30-Minute Boot Camp For All Fitness Levels!

we're celebrating Mother's Day all month long with a full month of mother-daughter workouts this episode of class fit sugar is presented by Kalia by Carrie Underwood grab a pair of light to medium size free weights and get ready for this bootcamp workout for all levels let's do it alright my friends let's get started with a little bit of a butt kick so if you're not jumping today you're modifying with Heidi okay if not you're following Savannah and I with the full-out version of these moves remember this is all levels so you can still get after it and you're gonna notice that Heidi is not gonna go on her heels she's gonna be on the balls of her feet the entire time because I still want her activating the lower legs and getting her body warmed up now we're gonna go into a nice little quad stretch here so now that dynamic move got your blood flowing now we're gonna pull that heel up to the glute give it a little one-two count and then switch sides so we're alternating with a little Active Release stretch here you guys look feel that yeah front of your legs you're opening up the hip flexors and the quads you know I know that boot camp can be intimidating sometimes but this is for all levels you guys can do so in this get strong with moms series we've got a version for everybody okay so don't be intimidated today we got you covered now we're gonna go into a little skip so if you're not jumping remember you're marching and you're not putting those heels down on the floor right awesome good good me and Savannah we're gonna get here with a nice little skip remember to use your arms remember to breathe right so you got to keep that breath flowing get off the ball of the foot here add a little bit of a drive notice that our toe is pointing up towards the sky we're trying to activate this shin okay so flex that foot three two one now we're gonna do a dynamic stretch for the back of the body with a nice little hip stretch nice little knee tuck good one too I would like to give it a little one to count one two so that you're not going too fast through these active really stretches you're giving yourself a little time to feel it good you throw your balance off a little bit no sometimes it's not I'm like wait what happened okay now we're gonna move into a gait swing and alternating lines so gates when you want your feet wide you're gonna go into a squat come up clap if you're adding the jump with us you're gonna go down and up right so you're adding that nice little gate swinging and then coming up if you're not doing the clap it's okay I'm just getting you warmed up for that move later you're doing great get that nice stretch through the groin feel that – let's go one more one awesome now I want you to have your feet together for this one you're not gonna take a big step not even further than your mat and you're gonna sit your hips back into a lateral lunge feeling a stretch that inner thigh come together and switch so not a big step right small really feel that stretch through that inner thigh so sit your hips back so the weights on your heel your chest is facing us you guys feel that mm-hmm who don't step is wide Savannah cause I want you to keep your knee and your hip in alignment so that you really just feel the stretch and you don't put too much pressure on your knees good last one stretch good and relax now we're going jumping jacks okay so you're here or you're going all out nice Savannah's on it good Heidi I feel it great awesome we got mom back there she is ready to crush it she's a marathoner she's no joke but she's showing you the modifications today so stick with her three two one now go feet wide and give me a nice big side bend here open up the obliques the back of the arms this kind of stress you know the great thing I do in the morning all the time reach it up big stretch remember they're trying to reach towards the sky you're not trying to reach towards the wall you're trying to reach towards the ceiling here okay so really lengthen your body oh yeah good last one good and that big shoulder circle this is where we get to feel from the snap crackle and pop what happens in the shoulders right goes other direction big shoulders circle we're warming up we're trying to get some fluid flowing through those shoulders so that you don't get injured when you start going into shoulder exercises right get them moving and then clasp the hands behind the body and just roll the shoulders open it get an active release stretch here for the chest good good I love the mother-daughter combo you guys are little power seat back here good open up breathe and relax okay we're gonna go into our first circuit you ladies ready ramen sip of water if you need it now this first move is a burpee modified pull with a rotation so I need you guys to really start to think about what levels best for you so you don't hurt yourself and you stay safe so make sure you keep your eye on Heidi we're gonna start first with a Burpee and rotate so watch what we do go down alright you're stepping back this is modified drop to your knees and drop to your elbows you're in that plank but Savannah and I are gonna add a rotation if not you're holding that plank just like Heidi now you're gonna come back up onto your hands good you're gonna step in and reach okay now we're gonna go back into that we're gonna add a little tempo to it if you're modifying follow Heidi you're not gonna go as fast with us holding that plank coming up you can add a little jump in and out right so depending on your level of fitness do what feels good for you this movement is working the whole body yeah nice job Savannah coming up you can jump in and out nice go ahead make sure to come up your work in the shoulders you're working the obliques work in the legs and relax awesome job okay now we're gonna grab our weights both of them and we're gonna do a little single legged touch overhead press we all have different size weights so whatever you have works for us okay one foot you're gonna balance or kick stand your foot you're gonna bend the knee and the hip reach towards the floor flat back come all the way up and press overhead Heidi's got a kickstand there for her balance all right if you're going with a challenge you might go with one foot off the ground the whole entire time this is not easy go at your own pace sink into it with your hip Silvana how you doing good good feeling all right mm-hmm I know this is challenging for a lot of things so do what you can we're gonna go up and we're gonna switch legs press get that last press nice job Heidi good and switch so let's go balance this is my bad side this is the side that's not as balanced and strong so I kind of really focused good really sink into the butt so all the weights on the heel all the weights in that but as you come up that's your powerhouse sink down come up press nice work awesome job whoa up one more press and relax beautiful job now our third move is gonna be a slow-motion Gator fly Oh so ladies let's start from one end of our mat now everybody out there you're gonna take it step Oh slow mo down into it's Gator that's out slow mo down there notice you're gonna step and you're gonna sink right so that you're not falling over here and you're not falling over here what you're really sinking getting this glute working that hip you want to advance it you can add a hop sing yeah all right but otherwise I want you stepping and thinking nice and slow step think good you guys look awesome couple more back and forth and relax shake it out if you ladies okay yeah all right back into the Burpee one more round okay stick it with us let's start now this you got the rhythm we're going down and up at your own pace down jump it out or step it out drop to the elbows rotate left and right good come back to the hands in that push-up position jump in or step in reach to the sky and repeat let's go go at your own tempo remember it's totally up to you how quickly you want to go these things keep your breath blowing woo and enjoy right you guys are working your body you're getting stronger looking at this mother-daughter they helped me for a long life generations and generations one more looking good keep that breath flowing ladies your looks awesome this is a tough one right easy and come up nice okay grab your weights awesome job we'd show them what's up over there honey okay grab your weights go and press right so one foot sink down go towards the floor you don't have to go all the way to the floor go as far as you can keeping a flat back none of this none of this look at a mirror you have to look at what you look like when you're exercising so get a mirror put it right in front of you keep yourself on track keep your body safe even going over you know past that knee is good all right so even if you can go to that knee that's awesome we're gonna balance the stability strengths go one more press and then switch whoo I love that one this works so many muscles in the legs ladies this is so good for runners Heidi whoa see your side that's more balance is always gonna be more challenge but that's so good to bring that balance into your body right ladies yeah you don't just want to work your strong side good good let's get one more on this side gosh I love it nice work okay slow-mo skaters let's do it all right take you from that form start towards the side of your mat so you're not going too far you're gonna step and sink step and sink if you're adding the hop you're landing soft and slow soft and slow right so I'm not falling outside I'm falling to the inside always keep your weight inside side to side back and forth you're looking good two more one more every laughs I fell wade through the inside Oh high five high five nice work get a sip of water good job going on and on and on I love it generations to come make sure you grab your mom get her out get her working right inspire the people that you love in your life we want to live long and healthy okay now this next one I got you prepped already the squat jack and the plank jack combo so start here watch Heidi for the modification she's gonna go down and up down and up we're gonna add the hop to modify I mean to advance a write two more good now go down walk your feet out yours are gonna step out side to side like Heidi or like Savannah yeah you're jumping oh yeah good now walk your feet in number they should be wide not narrow and go down for that squat and Jack this is helping to train you to keep a wide base of support for your back so that you're not keeping your feet narrow a little burpees boom one more house good now go down walk your feet out and plank Jack or you're steppin side to side let's show I love it it walk your feet in there wide we'll work that up and out good I know I'm like dying here succubi are you doing back there Savannah yeah let's go down walk it out let's go five more five for my really to one walk it in whoa okay now abs and arms we're gonna drop it down to the mat here push up and scissor kick crunch this one's crazy madness watch Heidi for the modified push-up she's gonna go down you need an elbow elbow back after your move if you're modifying otherwise your pushup you're gonna kick under kick under pushup good under I know this is hard so if you have to modify the push-up you can even bring your knee to your elbow under your body or extend the leg all the way up to you my little mama bod meets the modify as well here in these last couple weeks oh I got it and relax alright so do what you got to do for you now grab one of your weights and this one's gonna kind of really keep working the chest and shoulder so grab one weight lean back keep your heels on the ground open the chest and switch weight open good Samantha's got her feet off the ground which is extra work on your core right so you're feeling it you're like oh you're playing gravity here this is a really good challenge nice job notice how these ladies bring their hands almost all the way to the floor that is really hard to do so if you gotta bend your elbow that's okay if you have a weight or I love taking a medicine ball and tossing it side to side we're gonna my basketball skills you know good lady keep it going couple more seconds really gonna feel it to your biceps your shoulder your chest your abs 302 and one awesome okay so back about your feet take a deep breath in when either I've ever taught boot camp back in the day when I had such a crew I remember going right into one exercise after another but the good thing is we'd always switch it up we change up the modality the tempo so you might be finding that one exercise is really your cardio intensive but another one is not as bad let's jump out feed out plank Jack this one's very cardio intensive right yeah don't worry our next move is not as intense jumping keep breathing good I hear good breathing going on back there I love it and out let's go Jack last one jump it out and bring it in boom awesome push-up crunch let's do it so coming back into that push-up position I just put a little bit and you let mom and daughter lead the way here okay you guys start teaching so let's go into that push-up here we go push shop you're gonna cludes a kick or gonna need elbow right knee the elbow as well or you can modify that push-up whatever you got to do all right for your body for me I know this is our kick it's a really top in there so I got to keep it on the DL right here back and forth beautiful doing good five more seconds ladies good looking great good job Savannah and last one good breathe and now sitting on the booty grab your weight remember if you only have a water bottle that's gonna do the trick alright grab your water bottle grab something with some resistance lean back that's where you're feeling the core that's when you feel your body working use gravity remember when I keep my shoulders Square to you that's what I'm really working on the stability of my obliques my abdominals so don't buy yourself to rotate here this is not a rotation it's a stability exercise for your core your arm is doing the extension but your core stays straight ten more seconds breathe it out every laughs okay three go simple water guys how am i ladies doing I think I'm gonna do Savannah are you surviving yes she's surviving is it fun to work out with your mom yeah I do it every week that's awesome okay guys we're gonna go into a couple floor exercises first not so cardio intensive right we're gonna start with an overhead reach and crunch so if you have a heavier weight here you'll feel more in the arm if you have a lighter weight I'm gonna feel it more in your core all right so go with what you've got you're gonna feel it something but don't you worry about it now we're gonna start laying flat on our back when our arms go overhead that's when we're working our triceps our lats are back you want to feel it through your arms here okay really important now you're gonna raise that weight up over your body just lift your shoulders and pull your knee in bring the weight to the outside of the knee and then all the way back gently now don't touch that way to the floor switch sides roll up yes and squeeze those ABS and down now if you want to advance that you can go straight like so lift straight leg and then lower down slow do not let that weight touch the floor over your head now because you're using that resistance to work your triceps in your lap so go up squeeze those abs and all the way down let your head rest at the bottom but not your weight good list good and slowly release you're doing this slow because I want you to have control I want you to really feel that movement through your upper body and through your core lift squeeze and lower down good exhale on the lift inhale on the way down exhale and lift inhale on the way down one more let's go up let's get one on the other side as well they keep keep that symmetry going my arms starting to burn with this eight pounds that's good and then relax all right now we're gonna stay on the floor here and we're gonna bring ourselves into a bridge and reach a reverse bridge so watch Heidi she's gonna start on her back she's just gonna go up for the bridge okay we're gonna come up and we're gonna list maybe you might be here so you're opening up your shoulders now working a little tricep or if you're gonna add a little bit of movement reaching up over the top of the body and alternating sides so you got three different versions and when Heidi's ready she can come up to her hands and do that second version if she's ready if she wants to oh she wants to she's ready here nice job Heidi you can't hold that mama back right she's strong keeping her body healthy for her family going up nice job guys keep it going couple more seconds here really working on shoulder stability opening up the shoulders working the glutes so really press through those heels as you lift those hips and relax all right dasu no the third move in this circuit is for the legs shoulders and core I loved compounding moves especially in boot camp style workouts so we're gonna start on both feet grab one weight with both hands you're gonna take a reverse lunge you don't have to go super low but you're gonna bring that weight across the body and a little figure 8 movement switch sides other leg now notice how I'm going down as if I'm rowing a kayak I'm going digging into that water bringing it out so I'm working on my core strength my balance my hips my glutes my quads everything work in side to side what do you find hard about this move ladies anything satellite shoes nice balance shoes untied we're gonna have to stop me tie that shoe we got to be safe right nice work last one beautiful and that Heidi tie your shoe before you get hurt over there bring it back down to your mat and we're gonna go back into the overhead reach right so we're going round two we want to bring ourselves into that line position weight is all the way up overhead lengthen out those arms reach it up bring the leg up straight or bent and reach those shoulder blades off the floor you're doing a little passe here crunch and then slowly lowering keeping the breath flowing now remember I always like to emphasize the breath so what that does it activates your core even more so if you like you're telling your next-door neighbor to shush it up so that you and your baby can sleep then you have to do that breath go right all the way up lower it down beautiful couple more seconds nice work last one go all the way up squeeze nice job and relax all right now set that weight down reverse bridge you find where you feel comfortable you can go just regular bridge you can go into the nice reverse branch here or you can go all the way with the reach over the top of the body you pick your poison because that poison is actually gonna make you incredible good up and over nice job breathe exhale as you reach up over exhale remember that if that forest exhale is so important you want to know that it does have a lot to do with air and the the Alaska you know just simply getting more out of your lungs so when you do that you get more back in and you are fired up and ready to crush it a couple more seconds you ladies okay yeah they're not big talkers but you know what they're hard workers I can appreciate that most of you guys aren't talking to me at home either or you're talking that in my language like nothing good stuff right but at the end you love it okay coming on up to your feet let's go back into that third move reversing the lunge go in with that nice figure eight ready weights up at the top let's go back rotate bring it around drop it and now that weight might do my shoulders working because I've got a rotate that weight around and out I'm not just wood chopping what's happening is like this it's here and here I'm hardly doing anything for my core I am making a circle with this weight circle right it's much harder you're gonna feel your core work a hundred times harder to stabilize you so the heavier your weight harder it is go safely because you don't want to strain breathing it three as I'm falling over to last one one and my shoulders ladies awesome get a sip of water I want you to come back to the mat we're gonna do a cool down the hardest part is over thank you you guys awesome job do not leave because I really need you to do these four stretches with me okay with us this is showing your body love this is where the real love comes in the recovery so what you're gonna do first clan your back you're gonna bring one ankle up over the knee all right you can hold that there if you feel it or you can bring that knee closer to your chest and loop your hands through the legs so they can grab the back of the opposite thigh and hold yourself in this figure four stretch this is getting the happier I feel it oh good you need that too after those skaters and those lunges and those squats this really opens it up so that later you don't have a tight low back and your hips are really in control of a lot of that little back tightness go ahead and switch sides so taking some deep rest here you know if you're working out with your mom which I hope you guys are during this whole entire month get strong with moms series ladies are awesome for coming in here and you know really inspiring those that you love especially your moms and daughters even grandmas showing them some simple things they can do to get stronger feel good good and then let's bring both feet down to the floor and what you can do is have your arms come out wide you can keep your feet on the ground and rotate your knees over bringing yourself into a nice little trunk twist if you want more stretch you can bring your knees up higher okay and if you shift them up and what you're trying to do is keep your shoulders both on the floor as your knees rotate if you can't do that then just focus on breathing every time you exhale allowing your shoulder to come closer down to the neck because when this pops up that means you're really tight through the chest through your obliques through your low back and you're just working on releasing go ahead and switch so bring one knee back at a time all right you can keep your feet on the floor and rotate or you can bring those knees up further if you need more of a stretch yeah feels great on my back yeah we did a lot of twisting today so it's really important that you know when you're working those muscles you give those muscles some love and lengthen them and give them some new blood some new oxygen so they can heal faster and be ready for tomorrow what are you guys gonna do tomorrow run I like the song yeah I like these ideas this is good stuff good okay coming up to your knees nice job Ron massage it's good to mix it up you know that's what's really important to keep workouts fun so you know you're not always just hitting it hard giving yourself variety now I want you to bring one foot up nice and high you're gonna bring your hands to the inside of that foot and then if you feel that stretch just hold it there if you want shift your knee back a little bit and get an even deeper stretch through that hip flexor so you're gonna feel it through the hamstrings here and gluts but then also this back leg here getting a nice stretch and just think about breathing letting yourself sink into this try not to be too fidgety try to really relax into there slow your hips sink down maybe tighten up your abs a little bit you're protecting your back that way and then you're just gonna walk your hands back shift so that your front leg goes straight and your toe points up towards the sky and that you keep a nice flat back so I want you to pop your chest forward a little bit here reaching your chest forward letting your heel lengthen getting a nice stretch through the hamstring in that calves if you can touch your toe which I can barely do that's great but feel that nice long back it's like when they tell you in yoga to do the down dog and to really stretch your back first before you go to the hamstrings so you lengthen that back and then let it sit into the hamstring good and then bring that foot all the way back one more side thanks for sticking with me I love ya you're taking care of yourself drop it down shimmy that knee back a little bit let yourself sink into that stretch feel the hips open up are you guys tighter on one side yeah the other side it's always like that one sides always a little tighter than the other but this feels nice doesn't it yeah do you do this one a lot you run yeah it's a great runners runners got to do it right otherwise you'll be feeling like a little old lady yeah and you're way too young to feel like a little old lady right Heidi absolutely yeah that's good let's walk it back let's straighten out that leg let's go with a nice chest up hips are sitting back toes towards the sky so you lengthen out that hamstring good and reaching towards that toe with a nice straight back awesome good and relax ladies thank you great job sound my gosh that was a challenging one I know it was but you can find more of these get strong with Mom workouts on classmate sugar join us next time we'll see you guys soon


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