[37] Recuperação pós bodysurf: Yoga Massagem Ayurvédica #ElaNoMar

Aloha guys, Ela No Mar ready for action! Today I will talk about the importance of massage for bodysurfers. Stay tuned! ♬ Song ♬ I am here with Atma, who is a Yoga teacher and massage therapist. You have already told me that you have had experience as a massage therapist for over 13 years. During these years, you must have probably massaged several surfers, right? I would like to hear if you already have worked with bodysurfers. And what is the focus of massage for these guys? Yes, I already massage bodysurfers. And also surfers as well as practitioners of other sports activities. The main complaints and injuries of bodysurfers are the shoulder, neck, spine. So these regions are the focus. When I had a bodysurfing injury, I started looking for some massage therapists. And only when I met Ayurvedic Yoga massage could I recover from the injury. So this massage focuses on the alignment of the joints. It is very good to relieve discomfort and pain. You will understand exactly what I am talking about when I massage you. It is a special manipulation in the joints. For example, when I put my fingers on the scapula I can reach deeper muscles and fibers than in traditional massage I cannot. Ayurvedic Yoga massage was developed by Kusum Modak, who is an Indian master. She has combined Yoga with traditional massage. So Ayurvedic Yoga massage is the union of traditional Indian massage with Yoga. It is about the life science system. It is a massage to rearrange the joints. Yoga leg, arm, neck and trunk from Yoga stretches are done as well as sprains. These are the things that will align the joints of the person who wants to relax or relieve discomfort / pain. As it also moves the marmans, which are the vital points, relieves the stagnation of energy and toxins. Each piece of the plant has a property and all of this will help each person. And my differential is to apply essential oils in Ayurvedic Yoga massage. Atma, thank you. It was amazing, very good. A spectacular experience. I’m always at sea, all the time in the water, tired a lot right? Sometimes I feel tired because bodysurfing requires so much of the same muscles, always working the same parts of the body… And it was amazing, I feel a lot more relaxed, I’m 100% for the next bodysurfing session. And did you notice the parts of your body where this relaxation happened? Not just the scapula but also hip. Arms, legs. Yeah, also the spine and my neck. I’ll put Atma’s Instagram for you to follow because her work is amazing. If you liked this video, give your “like”. You can also leave a comment if you have experienced this massage. And follow me on my Instagram (@paradaleticia), all right? Aloha, see you guys on the next video!

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