4 Easy Meals To Start Cooking

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  1. (This is just a repost, since the other video already had a post)
    (But usually for some reason if the posts had a post before it doesn’t show up until after so idk, I guess this thing is. All my 100% loyal family can see my screen in real time and everything should be good)

    Hi (to all my 100% loyal family)

    So I wanted to post this to let all my 100% loyal family know that well
    (“all my questions about my previous post has been answered”)

    The answers that I received were.
    About the ESTJ 14 Asian.

    1. The ESTJ 14 is good. (Always has been and always will)

    2. The guy she was with, when we first met. Was most likely my therapist.
    (And I know how the reason why “he said what he said” is to “just get me thinking”.)
    (Well because the ESTJ 14 Asian liked me)

    3. Well I don’t know whether or not, she “knows anyone online in real life” but the message that I got is that
    “it doesn’t matter since she’s inherently good”
    (But also like I said she agreed to my rules about “no male friends/acquaintance online or real life and no exceptions)
    (Except the “3 of my 100% loyal family, dad/therapist and friend)

    And so yeah, I just wanted to let all my 100% loyal family know that, I’ve gotten my answers.

    To(all my 100% loyal family)
    Thanks for reading!

  2. Who watches the video but never cooks the food 😂😂😂

  3. Just need to be able to afford food

  4. Thank you for inspiration😊

  5. more like for hard too cook

  6. I hate cilantro. The end.

  7. Well..burned the pizza crust. I’d suggest on a gas stove to heat at medium low(3-4). Not the 6 they had here

  8. Tu fas que el Nord es torni Sud

  9. Wtf is elbow macaroni

  10. The mess you make after you tried cooking…

  11. Am i the only 15 y/o girl here?

  12. I am too lazy to make these recipies….

  13. Who else thinks these are really complicated but tasty?

  14. Who the f*** puts cilantro on every single dish.. SMH 🙄🙄

  15. First have this things

  16. Meals for the starter cookers? My baby needs to join in

  17. Yes . So easy and proud.

  18. lol that crust is thicker than me

  19. 0:22 oh my god! You look just like Shakira, no no….Young Cathrintira.

    ActUalLy mY nAmEs mAriNa yUh

  20. Wow amazing

  21. the music gives me cancer.

  22. WoW. Yummy

  23. Great! Just the timing is missing…

  24. https://youtu.be/9tlIKFcNe3I
    New meals from morocco

  25. the pizza one is actually smart

  26. I’m ment to be revising

  27. What if we don't have ingredients? "Easy"?

  28. I'm going to try the pizza one and see how it turns out???

  29. What temp?

  30. different way cook ,i like

  31. My Easiest Meal Is An Scrambled Egg

  32. 🤤🤤😱miam

  33. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWW4eGjZTc4&list=PL96-Q8drtT7_WeO5-EabVMgf14Z4pDMZm&index=2&t=0s

  34. At 2:50 there is blasphemy in his biggest form

  35. Alvin: Oh yes!

    Lactose intolerant people: Holy crap

  36. I think frozen Pizza in the oven is even better…

  37. https://bit.ly/2FpPRrf

  38. Мм

  39. Hello this page is for Moroccan cooking

  40. Do you need to add yeast if its not going to rise?

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