4 Month Bodybuilding Transformation & Measuring My Bodyfat %

hey guys welcome back so back in February we measured our like waists and stuff and we took that shirts off and showed just how out of shape I was especially many old fucking and so we're going to compare the measurements to that video I've also got some skin fold caliper so as you can imagine on my body fat percentage accurately at jaws according to that and just see just how much of change in the last four months I'd be now roughly and so we've got all that our old measures on the old video so your first do want to start with your quad zilla's so they were twenty four point five inches that's 20 oh yeah yes that fast yes twenty four and a half so your legs have grown like a lot so that's just wow you know they have they really have trust me so you pin your hands all over the place right so the biggest part of what right it's nothing we measure it last time so twenty three and a half inches and they were 24 in half inches so you've lost clearly lost back off them ten syntactic watts I don't worry about what mine are now because mine look fucking up let's come over here twenty six point five and they are now 26 but there's a shitload less about online now yes I can actually see definition in my quads nine twenty six and a half yeah twenty you yeah near 27 and that's it so they're pretty gain muscle and drop fat so that's quads done next class I'll know now I have actually been training cuffs so you'll cause previously you don't ever train cars know you've just wanted to net they were 15-inch you needed one set recently so they're worth 15 inches yeah about 15 yeah yeah 15 point 2 5 how they got bigger it even trained them okay now mine here's a difference I've actually been training my to see mine were previously 16.5 inches 16 and 1/2 inch one cars run semi jewels that's not much time there's either something there that I'm they're getting better so they were 16 foot five but I was fat and I did have cankles so they're now super toes around 16 inches fucking's real nice get sit closer 16 so I've lost partly to my class but I think they looked dramatically better competitor yes so I mean what can you say and finally waste the last time you didn't measure your waist so as you take shots out progress I've lost a lot of money for actually like of shit I'm competitive last with you a lot like the video we made so my place was a staggering 36.5 finished fist which is which is fucking fat and I dreams I'm feeling a lot of muscles in them as well 36 that's right I hold all my fat here like a chubby kid so around the midsection or please be a lot less not really what seriously bearing in mind yesterday yeah but I think I looked like 135 somebody was it into the house with my wife's but we'll see what but in that video I thought like rolls coming off being everything join see what your waist is then okay I'm surprising to me a genomic medicine to be honest twenty nine and a half inches that's pretty small so I've lost the engine half and you know how much you've lost so now we're gonna get the skinfold measurements now these are pretty interesting so he has to do what the book here right so we start off with the bicep and tricep californians we've basically put them all in here you write the numbers down and then you do like em I saw calculation and then it calculates your body fat percentage so I reckon I'm probably like 10 or 11 to like that and I want to get down to about eight or something already bitch my arms aha because they're the things that have actually made progress okay so my arms and your arms as well even we'll get back to that is goes to yours yours are 12.5 inches twelve and a half inches yeah provinces took about 13 inches and leaner much leaner you actually got bicep people so you have to hold your finger there yeah yeah 17 and they were 18 inches but now they're consider ralina I'd say just on so we've got measurements on all of them I think now we'll do the body fat calipers to start with bicep skinfold oh no that is right yeah one millimeter yeah so one mil and triceps so I actually got measurements in here from 2016 so these nominal biceps I had two mil on biceps last time I think I might have been cheating myself right so one nil right tricep do the same thing so right in the middle of the tricep meat right in the middle you booth grab a bit of skin and then get the calipers on there too I'm curious this one it was 10 before MIT I think I was lying to myself bad thing maybe I wasn't I didn't quite a lot of it well not for you we want it to be accurate possible idiot corrects this is the abdominal once this is three mil okay before I parently was 2 mil so it made well – nah but also I I did have a shitload of carbs yesterday so I'm holding more than normal all that looks better bloat and some kids that's it so we'll quickly quickly figure this body fat percentage that will come back we recorded some opposing largest an opposing back in February so do the same thing so if you just stand here and I'll do the just so you what my whole body shop so the standard yeah you I think I saw lockers front of a bus not much better than before couldn't be this one before something that's pretty good comparative whereas that took now doing yours you're just an inch we didn't show you the footage okay so we don't have yours but they've got my comparison pictures yeah just to see just how far we've come doll so let's have a look at this for the 2016 measurement I forgot I had these look alike wait comparison 24 pounds heavier what looks like a similar body fat percentage so it made me slightly over but I think I was mish measuring them their first time cuffing cause just cheating myself so yeah that's like 24 pounds of muscle gain in three years let's sort of go ahead yes I'll figure out the percentage now okay guys so using those measurements I actually got according to this version of the body fat settings calculating the skin folds I am apparently around 5.6 percent body fat which is obviously completely enough to be wrong and so what I did it was I've got the calipers again I measured in a bunch of different areas so I did this my common work that with tests was called now but I did it any measures your calf it must record emotional glue far more accurate and that came out I think measures like your hip down here because that's where I hold most of my fat is like here this where I've got my a lot of someone like because he has loads of fat hanging on there so it's much more accurate and I came out about ten point five percent body fat which is much more accurate and I'm feeling really good about that honestly and all things who said I'm really happy with how I look considering shit that's being gone on the last four months especially the last two months in particular it's been a struggle my diet has kind of been all over the place until recently like I was only following my actual proper diet strictly for a half of that period so I can only imagine what I look like another two months actually properly sticking to it now sometimes here I'm really motivated about it all of my lifts are going up I'm getting bigger at the same time you know my legs have definitely grown today is a 5×5 heavy leg session with a shitload of accessories like leg press like this day walking lunges flags expressing that heavyweight high reps I'm really not going down on training and eating properly like I've always known how to do I just have we haven't been following a distributor that could be yeah anyway this just showed my progress of the last 12 months and now things are going to speed up much grip so although I mean that's a pretty good transformation over 16 17 weeks but over the next eight weeks my I'm gonna really up up my game a lot really focus down on stuff but yeah anyway if it's summer summertime now and if you want to actually get in shape I've sold the plans or the diet plans and training plans are used to actually lose this body fat to around 30 odd people now all of them have lost at least amount of body fat my coaching clients I've got those still remaining of doing like really well they're making good progress now so if you are interested and you know I'm no bullshit just dn1 away instagrams and I'll give you some information and some quotes and stuff to diet and training plans was flat rate of sixty five dollars or fifty quid they are really detailed though nobody more single person who's bought ones complained and they've all made progress and my coaching clients are great so I said if people curious yes they work if you're on or off steroids obviously if you're on steroids and you're able to train harder it's gonna be much easier to make a transformational faster but in terms of dropping body fat stories don't really help that much they help you maintain your lean muscle mass and then even put some on while on a cut like I've managed to do but if you're actually just strip fat like most people want to do get your abs showing you don't need steroids for that you just need a good solid diet and a proper training plan which I'm offering I'm gonna be posting some own client like a client video in about a month or so when like I've had my drives for eight weeks because that's enough time that you see yeah I notice will change but yeah thanks for watching everybody I will continue to smash it and I'm really happy again now things are looking my diets way on point I feel so much healthier and yeah things are just going great so keep watching I'll keep posting lots of interesting stuff and I'll catch you next time bye

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