by turning your computer off before 9:00 p.m. this My Beloved's is huge and will really help you unwind so the glass of water by your bedside we tend to get very dehydrated when we sleep next take two minutes and pull out your gratitude journal write down five things you are grateful for even if it's just your breath and your heartbeat the more we give thanks for what we do have the more we manifest more things to be grateful for and my beloved I am so grateful for all of you next take a minute to review your vision board reading your goals before you go to sleep at night and when you wake up each morning puts them in the forefront of your mind and helps you manifest what you want much more quickly next put your phone on do not disturb mode turn off the lights to a quick peaceful meditation and drift off to sleep so it dreams my beloved Wow it feels so amazing to wake up oh my god I feel amazing tip number three like I say in my book programs live talks and here in my channel small changes equal new miraculous results just by choosing whole food plant-based meals instead of processed foods you'll feel incredible have amazing energy and vibrant glowing skin many of you have already started this in our message me saying how you've lost weight have so much more energy and enthusiasm for your life I promise you my beloved put some of these green yummy plants into your body and watch how phenomenal you feel and and last but certainly not least tip number four exercise every day ideally it's great if you can get yourself to the gym and workout for 30 minutes to an hour but if not no worries even 15 minutes in the gym does wonders for our body our mind and our spirit and if you only have 10 minutes great get busy doing some quick high intensity exercises and watch how amazing you feel only have five minutes no worries turn on your favorite music and start dancing I promise you the endorphins will kick in and you will put yourself on track for a high five positive guess what I brought back the love map I wanted to bring the love map back because my beloved let me tell you I am committed to doing this healthy lifestyle challenge this week and I don't want to do it alone so I am inviting all of you My Beloved's from all around the world to join me message me below let me know where you're from and let me know if you're in for this week-long challenge so we have people from South America Africa Asia Europe Australia New Zealand and the United States and everywhere in between and we're all coming together using the updraft factor and encouraging each other to be successful in this one-week healthy lifestyle challenge so until next week when beloved you guys know I love you to infinity and back and I appreciate you so much I remember like subscribe share and make sure you hit that notification goal because YouTube's been changing a couple of things and a lot of you have said to me that you Elizabeth where've you been and I'm like I've been here every week but a lot of you are not getting notifications so we hit that Bell every single time I come out with a new video you will know about it one more thing I want to tell you guys you do this yeah


  1. You on the left is cracking me up! Love this. So true, gotta get those zzzzz's nighttime routine is a must! Love the gratitude journal idea. Imma start that one tonight!

  2. tamilnadu, India.. send lots of love and hugs….

  3. Do you have gray hairπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆu look like 18πŸ™ˆ

  4. I’m from Egypt!β™₯️ you’re an inspiration!

  5. Me encanta este vΓ­deo. Es muy ilustrativo. Y muy ciertos todos los consejos. Thank you for giving us all these !

  6. Thank you❀️

  7. I work with a computer until 11:30pm so thats not gonna be the tip for me :/

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    From Boston, M.A.
    I think Y😍U are my SπŸ˜‡UL

  9. Going to bed consciously is so true! And moving even a small amount. It's so easy for me to just keep sitting if I only have a little time to exercise, but you have to just move even for five minutes. Great living tips as usual lovely ❀️

  10. Hello from Douala, Cameroon.

  11. You are so inspiring dr. Elizabeth! I love you from Indonesia

  12. Love you 😘

  13. I'm in North Carolina!!!!😊❀

  14. Wow amazing I love your hair can you do a video on tips for healthy hair 😊

  15. Much love from Lyon in France. 😘

  16. Sandra Casella from Australia I am definatley in πŸ™‹πŸ™ŒπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’š

  17. Ive been eating healthy and have been into superfoods for years, but this women has inspired me to a whole new level!!! Im gonna be forty in another year, OMG,!!! I got a membership to the Gym yesterday, there is hope. Also, if you guys want increased sex drive and glowing skin, go to Walmart and get their Spring Valley WATER SOLUBLE Vitamin E capsules. You have to get the water soluble, no other vitamin e, including spring valleys regular Vitamin E works as well as the water soluble for some reason. 2 capsules in the morning, 2 capsules in the evenings. It may cause break outs, but its worth it,- even my lips looked fuller while I was taking it…Also DIM works really well for increased drive. Also, Watercress plumps your skin and gives you a glow, I have tried many different greens in my smoothies over the years, and WATERCRESS is awesome!!! It works! Juicing straight green cabbage, 4 oz in the morning and evening, will make you look younger. I originally started juicing for a bladder condition, interstitial cystitis, and the green cabbage juice not only helped me the most, but I looked like young and beautiful while I was juicing it everyday, my skin and lips were beaming. Other juices helped me feel good and give me energy, but the green cabbage juice had a noticeable effect on my skin. Also any coconut product will make your skin glow, including canned coconut milk. Be careful, with these juices and supplements btw, they will make you more fertile too, along with the plumped up skin and lips and increased sex drive, lol..I got pregnant with my son while I was doing all this stuff..Edit- (right now Ive been taking CLA capsules for weight loss, and they also make your skin glow..) and Bee Pollen is also excellent..

  18. hi dr elizabeth! i have to say this: what you're doing is great. thank you for the motivation and encouragement. i defenetly can relate to this video. going to bed early is really a struggle for me. but i'm working on it. your tips are great. and i want to tell you that the other day a was watching your video where you say it's not too late to change your life and you do a representation of yourself when you were a dentist and how much you wanted to change your life and become a dancer. well, i was thinking about something like that and just watching your video helped me to go for it. i'm a journalist but i want to do something else so next year i'm starting to study nutrition πŸ˜€ thank you so much for your positive energy. besos <3

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  25. Wake up boo-boo!! Haha that was the funniest. Xoxo Time for bed now xoxo

  26. Do you have any kids Nd if you do how many?

  27. Love from the small town of Agrinio in Greece!! I have been watching all your videos on repeat. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  28. From France.Thank You !

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  30. loll girl i see you been watching ms Inyanla lately

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