oh this feels really far away let's just stop thank you guys I attempted to do my hair today what do you think I don't know I just like tied it up a little bit and put some fabric through it I feel like I should be carrying milk through the countryside in little buckets I put up a poll on Instagram the other day when I was trying to decide the toy sweet recipes do I do savory recipes and it was relatively even so we're gonna do two of those with these take the ideas but you may need to change the portion size because at the end of the day if you are trying to lose some body fat and you are trying to like cut down a little bit you do need to be in a calorie deficit obviously hormones and any other health conditions can play a role when it comes to your calorie intake but more often than not when people come to me and they say they want to cut down and they can't lose weight one major thing that I noticed is they are actually overeating it's very easy to go over your calories and at the end of the day calories are simply a unit of energy is just a measurement tool having less doesn't make you better having more doesn't make you worse and vice-versa overall you know you've got a winning meal when you feel satiated when it tastes good and when it nourishes your body let's get started on these four recipes if you're looking for written instructions check the description box all right first up with doing a choc banana smoothie okay I personally would use my her made milk but for the sake of calculating like milk half of banana which Mitch has already left in here for me one stupid protein powder cinnamon cacao powder chia seeds ice cubes this recipe is high in calcium magnesium iron and it's got a great amount of protein we're also including some Omega threes and this sort of recipe because it has cacao in it cacao is excellent for your central nervous system so it can help you deal with stress lower moods and it's an antioxidant as well as a general rule eating every three hours or so help with hormonal balance stable blood sugar protein synthesis and can help create an efficient metabolism enough hungry is a really great sign that your metabolism is working well because if you think about it you've probably just slept for about eight hours so if you're waking up and you don't want to eat until midday you know exceptions being if you want some sort of fasting hurt at all we're also gonna add in two tablespoons of oats for extra fiber you want to teach your body to wake up hungry you want to teach your body to need more food because that way when you do try to cut down or you are trying to lose fat you don't need to dip your calories super super low this is one of those times where I wish I owned a straw for a photo problem look some really good foods to reach for in the morning should be high in protein fiber and healthy fats and honestly think if you can start your day off on the right foot it really just sets you up to have a better day with your eating and is popular that smoothie in the fridge I'm gonna have that for my second meal cus I already had my breakfast this morning and now I'm gonna make a meal prep option so I'm just making two servings now so I've got half a red and half in yellow capsicum or people in the u.s. you guys call them peppers and I've got just a slice of onion you can multiply this recipe and you can make way more servings if you wanted to I'd probably leave it in the fridge for maybe maximum three days I wouldn't now we're already adding effects to this meal with avocado is a cooking spray and things that I want my turkey mints to be as lean as possible so looks of turkey breast mints because there is a very big difference in the macronutrients between turkey breast mints and just recommends adding in a pre-mixed taco season I'm always up for the lowest sodium version or you can make it right but we're just gonna make a little bit of space in the middle and crack two eggs into it so one for each serving so this amount is gonna make two portions for you but you definitely can multiply this recipe to make more Oh toppings I would recommend salsa quarter of an avocado that's what I've put in the macros and some light mozzarella so I calculated it off 15 grams per serving now we are putting together a delicious banana and will not hurt me off if you train in the morning this will be a fantastic breakfast for you so it's high in fiber which will give you heaps of slow burning energy and it's also high in protein so we're gonna start with 1/2 a cup of oats I'm adding half a banana a scoop of whey protein no cinnamon about quarter to a third of a tablespoons nutmeg now I know some people find it hard to digest so if you're not used to that it might be difficult you could also use quinoa flakes and I'm using about a quarter of a tablespoon of vanilla extra now the reason that I put together these meals specifically is because of the nutrient value that they bring these meals are going to help you make better choices when it comes to your mid-morning snack because chances are you'll still feel pretty say she ated when it comes time to have like a little snack before lunch if you need one feel like you really need to get myself an apron because I don't know why I am cooking in white and we're gonna top with about 15 grams of chopped walnuts back to another very easy savory option especially for those who are short on time we're doing one whole egg and three egg whites is optional but I'm gonna add a little bit of seasoning now one of my biggest tips is focus on what you can add in rather than what you think you need to take away feel like when it comes to a calorie deficit and when it comes to weight loss a lot of people adopt this restrictive mentality and think all I need to cut this down or I can never have this thing and it's really like black or white and while yes your calories may need to be a bit lower cool what else can you add in I love adding in extra veggies to my meals even if it means like this starchy stuff in the proteins the portion size is a little bit smaller because then I'm still gonna feel satiated and I'm still gonna enjoy my meal hello the end of the weight loss recipes how was your turkey it was tasty it was eggs turkey and then I added some sauce or I think yes do you put cheese in it no not cheese dad I'm gonna get started on these recipe pages and then we're gonna head out and go and do something so that we're not harm all weekend but I will catch you guys in my next upload bye you


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