4 Herbs That Help Thyroid Problems In Women | Natural Thyroid Treatment | Underactive Thyroid Cure


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  2. Thanks for the great video! My doc told me my hyperparathyroid reading was high a year ago, but said wait and see, it's been under the limits since and she keeps telling me now that it's fine! I've said to her that once it goes out if whack it's a problem, still won't listen! She also said my thyroid results were 'funny'!! Mentioned T3, T4 and TSA but hasn't done anything about any of it!! I have all the symptoms for this and now experience deep gnawing pain esp in my shins but really it's all over and dreadful stiffness in all my joints including fingers, this is along with body crushing fatigue! I also have Fibromyalgia and Polymylgia and GCA, so all pain and fatigue, can hardly function. I'm taking corticosteroids for the PMR & GCA, so wonder would it be safe to take the Wise Woman Thyroid 1 tincture and does this work on Hyperparathyroidism, or should I be seeing an endocrinologist? Thanks in advance for any advice!

  3. Can you take the supplement if you are on synthroid?

  4. As is the case with most 'Thyroid Experts' on YouTube. A product is being pushed for the YouTube poster to make money. I have a real problem with taking advantage of people who are struggling with a health issue. Every 'Expert' has a cure to sell or a book to promote. Before you fall for this 'Experts' advice; see a true Doctor that is trained in Endocrinology.

  5. This the best video I have watched on thyroid/adrenal issues. 🙂 Background: I had my left thyroid removed in 2006 & was told I have nodules all over my thyroid glands — including the right side. They did not recommend medications to follow at that time, nor removal of the right thyroid. Now, I have many thyroid symptoms– have gone to 2 endocrinologists– both told me tests were normal — just to watch. I now have even more symptoms — frustrated & untrusting of what mainstream Docs tell me. I have a very low Vitamin D reading too. The 50,000 units as a cure all made me sick — like I was on chemo. Triglycerides & cholesterol have raised significantly in past years too — refuse to take statins — eat very healthy, exercising to loose extra pounds. I am post- menopausal. *Question: What would you recommend for increasing my Vit D — almost non-existent? . Worried — know how important vitamin D is for good health my health. And lowering my cholesterol & dealing with my thyroid symptoms?

  6. Do these methods work for Grave’s Disease?

  7. I have Fibro/Chronic Fatigue and Sjogrens and Adrenal Fatigue. My hair is falling out and I have cold hands and feet. I'm thin and in my 60's. Would this help me? I can't afford any more blood work. My doctor says my thyroid is fine. I continue to have hot flashes…mostly at night.

  8. I keep seeing videos about corriander seeds curing the thyrold, any truth to that

  9. Hyperthyroid please. Greetings from Indonesia 💕

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  11. I have a question? My liver levels were extremely low and so was my vitsmin D and dr also said my thyroid levels were low.. Is there a possibility that my thyroid could of been affected by the vitamin D deficiency? And my liver levels being low?

  12. Dr. MG, is there any possibility these herbs may raise your blood pressure? I have experienced elevated blood pressure with other supplements (not these specifically) but am curious!

    Thank you for all your research!

  13. My ears are itchy and flaky and now my scalp is feeling the same. I think my scalp is kind of smelling cheesy. Is this thyroid related?

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  15. I have a question, will this med work for both hypo and hyper

  16. Thank you for your videos.. looking forward to thyroid webinar:)

  17. can you recommend a trustworthy company that sells pure CBD oil? Thank you!

  18. I no longer have a thyroid but suffer from hypothyroidism. Thyroid 1 sound like what I need but is it ok to take with my synthroid? Help

  19. How to know the difference between hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism or peri/menopause hormones imbalance symptoms? would these work?

  20. Can you please make a video hyperthyroidism.

  21. Hi i have panhypopituitarism , i am seeing a doctor and i am currently using Eutirox 0.1 MG and Hydrocotisone 10MG can your products help me .

  22. Can I use this I have hyperthyroidism?

  23. Please do a hyper and hypothyroid video for men

  24. What about us guys

  25. Could you do a video on why we have new symptoms come up every one to two months during our periods, cause that’s happened to me and new symptoms started to come during my junior year of college?

  26. I'd like to buy the wise woman from you I'm not seeing a doctor I'm healing myself.

  27. You cannot sign into get the wise women supplement, you must be a provider.

  28. Could one take this while on Thyroid Medication.

  29. Hello.im 29 years old female..i have hypothroid.i take levothyroxine 0.025mG..can i take wise women thyroid 1 herb medicine? Is it safe for me?

  30. Great video..Love your videos.Can you do a video on Thyroid and menstrual cycle. 🦋

  31. Can you take these herbs if you are on levothyroxine side?

  32. Will the licorice raise my blood pressure?

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