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Hello it’s Leslie Fightmaster, Fightmaster Yoga and welcome to our class today which is designed for your neck and shoulders so we’re gonna cross at the shins and cross with the opposite shin in front just for fun and our class today is designed especially for those of you who are on your computer a lot if you are working on your personal devices your cell phones, your smart phones, your laptops and ipads, you get the idea. So, when we’re looking down a lot and we’re typing our neck actually goes in the opposite direction that it is set up to go. so this is a good class. Sit up nice and tall, bring your palms together. and take a moment to set an intention for your practice today As always, all intentions are welcome You could send out some positive energy to someone you love, Or just keep a positive thought in mind So releasing the hands and still sitting up tall lets inhale, bring the chest forward a little arch in the back and lift your head so the neck can lengthen and exhale, just round your back, drop you chin slightly down and again inhale and bring the chest forward so you’re lengthening the front of the body look up gently and then exhale and round the back and pull in through the belly Again inhale and bring your chest forward widening across the collarbones look up, find some stretch in the front of the body and exhale pull the ribs and the belly in as you round your back Inhale again chest comes forward widening across the collarbones lengthen the neck and look up and then exhale come to center And we’re gonna roll to the right so bring your shoulders to the right and then to the left and circle behind you So its a big circle. Bring your chest forward, then to the left and let your head look up if that’s ok on your neck so always keep in mind that we are going to move the neck a lot But, you have to do so gently especially if you have any neck issues. Come back to center, switch the cross of your legs regular shin in front. So now we’re gonna go in the other direction So, make some circles looking the other direction. And again, so come forward, and to the left Reach behind, look up. And to your right and just big circles. When you get to the center make sure to look up gently And connect your breath, so keep your breath nice and steady long smooth inhales and exhales pause looking up lift the chest, lengthen the neck and then we’ll release that and make our way onto table, hand and knees wrist under shoulders, knees under hips. Inhale, bring your chest forward. Lift your chin. Draw your shoulder blades toward your waist Exhale, press away from the floor, rounding the back, chin in. And again, inhale bring the chest, through the gates of the arms Widen across your collarbones, look up. Exhale, press away from the floor, let your tailbone tuck chin in slightly. Inhale, stretch out the front of the body. Draw the shoulder blades toward the waist and exhale, round the back, chin towards chest. Draw in the belly. Inhale. Again, widen across the collarbones, and then exhale press way from the floor, rounding the back. Draw all the air out and pull the belly in. Come to neutral. Now turn and look at your right hip as you shift your hip to the right. Come to center, exhale. Inhale, look to the left. Shift your hip over to the left. So, hips move to the left. Center. Exhale hips to the right, look at the right hip. Inhale to center. Exhale. Once again, look over the left shoulder toward the left hip as you shift your left hip off the left then come back to center. Walk your hands forward about a hand print, and then come forward and lower all the way down to your belly. Slide your hands so your wrists are under your elbows setting up for cobra. Peel the chest up. Tailbone lengthens toward the heel, the pubic bone is pressing down, and just keep the neck long. And then release. Take a breath here. press all your toenails into the floor Come up again, maybe a little higher, Look over your right shoulder. You can also stay low, its up to you. If you have any discomfort in your, back don’t go up so high. Turn and look over the righ shoulder then inhale center. Then, lower as you exhale. And then up again, inhale. And then look over the left shoulder Make sure to pull the shoulder blades back and down as your turning to look over the left shoulder. That right shoulder wants to come forward. Keep it back. Lower all the way down. And then inhaling to upward facing dog Or, stick with cobra. And then exhale, lift the hips come to downward facing dog. Arms are shoulder distance and feet hips width. So if you’re in down dog go ahead and bicycle the legs for this first one. Let your head just hang down so that your ears and your arms are in line. Now look underneath your right armpit. just looking to the right and back to center. And now look underneath the left armpit. We’re just turning the head just getting a bunch of movement And then come to center, lightly nod your head yes. Lightly turn your head no. Look up and walk your feet to your hands as you inhale come halfway up and lengthen your spine. As you exhale fold forward bending the knees as needed, keep the crown of the head reaching toward the floor Inhale, press through the feet. Look up. Reach all the way up. And exhale to Samasthiti. Come to the front of your mat in Tadasana Press evenly in the feet Firm the leg muscles. Reach the tailbone down. Take right ear to right shoulder. Lift your right hand up and just hold onto the top of the head gently, not pulling just a little extra weight. Reach your left arm out to the left and flex your left wrist. And then to center. Left ear to left shoulder Take the left hand, just let it rest on the head Take your right arm out to the right, flex the wrist. Its a nice long stretch all the way from fingertips to the crown of the head on the right side. Inhale, come back to center. And once again, right ear to right shoulder, left arm out to the left. Let the shoulder blades release. Make sure that right shoulder isn’t creeping up by that ear at all Take another breath here. And then let it go. Left ear to left shoulder, take the left had on top of the head right arm is off to the right. Gently flex that right wrist Breathe into the right side and make sure that left shoulder doesn’t creep up around the left ear. Inhale, center, reach the arms up out, around and up. Look up. Gently exhale. Hinge forward from the hips: Uttanasana. Let your head just hand down and just little movements Inhale, come halfway up. Exhale, come to plank pose, knees can be up or down. And shift forward, Chaturanga, shoulders no lower than the elbows. Then inhaling to upward facing dog or cobra. And then exhale into downward facing dog. When your taking your upward facing dog its ok to look upward toward the ceiling but make sure you’re not jamming your head back Try and just get the length through the neck and look up gently We don’t ever want any extremes in Yoga. Look forward, step or hop your feet. Inhale to lengthen halfway up. Exhale to fold Inhale, press down though to feet and rise up, looking up. Get that nice stretch through the neck And Samasthiti Again sweep the arms up. Inhale, looking up. Exhale fold in, hinge from the hips Inhale, make a long spine. Look up. Exhale step or float back finding Chaturanga. Knees can be up or down hug the elbows in. Shoulders no lowers than the elbows Inhale press through the hands and feet Gently look up stretching the neck. And exhale back into downward facing dog The sun salutations are here to help move circulation through the body, warm us up. connect with our breath. So, we usually start with some at least. We have an Ashtanga course coming up we are working on. We are about 3/4 of the way through. And sun salutations always remind me of the Ashtanga practice, its a beautiful practice So I’ll give you more information about it when I have it. Look forward and bend the knees, hips high, step or hop the feet. Take an inhale to lengthen through the spine As you exhale, fold in. Pressing through the feet, rise up. Inhale, and look lengthen, and exhale to Samasthiti which means steady balance. Finding your Tadasana at the front of the mat Bend the knees, Utkatasana, inhale. Sit back in your imaginary chair, weight is in the heels. Drop the tailbone down Exhale, interlace the fingers behind you. Open the chest, Inhale. Look up And then exhale, pause here. Draw the shoulder blades towards the waist and bring belly to thigh then fold, any amount. Take the arms up and maybe over Now, lengthen the crown of the head towards the ground. And, if your legs are straight, shift your weight towards the balls of the feet If you have bend in the knees you can keep the weight more toward the heels Then re-bend the knees un-interlace, back to chair pose. Again sinking back in you imaginary chairs, your weight in the heels the tailbone is drawing down as the hipbones are lifting up. Swim the arms back, interlace other pinky on top. Open the chest, expand. Then exhale, start to fold in. Allow the crown of your head to reach toward the ground. so that you’re getting length in the neck. Gaze off the tip of the nose, bend the knees as needed. Mine are a little bent, so my weight can be toward the heels. If the legs are straight, I would want to shift the weight toward the balls of my feet Then re-bending the knees, inhale and reach up. Sit back. And then exhale and fold in hips over heels, then inhale to lengthen. Exhale step into plank or hop back chaturanga lower from plank, use the belly and legs. Inhale. Open the front of the body, look up gently, Exhale. Downward facing dog, inhale lift the right leg up Exhale, lightly step it up by the left hand Take the left knee to the floor. Grab your blocks Have them on either side of your right foot. Pull your right hip back, Drop your tailbone down. Blocks can be up at any height you would like. Or maybe your hands would be on the floor, whatever works. Sometimes I’m asked about what props to use at the beginning of a class If you have two blocks, a strap and a blanket you’ll always have the props that you need If you have those handy that is great. Make sure your right knee is over the ankle. and lined up directly with the middle toes. Keep the chest lifted. and now, start to straighten the right leg, pulling the right hip back and exhale and fold over the straight right leg. Stretch out the hamstrings a little. If you can reach the floor feel free to do that, or keep hands on blocks. So remember, props are good. Props are our friends. We use them to get into the postures more deeply A lot of times we think that props are to go in less deeply, but no. You can really get better into the into the posture. Now, walk your blocks back. Keep lifting your chest as your right knee rebends imagine you have a string attached to your chest and its getting pulled up and then, with the length of your neck allow your head to go back any amount So, not cramming it back by any means, but allow it to relax back, shoulder blades reach towards the waist. Come back to center, tuck your back toes. Come to plank and lower, Chaturanga. Then inhale, press through the hands and feet. And then exhale, tuck the toes, downward dog. Left leg lifts up from the inner thigh, then exhale step it up. Take the right knee to the ground. Bring your blocks on either side of your left foot so you have them handy. Pull the left hip back so your hips are level Lift your hipbones up, drop your tailbone down. So if I put my block up all the way, look at all that space I have in my chest and in my spine, so I’m creating lots of length. If my blocks weren’t there I’d be more compressed. I keep them on the middle height, because that feels good for me. I still have a lot of space. Breathing here, keeping the breath steady. Always, always refocus the attention on the breath. Next exhale straighten the front leg and fold over that leg without rounding the back See if you can fold over the leg with length in the spine instead of rounding. Taking the left hip back. Now hands to the mat if you want to go in a little deeper or keep the hands on the blocks, your choice. And now we’ll rebend the left knee. Walk your hand further towards you right foot so that you can get a little backbend here but loosen up. We don’t want to just throw that head back and over arching the low back. Instead, we want to create length in the front body. Imagine you’ve got a string again attached to your chest but your hip bones, and the strings getting lifted but your hip bones are still lifting toward the lower ribs and the tailbone lengthens down So its a stretching out through the front of the body and then the head can go back gently Never throwing it back, never creating any compression of feelings. then come back to center. You can move your blocks off to the sides for now. And make your way back into plank and exhale, Chaturanga. And inhaling to upward-facing dog. Exhale back into downward dog You can always skip those vinyasas anytime you want to take a little longer down dog. or maybe you want to pause and take a child’s pose. That’s always a nice idea to do at anytime you feel like to. Come back to your steady breath here and come back to your intention. And look up, hips high. step or hop the feet. Inhale, halfway lift. And then exhale and fold in. And inhale, bending the knees. Sit back. Reach up, chair pose. And exhale, back to Samasthiti. Turn to the long side of the mat and take the feet out nice and wide. Turn the right leg all the way out the back toes in a little. Arms to a T. Hinge from the front hip crease. Reach out and down for triangle pose. So, in this pose press into the base of the big toe of the right foot. Feel free to use a block here. Then lengthen the crown of the head forward, then turn to look up at the left hand. If that bothers the neck at all, look forward or down. but make sure you get the length in the neck first before you look up. And exhale, left arm in line with the ear. And then sweep it all the way around in a big circle. Inhale, reach the left arm up. Exhale reach it forward and circle it around. And again, inhale sweep the arm up and then over And exhale, circle it around. Inhale, reach it up. Exhale reach it forward, circling once again. And inhale lift it up and then take your left hand behind you Interlace your fingers behind you. and reach the knuckles toward your back foot. If that’s too much you can always keep the top arm behind your back and rest the bottom arm on the leg Inhale, a little bend in the knee to come up. hands are still interlaced. Toes in toward each other lengthen, inhale. And then exhale, press through to Padottanasana C. Gaze off the tip of the nose here as you breathe. Go ahead and let the arms reach up and over. but make sure to unlock the elbow joints. Squeeze the outer hips and inner thighs toward each other. And then inhale, come on up. Turn the left leg all the way out line up heel to arch again. Inhale your arms to a T. And hinging from the front hip crease, exhale. come out and down. Stretch up through the top arm. The shoulders in line with each other, reach the crown of the head forward. Get length. Then turn the head to look, or, if that doesn’t work for you, look forward or down. Try and lengthen out through the whole spine from the tailbone all the way through the crown of the head. Inhale, reach the right arm in line with the ear and exhale, take it down. And make a big circle. And again inhale, reach it up. Exhale you can kinda look at the hand as you circle it around so that your neck gets some movement Inhale, reaching up, looking up. And exhale, circling around. If that makes you dizzy to look, then don’t. Inhale, stretch the arm up. And exhale, making a big circle all the way around. Inhale, pause at the top. Then interlace other pinkie on top. Inhale, reach the knuckles toward the back foot Widen the collarbones. Draw your shoulder blades toward one another. If that’s too much just bring the top arm behind the back. Look down, inhale, come up. with the fingers interlaced – almost fell there – Inhale, look up, lengthen. Exhale, come forward Prasarita C with the opposite interlace. Now check where the weight is in your feet. A lot of times the weight wants to hang out in the heels so if that the case, carefully shift your weight toward the balls of the feet. My head is resting on the floor so if you can manage that go ahead. If not, no worries. if you had a block o two you could also rest your head on the block. Just gaze off the tip of the nose. Squeeze the legs Inhale, come on up. Release, step or hop your feet together and turn back to the front of the mat. And into Tadasana pose. Finding your balance here, your inner and outer balance. Inhale, sweep the arms up. Look up. Exhale, and fold in. Inhale, lengthen the spine, look up. Exhale and step back into plank as you lower down, Chaturanga. Inhale, press through your hands and feet. And exhale, downward facing dog, All the way back, stretch back. Make sure the fingers are spread wide, look forward and gently come to seated, stepping or hopping And then, take your feet flat. Lean back, fingertips face the front. Inhale, Purvottanasana, variation reverse table. So as you left up, allow your neck to lengthen and your gaze to look back. So again, we’re letting that neck get some stretching. The feet are hips width, the knees and ankles in line. and then lets lower down. Now touch the backs of your hands together and just give them a little press. So a lot of times when we type a lot on our computer our hands also need some attention. So fingertips facing front if you can and lift up again into reverse table. If it bothers the wrist just turn the fingertips to face the outer edges of the mat. And find the length through the neck let the head go back Spiral the thighs in toward each other. And then chin to chest, lower down. And rest a moment. press the backs of the hands together again, give them a little stretch. And now we’ll roll forward, grab your two blocks Take them on the outsides of your feet. Come up onto your knees for Ustrasana, camel pose. So its another back bend you want the tailbone to lengthen down and the hipbones to lift. Also, the chest will lift, but the lower ribs will draw down as the back ribs lengthen up away from the waist. So, start with your hands on your low back. Try and fins length here. Let your head go back with the length from the neck. And then squeeze the legs to come up. You can stay right with that. With hands at lower back you’re pressing your tailbone to lengthen down toward the back of the knees. And that gives us more space in the low back. So hands at low back, tailbone down, hipbones are lifting. This time I’m going to reach for my blocks. You can join me there or keep the hand at the low back If you have the block though, gently find that length again, tailbone down. Press your chest or Lift your chest up. so even with the hands on the blocks imagine that you are getting pulled away from them. Squeeze the legs to come up. And imagine you have another block that you’re holding between your inner thighs. Again, setting up, tailbone down widen across the collarbones Your lower ribs are drawing down your back ribs are lifting up. Hipbones are lifting. You’ve got a string attached to your chest getting lifted away so the hands on the blocks or the feet are really light Continue to stretch out that neck. So the neck is just a natural extension of the rest of the spine. There shouldn’t be any compression there. To come up, squeeze the legs toward each other. Come up, and you can put your blocks off to the sides. Or you can keep them. We’re going to do one more. This time I’ve got my hands onto my heels. Then I’ll press my thighs gently forward as my inner thighs continue to spin back. Tailbone down, hipbones up. Drawing my front ribs toward my hipbones and lifting my hipbones toward my front ribs. And imagine I’ve got someone pressing their foot gently right in between my shoulder blades and then that allows my collar bones to widen and expand. So come up, squeeze the legs, and come on up. And then we’ll come into child’s pose and rest. Take a few long, smooth rounds of breath here. And then come on up. Shift the hips off to one side to extend the legs in front. And then, onto your back. We’ll take a block at the base of the spine. And then, lift the legs. So, a variation of Viparita Karani, or legs up the wall pose. So if you don’t have a block handy you can just lift your legs as you lie down. If you have a wall nearby you can put your legs and rest them up against the wall. This is just a nice posture to relax a little bit. Plus it help the gravity go the opposite direction of the legs which is good for them. And then, lets take the knees in toward the chest and down toward the floor. Remove the block and lower down. Stretch out the legs. My hands are right underneath my hips with the palms facing up. and then press onto your elbows lift your chest. Allow the crown of the head to go back. This is Matsyasana, fish pose. And its great for the neck as long as it feels ok with your neck. Allow your collarbones to widen. Keep breathing into the chest. Keep the tailbone lengthening toward the heels. You’re creating length there. And then, release. Hug your knees into your chest. Gently rock side to side. Now start to rock yourself back and forth. Take two or three rock and come on up to seated. Extend the legs out in front of you, Dandasana. Then inhale, reach up through the arms. Exhale, hinge forward from your hips. Inhale, create length though the spine. And then exhale to extend. Keep pulling the toes back to firm the legs. Keep the spine long instead of letting the back round. And breathe here, again, long smooth breaths. And then head up as you inhale, release on your exhale. Soles of feet together, knees apart. Hold onto your feet. Open your feet like a book. Lengthen, inhale. Come forward with a long spine, exhale. Again, creating that length in the spine instead of rounding the back. Draw the shoulder blades gently toward the waist. Inhale, come up, and then slide your feet forward a foot or so and then exhale, round yourself down. Just allow yourself to, kind of, sink down into it. So your back can round the head can reach toward the feet Relax into it. Or if you’ve got a block, you can rest your head on the block. Inhale, come on up. Draw the knees together and then make your way onto your back. Draw the right knee into the chest extend the left leg out. Exhale, take the right knee to the left side and twist looking over the right shoulder. Inhale, center. Exhale, release and draw the left knee in. Inhale, draw it in, exhale. Take the left knee over to the right side and twist. Right leg is straight. You can also bend the right knee a little bit if its too intense with the straight leg. And then come on to center. Reaching the tailbone toward the heels, shoulder blades toward the waist. and make your way into Savasana, your final resting pose. Allow your feet to flop open, arms by your side, palms up. And close your eyes and let everything release. Release any breathing just natural breath. Release all the tension in the muscles. Allow yourself to completely relax I will be back in a minute. While you’re here resting I have our quote today from Hal Sutton “We are reminded how short life really is and how we are just passing through. So, all the people you haven’t told you love lately, tell them. And live your days like you mean it. Live your days like you mean it.” So as your resting here, lets just start to take some Longer breaths in and out through the nose. Just a couple deeper rounds of breath Begin to make movement in your hands and your feet. And then stretch out through your arms and your legs. Bend your knees, roll yourself off to the right side pausing a moment for gratitude for all of our blessings. And then press yourself up to seated. Sitting tall we’ll bring the hands together in front of the chest. Lets bring our hands up to the forehead to remind us to have clear and loving thoughts our hands to the heart center reminding us to have clear and loving intentions. And hand to the mouth to remind us to have to remind us to have clear and loving communications send out positive energy to all beings everywhere. Namaste. I thank you so much for joining today. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And if you press the like button, granted, if you did like it. If you press the like button and then share on social media that really helps to support Fightmaster Yoga. And, as I mentioned earlier, we are going to have an Ashtanga course coming out pretty soon. It’s geared toward beginners or anyone who has an interest in Ashtanga. And visit fightmasterYoga.com and join our mailing list. If you shop on Amazon we have a little banner at the bottom of our page. If you click that banner, you can go through there. It doesn’t cost you anymore, but it’s another way to support Fightmaster Yoga. As is Donations. We gladly accept your donations and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Bye, bye!


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    i also had a heating pad and cbd hot/cold salve and ate ginger and garlic right before it hehe!

    also, ive read that studies have shown peoples testosterone levels can rise between 20-50% from staying in cobra for just 2 minutes. tht rlly boosts my confidence i love yoga 🌐

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