4-7-8 Breathing Exercise by GoZen

all right class let me ask you something when you're nervous are afraid what is your breathing like um I guess I breathe faster Gabby to you right you tend to take short quick shallow breaths that make you feel worse well today I'm going to teach you how to take long slow deep breaths that will help you calm down when you feel nervous or afraid and if you practice this breathing exercise regularly you'll be able to train Whittle to be calmer oh I like the sound of that this is called four seven eight breathing so you want to start out by sitting straight up like this now a lot of times when we breathe we breathe in from our chest up here but today we're going to breathe from a lot lower from our diaphragm Doyle would your diaphragm is right here by your stomach think of it as a balloon underneath your ribcage first you breathe in through your nose for four seconds take a long deep breath like you're filling up that balloon in your stomach then we're going to hold it for seven seconds and finally we're going to slowly exhale through our mouths for eight seconds pretend like there's a tiny hole in the balloon and all the air is escaping from your mouth ready to try it all together now I think so yeah okay we know let me take a deep breath first okay pretty great everyone sits straight up you can follow along with us if you like now take a deep breath through your nose for four seconds one two three for good now hold that breath for seven seconds three four five 6:7 excellent slowly release them right okay eight seconds three four five six seven hey good job guys I have a question what if I can't hold my breath for seven seconds it's okay it just takes a little practice do what you can for now let's try it one more time breathe in through your nose for four seconds seven seconds and now slowly breathe out for eight seconds great job class you should practice this breathing exercise every day for about five to ten minutes eventually you will become calmer and make Whittle stop throwing tantrums every time you're anxious or afraid yeah this is going to work a lot better than hiding under the covers you

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