30 Minute Yoga (Power Vinyasa Flow) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos


  1. Meaning! You are my favorite yoga teacher. I've been doing your videos for a long time. You have the best variety, cues, attitude, and smile. Thank you more than words!

  2. Meaning. Thank you. I needed that.

  3. Meaning

  4. Meaning thank you

  5. Meaning! Thank you Leslie 💕💕💪💪

  6. Meaning *

  7. Meaning & thank u

  8. Thank you Lesley! You are a wonderful person and yoga teacher! Your practice changed my life! A new meaning to my morning ciao from Italy

  9. Thank you for teaching me yoga…. meaning a lots in my life… God bless you

  10. meaning!

  11. Meaning!

  12. Meaning!!! Thank you Lesley for this wonderful practice!! Namaste!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  13. MEANING! 😅🙏

  14. meaning…what a lovely class. that was a great little workout while allowing me to feel stretched!!

  15. meaning,  it  was awesome!

  16. Thank you Lesley, was looking for MEANING for my day!

  17. Meaning
    THank you

  18. meaning 🙂 absolutely love your classes!

  19. meaning!!!!!!!!!!! thanks again … so pleasure to practice with you…

  20. Thank you that was my first class with you, a perfect strong flow for the start of my day. Love and meaning always. Namaste!

  21. Meaning

  22. meaning <3

  23. Meaning

  24. MEANING. Thank you for a fantastic class as always!

  25. Meaning! Indeed a powerful practice! Thank you Lesley ❤️❤️

  26. Meaning!! thank you for a wonderful session

  27. Meaning. Thank you!

  28. Meaning 🙂 This felt so good this morning!

  29. Meaning. Namaste and thank you xx

  30. Meaning! Wonderful class!

  31. Meaning! ☺️

  32. Meaning! this was a great class, I haven't done one of your vids for quite some time so it was great to get back into it today!

  33. Meaning. Yoga allows me to see it …

  34. Thank you, Lesley for helping me find meaning in the moments! My yoga practice with you has changed my life. Thank you!

  35. Meaning! Namaste!

  36. Thank you for this practice! I love your voice is so calming.

  37. Meaning! This was amazing, Lesley. Thank you. Have a great day. 🙏🏼✨

  38. Meaning "When everything seems meaningless, do some Yoga!" Thanks Lesley

  39. Meaning. Thank you.

  40. ….meaning..
    Hey Leslie! From one Buffalo Girl to another! Thank you for spending these dark, cold mornings with me! We are emerging towards Spring.

  41. Meaning!!!! Awesome class thank youuu <3

  42. Meaning! Thanks Lesley!

  43. Meaning

  44. Thank you!! Loved this practice!!

  45. Meaning! 🎈

  46. Meaning! Thank you so much x

  47. Meaning 💜💛💚💙

  48. Meaning <3 Thank you, Lesley! Life with your yoga classes is even BETTER 🙂 xxx

  49. meaning. Thank you Leslie!

  50. Meaning ❤ what a workout 😄 so sweaty! I've been feeling that I need actual meaning lately. I stumbled upon some Alan watts YouTube videos the past few days, and I know what he'd say to that, meaning just is, you dont need something you already are (or some weird zen riddle). Idk, I'm zenned out from this yoga practice and am rambling. Thanks leslie ❤

  51. meaning

  52. Meaning- thank you for giving some to my morning! 😍🌅❤️

  53. Meaning! Thanks for sharing from the heart.

  54. Beautiful and perfect. Thank you.

  55. Meaning

  56. meaning 🙂 thank u

  57. Thank you! Meaning

  58. Meaning! Bookmarked! This workout created the perfect amount of heat and self-reflection. Thank you for sharing! Much love 💕

  59. Meaning! Love this flow. You're looking so strong Lesley!

  60. Meaning. Thank you. Namaste

  61. Meaning 🙂

  62. MEANING <3 Thank you for your practice. There is so much love and peace and each and every of your classes. I have been doing Yoga with your channel more than a year. You are beautiful and peaceful. Thank you.

  63. Meaning ! Thank you beautiful xx

  64. Meaning! 🙂 Thank you so much Lesley

  65. Thank you 🙂 meaning.

  66. Meaning!

  67. Meaning! Thank you so much for posting these amazing videos without you needing to. You’ve helped so many of us to continue to grow in our practice. Namaste

  68. Meaning😘

  69. Meaning <3 Thank you so much for your class, it makes my day happier!

  70. Thank you for a MEANINGful practice

  71. Meaning. Thank you, I loved this practice. 💕🙏

  72. Meaning;) namaste

  73. Meaning. Thank you Lesley!

  74. Meaning 🌌

  75. MEANING!
    I love your work💥

  76. This was a great one! I love hearing your voice in real life as you practice! Meaning 🙂

  77. Meaning. great class this morning, thank you.

  78. Meaning

  79. Thank you so much! Meaning! Namaste

  80. Meaning

  81. I know this was a while ago but it was perfect for the 30 minutes I had. Meaning…a little goes a long way.

  82. Practicing at home with you has brought more meaning to yoga and health for me!

  83. Thank you

  84. Awesome!!

  85. Your an awesome person!!

  86. Meaning

  87. U gave so much meaning to my life dear Leslie 💕💕

  88. meaning

  89. Meaning – Thank you 💜

  90. Meaning x

  91. Hi Leslie! I love your channel, I've been doing your HIIT and power yoga for 4 months now and I've lost a ton of weight–thank you! I wanted to put in a request for more HIIT/power yoga workouts. Thanks so much, you are amazing!

  92. Meaning
    And sweating….a lot😉

  93. Meaning ❤️

  94. Meaning!!! 🙏🏼

  95. Meaning <3. Thank you for a beautiful and invigorating practice this morning 🙂

  96. Thank you! This practice added "meaning" to my day! 😊

  97. Meaning☺️

  98. MEANING ! Thank you Lesley ! Your way is my favorite 🙏💕

  99. MeaningFUL!

  100. meaning

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