30 GYM FAILS 2018 – This Is Unbelievable


  1. Someone tell the cunt whos fucking the wall she went home 10 minutes ago 😂😂😂

  2. ROFL….8:23, that's at my gym! I knew someone was going to catch that man of film someday… internal thoughts  I better not screw up or they'll get me too….

  3. I wonder how many of these people are just ignorant instead of just plain stupid. Either way both types need help….

  4. What a joker ahahahahaa

  5. Minute 10:12 is so funny. Lucky he didn't get dizzy.

  6. When is someone going to blow out their sphincter on this channel? I’ve been waiting forever.

  7. 4:40 name song please

  8. 8:16 That guy just got a free ticket to snap city

  9. i fell off the treadmill today at the gym….no i actually did lol some guy laughed but he still asked if i was alright (Closed my eyes cause it was getting tough….don't take your eyes off the treadmill ever!) that might be embarrassing to some but still not as bad as some of these doofs lol

  10. Dad where you goin? *to the gym*lol

  11. Can i fight the second guy? The last guy did good

  12. Hace una boludez en un gim de argentina y maltrata las maquinas asi y el dueño te pega una patada en el culo que cruzas la puerta sin abrirla

  13. It's funny stuff and at the same time we just gotta be careful and hey and if you ain't working out well your ass better join the team sucka😈😎

  14. 0:43 what is he sniffing at ?

  15. At time 1:35 I would say that's just a clever way to get your 69.

  16. YO… that Russian around the 7.30 Mark is NEVER getting knocked out HAHA 😯😯😯

  17. quality editing on this one.

  18. LMFAO at the Mike Tyson one hahahaha

  19. 3:32 WTF Is he fucking the wall o.O

  20. A jojo reference I see?

  21. Hey we all got to start somewhere 😋

  22. These fukers need arresting and locked up, the bloke making “wonderful love” to the wall, errr well he needs Valium !

  23. These are the type of morons on social media getting offended and triggered all the time 🤣

  24. Anybody want to buy a used cellphone!

  25. 7:45 This fucking idiot will one day wake up to seemingly out of nothing unbearable pain with "exercises" like this.

    8:47 This, although the form is terrible, how you supposed to train you neck.

  26. I see people doing the cell phone by the dumbbell all the time. If I'm helping someone I always move their cellphone and say "I just don't want to see your cell phone get broke."

  27. Last guy isn't really a fail, looks like he half repping because the guy spotting him is much taller, look In the mirrior he is going deep but I've got a suspicion that some of the plates are fake. There should be more of a bend in the bar when he unracks it with that amount of weight.

  28. 6:00 curl rack bro

  29. That’s actually an impressive as fuck neck bridge woah

  30. 1:30 that’s the closest ginger beard ever got to a blowjob 😂

  31. I was totally unaware insane asylums had such kick ass gyms

  32. 0:55 it gotta be a troll

  33. Damn..that Gym has a Gloryhole ? Now thats a good Idea 3:17

  34. Well… I guess we're not alone in space after all… There's these guys living among us…. :((

  35. Fucking idiots jajajaja The last guy: washalaaaa ahaaaashalaaa 😂

  36. Now i respect crossfit more:)

  37. 7:57 better luck necks time

  38. 4:48 is a real ab exercise, looks funny but it legit

  39. 9:50 please abandon this guy from any gym out there…what a freak

  40. Idiota

  41. Why they sniffing cocaine lol

  42. 3:17 don't laugh guys he was just doing his Magic Mike routine

  43. 8:10 may look like a pointless ego lift, but that is a legitimate exercise that is amazing for the traps. Static holds of super heavy weights absolutely destroy the traps

  44. Song? 0:31

  45. One flew over the cuckoo's nest

  46. 146 all I can say is your the stupidest cunt I've ever seen let you no if I see any 1 else b quite as much of a cunt can't see me getting in touch

  47. 1:53 is that….that …UT Austin's Gregory Gym??!!??!!??!
    lmfao what
    Thats my university's gym LMFAO

  48. 5:23 is that MGK?

  49. When did the safe haven of a place to lift weights turn into a bloody dance studio?? Also……WHY is that bloke doing a sexy worm on that wall? Did that wall consent to such touching?

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