30-Minute Strength, Cardio, and Pilates Core Workout

get ready to burn major calories with one of our favorite celebrity trainers Kittridge Thank You Ana today we're doing a circuit training workout with some Pilates at the end you don't need any equipment just yourself you ready to work all right you guys let's warm up we ready Muffy is gonna be my modifier today so those of you at home we don't want to do any jumping you want to follow Cynthia behind me yeah girl take your arms into a genie position chest up and let's start lifting our knees and marching all righty shoulders down the back getting those knees up as high as you can connecting to your breath and just setting in get connected to you we have a wild ride ahead of us we do good five seconds left now I want you to keep marching with your knees but extend your arms forward and now you're going to open the arm towards the knee that lifts big twist now if you have problems with balance I want you to stay looking forward otherwise see if you can move your head with you feeling that opening of the chest the warming up of the legs and the lower abs with about five seconds here starting to burn and relax very good so from here we're now gonna go into step back lunges you're gonna step back it doesn't matter which leg just reach your arms up and back big opener and then bring it back in let's alternate reach up and you can make it as big or as small as you want take your time you don't have to go exactly with me I want you to feel what's happening in your body here we're waking up the legs give me one more it's an awesome stretch yeah and now we're gonna add a twist to that so whichever leg is forward you're gonna open up twist and bring it back in and then alternate ah you know right now is a good time to remind yourself to breathe I just had to do that to myself yeah opening let's do one more each side and woo and last one I really get your balance challenge you two and bring it in oh all right so now your feet are a little bit wider than your hips hands are on your hips we're gonna go down into a squat on the way up come up onto your tippy toes to wake up your ankles down and you can make it small or make it big feeling really good fiery today would you pick up the pace can you feel that your heart rate is already starting to rise yeah mine is you got this about five seconds left Oh connected drive through that heel on the up and let's finish here with jumping jacks take it up get that blood move and get those arms up and over the head notice Cynthia is not jumping she's doing one leg at a time honor your process honor where you're at you'll only get stronger from there but it's your journey and yours alone four five four three two one and relax your warm-up is done I am warm too alright so here's the deal I know me too okay here's the deal the first part is circuit training it's gonna be hard so stay with me we're gonna have fun yes then we're gonna come to the floor and do Pilates on the mat alright are we ready to rock and roll you ready I'm gonna follow Cynthia of Union modified we're gonna keep it simple to start turning the toes out you want to take your legs wider than your hips and you're gonna bring your fists right underneath your chin shoulders back and down forty seconds on the clock goblet squat going down and up begin so inhale down exhale up you want to stick your butt back keep your chest up and keep going how we feelin Anna feeling feeling strong chin string yes your field is nice big inner thigh stretch and then you'll feel your butt work on the up you want to squeeze your butt a little bit at the top there nice work you'll notice that Cynthia is keeping her chest open I love that you want to be available you want correct posture you've about five seconds left here in four three two and one great coming down to the floor moving into upper body your hands are shoulder-width apart your shoulders are right over your wrists and for those of you who can you're gonna come off your knees present your chest forward forty seconds on this on the clock tricep push-up go down and up inhale down exhale up abs are pulled in tight elbows close into the ribcage whew I don't know about you but I love working my triceps yeah and this is a simple move you don't get more simple than this but it's effective yeah complicity work stay with me inhale down exhale up keeping those elbows into the ribcage you have about 20 seconds left I'm sorry I know play through I'm abs pulled in and up stay with it can you push into those thumbs a little bit more spread your fingers okay energize through every single finger you've got this five seconds left four three two come on up to stand listen up those were your two minutes you're gonna do it again if you can you're gonna join me in the advanced version with a goblet squat jump otherwise stay with since you since Cynthia you ready that was amazing and up now notice my arms go out to the side yes stay low keep your chest high and breathe oh you're gonna feel those legs right now gosh yeah already keep going nice Cynthia very good honor your body whatever level you're at be at that level but feel it stay controlled stay strong you've got this oh my gosh and it's killing at 15 seconds on the clock [Laughter] almost there stay with me you got five seconds left four three two last one pause come down to the floor you know the move but we're gonna add a little bit so it's a tricep pushup with one knee tuck and then we alternate ready 40 seconds on the clock in 3 2 1 go down tuck one in inhale down exhale up tuck now I want energy on that knee tuck really feel your lower abs pulling in and up you got this look she's staying in her modified she's still feeling it you still feeling it I'm still feeling she's not lying I promise you she really does feel this those elbows in just presents itself forward I don't want you to give out on those out stay strong in those abs 15 seconds over the lock you are more than that feeling I know you're out of breath but you're more than that you're more than your circumstances in your pain stay great go 5 4 3 2 rest round 1 good grab some water how do you feel burning all right round two same idea two moves we're gonna do it again with a more advanced version the first part while they're taking some water to show you is a curtsy lunge you're gonna step back at a diagonal as though you're bowing to the Queen but you're the queen and king right drive through the heel and come on up alternating 40 seconds on the clock in five four three two let's begin down drive the heel up alternate now the tendency here is to fold into the leg and once you stay tall stay confident shoulders are back abs are pulled in tight so you'll feel the outer thighs working here a little bit it's getting all over that leg though you're working everything and you're balancing so your abs are working – I love this move this move gets it I love doing my own yeah I like doing my own body weight for my legs yeah feels really good alright stay with me you got about 10 seconds here beautiful form drive through that heel for me in five four three two and come to stand ah so now simple wide arm push-up you take your arms wider than your chest spread your fingers shoulders go right inside those wrists come off your knees if you can 40 seconds on the clock and go down and push up inhale down exhale up the tendency in these push-ups is to round yourself people tuck their chins I want you to pull your chest forward present your chest keep a long neck beautiful and you don't give out on your abs think of it like a moving plate abs are pulled in and they strengthen on the up you should feel them here 15 seconds down go ahead I know right working your chest your biceps the front of your shoulders little triceps there last one here and come to stand all right yeah same moves one and two if you need to say modified you stay with Cynthia otherwise you're gonna do eight jump curtsy for me ready forty seconds on the clock in three two one let's go whoa up and over same idea though friends keep your chest high you don't bout anyone except for yourself stay with me come on well maybe me I don't know maybe no I'm kidding you got this up and over so notice she's keeping it simple simplicity works you got this I'm gonna join in here we go oh my gosh ah feel that burn this is your last ten seconds on the clock down how much air can you get push and three two one and relax this time when you do your wide arm push up we go for a slider band with this I forget you guys know what I'm talking about bring that new video ok this time you go down you're gonna slide side side Center then push yourself up making sure then you alternate each time ready and go 40 seconds on the clock you're either on your knees or off your knees elbows go out to the side for me beautiful that is it looked kick is my harder you're laying your chest like crazy but it creates such a beautiful tone notice your heart rate going up you've got this again spread your fingertips drive through the thumb you got I know notice that Anna came down to her knees honor your process you got this five seconds four three two rest that was round two this was a modified version I know I'm a little a little tough I'm okay I'm okay with it though all right round three this one it's an interesting one it's one of my favorites okay you start down on your knees I like that so your knees are hip-width apart your chest is up more advanced hands behind the head or arms up otherwise hands are on your hips you're gonna bring your right foot forward you're gonna drive through the heel come to stand and then come back down on that back leg that you came up right so with my right leg is forward I Drive to the right heel but then come back down on my left and we're gonna alternate each time ready three two one go up and down now the name of the game is pace come up and come down and alternate legs now I realize that might have been confusing for you wait a minute which leg do I come up on which one just make sure that whichever leg you're coming up on that you alternate each time so if you drive up to the right foot the first time you then drive up to the left the second time yeah keep your chest up into the heel notice if you're going into your toes feel that in your body feel where it's going this is working every muscle in that leg you're getting your quad your hamstrings your butt your abs are working to keep you stable well that's beautiful notice that her knee their knees are right over the ankle in three two one and stay down there on the floor okay yeah stay down there and then come down to your stomach for me arms are extended forward legs are stretching for superwoman you're going to lift arms and legs and then drop back down again lift and down this feels like a nice little break after those first two rounds right you feel that we never want to ignore your back this area of the strengthening of your back feel the lift between your shoulder blades feel the stretch of the arms and notice Cynthia is doing one arm and one leg she's doing opposite arm opposite leg – so feel it absolutely you've got five seconds here for burning the ribs on fire – and relax all right let's come back to that same move we just did with the legs for those of you looking for a little bit more advanced you're gonna come up once you're up there give me a jump squat and then come back down yeah yeah go ready three two one begin jump at the top and come down make sure you alternate each leg and jump and come on down stay with it and jump I love that maybe for you today you're going kit I just want to do the jump squats okay show me maybe today this is what works for you what works for you one day is gonna be different than the next day and you just got to go with it you got to go with how you feel but you have to know when you're quitting on yourself first stay with it five seconds watch so that knee doesn't go over your toes you got it three two and relax we're gonna come back down for superwoman for those of you a little bit more advanced today you're gonna do one lift then you bring your hands underneath your shoulders tuck your feet and push yourself up into a push-up control back down extend your arms and lift ready three two one go and lift so speed is the name of the game here as long as you stay controlled so as long as I don't see you dumping into your lower back you're staying strong push up you got nice anna really good and look at this she's still getting the same work right she's feeling that strengthening of the back abs always are pulled in super tight yeah and you're thinking of lengthening out of those limbs you have five seconds here four three two and relax whew all right grab some water oh my gosh so you've just done three rounds with me and now we're gonna do something called the blasts which are moves that you we haven't done previously rolling to do one round 30 seconds each alright okay so I once used to go into it and hear my cues I'm gonna give you guys about ten more seconds before we go in thank goodness yeah I'm really proud of you proud alright are we ready yes are what's called a surfer squat your feet are a little bit wider than your hips arms are pointed forward come down low into your squat and surf yeah and I admit this seems super silly oh my god notice how I'm gliding side-to-side so as my arms stretch the opposite side of my body reaches away oh man will you feel that butt right in there right yeah right in there right in that nitty-gritty right and up and over you've got this stay with it all my legs make it lower in those legs yeah five seconds four three two one high knees take it up don't think about it just do you need to modify watch Cynthia get those knees up I don't want you leaning back on your body stay forward pull your lower abs in and get those arms moving you are strong you can and you will you are I know at home it's hard to do it by yourself and there's a screen between you and me but I am here with you I promise you stay with it going ten nine eight squeeze those inner thighs for me you got this for three love this two burpees here we go jump up down jump back bring it in up down notice we're not doing a push-up it's just jump out jump in notice Cynthia she's not jumping she steps in squats pushes the arms up safety is first if you're noticing Ana back here she's keeping her knees soft as she goes out she protects her joints you've got this five seconds left four three two I want to stay down there in your plank mountain climbers go run it out thirty Seconds on the clock keep your butt low pull your chest forward go as fast or slow as you can but if you feel you can push it push it for me come on let's push yes pull your chest forward for me Ana you got this is it great for the ABS oh my god yup lower abs in tight feeling those arms working five seconds here for three do not give up hold your plank still hold it thirty seconds on the clock stationary hold feel your abs pull them in whoo push away from the floor straighten the legs connect to your breath try not to tuck your head keep your head up you got it some of you will be shaking yep that's where greatness begins stay with it five four three two we did that was your cardio section well done yeah cardio for sure is very very good so you can just check that now off your list cardio done now we're just going to do some Pilates core all right so if you need some water great time to grab it good and you're going to come to lie down onto your backs ah notice the quality of your breath right now you know that that's struggle that reminds you how alive you are right yeah all right come on down to your backs for me your legs are extended straight now you're gonna come into what's called a Pilates V heels together toes apart your heels are squeezing together and inner thigh squeeze lower abs pull in arms stretch up to the sky and from here you're gonna tuck your chin and simply roll yourself up and reach for the toes go for it nice and rolling it and rolling down beautiful yes so it's a roll up roll down here's the breath inhale exhale stretch forward inhale tuck the pelvis exhale roll it down give me just two more inhale up shoulder blades pulled down the back adds back in opposition stretch squeeze those heels let's do one more and inhale up exhale stretch you'll notice your breath is now called yeah and we're gonna go into the hundreds slightly different we're gonna encounter four exhale propor modified legs are up in tabletop positions otherwise Pilates view with your feet extending your legs to a 65 degree angle come off your shoulder blades extend your arms and pump your arms go inhale two three four exhale two three four in and out two three four knows two three four mouths two three four in and out pump with the breath go in two three four out two three four in and out let's just do one more go in two three four out two three and rest baby okay arms are down by your side you're gonna keep your head down take your legs straight up into the sky so you're gonna lift your pelvis up you're gonna open your legs hip width flex feet and slowly control roll down bring the legs back together inhale lift up open flex exhale roll down you'll see Cynthia's not lifting her hips she's staying low exhale roll down you know I just learned it's super hard to talk when your body goes upside down I was like let me just swallow my throat there give me just a few more oh my gosh that's so hard this is working your lower abs but it's also creating flexibility for your lower back and your spine pointing the toes we flex on the down so you get the back of the leg stretch give me one more maybe that's extra than what I said before but I don't care and relax feeling it that's work we're now gonna go into the Pilates series of five it's five moves back to back if you need the break and take it pull your right knee into your body and I won't get you this specific let's just hold on to the knee and then float your other leg up point it if you can come into a crunch position hold this so it's like your nose is towards your knee elbows wide and alternate go switch and switch so you're really stretching out of the toes your bellybutton is pulling down as though it's nailing itself into the floor and then also start to notice if your shoulders are creeping up by your ears pull them down your back let's do just a few more each leg you got this and do one more each leg and then pull both knees and stay in your crunch so now if you can I want you to reach towards your pinky toes lift it in that upper body the arms gonna go back by the ears as the legs extend and then circle the arms pull the knees into the body here's your breath inhale exhale good notice Cynthia's keep your head down please do it first of all there's your neck at all exhale in I say lift it in my upper body as I extend keep going for me you want to feel that your back is connected to the mat so if you feel an arch taking place your legs are going too low for your body you want to keep them a little bit high to protect your back and to really work into your abs give me two more beautiful try to maintain that lift of the upper body as the arms go back beautiful one more very nice and good relax not quite the right leg up into the sky grab behind the knee extending the other leg come into a crunch position if you can let's point your toes today elbows wide two pulses in with the with the top leg one two switch one to go for it inhale exhale connect to that breath inhale exhale long legs now what you don't want to feel here is any rocking in your body right stabilization the only thing that's moving are those legs so you're squeezing your glutes together you're pulling down your lower abs right stay strong for me so you notice how our body just got a lot more stable yup give me one more each leg and then I want you to hold bring the other leg up to join Pilates B with your feet hands behind your head to support or head down arms by your side the legs gonna go down and inhale I want you to hold that pull into your lower abs exhale to bring your legs back up inhale down lower abs pull in to bring it back up let me check on Cynthia over here give me a Pilates V with your feet nice she's gonna soften your knees a little bit more to support her back so now she's got this diamond shape between her legs her lower abs still pull so hard kids I know I think you just keep going in five four three two and relax that was a mask you up kid come on here we go and bicycle crunches hands behind the head reaches and go twist so Cynthia's gonna keep her feet down for me very nice just lifting one knee up at a time that's beautiful in here I want you to think like your canoe and water and you're going side to side finding your balance your hips stay still good now I'm gonna ask and open up her elbows more she's looking from her shoulders yes going 5 4 3 2 yeah you did where's your series 4 5 2 more moves in we stretch flip over into a plank position for me you're gonna come into a Pilates view with your feet similar to the roll-ups right the legs are strong and straight you're just gonna point your feet rocking forward exhale rock it back inhale forward exhale back now those of you who are normally doing modified I want you to try this even if it means you only do a few right you don't go all the way it doesn't matter right you try and that counts give me a Pilates V for me Cynthia there you go you have about 15 seconds your lower abs pull in and forward and you pull back so think of the ABS driving the motion you're squeezing your heels squeezing your inner thighs can you complete one more for me inhale forward exhale back and drop your knees finishing with a baby plank again your shoulders are right over your wrists your hands are shoulder-width apart your knees are directly underneath your hips and also hip-width apart flex your feet under and simply coming off your knees six inches off the floor and just hold baby plug what I love about baby plank though is it works the lowest set of ABS you have so I want you to really be conscious of that area and pull those lower abs up I don't want you to tuck your butt keep a neutral spine pull your head forward shoulders down the back push the floor away you've got this keep engaging with every exhale you pull your lower abs up like I have a hammock around your lower abs and I'm pulling up you've got this four five four three and a half three two and one at that fatigue like I can't do another crunch type feeling happy alright let's cool down stretch out so we're gonna go into a mermaid stretch now just for clarity purposes I want you at home to bring your left leg forward and your right leg back so it's gonna look like I'm doing the opposite move but at least you'll hear my cues and you'll be using the right limb yeah right left limb you'll be using your right all right so from here I want you to take your left arm down because your left leg is forward and you're gonna stretch your right arm up and over just feel that nice stretch of the side body your heart is up lower abs are pulled in it's nice Wow oh right hands anchoring from here I want you to come back up you're gonna take your right leg the back leg extend it straight and drop your body fold it down onto the floor and stretch and here I want you just to relax Oh extend your arms as far forward as you can stretch your back leg as far back as you can and feel what's going on in that side body and in the ABS a lot of people aren't aware that when this is really tight this area in the front mm-hm X your back so it's really important to open it up it's important to stretch your abs after you've worked them I want you to come on back up crawl up under your hands you're gonna bend that back leg back where it was but now your right hand is gonna come to your right ankle as your left arm stretches up and over breathe oh boy huh little different right yeah take that top arm bring it down to your right knee so notice it's on the same leg and I'm just gonna fold into my leg stretching out what's called my QL we want to get technical it's called your quadratus lumborum for those of you at home it means that part of my lower back that always feels really tight and then come on up you're gonna bring that top arm back up but this time back behind you so for clarity sake left arm behind you you're gonna come up onto your knees and stretch up and over and hold that bear oh just feel that opening in front of the thigh and hip flexor and stay in that hard opening maybe close your eyes and deepen your breath take one more and bring it down let's do the other side you can't leave me now you've only done one side you want to walk around in circles all day right alright so we start by taking your right arm down your right leg is now forward and reach up and over notice my bottom arm is bent that's ok on this one chest is up I'm opening up and then I come back up I slide my left leg away from my body as I turn my body down and stretch forward mmm for many of you who are so busy with your lives this might be the only time in the day that you give yourself give this time for you mm-hmm so just breathe into it maybe set your intention for your day how do you want it to go mmm come on back up bend the leg reach your top arm up and back to the ankle stretch the right arm up and over oh my gosh yeah I love this one and then that top arm grabs the left knee and you foul to your leg feeling that stretch of the back maybe even in the back of the neck depending on how tight you are mm-hmm and then you come back up circling that right arm back behind you at a diagonal and come up onto your knees stretching up getting that whole front of the body besides even tighter yeah and then come on down soles of your feet together you want to get your butt close to your heels hold on to your feet elbows push against the legs and drop your forehead towards your toes and feel that breath go into your back very nice give me one more breath together inhale exhale release you freaking did it whee and I cannot wait to work out with you again thank you so much [Applause]


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