30 Days to Healthy Eating with Arbonne

hey guys I wanted to get on here and make a video about 30 days to healthy eating challenge and why it's good for you why you would want to hit the reset button on your body and cleanse and also talk a little bit about why I love this program and why I chose to do this so I will go ahead and start with that I became an urban consultant this past year and I knew that they had this amazing nutrition side and checking that out I was so excited because I realized that their nutrition plan is not like a fad it's not a diet it's not a quick fix to losing weight really fast and it's not something that they came up on their own it's actually very simple it's teaching you and educating you how to eat whole clean foods in their natural state how they kick out processed foods refined sugars and gluten and all of those things and just eat a well-balanced healthy diet and it seems pretty simple right so it's actually nothing new and I was really excited because I used to work at a naturopathic Medical Center and this is everything that they taught there is basically like a plant-based diet but you don't have to be vegan and you can eat lean meats if you choose to so I want to talk a little bit about how this works why you would want to do this so this is something I kind of knew about before but not really until I got into doing this myself is there's a thing that when we eat over processed foods foods that contain ingredients that aren't very necessary for us we get toxic buildup without our bodies and there's other ways that you can get toxic buildup as well not just from food but it could also be from the products that we put on our skin such as if they have unnecessary ingredients the harsh ingredients our skin actually whatever we put on it absorbs within seconds and it's into our into our body system and our body has to flush that out as well same thing with the air that we breathe you know if we're breathing in harsh ingredients chemicals fragrances things like that it goes through our lungs and then is also in our body so our body such as liver kidneys is doing a lot of work to flush all of this out of our body and sometimes I can't get it all out and we get this toxic buildup so when that happens our body actually sends us signals telling us like whoa you need to slow down you know it's getting to be too much and I actually printed something else which is signs of toxic overload and it goes through common symptoms that your body could be signaling you saying you know you need to slow down and really briefly I'm gonna run through some highlighted ones which is acne anxiety brain fog constipation depression sleep issues joint pain itchy skin inflammation nausea sugar cravings diabetes weight gain so those are some really quick run-through of symptoms that our body you know experiences if we have some toxic overload within us and so what we want to do is we want it eat a whole clean diet and we can actually cure most of those symptoms on that list just from eating healthy foods so what we're going to be doing during this cleanse time and process of elimination is we're going to be increasing our nutrients and we're going to be eliminating no acidic addictive allergenic foods so what that's going to look like is no refined flours no refined sugar or processed sugars gluten soy dairy coffee alcohol peanuts corn honey red meats so that's what we're eliminating for 30 days okay and it's just for 30 days because I've said this before and people are like oh my god I could never give up coffee but the thing is is like you're only gonna do it for 30 days and also this gives you a chance to learn so much about your body like how does my body respond when I don't drink coffee or when I don't eat these addictive foods so I learned a lot about acidic foods myself you know I have in the past had really clean healthy diet but I've never like actually done this process of elimination to learn about it so really quick like one thing that I experienced was my entire life I've had cystic acne a really bad one and I have always had that no matter what I do no matter what kind of medicated cream I use or fancy skincare cream that was always there so by eliminating all acidic foods my acne went away so that was awesome it's like 37 years later no more acne so that is awesome in itself because I learned that when we eat acidic foods it it can offset the pH of our body and when that happens it creates an environment within our bodies where you know illness can thrive disease can thrive inflammation can thrive and acne can happen like things like that so that is something that I've learned and I am so happy that I learned that and there's so many more stories that I'd love to share with you but I feel like that's another video so so I want to talk about what our bonds products are going to be doing so really a lot of their products are kind of medicinal and they're supporting your liver and your kidneys and your gut so through the process of eating you know if you eat junk food foods that contain preservatives and fillers and bad ingredients then our core system is really working really hard and then we're gonna go in and we're gonna change our diet and introduce new healthy foods into our body so there's a lot of change going on and so a lot of their products is supporting your core system so you're going to be getting one month supply of fiber because fiber is great for us to ensure that our food is digesting properly breaking down good you're also going to get digestion plus which is a prebiotic probiotic annan enzyme all-in-one to ensure that we have the healthy bacteria growing and thriving in our in our stomach and to maintain the pH of our body and things like that also we are gonna get two boxes of herbal detox teas and these teas are packed with herbs and botanicals that are their main focus is support your liver and your kidneys in your stomach you're also going to be getting of course a seven day cleanse this is going to be a lemon ginger cleanse so it tastes it actually tastes really good so it's not gonna be difficult to drink this for seven days it's super simple and it's also it's not a fast or anything like that so it's not one of those detox cleanse fasting donee kind of things like you're still eating while you're doing this and another item that you're going to be getting is two boxes which is two months supply of fish sticks so since we are going to be eliminating coffee energy drinks sodas this is going to be your healthy replacement it is fueling your body with energy from green tea Jen Singh and also has B vitamins in it so it's going to really support your mind health as well make you feel really good and energized and then you're gonna be getting two bags which is a 60 day supply yeah 60 day supply of vegan protein so the shakes actually taste amazing they have vanilla they have chocolate every once in a while they'll throw in like a special flavor but you know if your goal to do this is also to do a fitness program or lose weight or you're setting goals for yourself these mill replacement shakes are great for that also they are packed with vitamins and nutrients to make sure that you're getting all of the nutrients that you would get from a well-balanced healthy meal and fueling your body with that so yeah and also they taste amazing so even if your goal isn't to lose weight necessarily they make really tasty treats so there's so many fun recipes where you can actually use protein powder and cook with it I think with it you know and make delicious treats for yourself since you're not going to be eating sugar so yeah so that is a rundown of Arlen's products what this challenge is and I will probably post some more videos down the road to give a little bit more detailed information but I will talk really quick these this set is customizable as well you can purchase the entire set one thing that I will be offering is split it in half do it with a friend so you can have any kind of bility partner I would love to chat with you one-on-one and talk about the products and how they can work for you so let me know if you have any questions at all and we will keep in touch

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