[360 VR 1인칭 영상] 핏걸스 효정 1인칭 커플 스트레칭

Hello, everyone. Today, we will learn the stretching for a couple. So today I wish that we will have a fun time. Are you ready? I’ll start right away! Please extend your legs. At first I’ll slightly press the hamstring. And let me spread your legs in V shape. After that, I will press it one more time. Next, let’s learn the next pose. Now it is a little bit more difficult than the previous position. Put your feet together and raise- Now, please pull! Then spread your legs~ Yes, good job ^^ And now I’m going to stretch my waste and legs at the same time. Please spread your legs widely, and put your feet together ~ Please hold the hand opposite to each other. Now in the opposite direction ~ Opposite hand ~ And let’s finish. Extend ~ Extend ~ Extend ~ Extend ~ Well done. So far so good. The following is the most difficult pose. Please have fun along ^^ Gentleman, please extend your legs. The lady puts her leg on the gentleman’s shoulders for support. The gentleman help the lady to put her leg on his shoulder.. Relax ~ Thank you. Let’s learn the finishing pose. While sitting down, put your arms on another’s shoulder for support. Stand up. Straighten your body. Thank you.


  1. down side of 360 ,there's no zoom in lol^^

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  3. 착각인가? 남자 콧소리가 자꾸 들리는데…….

  4. We need more 360 vr with Hyojung! Who agrees with me?

  5. 확대가안되네

  6. What is the point of this shit? Is this really meant for people to perv on?

  7. 아니 이거 먼데 화면이 돌아감 ㅋㅋ 신기하다

  8. 아 진짜~

  9. 장난하나~~

  10. 얍얍보고온사람 손

  11. 거 저 처음보는 사인데 ..

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    이걸 보고잇는 내가 너무 싫다ㅠ

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  15. I am starting doing yoga, and got this yoga bag from here
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    We just need to add the ship thing cost

  16. 韓国も、非リア充大国になっていくんだねwwww

  17. 보 지가


    I've sunk to new lows… time to watch my VR porn

  19. wtf i jus watch

  20. 티팬티 굿

  21. Who is she

  22. dear lord, she is so beautiful and cute

  23. 발기되서 검정색있는거임?

  24. I feel the pain already. no more stretching pls.

  25. 3분굿


  27. 왜이걸보면서가슴밖에보이지않는거지

  28. great

  29. She is a Barbie

  30. 특이점은 온다!!!

  31. 저는 이영상때문에 vr을샀습니다

  32. so good

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  34. QAQ …

  35. not 360 at least 270

  36. 감사합니다

  37. this is the future

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  41. 시발 걸레년이네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  42. 시발 죄다 뭐래는겨

  43. I love how professional she is throughout the whole thing. She's saying things I imagine an actual yoga instructor would say. She's speaking so formally despite the fact that the man is supposed to be her "boyfriend".

  44. 조만간이다 저 시벌련

  45. Так и можно растяжку делать ❤

  46. 외국인들 탐내지 마라 우리나라 여자다.

  47. 본인도 젖팔이 노렸네

  48. 2:16~2:36

  49. doesnt impress me at all.. that girls boob is fake

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  51. 이걸 보고 파이맥스를 주문했습니다

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  56. that tits amazing

  57. Ngực đẹp =)

  58. AMAZING, who else like me using virtual space with my vive to watch this? or other web (sinister smile)

  59. 이제 옆 침대에 누우면 되는건가요?

  60. God bless to civilization

  61. 2:20 Yeaahh!!! ))))

  62. very nice

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  64. what is her name ? haha

  65. 2:14

  66. lưu ý clip mang tính chất khoe lồn và khoe vếu: ))

  67. 何故韓国人より外国人が多いなの???wwwwww

  68. Bisaan bener cari duitnya

  69. Было сложно, но я подрочил

  70. 😉😉몸매 이뻐여

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  78. every 6 month, i back to this video and fap, and its still great

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  83. Boner vr incoming

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  86. does this girl do porn??????

  87. 是时候来一设备了

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  98. 그냥 옷 속옷들 벗고 하세요

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