30 Minute Back, Triceps, Shoulders, and Cardio Workout 🔥Burn 360 Calories!* 🔥Sydney Cummings

what's up guys it's Sydney and this is your 30-minute back triceps and shoulders workout with cardio in between so grab your dumbbells and let's get started what's up guys I'm so excited that you're here for our 30-minute upper body and cardio workout we're gonna be hitting the shoulders the back and the triceps today with cardio mixed in between every exercise we're gonna start with the shoulders move down to the triceps and then finish with the back we will need dumbbells today I'm using tens 15s and 30 pound dumbbells have the lighter end of my weights for things like front raise and side raise and then something up in the heavier end for alternating bent rows and shoulder press I'm challenging myself with bumping up weights so I challenge you to do the same we're here to hold each other accountable so make sure you're doing the same thing also make sure before you head out you subscribe to the channel and make sure you like the video as soon as you're done with it and check out the Sydney squad in the description below my accountability to finish out the picture here for you in terms of your lifestyle aside from these workouts nutrition accountability and motivation encouragement challenges live coaching calls with me and specialists so lots of value in that Sydney squad so let's go ahead and get started give me a thumbs up if you are ready it will start our warmup all right here we go let's go right arm circles across your body in three two one let's go great job let's go three two switch directions one and we'll go the other way great job we're starting up at the shoulders so look if these guys warmed up get them through their ranges of motion and let's switch arms go right across your body hand backwards our strength moves are gonna be 45 seconds per move and our cardio is gonna be Tabata style 20 seconds per move all right cross your arms over your chest big open good you'll be super setting a cardio and a strength exercise two rounds of each good job all right step one back to the back of your mat for me I want you to bend them forward and walk out to a pike position okay I know what you take your head behind your arms and in front of your arms just push back and forth opening your shoulders up here good now start to when you come forward arch your back up and then flatten it as you push back good two more good now walk it back to your toes crisscross your arms over in this bit position now great job perfect alright last one let's take your hand up overhead I want you to bend push your arms down and straight just to stretch the tricep a little bit great job awesome all right now let's switch arms Bend and stretch and then straighten it back out bend and stretch and straight good job if your very first move is going to be a shoulder press so be thinking about what dumbbell you want to use let's go two more stretch four one and two good okay first move we're gonna do a shoulder press so I want you just one arm at a time first round to grab your dumbbell okay if you don't have dumbbells heavy enough you can go to arms at a time both rounds but I challenge you to go to your heaviest for this single arm press okay let's go together in two one here we go come right to your ear and right back up forty-five seconds right here I like to take my hand out to the side to make sure core stays tight [Applause] [Applause] great word 15 more seconds seven six five come on four three two one rest all right we're going jumping jacks all right we'll wait 10 more seconds jumping jacks together and we're going to go for 20 seconds if you need to modify just take it right out to the side here okay two one let's go 20 seconds right here now these twenty second work periods are short and intense so give me all you got here you've got nine eight seven go ahead good four three two one rest for ten and we'll go one more round jumping jacks then we're headed back to shoulder press for your other arm okay four three two one let's go get your shoulders warmed up a little bit here it's too good you've got ten nine eight a little quicker now seven four three two one 10 seconds we're switching to the other arms shoulder press right and then we're done with shoulder press so make sure you give me all you got here 2 1 let's go strong wrists good job stay strong keep your wrist strong 15 seconds 5 4 2 1 rest there we go all right two more rounds of 20 seconds of jumping jacks little cardio burst and then we're moving on to the front raise side raise ok 3 2 jumping jacks let's go if you're modifying step step step just keep it quick good good three two one threat step it out if you need to one more round here and then ten second rest you're going to right into front raise side raise so no the weights you're going to grab two one let's go last round the jumping jacks good good ten nine eight perfect four three that's it to 110 seconds front raise side raise both arms together on this one give me a little bit pull the core in let's go to the front first two one here we go 45 seconds right here I'm sure your arms are even when you come up to the side if you have a mirror or something that you can look in that will always help you're doing great beautiful 15 seconds we're gonna knock all the shoulder exercises out send the fret front third of this workout I guess and then we'll move down to triceps after this four three two one high knees is your cardio okay 20 seconds of high knees in 10 seconds if you need to modify power March okay right here for three let's go quick two one here we go move your arms as well pump the arms you've got ten nine good come on five four two one rest all right one more round round number two and then we'll go back one more round front raise side raise part right up yet me two to one let's go means out in front nice and high nine eight come on four three two one back to your front raise side raise alright big deep breath two one let's go slow that breathing down a little bit here challenge yourself with the weights if you're flying through these reps it's not heavy enough or if you don't have dumbbells heavy enough slow the speed down that you're doing them so go slow on the way down okay good job ten nine don't bob and weave keep it right here to one fret all right last two rounds of high knees you still with me all right let's go three two high knees one let's go drink and conditioning today proud of you for being here now let's go hard together ten nine good you've got four three two one rest ten second rest and then we'll finish out our high knees I'm gonna grab those lighter dumbbells again rear delt flies are next to one high knees last round come on up up with your knees we got it eight seven four three two one light dumbbells again here we go all right hands are facing your legs you're gonna go one arm at a time back and back keep your hands facing thumbs down let's go I want you to feel this in the back of your shoulder give me about a 45-degree angle here with your torso okay so you're not all the way bent forward and you're not standing up straight you're right in between 15 seconds that's it you've got three two one rest all right we're gonna go step over high knees okay so on the way to your right we're gonna go up up up and then all the way to the left up up up that left leg okay let's go to the right first two one up up up and switch like you're stepping over something with that one leg good come on three two one rest one more time and then we'll go back to those flies okay whoops your heart rate up keep working hard keep it up there two one let's go perfect you got a move today nine eight seven three two one all right back to your rear delt flies all right hands are facing your legs change it halfway forward ready let's go [Applause] great job 45 seconds here and you're done with this one and then we're actually moving on to the triceps already good work 15 more seconds squeeze the back of that shoulder 7 6 4 3 2 1 all right let's get it back into high knee step over single leg step overs on the way down to the right lift the right if you need to modify power March and step ok 3 2 1 let's go 1 2 3 and then switch tap tap tap come on keep it up 10 9 4 3 2 1 all right one more time and then we're going to drop it down for a tricep pushup okay there you go 2 1 let's go 20 good seconds one two come on we've got 9 8 7 3 2 1 come on down in 10 seconds you're gonna have hands right under your shoulders tricep push-up so if you need to modify go to the knees elbows shoot back towards the ribs and push up let's go good the biggest takeaway from push-ups I can give you is to keep your belly in your legs tight come on push that ground away from you that's it seven six two one rest great job your cardio butt kicks okay so you're going to come on up right here and back okay four three you got it big deep breath two one let's go kick kick kick little fat steps go-go-go though with your toes light on your feet seven-six to one rest one more time there we were back to our last around the tricep push-ups okay to one let's go we're over halfway home by the way good job good job ten nine go go five four three two one breast and back to your last round of tricep push-ups come on you're stronger than you think two one let's go together belly tight keep the hands under your shoulders your head it's going to go just out in front of your hands okay don't worry about going right down to between your thumbs your head is going to go past your hands fifteen more seconds can you give me five more let's see four three two an arrest okay back to your butt kicks two rounds of 20 those are done that's the good news four you've got three two one here we go buckets nice quick toes tap tap tap tap so knees don't have to come up just heels pull good job good job let's go 4 3 2 1 walk it out got one more set of these butt kicks and then we're headed to tricep overhead extension 4 3 2 let's go good good let's go come on dig deep eight seven three two one all right grab a single dumbbell or two light dumbbells take it up over your head you're gonna bend hands straight in 45 seconds right here ready two one let's go bend the elbows use your triceps to straighten them back out if you don't feel this you need to either go heavier or keep your resting position a little bit slanted behind your head back here okay good sometimes I have to push mine back a little bit behind my head to really feel that stretch to make sure my triceps are doing the work and not my shoulders okay seven six three two one rest your cardio here is a chop out okay sounds a little more dramatic than it is but you're gonna have your hands here popping you're gonna chop chop chop chop okay let's chop out to the left first two one here we go so you got a little hot going touch out out out out good nine eight seven five four three two one Rex good job Matt is going crazy here alright round number two three two one little hop let's go touch touch good it's all about the arms and the legs moving together eight seven come on three two one rest all right back to your tricep overhead extensions I'm gonna bump my weight up by five pounds total I was using a 15 and now I'm gonna go for 210 so if you can bump it up let's go here we go 45 seconds I've only got 30 minutes with you today so we're gonna get all we can in together good elbows stay close feel that burn and then push through it okay pushing pushing pushing seven six four three two one rest oh man all right chop out this time let's go both arms and both legs together okay in eight seconds get your little hop going let's go check okay you can't even make that sound effect if you want just kidding two one let's go Chuck Chuck the feet go up hands go up if you need to modify take that hop out then touch and touch nine eight keep the core tight keep the hips kind of low three two one rest one more round there and then light dumbbells again alternating kickbacks okay four three one more rounded chop outs two one let's go good come on ten eight seven six three two one rest tricep kickbacks left and right left and right so bend it forward you're gonna kick right and left 45 seconds let's go there you go get that full extension and then lower slowly to keeping your elbow high as you lower keep a flat back and a little bend in your knees fifteen more seconds kind of lower slow elbow stays high you've got seven six three two one rest throw your dumbbells out of the way that cardio move here is going to be snowboard hops so we're moving backwards one two three turn one two three turn okay come with me two one let's go one two three turn good job you've got ten nine good job whoops three two one rest one more time if you're modifying I want you to step step step step step step okay just step wide 2 1 let's go 1 2 3 turn 4 come on come on four three two one breasts and we're back to tricep extensions or tricep kickbacks great job stay with me here okay we're about to rock into your back okay it's my favorite two one let's go [Applause] good keep that elbow up come on you're almost there let's go push Bend come on 15 seconds push push push seven come on right here we've got three two one rest last round of those snowboard jumps you guys doing all right I know what you guys are thinking in your head but we're making it okay three to snowboard jumps one let's go one two three turn two three turn good use that cord turn six five three two one wrist ten seconds last round here we go three two one let's go good pull pull come on you've got for getting ready to go into bent over rows breasts all right we've got bent rows just one arm okay we're going here with the right arm row then relax ready here we go good job poll we're so close to the end after 40 seconds here you're gonna flip right over to the other arm 45 seconds I mean good come on get ready to switch 4 3 2 don't rest switch it over let's go we're so close to the end good job come on pull feel that shoulder blade engage the movement and then drive it up 20 seconds come on after this we're going into some ski jumps okay you can drop your dumbbell I'll show you 9 8 4 3 2 1 dumbbell down we're gonna skip over 20 seconds here okay and then you're gonna grab your dumbbells for 45 seconds of backslides and that's it okay now let's go 13 12 11 come on 4 3 2 1 all right light dumbbells alternating back fly let's bend it forward fly back okay this is it right here no rest at the end good job ten more seconds and then we're going back to ski jumps 420 and that's it three two one drop them down ski jumps this is it 20 seconds go hard go hard come on twelve eleven ten six five four push push push three two one rest take your heads up overhead breathe stand nice and wide inhale exhale Oh give me just a couple more minutes here let's stretch out your back over and switch over great work today guys switch again over and switch great job let's take your left arm cross it over your chest there we go you've got time just one more minute let me cool your upper body down you're like me you're sweating that's great you should have earned this sweat and I hope you worked your hardest today go ahead and switch alright make your time worth it good job hands up overhead you're gonna bend that elbow pull that forearm back to your upper arm stretch those triceps because great job today I know it went fast and everything was very intense how to help you push your hardest every single day I just want you guys to show up mentally strong or not we're gonna get through it together okay if you show up with motivation great if you don't also great just show up okay we're gonna get through it together each day no matter what we feel like we show up we stay disciplined we stay consistent unless you're sick of course the motivation is going to come and go okay all you have to depend on is your consistency your promise to yourself that you're worth it that you are enough right you are perfect exactly how you are and in that perfection there's a love for yourself and a respect for yourself to keep doing workouts like this they'll make you a better version of yourself each day okay it's not about trying to fix something that's imperfect it's about loving yourself enough to know that's your perfect him you respect yourself and you do the things that make you better each day because of that self-respect and that self-love okay so promise yourself today you're gonna love yourself you're gonna appreciate yourself for what you just did and moving forward throughout the week you keep respecting yourself through the weekend keep respecting yourself and your body treat it like the temple that it is and I'll see you tomorrow guys have a great workout plan for you tomorrow have an amazing day today though make sure you like this video comment below what your plans are for the weekend and I will see you guys tomorrow make sure you like the video here subscribe to the channel and give it a and I'll shoot your alert when the workouts ready tomorrow love you guys bye


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