4 Foods That You Should Never Eat If You Want Flat Belly – Foods to Never Eat

for foods that you should never eat if you want a flat belly achieving a perfectly fit body can be a challenging endeavor to do that you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly what makes it more difficult for some people is that we all have our vices and something we have to eat our favorites but not so healthy foods for many the problem area is the midsection or the belly it is no secret that a lot of people want to have sculpted abs but only a few can achieve their desired results in this video we will share with you a list of four foods that you need to avoid if you are specifically aiming to have a flat stomach one processed meat everyone knows that meat is rich in protein and protein is an essential part of your diet it plays an important role in maintaining energy levels and building muscles however processed meats are not among those types of meat that can be considered healthy they contain high levels of saturated fat which does not contribute to your goal of having a fit body if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle go for lean meat such as grilled chicken plant proteins and fish to fulfill the required protein intake – soda and sweets as the Harvard nutritionist Walter Willett puts it some of the foods that you should avoid if you want to get a flat belly are those which contain high calories and provide little value sweets so des and other sugary drinks are good examples of those which are only often empty calories only a few people know that you can get around 150 calories in one can of soda so if drinking the sugary beverage is a regular part of your meals better get used to replacing it with water or other healthier alternatives to minimize your calorie intake by hundreds each day three white bread white rice and other simple carbs simple carbs such as white bread and white rice contain a lower amount of fiber and do not have much nutritional value when you consume refined grains you will find yourself getting hungry more easily and the calories that you get from these simple carbs can get stored in your belly with this if you are working towards getting a flat stomach you need to replace simple carbs with complex ones such as whole grain and wild grains that are also effective sources of energy for junk food in fast food junk food and fast food contain nothing but massive amounts of fat sugar and chemicals the fats that you get from these types of food gets stored in your stomach easily and mave and cause bloating furthermore chemicals and artificial sweeteners are associated with the alterations of healthy bacteria in your guts and are also linked to obesity final thoughts to get a flat belly you shouldn't only be prepared to perform intense workout routines and eat the right kinds of food you also need to have the discipline to avoid certain types of food that will render all your efforts useless if you consume them while this can be difficult to practice at first you will find yourself not craving them at all once you get used to not having them in the best part you will be stunned by how fast you'll be able to shed your excess belly fat thank you for watching if you like the video please share with your friends and please subscribe to our channel if you haven't already done so if you want to be know to find of our new uploads do the following new subscribers click on the bell icon when you subscribe old subscribers please turn on all your notifications


  1. Πολύ σωστά τα εφάρμοσα και έχασα βάρος

  2. What about milk

  3. No processed meats, white rice of bread, processed sugars

  4. Design

  5. Lets say we just eat white rice
    With the size of our fist

  6. I’m Puerto Rican we live and die by rice I workout I don’t have abs I do have a flat belly because I eat what I want but in moderation I make sure to have more greens then carbs on my plate rice I do once a week it’s simple now but @ one time I kept falling off the rice wagon

  7. One

  8. Nice

  9. I’m laying on my bed eating chips and drinking a sprite,what am I doing here

  10. Thanks

  11. Is white rice that bad? Not only do I have love it but most Asians eat it pretty often and they are the healthiest, trim people I know. Brown rice is good but doesn't taste the same. Is it okay to interchange between Brown and White as long as all other elements are in place? Meaning eating clean and working out/keeping fit

  12. Most of these are my staples except processed meats and soda

  13. Can eat all but not to much

  14. Totally agree! Modesty aside, I practice what is shown here and some of my friends are asking me what's my secret that in spite of my age (almost 73 yrs. old) my belly is flat. There's no secret and I'm aware it's not easy. All it takes is discipline and good knowledge … from reliable sources.

  15. Keep yourself fit by avoiding food stuffs that may alter your healthcare

  16. Every single rice it’s white and bread there not a black bread or black rice

  17. Am somali can't life without white rice 🤔🤔🤔

  18. I hate rice and sweet

  19. I will try but it is kinda crazy 😜

  20. Justina okon

  21. I lndia all eat 🍚

  22. 💙

  23. I love White Bread 🙂

  24. Ohh my God how can I live without rice 🙄

  25. How r u

  26. Nice jha

  27. Rice OMG rice no I'm never going to avoid rice whit rice is my life as an asian

  28. Am somali, how can I leave eating rice??

  29. What else is there to eat

  30. I can live with out meat but I can't live with out white rice hummm..rice is life!

  31. I have a 7up in my house but it only has 1 gram?

  32. White rice inevitable for indians esp south indians but have in limited quantity.only 50 grams of cooked rice per day.this itself provides 160 calories

  33. 😯I think I'll just stay with my tummy for life🙌🙌🙌🙋🙋whose with me 😂😂😂😂

  34. I feel incomplete without rice😂😂😂 as a filipina/filipino we always have rice in every meal😌

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