30-Minute Home Workout (NO Gym NO Weights)

if you can't hit the gym have no workout park close to you or no other equipment it's not easy to find a good and useful workout routine the minimalist workout I'll show you in this video requires nearly no equipment you can do it at home on vacation or even on a business trip the first exercise are push-ups but instead of doing four sets of the standard push-up you change the variation for every set first you do the Pike pushup second you do the knee to elbow pushup third the diamond pushup and force the white push-up each variation has a different focus the pike push-up will target your shoulders and your overhead pushing strength the more you place your upper body in a vertical line the harder this exercise gets so if a vertical body position is too hard for you just change it to a more horizontal one the knee to elbow push-up will emphasize all muscles you need for a push-up like a chest triceps and shoulders the special thing about this variation is the increased abdominal activation when you move one leg to the inside and close to your other arm you will not only work your abs through that movement itself you will also need more abdominal strength to stabilize your body when you support yourself with only one leg on the ground and rotate your body the main focus for the other variations are clear the diamond push-up puts the focus onto your triceps while the white push-up will target your chest as the main muscle do one set for each variation with two minutes rest in between and do about 80 to 90 percent of your max reps in the first three variations and a hundred percent and the last one you continue the routine with variations of the body row it's really hard to train your lats without any kind of equipment if you don't have access to a pull-up all rings you can do them by using a broomstick and two chairs or similar objects place the broomstick on the two objects and do the wrong movement for this exercise we chose three different variations in the first set you do a wide overhand grip hold in the second set you do an underhand grip hold and in the third and fourth set you switch between the biceps and lead focused hold with an underhand grip in this variation you hold each position for three to five seconds before you switch to the other one you can make all those variations easier by bending your legs or reducing the range of motion even if you can't lift yourself off the ground at all as long as you keep tension in your muscles you will train them try to pull as high as possible and bring your shoulder blades together this exercise will train your lats your rhomboids your middle traps and biceps rest two minutes between each set again you do 80 to 90 percent of your next time in each set except for the last one here you can go to failure after that you continue the routine with a superset in a superset you perform two exercises without rest after each other you start the superset with prone arm circles and continue with the easy bridge hold these exercises will mainly focus on the muscles of your posterior chain which means the muscles on the back side of your body when you do the arm circles rotate your shoulders when you do the movement and extend your spine as much as possible for the EZ bridge you have to raise your chest as high as possible extend your spine and push your legs into the ground you can also make this exercise more challenging just by extending your legs after you've done these two exercises you rest about 90 seconds and repeat the superset one more time go up to about 90 percent of your maximum holding time in both sets the last exercise is about the lower body and a combination set here you combine jumping lunges with a deep squat hold always pay attention to land smooth and controlled hold the active deep squat in the lowest position possible for three seconds and repeat the sequence this exercise will improve your squat your explosive strength and your strength endurance in this exercise you do three sets of this combination with 90 seconds rest in between the sets go up to about 90 percent of your max reps in the first two sets and aim for a hundred percent in the last one if you want the complete precomposed and progressive full-body workout you should check out our level one to five programs and don't forget that nutrition is very important to reach your fitness goals if you want to be able to calculate your own nutrition program just check our new nutrition toolbox visit our website and choose your programs now if you have further questions just leave a comment thanks Alex


  1. 👍👌💪👏
    И главное , английского не знаю . А всё понятно .

  2. Your videos are great! When I do pushups (after 12 or so) I feel the blood rush to my head and my head and ears feel pressure and heat and my head is very red. It make me want to stop. (I have always gotten a red head when exercising) Am I doing something wrong. How can I prevent this so I can do more pushups?

  3. Narrator sounds retarded

  4. Who else breath in time with him doing pushups? I cant help it haha

  5. so much idle comments here

  6. Is this good for beginners?

  7. How many times do i do the push up? Or how long do i hold the grip hold? Like i know how much reps to do but not sure how many times. Btw fantastic video 👍🏿

  8. The broomstick broke… :(((

  9. This is gold.
    I’m excited to purchase the mobility, workout routine and nutrition program when my tax return comes.
    This year is a new year!

  10. E’ possibile avere video sottotitolati italiano?

  11. I have same shorts

  12. Now agree you weren't even able to do one properly

  13. Great blue short as always!

  14. What can I expect doing this 5 days a week for 1 month?

  15. 2:11 Im too heavy 😂

  16. اركب عليه لا جيم ولا غيره درسك سيكون ممتع

  17. Os it a full body workout?

  18. Genos will say its fake. Still get stunned by shockwave anyway.

  19. Knee to elbow push up is new to me! Wonderful. Great great video, guys 💪🙏

  20. Handsome Squidward?

  21. Why the hell does his head gets red every time he does excersice

  22. Is the biceps to lats focused underhand grip movement a good way to build strong biceps ? I mean it's a never seen before workout so i'm wondering.

  23. One punch man

  24. but can you really get str gains from these workouts?

  25. No gym
    No Weights
    100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running
    Then you become a hero the caped baldy
    Now you can take down anything with one punch
    Your welcome

  26. You’re telling me I can get a body like that with no gym machine!? Seems impossible

  27. Good…. channel ❤️
    Self defence Sri Lankan Channel
    watch and subscribe our channel🖤🖤🖤

  28. What about burpees?Its a great exercise for a full body workout

  29. Quick question. If I have the time to split these into two workouts I do twice a week (4 total). Should I do each circuit 3 times each or would that be over training?

  30. i thought wide push ups is bad on your shoulder

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