30 Minute Yoga Fix 90 Day 1 Vinyasa Flow | Fightmaster Yoga Videos


  1. oh god i have just done this video and i think im dead

  2. Just finished your 30 day challenge yesterday and today was my first day of 90 days love it tk u

  3. Wow this is amazing! Looking forward for the next 89 days!!

  4. Hello Leslie!

    I love your 30 days videos because you are funny.
    I'll do 90 days next.

    Please change back the naming of your video files.
    Starting the name of the video with the duration of the video makes it difficult to arrange the files.
    Thank you!
    Pura vida! 🙂

  5. I have never felt so good after an exercise. I will be really proud of me when I will make it to the 90 day.

  6. Just started day 1. I love it.  Thank you lesley.

  7. back to day one again after taking a break. to beginner yogis this day 1 can be really hard. i was like, this is the way to create a healthy habit? i already feel like giving up! but i take my break when i need to, no need to keep up all the time. its another day tomorrow and the next…

  8. You are absolutely fabulous! You are not only spreading holistic health and wellness but the original spirit of Yoga. You are certainly making this world a better place.

  9. Just finished the first 90 day challenge and starting it all over again. So happy to have this healthy habit in my life thanks to you Lesley!

  10. I have seen a few scattered comments that you sometimes go too fast and as a true beginner, I want to respond to that. It's easy to push pause or replay and the beauty of your classes is that most all of them are around thirty minutes, which is realistic and totally attainable goal to accomplish every day. I would rather have a faster, more challenging class with poses and sequences I aspire to than a slow, repetitious one. It's the reason I am still doing your classes four months in.
    Thanks and much ❤️

  11. Two and a half years later, and I am still greatly appreciating this series. Thanks Leslie!

  12. round three of #yogafix90 – I'm so grateful for this series – I forgot you started off with such a bang. Brilliant heart openning.

  13. Hello Lesley! <3 Minute 21.08, grabbing the elbows behind, forward bend – is it ok that one hip (sitting bone) lifts itself up away from the mat? Or should both sitting bones touch the mat?

    Thank you so much for this series! Weronika

  14. Loving this first of 90. Thank you beautiful Leslie

  15. Thank you for video.Today is my first day but i have to stop after 9 minutes because of dizziness. Is it normal ? do you have any tips please ? I will try again tomorrow to see if its better. Once again thanks your for this amazing y oga program.

  16. I love the fast pace of this – really exhilarating and a great workout for the morning. Thankyou Lesley xx

  17. I really fell in love with yoga while doing the 30 days challenge. I've noticed so many benefits for both, body and mind. I really enjoy doing yoga with you, thank you for fixing my mind and body. Sharing love and support.

  18. Hi! Don't usually comment on Youtube, but thank you for bringing us these classes! I have stopped doing yoga for 2 years now and was scared to restart. This challenge is exactly what I was looking for to get me back on my matt. I guess I'm commenting so you all can hold me to it 😉 Thank you again. And I'll write back to tell you how it goes. With love from Paris

  19. For anyone whom this flow is too fast for, try it out a 0.75 speed! 🙂 It's still a challenging flow but it is easier to keep up with. Also seeing she speaks fast, once the flow starts, her voice sounds like it's going at a nice easy, gentle pace.  So there is no distraction of the sound of a "slow motion voice".

  20. second time around <3

  21. wow i have been doing yoga for only 120 days but this is way too fast for me and also hard. thank you for sharing your gifts. be careful if you are new to practicing. this is quite an advanced practice for day 1 of 90. peace.

  22. 1st of Feb, 2018. finished day one.

  23. Wow, this was day one! It's sooo hard but so relieving, I can't wait to start on day two

  24. This was my second attempt at this. Maybe Vinasa flow should be called Vinasa Flood? I did both after going through the 30 day challenges. Did Leslie's 30 challenge last time, but this was too fast. Did Tim's 30 day challenge this time and tried here again. Still too quick for me. I'll practice for another year and try again.

  25. Waaaaooo. This one kicked my butt, but in a good way. I've been missing yoga where the teacher challenges you to go faster 🙂 Also great to have the final resting pose in the video.

  26. Thank you.

  27. wow, this was great. I did Yoga Fix 30 beginning of this year and I loved it. the first class of this course has already been fantastic, nice sweating and ready for the day. I'm looking forward to the next 89 days. Thank you, Lesley!!!

  28. i practice with you from long time . and really feel the change thank u for sharing your light with us

  29. 040418

  30. I have been doing Yoga with Adriene for the past year, which I love, and my cat normally sits on my mat and moves around me as I move but 2 minutes into this I realised you mean business and Nala wasn’t impressed when I shoved her away for the first time in a year! I loved it though so will see you tomorrow!!!

  31. I started this journey again yesterday…. still brilliant and can’t wait to get my fix

  32. Amazing online class (better yet that it's free! 😉 ). I'm so excited to be starting the 90 day challenge, I love the various types of poses you bring and how it's not repetitive. You have such a soothing voice as well! Best of luck.

  33. Second time beginning this challenge. I will do a yogabreak off of running for the next ninety days and will focus on creating strength in mind and body. The first time I did this Video I could barely do 2 double chaturangas after each other. Now I did them all and added an extra chaturanga by accident. Thank you so much Lesley!

  34. Really enjoyed the first day of Yoga Fix 90. I didn't have a problem with the speed you were going at all, of course, I just finished your Yoga for Beginners 30 day Challenge so I am used to how you teach. Looking forward to the rest of the Challenge.

  35. I started 🙂

  36. I was a total beginner when I made this practice for the first time, is safe to say that after 3 years and several #yogafix90 cicles this practice still makes me work really hard!

  37. Way too fast. Couldn't enjoy any of the poses

  38. Day 1 comleted only 89 days are left 😊😊

  39. This is my third time doing the 90 day fix and it still is challenging. I love doing it though because each time I get better and better. I also enjoyed the 30-day fix from earlier this year. Lesley if you ever get an urge to make another 90 day fix or maybe just a 60 day I would totally support you! 🙂

  40. I love that your kids are around in your videos. My two boys are small and constantly crawling around/under/over me during yoga. Do you boys practice yoga? Thanks for all your wonderful videos. I alternate between you and yoga with Adriene because you both bring up different ways to view the concepts and I need them both.

  41. I'm so glad I finally started to do this 90 day Yoga Fix, I've been meaning to do it since last year…anyway what a wonderful start, I'm definitely looking forward to the next 89 days – whoop whoop! Much love and light to you, namaste<3

  42. I'm glad I found this, excellent class from an excellent instructor!

  43. It took three different tries, but I finally got through this. Tim Senesi 30 days, and weight loss, Fightmaster 30 day and I finally completed Day 1 of Yoga Fix 90!

  44. Thank you.

  45. Thank you 🙂

  46. Here we go again!

  47. Thank you for this awesome video. It was a great way to start my day 🙂

  48. Thank you 🙏🏽, when ever I do yoga with your videos I feel so peaceful

  49. Thank you

  50. Just started the Yoga Fix 90. Been out of practise but felt good to start this. Back in the flow. Thank you for creating this! Always love what you do. Wish you would come to NZ or AUS to do a teacher training course, I would be the first to sign up! <3

  51. I was looking for something more advanced and I found it 🙂 thank you for your videos! I'll complete this90days challenge . Really useful movements for my shoulders I damaged one of them but now its well stretched and feels so good and your voice is relaxing, too. the best part is you don't talk too much.Really nice one! namasté from Spain! 🙂

  52. Your so fast ! I can’t get it

  53. Uff starting this as a beginner it is way to fast and 1000 Chatourangas is a little too much I think. But nice flow though, but maybe it fits better after two weeks or so and not at day 1. It quite demotivated me to keep your yoga challenge 😀

  54. Amazing! So excited for tomorrow! It will be a daily habit for me in the mornings now!❤️❤️❤️

  55. I’ve decided to do Yoga Fix 90 again 😍

  56. Awesome! Just getting back into my practice since my sons been born. Perfect day 1

  57. This looks really promising!!! Is this beginner – intermediate friendly? I say I’m in between the two levels🤣🤣

  58. I definitely love your videos, you remind me of my former teachers, thanks for having this YouTube channel! May all Gods bless you ★

  59. im so discouraged, you are too fast its hard to keep up with you

  60. I'm starting this program again 🙂 I need to get back to my daily yoga practice (I only practice 2-4 times a week now …), I can't see a better way to do it !


  62. Back again, for the 3rd time I believe. Whenever I fall out of the yoga habit (this time due to giving birth and not having time with a baby) I come back to this challenge to "start over". Day 1 out of 90 done, here we go again!!

  63. 101018

  64. First time with the 90 day challenge and Fightmaster yoga! I've been a daily practitioner for almost a year and wanted to change it up because I was a stating to feel stagnant. Loved todays class!! Looking forward to the next 90 days!! Thanks!!!

  65. my 5th time doing the 90 day challenge…love you so much Lesley!! Thank you for keeping me healthy and sane during college:)

  66. much too fast.

  67. Hello Again. I repeat the journey. 💖🤗

  68. Thank you again, Just about kept up, some good stretching on the day 1.

  69. Starting the third round. Hope i can do handstand before the tenth round :D.
    Thank you for the lessons i really enjoy them!

  70. Starting this 90-day challenge after finising Hatha Yoga Happiness! It makes a lot more sense after working through that series, haha. Thank you Lesley!

  71. came back to try the 90 day challenge again after getting in shape… these flows are way too fast even for someone who has been practicing for years. would be much more inclined to follow this channel the practices followed the breath, but these classes make me feel more stressed than i am when i get on the mat!

  72. Round 3! Here we go! 🙂 This first video made me sweat! But its crazy Lesley, I remember I couldn't do a double chatarunga to save my life the first time around, or maybe not even one decent one, and today, a few years later, I did even the triple ones! So cool 🙂 it's all about the practice! Thank you so much for being my teacher. You are the best.

  73. I'm back again! I think this will be my fourth or fifth time going all the way through it after a failed attempt a few years ago. 414 Days of Yoga and going strong!

  74. Starting this again 2 years later!!

  75. Just finished the full 90 and starting all over again! 🙏🏼 Thank you SO much for sharing these videos, Lesley!! They have been so helpful and affordable. I have shared them with everyone! I think we could all benefit from doing yoga every day! ❤️ Many blessing to you and your family!

  76. Thank you 🙂

  77. Here we go again! Started kind of a strong combo this week, YogaPal and Yoga fix 90 ( every other day) and i am looking forward getting even stronger mind and body.

  78. Starting my fourth round today….I started the first round nearly three years ago and I have diligently showed up to the mat everyday because of this playlist. I later went on to get my first teacher training to get deeper into my practice, tried exploring different styles and voices out there, and ultimately came back here. And it feels like home 🙂 Thank you so much for all that you've inspired in me and shared with us, Lesley.

  79. Thank you so much for these! A lot of life changes coming and I really appreciate having this small thing as a consistent practice during the chaos 😍

  80. I'm starting yogafix90 today ❤ can't wait to take care of myself everyday and get a new healthy daily habit 😊 love you Leslie!! Thanks for all the videos and guidance 😁

  81. I thought it was too intense for day 1. I was searching for a flow to introduce new members. They were a little skittish.

  82. that was great! thank you for this!!!

  83. I started this today after doing the 30 Days Of Yoga by YogaWithAdriene. I think those 30 days prepared me for this 90 day challenge. Adriene is slower and explains everything before doing it, and I didn't do any yoga in my life before trying her videos. Having learned the vinyasas and asanas with Adriene made me able to keep Lesley's pace and speed without difficulty. Great video, I'll keep doing these!

  84. Thank u

  85. Damn that was awesome! So invigorating!
    Thank you♥️

  86. This practice is still hard, after 4 years!

  87. Gorgeous flow, challenging, which allows me to challenge my beliefs that I need to be able to do it, and do it well. Instead I focused on just doing, and being. Thank you Lesley. 🙏

  88. This is great. Thank you Leslue

  89. Repairing my early morning routine with this <3

  90. This video was hard for me. I have completed the beginners yoga flow you put out the beginning of this year 2 times and have done a couple of your yoga every day playlists and thought I was ready for this but now I am unsure. I struggled to keep up and had to keep rewinding the video which got me kind of out of sync. As well as I struggled a lot with all the chaturangas. Feeling a little defeated. I hope tomorrow is better.

  91. Day 1 done ✅

  92. So i just started again guys we can do it lets do our best and keep going.

  93. gotta confess, lesley: i fell out of my yoga habit during a move in november and haven’t been able to get back into it since. college, work, relationships, doing the dishes before the fruit flies can have a feeding frenzy — if it can get in my way, it will try. but it’s exactly because of those obstacles, wonderful or stressful, that i need yoga. the relief i felt after doing this was incredible. i’ve never done the full yoga fix 90 before, but i’m hoping it will set me back on course. thanks for everything you do, you’ve been my favorite yoga channel 4 years running and i don’t expect that to change any time soon. 💖

  94. You are so cool thank you!!!! Namaste<3

  95. Can you do the 90 days if you are a beginner at yoga??

  96. If anyone finds it to fast just go down one on the speed

  97. Back again after a long time Lesley, and so grateful you are still here to help me get back in tune with a very different body

  98. ❤️

  99. Thank you 🙂

  100. Is the 90 day fix okay for your abdominal wall 6 months pp?

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