30-Minute No-Equipment Cardio and Core Workout With Massy Arias

you guys are in luck today we're gonna give you a cardio and core workout by the inspiring mafia dias thank you Anna this workout is from my eighth month lifestyle guide and it's amazing for all fitness levels are you ready to get to work let's do it let's get it alright let's start this warmup we're gonna take it from the top down we're gonna start with neck circles everything 4 5 starting clockwise let's go give me 5 neck circles releasing the tightness with every rep try to make those circles bigger and bigger hello left side is very tight let's reverse that and from here if you want to take it slower then you can see and recognize areas of tight let's follow it with the right arm bring your vision to your palms find the stretch on your pecs going through your last one left this is nice I like that little twist to through the torso yeah you know spine rotations then we're gonna pick it with the tips and we're gonna do five big circles pinch forward feel the back of your legs lengthen go around for five then we're gonna reverse this movement recognize some areas of tightness and try to put your breath where the tight areas are I'm breathing into my head and reverse this and you also want to learn how your body moves right and there's so many people who are so tight you need this locked up in the hips from sitting too much right now let's find a half kneeling position curl it hips under until we can feel our glutes and your hammies and then we're going to reach for five to each side and move with it you're gonna feel a lot of solace here and this is preparing us for everything we're gonna do for our workout going into your last one and we're going to switch I need to do this every morning right starts the day off right all right love it we're feeling good all right so the way we're gonna start this workout we have four sets we're gonna perform each move back-to-back with no rest in between and we're gonna start with a bicycle crunch we're gonna star in our backs eight reps and on this bicycle crunch we're gonna start towards the left eye one cross body for you to have your left elbow always touching the floor as you reach the right elbow towards that mean inhale and your way down exhale and use your elbows as leverage so that you can bring that elbow to that mean now let's pick it up from there six seven and let's move towards the other side oh oh yeah I'm feeling that it's almost hard to keep that an elbow down and pressed into the floor right oh yeah use it as leverage and one more and now we're gonna get up and we have 30 seconds now did you have this jump-roping if you have a jump rope at home pick it up and let's move it 30 seconds and you can play around with it if you want to whatever intensity you want to add to your jump rope do so 30 seconds I like adding that skip when I'm modifying all right here don't get some abs engaged and if you're at home and you need some modifications just look at what Anna's doing right here all right let's move on to the second move of that circuit we have dead bugs so if you've never done a dead bug you're gonna start on your back bring your legs up parallel to the ground and we're gonna go opposite leg opposite arm curl your hips under so there's no space in between the mat and your back bring that heel towards the floor bring your bread up and if you want to make this more challenging start straightening your legs bringing them out from the axis of rotation we have about eight reps halfway there keep at it and if you feel like your back is coming off the mat reset and just bring the heel down back up in a modified version it's okay yeah beautiful now we're gonna stand and follow the cardio portion of the program would have jumping jacks for 30 seconds breathe like that combo the abs are fired up so I feel you are in every car do live oh yeah stay right here you got this pace yourself if you need to we have nine more seconds got it breathe hmm next bed we have spider-man's so you're gonna start in a high plank and if you look at Anna she's going to be doing the modified version so I want you to start shoulder-width apart straighten your legs curl your hips under so you can give me the ugliest plank ever we're going to drive the right knee towards the outside of that elbow bring it back and switch we got eight reps inhale as you find your plank exhale us to find the spider-man I know I know when the knee comes forward it's like it's such good strength for the shoulders you know I hated you so much work just stabilized well more beautiful back in our backs straighten your legs as much as you can you're gonna inhale the way down exhale and try to touch your toes thirty Seconds pace yourself this is going to burn whoo I feel it already if you want to bend oh my god you got you wanna bend your legs slightly yeah and as they get tired that does help right six five four two we have a London bridges ladies so I would like to start in a forearm plank and let's let me take you through some cues for this forearm plank I want your shoulder to be right underneath your elbow and your elbow to make a straight line towards your wrist so we're not making a tripod we're gonna keep the same distance between our wrists once you find your body position right over that shoulder and a straight line we're gonna straighten our legs curl our hips under and form a bridge so you're gonna continue pushing away from the floor with your forearms as you find that bridge so that you're not collapsing on your scapula that's three reps for I know baby last one coming right oh yeah now we have alternating knee races you're ready we'll play let's do it alternating knee raises you can pace yourself by just bringing that elbow to the opposite knee if you need to but we're gonna stay right here I like it I stay on the ball of my foot so I can get my calves working – oh yeah keep pushing we're almost there for that water break push now if you want to push with me Kelly nice yeah nine eight seven six five four three two oh that break oh yeah you need to then huh and now that you know all the moves we're gonna take it a little bit faster okay okay come on it Oh pray if you need to in the same way so trust me I'm feeling what you're feeling right now you ready yeah bicycle crunches a rep say now that you learn the form let's actually switch from leg to leg okay okay all right ready let's go beautiful and one and to and keep using that elbow that stays on the ground at all times as leverage to help you find that elbow to that knee keep adding one more ladies up to your jump rope you do it so imagine adding a little weighted jump rope to this later run yeah you're in the gym right right maybe a run for 30 seconds yep this is just good cuz you can do it no matter what we have eight seconds left breathe in through your nose out of your mouth all right set bugs all right nothing down for me okay so on your back bring your legs parallel to the floor yoga block between your legs and let's move in if you feel like your core is strong enough extend those legs all the way towards the wall hashtag goals I know let's fix it that's seven and eight beautiful Oh jumping jacks 30 seconds and if you want to start start jumping whoo you can hey now I know right that's a good advanced move Dawkins right people that could do that for 30 seconds yeah not me right now but it's possibly some of you 10 seconds left you know no for you guys it's the next set that does it for me since there's no cardio moves it's all in the ABS spider mints once you find that plank keep pushing away from the floor with the heels of your palms let's get it and these get serious all right bring your legs up ready 30 seconds you can definitely pace yourself here if you want right I feel like a lot of times people really jack their neck here sometimes so I would almost like say not to come up this far right yeah and you sit back keeping the tension on your core yeah and relaxing your upper traps so if you need to bend your knees yeah to reach your toes like I'm doing go for it I'm not judging you okay next one London bridges and I want to be clear what we're working with your core we're tossing turning contorting in different ways so don't feel self-conscious if your body looks a certain way right give me the ugliest plank you can give them a curl under and let's make those bridges in 105 per side three that's four going through the last one right now and five ready for your alternating knee raises all right all right let's go go oh yeah we're going to need a burn right here there we go keep at it ten seconds you got this oh yeah breathe it up now that we're feeling warm we have two more circuits you're ready all right take it off we're going to the bicycle crunches now are you guys ready – okay at least bicycle crunches you guys ready let's do it okay you remember you want to leave one foot in one elbow crossbody always making contact with the floor hitting one more all right oh right back up into that jump rope you got this yeah or if you want to stay right here you can stay right here switch it up imagine you're doing double unders okay we have five more seconds keep at it beautiful that box up and down up and down that's right if you notice that your back is starting to 12 your ribcage it's starting to hyperextend then modify it all right just bring that heel like I said earlier closer to your butt here yep one more beautiful we got jumping jobs that's alright the dead bug oh my god it's just such a good stabilizing move yeah everybody should be doing that move every day well it's one of those basic movements yeah nobody wants to do because it's so based yeah but you need to master your base like so good yeah I remember I was dead bugging all day when I hurt my daughter yeah more seconds keep at it beautiful now to the evil circuit so the evil set spider-mans followed by heel touches all right so on this plank make it as ugly as you can and here you start doing a little tilt forward when you're bringing that knee to the elbow you should feel a lot of obliques here oh yes more love it on your back we don't sweat with sparkles glistening over here okay 30 seconds and here you never want to hold your breath fry your body use this oxygen and convert it into energy so try to find a good rhythm on your breath yes cuz it's always like when it gets harder you want to mold oh that's when he needs the moment right yeah no we have London bridges so we're gonna start in our forms again have that weight over that shoulder in a straight line and remember to keep the same distance on those wrists curl your hips under he gave me that ugly plank yes cuz ugly with good form is better than bad for Suzanne like your back it's dipping and you're not ready for these London bridges then you can just simply hold a forearm plank last one I think I did an extra one whoo we get rewarded for extra credit right let's go to alternating high knee knee races gotta end up the warmup you guys should have pick up the pace on the last set yes what I'm doing in I'm holding myself accountable gonna push past my comfort zone whoo keep at it we have 10 more seconds 5 4 3 2 Ariana's up his last set okay I promise so now let's pick it up a notch okay this is where you give me everything you have Yunnan finish this workout no when you couldn't give me a little bit more okay we're rep all right so we're gonna start with bicycle crunches right you ready let's go lady just yeah we're gonna thank me tomorrow any thinking you might say one back up I've never able to do it don't look at me doing it I inspire you got this three more seconds stay out of it beautiful Ready Set box 2.0 then jumping jacks and trust me it only gets better from here this might be tough but I hope that you know anytime you push him past your comfort zone you're a step closer to being stronger I want this to be your warm up at some point and your fitness journey every time I'm getting up now I'm like oh I'm feeling it here we go jumping jacks jumping jacks this is one of those moves where so basic so fundamental it works every month oh yeah whoa poor leg I'm a filly Mike haha Hey all right this evil circuit well I keep seeing circuit set in a spider-man followed by you're gonna touch your toes okay okay so that ugly plank push away from the heels of your palms ready are out and what helps to is to try to put your vision where that needs going I know I'm really picking that knee up even higher true let's go whoa last Super said yes sir kid all right way London Bridge is your love alien love handle alien ants we're gonna go a little bit faster now I'm who right you ready all right we're at home you want to keep at your pace all right we go full beast mode okay go Holdings Mon last 30 seconds you've done it and you're probably gonna earn a nice protein shake or maybe pasta drink yourselves or something really lovely right then we're continue to burn right here ten more seconds if you want to double those knees rub your water it's time for the cool awesome you've earned it yes the cool water is always something I look forward to oh yes my goodness all right now for the cooldown if you've never done a down dog I'll get you through your cubes so we're gonna start in a high plank push away from the floor with the heels of your palms curl your hips under and drive for your sacrum to the ceiling from here all you're gonna do is try to stretch your calves by bringing the knee towards your face and alternating especially after this jumping jack yeah and the high knees and calves beautiful we're gonna do this two more times and then we're gonna go into cat cow cat camo you know whichever turn morning you write this right so you're getting all fours we're gonna start inhaling bring the belly button down take room up exhale and continue to push away from the floor with the heels of your palms curl your hips under and exhale on the inhale feel how your apps are stretching yeah will feel that even more tomorrow I'm gonna exhale feel have your shoulders and your upper back are doing some space and getting loose and from here we're just gonna uncurl our toes and go into Child's thank yourself for with the work that you've done you are a warrior you're not a quitter and it's been my pleasure to bring this work out thank you so much


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  15. @popsugarfitness Hi I wanted to ask a few questions such as "does yoga improve mobility"?Is there a difference between mobility and flexibility?And are there any mobility routines/workouts on popsugar fitness?Or are any workouts coming up soon that focus on mobility?

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