30-Minute BodyCombat-Inspired Workout With Boxing, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai

get ready to torch major calories with this workout inspired by Les Mills body combat today we have master trainer and a lowry thanks Santa as seen on Les Mills on demands this workout is a mixture of mixed martial arts and conditioning all you need your body so let's get going let's get warm I thought lean over here doing some hi options and over here giving some modification whether you made it so take your right foot to the front we start slow jab and cross one two now these are long straight punches first two knuckles right to the nose lips and chin same punch put a little bit faster one two one two that's it I try to get a little bit of twist in the hips by releasing your back heel now listen for three two one two on the right four three two one and a double if you feel ready get just a little hop with your front step one and two last one uppercuts right to left slow and a sending punch this one comes right under the chin let's go two on the right two on the left upper body limited elbow close to your body right under the chin little faster punch now double-time good alternate one two one two I know it feels fast so it can be a little bit small you've got just a couple more now take a look look right hook left now this is our big circular punch of the day comes around to the side all the way to the cheek or to the temple to on the right side then you can Jack with me Lynn or if you need to you can squat with Anna there's a squat feel oh yeah pretty good old legs one hook freeze all right piss it out what were you doing one side we're always gonna do on the other but this time let's see if we can't do it a little bit better right foot comes in front slow jab and cross one two now when you punch really well you punch with your whole body it means we're gonna get some leg work some arm work but also really great core work it's any time release so your back heel try to get your hip and shoulder to the front in that cross your combo goes four three two one double on the left all right how about that range that's the licks in the arm just until the elbows soft last one of the cut left and right up and under now this can be a tricky punch to get let's say two on the left top and under just yawn oh my fist back to my place every single time that's gonna keep your shoulders really active now let's try to crunch so turning your opposite shoulder right to the front a little faster pretty sorry sweat I do remember that last punch we've got hook left hook right now this part starts at the floor until we release the heel turning the knee and the hip every time then as you punch you're gonna feel a little crunch – on the left two jacks or a squat just to take out the impact but to keep a little intensity and heat into the legs one more punch boom yeah everybody warm oh yeah take your feet wide who drop into a squat and then extend and lift awesome nice length in the back of your legs it's time to start kicking roll it up boy three right knees three two let's take three steps into your left leg to one step step step hip-height toe towards the floor and just put your heel to your butts they can stay level 1 or level 2 we start to add a hop that's it you can already still feel your heart rate rising and a little warm into the hips now keep your walking pattern but let's just over the front kick right leg kick step step left leg an extension of the knee we just extend the ball of the foot straight out in front do one right foot comes forward roundhouse set up freeze now your back foot set it towards the front of the room then bring your right knee up pulling your heel to your butt lift ready to try low kick extent out let's spin down kick with the top of your shoe or even your but keep it low to start one more low and balance ready to go higher lean away now brace your belly to help keep your balance but if you're not ready to kick high that's okay wherever you feel comfortable one more time look over your back shoulder back kick left leg kick and tap kick and tap now this doesn't need to be high focus on pushing your heels straight back right to stomach height last one jump front side kick hold full same leg now just hook the roundhouse kick set your heel to the wall pull the knee in and flex the foot same kick other leg out in how do you say I pull my knee back into my chest that's gonna make it a pushing kick using this right there boom last one left foot comes a flat round house just like your for your back foot first things set it towards me then it lifts your name pull your heel to your butt let's try some below ready Lin yeah out in now here's your focus every time you kick put your heel right back into your butt you're gonna put your hamstrings turn yeah do that yeah all right we're gonna go higher but wait wait wait how high can you kick go three more are you still balancing brace your bellies height and if you need to try to mark a spot on the floor that'll help you balance look back fat tip you've got seven more anybody else feeling warm oh yeah good this is always the coordination challenge for me two more last one last one feet wide or warm oh it's good to work oh yeah we call this a power train trip so in the boxing ring we go let's start with a little jog big cardio peak coming so I'm gonna take your heart rate get it as high as we possibly can with some power or some speed and mental endurance yeah sounds big but we can do it do it right foot in front two hooks left hand to right same thing you start to get a feel for this combination two on one side two on the other get your elbow just higher than your wrist that's gonna let you crunch down just a little bit last one jab across best can you handle the combo to Zack don't take two more times go eight seven six two hooks right left and that's it eight straight then four big hooks why you want to be alone last time slow epic on strike last right about that carny over oh yeah so how is your heart rate is it as high as it could be or do you have another level we're gonna see what you got now coming up next we're gonna go quick but you go whatever speed you can do right on 16 16 15 14 13 twist tell me tell me why – three – switch arms 16 15 cut in half go eight seven six five switch Oh beside for know what's best but can you still give a little rotation to single three to combo go double hook right turn elect then when it gets faster the hardest thing is to maintain range so focus on punching out but then really pull your arms back that's gonna speed up your punch you got four more combos hi two more like you can do this I know your heart rates going high but you're gonna get a break you've got five three two whoa well that was my side oh my gosh you gotta know how to count they're gonna take you right back up yep anytime you need a break we've got a ton of punches a ton of kicks today so it's a free to take all the time you need that's what comes in front double hook left and right well it's been a little while so let's talk about where the hook comes from it starts in the floor so we release the heel turn the hip and the last thing that really moves is the shoulder of the fist that's gonna help us punch with my power coming from the core jab and cross go feel that are you ready tell me tell me tell you try to tell me yet you're ready go to the hook right have a beautiful thing these lessons on demand and PopSugar you never have to work out a lip is that us uppercut left to right thanks so much more fern definitely oh and we're gonna breath yeah yeah doing good oh good because you know what's coming don't you yeah we've got 16 left arm 16 15 14 13 tell me tell me why to switch punching all the way through the chin and back to the face and half eight tell me tell me why why should we go fast well this burns a lot of calories now and after class four times tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me why then you know what your shoulders you look great yeah they are two to single three to combo go double hook left right why why are you gonna be alone when you can hang out with us yeah you've got four more so this is your chance really go for it you know the combo so nothing holding your back your last one make it your best you guys are incredible you one more hook I like that finish that's awesome we take a 20 second break yes we passed twenty seconds get a quick drinking water and I'll be right back let's do it time for two big leg conditioning tricks in a row first one we're gonna combine kung-fu and Taekwondo so get ready to include with your kicks right away sounds exciting doesn't it good head you feet together take a breath turn your left toe out just hide your right foot around and lift extend your foot out come back in slowly lower – kicks – squats down up hold down kick kick down down that's it now watch me I'm gonna add one more kick and then is one squat to one squat so the tricky part about this kind of a kick is the balance so brace your belly tight like you're standing on just a tree stump can you add a little hop to one and down now if you want to stay grounded all good wherever you feel comfortable feeling in the butt that's one hold step your left foot out to write names now one side kick with your right leg out in down and this is called a roundhouse Nate you're gonna put it around towards the hip out same thing double time to one in out in down now every time knee comes into the chest before and after the kick that makes it that garnishing motion pull if you want level two with me and Lynn add a hop on the knee but boom round on the kick in out in down what do you say ana combo do it let's do it one more now for right kicks to the front four three one now remember some before you can either say grounded or you can add more of a hop to Nate's tree yeah yeah last time whoa my hips up turn your foot out sink now rise back to that tree stump pull it in slowly lower two kicks kick kick down up hold down kick kick down now if your legs are already burning then you need to stand up that's okay that I didn't stay low three two one and down so come foo teaches us control and balance so pulling the heel back in every time how about we add a little hop now this is where we start to feel a little Taekwondo we're agile but we're also precise so trying to kick to the same spot every time put it down let's have your right foot across – nice left leg side kick in out in that you know a little extra balance extend your top arm as you kick out double-time the Taekwondo is also pretty relaxed so if you want to keep your arms just around your body go for it level two little hop every time you check trying to kick straight through the wall yeah yeah how you feeling it full combo turnings for front kicks left leg two three four are you keeping level two in that first bit maybe you want to add level to in a second bitch yeah adding that hop my goodness freeze I said this is to make you better at kicking but you know what kicking comes from here does make our way down to the floor hands right other shoulders we're just gonna go slow mountain climb now tempo up to you right on the beat of the music if you like if you'd like to kick it up a notch they could come a little faster with me or do you want to really sprint yeah go with Lin keeping the butt down that's gonna keep it all in your belly keeping your shoulders over your hands how about one final blast hit my home knees or toes push up sixteen fifteen now body tight chest no lower than elbow crease now push the floor away from your body three – koukin jump of the bestest whoa I got it right now second leg trip you got cut a little couple we're not conditioning take your right foot in front left foot behind right arm left arm I just start to lunch chest stays lifted belly's super tight now watch one tick three lunges back leg kick lunch it's a front kick but it's coming from your back foot that means we've got to really push the hips to the front lean back and brace your belly shall we try for single kicks one kick one lunge tip lunge now this is level one anytime you need it come here level two try tapping down yeah that's him one kick three lunch tip three two one all right what level do you feel like today whatever level that is that's exactly where you need to be one more note double escy by step your left foot across to not to lunch turn your body all the way towards the other wall now look at my my back foot stays on the floor pulls my legs straight let's put it together one kick front one lunch wanna Skiba one lunge do that again took lunge turn and back now you can stay high and tap if you need to or level to go drop yeah cut your legs you know what they don't look right now my goodness so they're gonna look they gonna feel amazing later chick last one jump your feet together oh wow bummer if it is the lies we're doing everything there's a vision I want it to come out right foot to the back whoa turn a little wobbly already whoo capoeira part dance part fight ten part game so today we're gonna fight right through the trek through the burning see the fatigue I've got a game for them for you later as well and Anna's gonna dance oh yeah one good break for lunch kick lunch 22 the game it's called how low can you go how do you win I don't think I need to give you the rules damn one kick three lunch kick three two one they're your benchmark can you get your front thigh parallel to the floor but you must be able to keep the chest up that's right double the Skiba to the right pull back now really push off that right foot to get back turn back stays nice and long let's put it together oh yeah one kick one lunge kick ass Kiva turn back now I know this feels kind of fast yeah to have it a little shallower yeah not quite as deep well what do you say Lind tape it shall we really go for it yeah hello ladies drop turn back yeah last one you'd me Chum together oh oh you guys are amazing promise nah that was a celebration Cup we're a bit like it the last little break we only have one track left we're gonna finish it up with some more time yeah now this is aggressive and it's best so I'm gonna give you a break halfway through so little short bursts right foot pulse come to the front check it out one jab one a cent – nice one to your knees now the knees come from the back ace and elbow come with the uppercut but you're gonna strike with the forearm right under the chin you've got one more take a look two into right leg left leg now ground it all good but if you're feeling good you want to go for some cardio start to add a hop want your cool it more active pull your arms watch the combo six punch one be sending elbow just like the exit we strike to the form but this time right to the eyebrow let the elbow as high as your head with your hand relaxed that's it single knees left to right one two one two now this is gonna grow you choose your level level to pad aha level three running man needs go yeah push your foot back pull the hips – did you like that oh you got that you next time you better be on it come on zan you got this right hands under shoulders let's take a little cardio break but work the body peel the knees up take your right knee to your left elbow and back now send your right foot all the way through the arm and just sit on the floor pull it back so push the left hand away and reach for the shoulder really send your foot through there you can stay with this tempo where Anna's gonna be or comes double time with us sit and back sit and back ships need to lift kind of really turn your belly on you want even more limbs gonna keep a foot off the ground six times oh my left leg is burning whoa anytime you need a break you can always just sit chill out for a moment have a drink elbow in back send your foot through and sit down hold wait put that foot right back where it started one more time so you're just replacing into that foot back in its spots double time with us and set you're gonna feel this move oh yeah put your shoulder here and your tricep and your core and your legs you've got six more how you doing over there gonna awesome my obliques are on fire my shoulder goes burning up last one hide you could jump up the fastest I like that one more side well we're gonna finish does that aggressive you ready let's say how many calories we gonna torch how high we can get our heart rates burn and your left foot around one to two knees well anytime you feel like maybe your heart rates give it too high you can always take out the name and replace this with a post or even a march one two you stay with my girls to your left nice to right Nate's left right yeah really check your combo six five four three two one drop another descending elbow is less about your arm two more about here so once you get the elbow up crunch the shoulder to the hip drop single meat right and left maybe this is all you need today that's okay the more you do this your level is gonna start to increase level – what would you say level 3 start to run well that's fine you do well done oh my god no Gotham we're gonna take some time to go down just stretch but first give yourself a pat on the back cuz you just did the huge work out for yourself come back and see us again on PopSugar unless those on demand we'd love to have you come on down to the floor oh just slide your hips back for a big child's pose we roll up take your right knee to the front and then just shift your hips forward we use our hips a lot today and all those kicks so we just need to stretch them back out let's take your left arm take it right across the right thigh and if you've got some flexibility try looking over your back shoulder feels so good oh man doesn't open hips lie back I keep the chest lifted just feel some length in the back of the leg and after all those fast front kicks how's it really important how's your breathing okay I'm slowly coming down slide the leg back let's switch to the other side shift the hips to the front just as much as you can and take your right arm and extend and draw the shoulder blade back take your right arm slide it across the left or depending on how flexible you are just take a look over the back shoulder shift your hips back what feels better Anna the stretches are knowing that you're done the great question haha this stretches that was so much fun Anna like such a great combination of challenging the balance the coordination the strength and everything so great love it slide the foot back let us come back into that Child's Pose I leave your hands where they are and just try to guide the shoulders back feeling a nice upper body stretch take the right arm and just slip the hand underneath your left try to sink back again so that should go really nice in the shoulder you're gonna feel this one from those uppercuts those hooks and switch amazing what no weights can do all right good rock back on your toes slowly start to lift up keep your arms in the shake take your left arm out to the side pull your right heel up towards your butt and then lift your opposite shoulder open same foot just drop it right behind lift up tall bending your front knee so you can push the hip out to the side slightly to the side I love that I'll be feeling a little shaky that's alright though like the little jelly yeah exactly chocolate and no matter what you did today no matter how many reps you did the good news is if you work hard we're gonna get something out of it for sure take your feedback why let's give the shoulders one stretch deserve it India had fun with it a lot more for your body than you know Oh totally anyone actually want to do it again on behalf of Linn Anna and myself we're so happy to join us today take your feet together take one fist put it in your palm take a little bow you made it and as we say in the world of less clothes body combat keep it real and stay with the fight you


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