4 Side Fat Exercises That Can Help You Fit Into Smaller Clothes | No Equipment Side Fat Workout

4 Side Fat Exercises That Can Help You Fit Into Smaller Clothes | No Equipment Side Fat Workout


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  13. Try using fat models then you know it's not tt easy to do it just lk the vid shown

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  15. Hi..can i do dis exerciseis ..am a mother of 1 n hf yr baby..cizerian delivery..my weight z 75 kg n height z 5ft..can u tell me excercizes for my body..to toned reshape

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  18. In how many days we can see the results

  19. Is this effective?

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  22. It is very useful to me thank you

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  24. Never gonna work..

  25. There's no way to spot reduction for fat. So just doing these exercises won't help

  26. This is by far the most ideal video on the subject, PERIOD!

  27. No amount of exercise can outdo bad eating habits. Put the fork down first.

  28. If we do this exercise in afternoon so does it work ?

  29. What is the right time to do this exercise? Morning or evening or anytime

  30. Nice sharing

  31. 4th one is very tough for me

  32. Can you give diet plan to reduce belly

  33. Is it really work ? In how many dayZ we get results plx replY

  34. Torturing

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  36. How long will it take to reduce at least 1 inch?

  37. all of them but i find easy are the Russian twists and side crunches. 👍👍👍

  38. Side planks and bicycle crunches are my fave for losing that muffin top. I've been doing it for a month and it's almost completely gone. Of course gotta combine with cardio and eating clean.

  39. Bicycle crunches is more effective

  40. Russian twist
    Side planks
    Bicycle crunches
    Long arm crunches

  41. So how many days I can see the results 🤔

  42. Russian twist

  43. Don't be fooled because nothing works it only goes down so far and nothing else works especially if you have a lot of weight to loseso don't beat yourself up and knock yourself out baby go to work in a Ford liposuction!!!

  44. Many of these exercises are absolutely NOT GOOD for anyone with back problems! Don't do them please!

  45. Don't insult side fat. Thumbs down 👎

  46. Very informative video

  47. I have a vertebral compression …can u suggest some exercises to strengthen my back muscles..thanku

  48. I really need to do this..for 2 weeks is that enough to make sure if effective..

  49. I had an c section before 14 months… Can i also do the same exercise??? Plz replyy

  50. Guys please tell me what is ideal time to thiss exercise

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  55. How much days we have to continue it?

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  58. How to get Small and tight breast b

  59. So how many days I can't see the result

  60. thank u so much will try plz add more vedeos

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  64. old school excerises…use to do them in school…

  65. You guys are using slim people already. Why don't you use fat people and see how they will mange

  66. Love ❤️ this video

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