4 Meal Prep Lunch Recipes


  1. hey go watch my healthy couscous video 🤩🥳https://youtu.be/k6_14jhbPxo

    with a twist 😏

  2. Many thanks Good idea Healthy food too

  3. Hi, I just had a go at making the Sesame chicken & rice. It was my first ever meal prep and I'm doing to help me save money and eat healthier lunches. I'm looking forward to trying and tasting it next week! Your videos are very easy to follow and if it works for me then I will try some more meal prep next time for dinners as well. I think next time I will probably boil the broccoli and runner beans but other than that I definitely plan to do it again. Thanks for your video.

  4. WOW!!! LOVE Your VDO

  5. Hi and Thank you …
    Question : do you freeze them? Or just 4 meals at the time and you put in in the fridge? Thank you

  6. Very easy and healthy meals.The idea with the meals in the base very smart!

  7. Looks Great! By the way, what camera did you use for this video?

  8. This is a super pretty videooo

  9. love your blog best meal preps in internet tbh 🙂 !

  10. Where is your quantity?

  11. Hi..can you make your recipe more slowly please thank.

  12. I had just made your chicken taco salad meal prep- it was delicious for the first week of school and I didn't even have to heat it up! Thanks for the recipes

  13. Up to how many days are these good?

  14. Made the chicken yesterday and it was delicious. Thanks so much!

  15. Very tasty and healthy your 4 Meal prep Lunch recipes dear I am your new friend please support me back

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