30-Minute Calorie-Burning, Tabata-Style HIIT Workout

get ready to work hard and torch calories with equinox trainer Rainier poly that's right if you're advanced grab a pair of some medium weights and get ready to work ok let's start our warm-up with some arm circles I'm gonna put my right arm up left arm down and start a nice little swing small bend in the knees push that booty back now I got Britney to my right doing modifications and Anna to my left taking the challenge of all the crazy exercise to a full extent of its ability to my lab so big ole circles this my teacher real a lot about your range of motion in the arms if you might discover something a little way over kinky you know just pay attention to that body in five seconds we're going to reverse the swing of these arms get ready for it set and reverse right there okay now today we're doing something called a super tabata Oh aka something we made up but it just means that we're gonna have some intervals that are 40 seconds if you've done other Tabata videos you know that fathers are only 20 seconds on 10 seconds off but today we're a lot of our strength training exercises we're gonna do a nice 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off you know you give a little more you get a little more yeah it's also the way life works people okay let's go to the edge of our mat we're gonna get some calls to up dogs already feeling that blood flowing full body I want you to bend the knees hands on the ground call for it lower the hips shift forward on those feet take the chest through those arms keep a really long neck and bootie back up to the sky crawl it back plant the heels let me get hands at prayer and left leg back reach those hands up to the sky nice full stretch how low you drop those knees back to a squat prayer and right leg back reaching up to the sky Oh enjoy it stretch it out stretch it out back to prayer and calling for let's get it again shifting forward just coming through this is as many of you know my favorite part of the workout could we just skip from right here to the end will be stretch again same deal reverse lunge reaching overhead and same principles but when we're in that up dog I want you to try to let your chest go right through your arms switching those legs and now in this next round of the up dog I'm gonna dive in taking my chest towards the ground and pull through low to high so good opening up those hips and return from when she came and push that booty up call it back but we're gonna add a little tilt on this reverse lunge so left foot back since my right leg is forward I'm gonna put my right hand towards the ground leaning towards right feeling that stretch down the left side body back two hands to prayer and a squat right leg back both hands up and left arm down to the left oh that feels so good mi long hailey right back in front the chest and we're gonna go one last call forward dive it in pull it through and I expect you just getting higher and higher to the sky above okay stay a little prayer you're gonna make it to the best and the brightest like down and high okay last time with that active stretch like back hands high I think that my left leg is back that means I'm leaning right if you can touch the ground don't be afraid to and back in right leg back both Hintz up and lean to the left oh oh it feels so good let me just stay here for a moment okay and back it Ike I got to remember it's not all about me okay y'all you feeling warmed up oh good let's hit these weights bro okay okay so first up we're gonna start with a round of heavy squat now this is one of those examples where were you gonna do 40 seconds on 20 seconds off so that it's all about moving these hips back to front let's get it my feet are shoulder-width apart I'm pushing my booty back and squeezing that butt up join me here y'all lota hi now with Tabata the first goal that you have is good for once you have that I want you to show me how fast you can move while maintaining that good form okay got it so as you're feeling good for 20 seconds into this interval if you can speed it up and still drop it low and squeeze that booty on the way up hello please do it oh okay that's our first exercise I expect you to dive in with some bigger can we get that booty at least the parallel of the knees or a little bit lower how low can you go rest dumbbells down I swear there could be a whole mix of how low can you go playing out throughout every workout video because it's really about how low can you go speaking of which we're gonna sit down low hands it prayer squeeze that butt and land low 20 seconds at a time starting now low and high that you can see britney is giving me power it's still squeezing that blood just getting up on those toes I on the other hand put the lovely and strong in I are giving you some high-flying fun I want to see you jump high and wonder Wow what's the air like up there you know that's how you get above the pollution you got a jump high three seconds for the second set of this go let's get squeeze that button notice last name squeeze that sweat you know I'm doing it because my hips are getting all the way forward pushing right back okay if your hips are finishing here you ain't squeezing that booty right wanna but squeeze is it pushes forward okay squeeze it up squeeze it up three seconds you get one more big one yeah and rest okay now we get to grab onto these dumbbells put them right back on the shoulders and we're gonna do a nice reverse lunge now okay put it up you don't gotta catch your breath you've got to move yeah go right back now I'm gonna top my knee to the ground because I'm so flexible what I like trying to say with that is I want you to focus on a nice long range of motion if you can gently tap those knees to the ground please do so okay as I was saying it's all about how low can you go how low can you go okay because we're not only trying to get stronger we're trying to get stronger to a longer range of motion y'all okay called injury prevention slower to cuz you want a cracker yeah last one here and rest so now just like before we're gonna engage with some power so you can either give me big all lunge jumps landing low or if you know you're not there feel free to make it a little skip okay so let's try and keep it as continuous as possible three seconds ready go nice high-flying fun for me and Anna Britney is going to show you how to keep it rockin and still keeping it huh greenie powering hi we got less than eight seconds Oh brave and move use these arms to your advantage and rest okay ten more seconds remaining in this break that our first SWAT is gonna be done after the next set of lunge jump let's hit it y'all ready go switching out these legs exhaling breathing hard how high can you get it still on that same principle of dropping that knee as well as we can really absorbing the brunt of the movement in that muscle right not in the joints rest shake it off see I'm gonna admit it to you guys we got a lot of shoulders done here in this workout we will have a lot of shoulders sorry my brains out of whack because all my blood is in my legs right now but the good part is we get to get down we're gonna focus on some push-ups right now now when it comes to push-ups one thing I see is when I asked for tricep push-ups where the hands are about shoulder-width apart or closer a lot of people have difficulty bringing them back around your ribs right which is what I'm looking for and normally the problem is their hands are too far north of their shoulders how are you gonna make anything good happen here so what I want you to do move your head south directly underneath your shoulders and lean in supporting those hips okay the beauty is not down that's called making love this is a push-up with supported hips you dig so I'm going on the toes you may be on the knees with Brittany if you'd like or join me and Anna getting on those toes I can go I believe in you okay ready go 20 seconds low to high diving in now I care about your range of motion getting low we will have moments in this workout where it is all about moving fast and if you're good at push-ups hey maybe this is one of those moments but rest if you know push-ups is that one of your Forte's and you dread it focus on the strength training get low second set go it's just 20 seconds okay I could have made this a 40 second interval because I'm in charge you got to do what I tell you but I try to be there for my people okay I want you to succeed I'm your friend not your enemy trust in me lota I hug those elbows inhale my triceps babe see you I want to start with these triceps get them exhausted and then we'll let the larger muscle groups help us out now we're gonna burn it out now grab these dumbbells feet on the ground at least beyond your knees squeeze your butt hips high and let's push these weights up Ojai de l'eau let these elbows touch the ground but I want a burnout set okay you're just gonna breathe consistently push these hands up now I want you to move in accordance with the weight that you have in your hands if you feel like that weight is really like moving fast y'all okay pounds knock your weight right now there's no way heavier that's what's going on I ain't just slow down and keep it moving that's all I'm asking for you know squeeze that butt it'll add to the power and it'll help you out I promise just one set and rest I told you give a little get a little that was a forty second interval you get 20 seconds of rest right now you do have to turn over and we're gonna go to wider push-ups which will be easier than those narrow push-ups if you feel like you got nothing left you can hold a plank with Britney but if you can 20 seconds of push-ups wide good yeah lean into it now I don't want the same principle even though we went wide you're still going almost north as you get into that push-up right trying to get that chest all the way to the ground lock those knees keep that nice long neck and rest one more set no more push-ups today I promise I'm not allowed to lie to you pop sugar told me okay second set was doing it I believe it I believe it and you got to believe too a lot of times that exercise the biggest thing I see all these people back is that they don't believe they can get through believe it first have an achievement set the goal you know that you can know that you will if not today tomorrow rest okay fun is not over with this Tabata we are going to finish out burning this chest out with wide chest press hips are up dumbbells in hand how fast can you move it go nice and wide now if those weights are feeling light you can take this to a full fly off I'm taking my dumbbells all the way down to the ground stretching the chest exhaling and squeezing the chest as the hands are coming towards each other okay we're ready halfway there and as we said before and this feeling light speed it up if it's feeling a be stop line suck it up no keep it moving off you're eight seconds away it is almost out of here you just got to believe me squeeze it real good ahhh ruff nicely done nicely done okay I feel myself but this is the flex I like to have before I go out at night so if you ever need just a way to look really good before get the twins looking good that's like that's a modest spot to do okay um now we're gonna get into some bent over rows right now what's important with that is I really want to see a nice neutral spine flat back from the top of your head to the bottom of your booty and one of the ways to really get that to happen is one to use a nice little bend in the knees cuz that'll let you use the booty and a little less lower back and then beyond that one thing that will really help with the form is really get your grow on as I call it okay your chest is up pushing through your shoulders order press down row you know you are what's up bro this way I do rows bro keep my chest up push my booty back and then I roll my arms up and squeeze my upper back really good you ready to join me let's do this bro okay so we're all those sodas back weights and front the legs stick out the booty and let's row it out I want a nice squeeze at the top so we really get those wrong boys working right those muscles that depress the scapula that upper back pinch those shoulder blades together now again we're moving in accordance with how you really feel about that weight so one if you're feeling really good you could speed it up as long as you give me a really good squeeze at the top if the weights giving light and your form is on and poppin you could even lower your shoulders in comparison to your hips as long as you're still maintaining that nice neutral spine that one okay our number one enemy is hunching during this movement rest now we're gonna go from that give the lower back at twin's of a break by getting on the hands for a nice renegade row 20 seconds of the time we're gonna be pulling up high and it sets just five seconds Britney's gonna be on the knees for modified let's get it go now easy here I put my toes on the mat because I'm sweating like a crazy person and slipping so the mat helps with that but you can put your feet as white as you need if you'd like to be on the toes and I want you to try to squeeze your butt lock your knees rest that was the first step the more still you're keeping those hips no more of a core exercise you really make yeah you really want to rock on that but you have to fight it and second set that's the truth okay Oh fight rocking those hips just like Janna was just talking up also the less I hear when are you here cuz I really gotta be honest about your arse right it's true one of those weights are coming out if I don't hear a thing rest I know that you're using more muscle and not allowing momentum to take over let's come back up when you get back to that hinge position I like to start always roll those sodas down the back get your bro on lift the booty you're allowed to feel a little sexy I understand this time we're gonna do a reciprocal row both arms are moving at the same time completely opposite of one another let's get that set here yawn timers on and poppin it so again I want the center of your body stand completely still if you're feeling good you can speed up as long as it doesn't turn into something crazy right keep the center of the body nice and controlled moving these arms you'll notice I'm looking straight down because that makes it a lot easier to keep your neck in alignment and I'm always concerned thinking of one part of my body that I could try to get more out of maybe you're starting to struggle little bit so you want to force your shoulders down your back even more maybe you can feel the squeeze at the top by giving that extra pull through the elbows rest huh now we're going back down getting those renegade rows again some people hate keeping their hands on the weight you don't have to put your hands at the side grab one weight at a time if that's what you need boo do you okay Rose go squeeze that butt drive those elbows high and breathe through the breathing is your friend y'all a lot of times people try to build the pressure in their body holding their breath thinking that's a good idea to exert more force now okay breasts one more set and then I'll show you pull it up pull it up high one at a time if it's starting to really burn you just focus one at a time it's almost over okay let that sweat pour I know some of you know what have you watched my videos we're having a sweat competition whoever sweats the most wins okay this is your opportunity to catch up with my sweating habit on our next sobota interview I made an interval if you're really far behind this sweaty mess don't worry I'll give you time to catch up because next up we're getting the heart rate up with some high knees okay now a lot of times when we get into these cardio intervals people try to start it a little slow trying to make sure they can make it now I want you to go as hard as you can and if you need to slow down before the intervals over fine we can make that happen but go as hard as you can believe you can make it believing is the first step so we're starting with some high knees Britney is gonna give you a good modification she's driving those arms down to what go hard you can let's go nice and fast nice and fast this with 20 second interval y'all it'll be over before you know it those are me I'll give you a catching me with Smita make me sweet up breath see the secret to me running so fast I pretend I'm running towards the next season of Game of Thrones it'll be faster I'll get there faster I'll run hard coming out like 2020 that's all wrong they can't do me like that okay come on drive it up drive it up let's get it yeah whoo stay tall work those ABS get those knees high get that heart rate high rest okay we're gonna take it down to the ground on these hands you'll be able to catch your breath because you will be doing more of those in a moment all right the hips are gonna come up high then you're gonna lean forward and give me a knee drive we start in three seconds forty second interval go hips up and it nice so here we really get to emphasize how much we're working on that core okay there's no such thing with leaning too far in to this plank so if you can get those shoulders past the fingertips please do it and don't think of rocking those hips up to the sky that's too much of a break I know you could use it as ad let's try and be given as part of the exercise push up like a little tight exactly right back for it yeah rush every time Anna like completely understands I'm trying to say I feel like being like girl you complete me had me at hello listen now that we've already really warmed up these hip flexors I want you to go balls to the wall with these next high knees how high can you get them it's not a rhetorical question show me go drive the knees drive the knees come on pick it up pick it up can you almost hit yourself in the chest with these knees use the artist you can even almost like lean back come on Brittany you could give me a little more than that I don't your modifier girl let's go drive it up and rust oh my gosh that waiting yeah that was like her altar fatigue abs hamstrings are working powering these legs up high let's get it go before you really feel it just go after it okay just go after it right here how much power can you produce I don't know why I'm screaming all of a sudden but it feels like adding to the Spanish drive it drive it okay break it up bring it up show me what's up come on drive to attract do it rest okay that was for you Khaleesi that was me you go okay now I'm gonna take the hips up high lean forward knees across that was the game of thrones joke if you didn't get it please watch that show what's wrong with people viewing okay that's up high and then we're gonna lean forward and drive the knee across the body forty seconds go ha-hi and forth so I'm gonna tell you the truth right now we got through the hardest interval as far as our aerobic capacity is concerned so right now you just need to focus and they're catching your breath and keeping the body moving okay don't succumb to the pain your body is so much stronger that it leads on because it's smart it doesn't want to go to its maximal effort it wants you to chill out it's like what are you doing what did I do to deserve this why are we in panic right now okay ignore it that's why mind over matter is real right okay we got one more Tabata interval to go if you haven't yet feel free to take a sip of water okay if you're wondering I was gonna demand it this pink water bottle it wasn't pop sugar cuz I'm about that life okay so we're gonna get these dumbbells we're gonna work your job and work the bicep we're gonna sit right on the Moody okay hey I'm czar gonna come at the shoulders and all I need you to do use this weight almost like a counterweight you lean back the hands go forward stretch that bicep exhale flex and sit up you ready yeah let's do it go leave it back back fill up now this look like anything we do the first thing I want you concerned about its forms getting it to feel right understanding the movement and after you do that if you feel you can speed up let's get it okay no longer my Dumbo stay off the ground the more my biceps get to work yes very got in mind okay you can keep your elbows off the ground or you can even hug your elbows almost into your ribs give them a little bit more support I thought I'll help you out that is so much harder holy cow right Wow you know an an absolute picks the hardest exercise okay the hardest version of that excess we're gonna flip right over I didn't warn them that's like what's going on we're gonna lie right in the stomach put some Superman's so we're working that back working that core I want you to squeeze your butt give me a little flutter kick reach forward I'd pull those up move it okay let's go timers on so we're gonna keep that little flutter kick going we're working literally the entire posterior here yeah every time my elbows drive in I'm just focused on squeezing that back having that moment right open my chest breathe I hope you didn't just eat oh I'm just being honest with you it's not the best exercise if you ate like 15 minutes ago yeah okay exhaling dried seven seconds you gotta look down at your burn okay Anna right we're gonna flip it right back over okay we just work that back now we're gonna get right back to the front with another round of bicep curls situps now if you'd like when you come up if you get out of leg lift and alternate it okay let go down with the hair gum all snakes which likes every single time whoo right you're so close to the end of this workout your muscle 30 minutes super Tabata the end is near and is near that is not an apocalypse this work I keep breathing exhale as you call if you got less than 20 seconds let's go kick it up kick it up flex those abs to bring the legs up more than kicking to make the ABS work relax those abdominals and drive those legs up high almost there yeah five seconds come on oh my gosh turn it over you can move these weights a bit out of the way because I'm gonna make the next round of the Superman's a little more violent I want you to almost emulate a nice brush stroke okay so start with the legs squeezing the booty and I'm sport and back yeah so my dumbbells are gonna cook for you write what I know honorable one thing I like about that is it forces you to reach and over all of that material rather than letting your hand be so close to the ground or touching the ground okay now you don't even look hard you can look straight down keep your neck comfortable we're not it without trying doing hurts the neck would eternally work that back okay eight seconds and this is all a beautiful memory all immediately the lower back has to be work curl if you want to make it stronger you got to let it burn you gotta let it work just like any other muscle group now we're gonna stretch our knees if you don't have enough cushion if it's uncut really just for that matter be it get on the knees I want you to come up so what I'm gonna do put my right leg out I want you to lean this right knee over your right ankle that's step one stay tall and turn over your right shoulder okay I'm gonna look that way for a while I still see you there okay I still acknowledge you hurried up but turn as much as you can over that right shoulder okay see that little trick it makes all the difference left hand over right arm grabs it right ankle over that right knee and pull to the right and then you can look up to the ceiling and keep that pull okay feel that stretch all down the side body especially after all those high knees you deserve it you deserve it whoo nice deep breaths where you feel the tightest back up to the center right leg is forward we can sit back now if it's uncomfortable you can crawl your toe under in the back or you can go flat reach the left hand forward now for some of you maybe all you feel is being on your hands right here and letting it marinate cuz that's the extent I get it how you can build to maybe both hands forward and pushing that butt to the back of the room mmm see I told you we should have just skip from the dynamic no way that was fun it was fun torture but it felt really good I'll admit it I'm just a big old baby and right knee down we're gonna put that left leg out and again left knee lead over that left ankle right hand comes around full twist over that left shoulder how far can you reach how far can you ring I'll do that hip exactly right and a little trick is you can squeeze the butt which will have an effect on the opposite muscle group by helping it stretch right and back in you can do it right here you can just set it the rest those hips forward squeeze that booty help it stretch here right arm over grab it with the left lean the left knee over left ankle pull to the left look up to the ceiling oh yeah that's the business back up to Center and left foot forward here sit it back again if you're uncomfortable on that back foot keep the toe down or you can flatten it out and sit back right hand reaches forward and if you feel good left hand joins it nice whoo so good to get this in and kind of force yourself to hold couple nice stretches here to get ready for next workout that's true and it's one I was reading an article I was talking about how people really don't understand one of the most important parts of stretching is that let your body understand that the workout is done the time to start healing has commenced and it's a whole different set of hormones that your body uses to make that happen so take the time it's good for you it feels good and you're doing it for the better good of us all okay y'all that was very super I got you man come on next time and compete with this sweat competition [Applause]


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