4 Breathing exercises for smooth freestyle swimming. Progressions. Beginners

On this video I will show you 4 breathing
exercises you can do to maintain a better, more horizontal position while swimming smooth
easy freestyle. The first exercise is to Grab the wall with
one hand, take a deep breath, put your face in the water and kick just enough to put your
body in a horizontal position. At this moment your are not exhaling. Hold your breath for about 2 seconds and let
about 50 percent of the air in your lungs out through your nose plus 20 percent with
your mouth. Take a quick breath through your mouth of
that 70 percent of air you let out. You will notice that in swimming you breathe
the exact opposite as if you were running. When you swim, you exhale through your nose
and inhale through your mouth. Notice that I don’t constantly exhale the
whole time my head is in the water. This is key to maintaining my upper body floating. I also don’t fill my lungs to their full
capacity. That would cause the problem we talked about
in our past smooth freestyle video. Practice this exercise on both sides, breathing
to the left and breathing to the right, until you feel comfortable with the movement and
the breathing technique. The second progression is very similar but
you will have a kick board instead of the wall and you will also do full strokes. Kick about 6 times and then take one breath
and a stroke. Notice that he is not exhaling while his head
is in place looking at the floor. Elite swimmers just exhale while the head
is moving up to the surface before breaking it and a little bit while on the surface. This all happens in a matter of hundredths
of a second while swimming fast. That is why you have to practice it slowly
at first and perfect it though repetition. The third exercise is the same as the second
but without a kick board. Usually swimmers have a preferred breathing
side but it is of good practice to learn how to breathe well from both sides. Notice that the second goggle barely comes
out of the surface, this is to make the breath fast and keep a good alignment of the body. The fourth exercise is simpler. Just kick with your arms down and move your
head to the side to take a breath. There is no arms’ movement. Focus on maintaining the hips high on the
surface of the water and take quick breaths the same way you practice on the other three
exercises. Now you are ready to do the whole thing! Swim one length of the pool on the smoothest
freestyle you can master, while taking short quick breaths. Try breathing every 2 stroke, every 3 stroke
and every 4 strokes. Notice the difference. Stop at the other end, control your breathing
and do it again. We only have about 50 swimcaps left! Thanks to those of you who already bought
one! If you want yours, click here! If you are new here, don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for watching! Swim fast!


  1. Also, why can I exhale more easily when I am horizontal than when I am vertical (for example, when I am bobbing)?

  2. this is the kind of music you dance around to when ur naked… 😉

  3. Thankssssss this was sooooo helpfull

  4. Cid Vela nada con madre

  5. I tried today. In the start it is so difficult to inhale so fast. i was getting out of the oxygen every time. its really need long practise to get habitual.

  6. Is ‘humming’ underwater correct? Also, I feel like my lungs are always to full to take in anymore air, yet I need to put my mouth out of water to exhale… I’m exhausted and out of breath by a few laps….

  7. Thank u… It needs lot of pratice and visualization..

  8. I was sharing youtube with my daughter inbetween her cartoons, and all these swimming ladies were fun for her to watch until this beast came with big teeth! )))

  9. good

  10. Skills NT I have a problem, I'm a newbie swimmer who doesn't compete yet thus I feel like I have anemia. What should I do? I really want to compete so bad 😐

  11. Perfect! Thank you!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing and training. It helps

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  14. Image of him breathing out is going to haunt me for rest of my life

  15. Voice clarity seems to be an issue

  16. 감사합니다!^^ thank you

  17. I do this and end up inhaling water. How are you managing that? Even in the video, you close the mouth when it is a little underwater, how do you manage only inhaling air?

  18. thank you! I'm on my way to practice in the pool now 😀

  19. Today I did my first freestyle but the problem is when I try to breath, i drowned & then I had to stop, I am going to try that same tectonics hopefully it works…..love you

  20. Were u sleeping during making this vid??😂😂

  21. Struggle alot to breathe correctly When you exhale under water…always keep the breath rather than exhale..watched few diff videos with diff suggestions given. Do you actually open your mouth abit to exhale or just blow out…fearful of taking in water then by that way but really dont know. I can swim but only with head above…really want to get this. Thanks

  22. This is super helpful..thanks!

  23. I could do breathing no problem there… but after a while it makes me sick to breath from my mouth, still not getting used to that

  24. Es el pto tricentenario

  25. What I never get is I see this swimming videos and these people taking a breath and then they go back in the water with their mouth open in less than a second. How are you breathing that fast without choking on water?

  26. Thanks for teaching me swimming…. I learned swimming in 7 days

  27. These breathing exercises helped me tremendously. Thanks for the video.

  28. appreciated

  29. Ur titp are good u r speaking clearly and calm thank u

  30. Thanks,after watching your video, I know how to breath

  31. When you were practising with the first technique (the one where you are holding onto the wall), did you keep kicking your leg to stay afloat? Sorry I am new to swimming haha

  32. How do you prevent water entering your mouth when you breathe?

  33. I have a sprint and a relay on 12 and 13 of August but I cannot do faster and I am getting breathing problem can u please.tell me

  34. This video is excellent because I got to know how to breathe while swimming in one day

  35. Thanks alot I will try it. Thanks again for sharing

  36. Can you teach to to swim underwater while breathing properly and also singing ?

  37. This sucks… You make is look so easy and it really isn't. Having problem keeping my feet up, and still getting water up my nose which absolutely drives me bonkers. Of course this kills my endurance and gasping for air often.

  38. 50% nose and 20% exhaling arent 100%!. Where are the missing 30% ??? 🙂 Maybe you mean 70 nose and 30 mouth???

  39. You forgot to add you have to be in freaking great aerobic shape to perform these exercises….like the guy in the video

  40. 2:45 wtf i didnt know that was possible lol

  41. 请问怎么测量我用鼻子呼出的气正好是50%,而用嘴呼出的气是20%,太难了,我就是控制不好呼气的量,有时候49%有时候51%。很难达到正好50^

  42. Thnx boss.. 👔

  43. Thank you this excecise helped me to breath while swimming. Now I'm practicing it continues to perfect it.

  44. 이 동영상을 보면 입으로 호흡을 들이마시고 물속에 들어가서도 입이 벌어져있니 입속에 물이 들어간다는 얘긴데 호흡하러 나오전에 입속 물을 다 내뱉는 건가요? 아직초보라 호흡이 어렵습니다.

  45. shit..this is hard

  46. Your channel is best and informative as compared to others

  47. I'm not the only swimmer that got anxious breathing while the go pro was under water cause my brain was like legit "OMG I SEE UNDER WATER DINT VREATH YOULL DROWN"oh right you're in land

  48. For swimming for fitness, what do you think of center snorkels?

  49. 太好了!我最困难的问题在此找到答案了 、非常感谢!感谢!!!

  50. nice vid. Many thanks. Will try this afternoon.

  51. thank you

  52. When i take my head out of water; water goes in to the ear which is inside the water! Why is that? I didn’t wear anything for cover the head or ears! Tell me what can i do for this? 🧔🏻

  53. Is it necessary to make your mouth like that while side breathing to prevent from swallowing water?

  54. weird flex but ok.

  55. شكرا جزيلا…

  56. I ended having a stiff neck and a stomach full of chlorinated peed water…

  57. This is the best video I've found on this, straight forward and to the point. Thanks guys!

  58. Really helpful

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  60. very good and efficient video … many thanks

  61. So I tried doing the breathing as you suggested when i went to the swimming pool yesterday. But I can’t make it work. I’m good with exhaling underwater but when it comes to turning my head to breathe, I get water trapped in my ear. And because I’m scared of it happening again it blocks me from doing my breathing properly. How do you avoid the problem of water getting in your ear?

  62. My teacher told us to take a breath then go underwater and exhale but when I come up Im fighting for air

  63. I am newbie swimmer , as observed I get lot of burps when swimming . Can you tell what causes this and how to avoid ? Or is it good to burp ?
    Thanks !!

  64. your video audio is low.

  65. Is it normal when you do the first exercise, I can only inhale back around 5 times before my chest starts to hurt (like wanting to breath normally)? Or does by practice I should be able to do the exercise for a longer period of time?

    Beginner swimmer… 🙂

  66. Very easy thanks you bro

  67. Can I buy more swim fast caps?

  68. I think most can learn to turn their head to breathe however, a lesson on how to not take water into the mouth at the same time, (especially with one eye still in the water), would be much more beneficial. You can't just say, "Do this"; it's misleading.

  69. Can someone explain pls how he has his mouth open at 1:51 and yet he's not getting water in his mouth? The same at 0:24

  70. I saw the letter "빠르게 헤엄치세요" in your cap. i bought swimming cap in your website. it looks like aztec .

  71. When will the "swimfast" cap be released?
    I'm waiting for "swimfast" cap

  72. I’m still struggling to breath while swimming but I won’t give up till I do it .

  73. That's nearly impossible to me 🙁

  74. Thanks a lot now I can practice tomorrow

  75. After turning my head to the side to breathe, my face is still under water. I think it might be my balance

  76. thumbnail was terrifying

  77. Fabulous. This just validated what I've discovered over time, but I'm going to try this out.

  78. but what if water enters into the mouth

  79. I've always been told to start exhaling as soon as your mouth is underwater

  80. this is the best smooth freestyle swimming video … Bravo keep going

  81. How to stop breathing in water, every time I go for air I end up breathing in water
    Do I only open part of my mouth?

  82. thank you for lesson! It is very helpful! now when I try I understand that need practice and practice! 😉

  83. Hi. I was stuck at the breathing step for a very long time. Exercises in Your video really helped me.. Especially the 1st and 2nd one. Thanks and keep up the good work

  84. no use 🤣

  85. IDK why it's hard Calculating 20 50 % while swimming.

  86. Hi from the hospital almost died from drowning LOL

  87. Good video!

  88. i noticed there is no rotation of the body. Is the trainer anti body rotation

  89. This video is amazing. I'll apply all these instructions next time in the pool and I hope to make them.

  90. On exercise 4 I'm sinking when putting my head back into the water. How to fix that?

  91. I know how to swim but find it hard to breathe thanks to the maker of the video

  92. How do you keep from inhaling water? That fear of CHOKING paralyzes me.

  93. I always thought you should always breath in and out of mouth and not the nose?

  94. Yo your hand aren’t together when you swim is that like your slow swimming or actually how you swim 🏊‍♂️

  95. I tend to sink when I turn my head for breathing in freestyle, and feel water on top of my face. So basically not able to breathe as I fear I will swallow water. Any tips here?

  96. The slow-mo of you breathing in really needs a voice-over of a french man saying "Eeeeeehhhhhhh"

  97. I cannot lift my head, even if I do, I just take in water.
    Do we need to deliberately jump up to breathe?
    Also, do we have to purse one side of our mouth to take in the water?

  98. it is a good excercise , just do it with good kicking …the more you kick ,more you float on water and will have enough time to breathe…

  99. Currently trying to figure out how to do this and it’s HARD. I have a massive anti drowning reflex of some kind when I breath in water trying to do this. Just short circuits my brain and I stop swimming to catch a real breath. Gonna be interesting to overcome this one haha Great video!

  100. Thanks for these videos, I'm just learning to swim and I find them very helpful.

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