30 Days of Yoga – Start Here

Hello my friends, this is your official welcome
to the 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, it’s pleasure to meet you, or pleasure to
see you again YWA community members, and I couldn’t be more excited about this 30 day
of yoga project. Free 30 days of yoga, one video per day. I wanted to give you an official,
warm welcome and also help guide you to a couple of things that might help you along
the way. First things first, if you’re totally new to Yoga, relax you’re in the right place. This experience is built for all levels, all
body types, all backgrounds, and the idea is to empower you to connect you to who you
really are in the comfort of your own home for free. You don’t really need anything.
You don’t really even need a Yoga mat, but some helpful things that might just help you
along the way is to have a yoga mat, but you don’t need it, a towel or a blanket, but you
don’t need it. A pillow or a bolster or block, but you can do it without. So we can have
all these things we can have them ready so that when we start our 30 day experience we
kind of already have all of our ducks in a row. You don’t have to have any fancy yoga
clothes to do this, just something comfy, something that you can move in definitely
and then typically we practice in bare feet. So if you’re in a chilly environment right
now you can always start with your socks and then as you get warm, kick those puppies off. Okay. I want to direct the beginners to one
of my favorite Yoga with Adriene videos which is called Yoga for Complete Beginners. Actually
the truth is this video is awesome for anyone who’s wanting to just kind of check in with
the body and see where you’re at, either after an injury or maybe you haven’t been on the
yoga mat in a long while. Or maybe you’re emotional body has gone through a lot of trauma
and you just want to kind of ease in because you know how powerful yoga is. Check out Yoga for Complete Beginners it’s
awesome. It’d be a great thing to also practice if you feel like one of the 30 days of yoga
videos is a little too challenging. That said we also have an awesome foundations of yoga
series where we kind of break down the poses and again especially for beginners and everyone
if you want to go back to the foundations of yoga, if you have a little extra time in
your day. Learn to pause or go a little deeper with the pause that we do in the 30 day yoga
experience. I can think that’s going to be awesome tool for everyone involved. Also if you’re interested we have a couple
of other goodies to support you on your 30 days of yoga journey, head over to yogawithadriene.com
sign up for the experience there and then I’ll send you a PDF calendar and some other
just thoughts and words of wisdom, just kidding, just thoughts to support you along the way.
We do have a hashtag for the 30 day yoga experience #30daysofyoga. We’re trying to invite as many
people along for the ride, so if you come across something that’s not your thing like
hashtags, then just don’t participate in that. Participate in the things that make you feel
good. If hashtags do makes you feel good and you like hopping on Instagram and finding
30 days of yoga and seeing what everyone is doing, because sometimes I do, and sometimes
I do it in a yoga pose by the way. You can do your social media in a yoga pose, why not?
It’s 2015 baby! We can do what we want. This is really important. The first rule of
the 30 days of yoga is there are no rules, so I’m going to do my best to guide you, to
keep smiling breathing deep and really paying attention to your body, but you are in charge,
you are the director, the choreographer, and the dancer all in this one bit. You get to
decide if your yoga maybe is just mindful breathing one day while the video plays. Or
maybe it really meet your edge and you take advantage of some of the play times that I
offer later on in the 30 days experience, where we get to kind of improvise and find
what feels good in a little more free style on the mat. I assure you everyday is different so you
don’t want to miss a day. Every day is totally different, the links of the video are totally
different, the anatomical focuses are totally different and they are all designed to empower
you and help you create a home practice so that you can find what feels good daily on
the reg [SP] and for free in the comfort of your home. I just think that’s so amazing. Obviously we want to hear from you, connect,
surprise yourself. Open yourself up to a new experience. If you had asked me a couple of
years ago if I would ever have an online yoga anything, I probably would have giggled, I
probably would have laughed at you. Look what we have now. I’m so grateful. I’m so humbled.
I’m super excited about the connection that we also have the opportunity to have to make
through this 30-day yoga experience as well. Invite your friends to join you, if you’re
not in the same timeline as me, again, the first rule is there are no rules. These 30
days of yoga exists for you to experience however you like. I can’t wait to see what
happens. Okay, I’m smiling from ear to ear. Very excited, I’ll see you on the mat. I can’t
wait to hear from you, find what feels good, take good care. Namaste.


  1. Do another 30 day challenge for weight lost for post pregnancy!!! Please!!!!

  2. I just completed this, I had to crawl through it coz I was a mess. Now I'm so much stronger, looking good and super vain about it 🙂 Thank you for your love and service Adriene <3

  3. Hey Adriene , I would love to do this, but what about the time when you're on your periods? Can we do it while we have it?

  4. Took me about 45 days to do 30 Days of Yoga, but I did finish. Love that in a video series, you're not punished for missing a day…you just pick up where you left off. I think I'm going to try True next. Thank you for making these videos and just seeming really relatable. Cheers!

  5. I have been following your videos for awhile and decided to start #30daysofyoga I love it I started sceptical and finished these days feeling refreshed, connected and overall a better version of myself. Thank you. Namaste

  6. today starts my journey to doing yoga daily! im excited I came across your channel

  7. You are such a lovely soul!!!

  8. My first yoga practice was in October 2016. This two years made me better. As I progressed not only in my yoga but also in my strength trainings and equestrian trainings( by the way, I started all of this 2 years ago). I got stronger mentally and physically, confident, positive and overall happy. As a school year began in September I had problems with getting on my mat in evening( as I practice yoga before bed) for the first time ever! For the past two years I always had time and motivation for my yoga but lately I felt unmotivated for everything. So, tomorrow I will start 30 Days of Yoga for the third time to get back in my routine)

  9. ı am starting in 2018 october love you love you

  10. After 4 years, wish me luck 🤞🏼💕

  11. Feedback here! I just finished 30 days of yoga, and it was awesome. Im a 18 year old male, and I started 30 days of yoga bc I have panic attacks, and Adrien helped me a lot. I enjoyed every moment of it, i feel much better, I would totally recommend it to anyone. (After finishing this, i will start yoga camp with Adriene)

  12. ive decided to restart to this and take it seriously, im so so so excited!!! thank you for providing such a amazing resource! (if anyone cares i vlog and that)

  13. Dear Adriene, thank you so much for these amazing 30 days of yoga.
    I practiced it two years ago and I felt wonderful.
    Since I am pregnant now (9th week), I was wondering if it's safe to practice it during "normal" pregnancy?
    Thank you for your answer.

  14. Thank you so much Adriene for guiding me through the last 30 days. You've helped me focus on finding what feels good during the first 30 days of setting up my own business. Every day I've come to the mat and set my intention and followed your patient guidance. You're an awesome lady. Thank you.

  15. Hi Adrienne – I don't know how to thank you enough for doing this yoga program on YouTube. I've had a lot of problems with my knee and unable to squat down from a series of events that started over 10 years ago and now I'm able to squat down and my knees have regained full functionality mainly from doing Day 8 over and over again for the last 9 months- I cried through so many of these videos because it was as though the impossible had been answered. Namaste

  16. Wow, I can't even believe that I just did yoga 30 days in a row. It wasn't easy, but it really wasn't that hard. It doesn't seem to matter if you can do the poses trying is the main thing, it's just stretching and breathing. The sessions are shorter than most yoga classes, so that really helps. Plus Andriene is down to earth and clearly loves what she is doing. I think I may do the 30 days again and see how much easier it is the 2nd time. 🙂

  17. Starting this today 💖

  18. In other videos, I you look a little like Jennifer Garner or Natalie Portman to me. In this one, I noticed Julia Stiles. My favorite though, and much more beautiful than the others, is Adriene Mishler. And adorable to boot. My offer stands. Anytime you what to pack up, run away and get married, you let me know. #soinlove #swoon #celebritycrush

  19. Day 1🙏🏼 and I’m kinda new, I got to classes in my hometown twice a week but just started being consistent with going this past month!
    Dec 9th 2018….anyone else?

  20. 2018… almost 2019 eheh! i'm interested in trying yoga for so long and i never did that, dont know why.. but well IT'S NOW, LET'S GO!!

  21. Hi Adriene, I have been doing yoga camp for 25 days now. I came to realize that my arms don't have enough strength and I cant do push up and come down from plank to floor in one flow.. i couldn't find any video which can guide me with that.. would you please help me and tell how should i go about it..

  22. Starting this in 2019! It will be my first experience with yoga! Can't wait to challenge myself, thank you for helping me to make it happen!

  23. Starting this in 2019 after a shoulder injury.

  24. 01.01. 2019 start =)

  25. Adriene….my journey to health begins today with your guidance and my determination…. Thankyou xx

  26. I have started with this one today! Hopefully it will help me in my revalidation. We'll see if I can keep this up for 30 days 🙂

  27. Starting now in 2019 ✌

  28. I really got neck pain going on for some weeks or months even but i'm too lazy to visit a course by myself or I tell myself I got no time to do it which is literally the worst thing you can say. I did the video "Yoga for text neck" a few times and after every practise I feel way more grounded and relaxed. So, the year just started and I got the intention to take time for some yoga practise the next 30 days, to get to know my body and what feels good, to release the pain maybe, but most important, to take some time for myself! I'm really curious how it will go. Thank you a lot for motivating me so far, Adriene!

  29. New to yoga here. Is it best to do yoga first thing in morning after waking up or at night before going to sleep.

  30. Loving these sessions—the length of time for each one real more manageable to fit into a busy day—–thank you Adriene

  31. I have been looking for something like this….I am 62 and just lost over 50 lbs in last 8 months

  32. Thank you for helping me back to the mat and helping my brother find it for the first time! #30daydofyoga Namaste 💗✨

  33. I just posted a video review on how much this 30 day practice changed my life. I was living with pain and loss of mobility. It's amazing what a gentle daily practice can do to completely change your health and your outlook. Thank you Adrienne!

  34. I started your 30 day challenge yesterday. I suffer from depression and anxiety and already I feel like i want to stick with it. Thank you so much for the time and dedication spent to making these videos. You are awesome!!

  35. These videos helped me learn yoga, the little reminders, especially head over heart etc, remember to breathe! I am 69 yrs old and live in a rural area where yoga classes have not been available. My daughter got me started and these videos kept me going! In two months of daily practice I am stronger and calmer!

  36. Day 1🤗

  37. On day 1, you mention that if we came to the mat every day and just did cat-cow, that would be awesome. I can't begin to tell you how liberating that statement was for me. Just knowing that something that simple was still beneficial has given me the ability to be consistent with my practice over the past 6 months. It helped me to look forward to my morning "quiet time" regardless of how I felt. So I just wanted to say thank you for making yoga so accessible.

  38. Beginning 30 Days of Yoga after completing #ywaDEDICATE ♥️

  39. Generally, I liked it a lot. It helps you get into the yoga habit, which is key. Just wish there were more balance and sitting poses, and less of a continual emphasis on things like folds and Sun Salutations. So I would love to see a more blended practice. But thanks for the program.

  40. feb 04, start 🙂

  41. This would be my 3rd time doing this 30 days series! Any time I go long periods sans yoga, I use this series to jump back into it. Appreciate your guidance and patience with teaching.

  42. It’s February 2019. I just finished 30 days yoga journey you posted for January. And i decided to start a new 30 days yoga journey and I’m here!

  43. 14-2-2019 ❤️

  44. You are amazing telling people they are the choreographers and dancers of their own lives. Thank you Adrienne <3

  45. Time to start my second 30 day challenge. Time to start day 31 and I can't wait to make it 60 days!

  46. 3rd time starting this now. oof. I really hope i‘ll do it this time!!

  47. I really want to thank you for uploading this. I've finished the challenge in about 50 days and i have been enjoying it so much! I've not only gained flexibility but ESPECIALLY resilience, and this is really what I was looking for and still looking for to improve. I am pretty sure you've turned me into a becoming yogi :)!! THANK YOU SO MUCH; I COULD CRY RIGHT NOW

  48. Did this a few years ago and it was amazing. Trying it again postpartum and I'm excited to get started. THANK YOU!

  49. جميل جدا

  50. So now being as naive as a newborn to this world of exercise n yoga I just want to ask is there any specific time to do Yoga., I mean to do it only empty stomach though I dont mean to do yoga just after my meals. Plz guide.
    Already So pumped to read the comments and soo looking forward to this. Thsnks for being here Adriene..

  51. Greetings Adriene 😊Just finished up with 30days yoga camp yey 💖I'm trying to cultivate my beautiful yoga practice with 30days of Yoga 🙆🙋🙅 Then it either Revolution or Dedicate 😊Also I'm practicing individual poses with foundations! Wishing you a beautiful day Namaste friend 🙏💖

  52. This was extremely helpful! I'm just now realizing how much content you have created for us. I'm super grateful to have a yoga instructor who is easily accessible and affordable (FREE)! Thank you so much <3

  53. Today I asked my sister whether she wanted to attend Yoga classes with me and she said “don’t waste your money and fuel! Watch Adriene on YouTube. She changed my life!” And then I ended up here, doing this challenge 👍🏻😁

  54. Starting on 2019 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️

  55. Is it okay to do this challenge with scolioscis?

  56. 2019 and here!

  57. So if you're looking at these comments wondering whether to start this journey or not, my advice is Just do it. I"m back for my second go after doing Yoga Camp in between, and in two short months my body has been transformed. I started yoga to try and find some stability to heal myself after years of pain and injury, but whatever your reason for being here, Adriene is an wonderful guide and friend who will support you to a better version of you mind body and soul. It's a fantastic opportunity. Accept it.

  58. It took me 36 days in total, but yesterday I finished the 30 days and I'm really happy for taking this new habit. I am less tired and happier. Days 6 to 9 were the most difficult ones and I almost quitted. But I kept doing it and now that I've finished I'll continue with yoga as a daily practice. Thank you so much Adrienne for your videos. And if anyone out there is asking themselves if this is worth it, give it a chance and commit to it it is worth it 🙂

  59. Just started the challenge yesterday, and I love it so far.

  60. Super excited to start on this tomorrow morning!

  61. I'm doing day 1 tomorrow morning 🙂 I did the Dedicate journey from January to approx March. It was so empowering, on day 30 I swear I cried. It was such a bittersweet, beautiful experience. I'm so excited to start another 30 day journey! 💙

  62. Thank you 🙂

  63. Repeating this in 2019. 😊 ♥

  64. Love all your classes.💖

  65. Starting this in 2019. Thank you for amazing videos!!

  66. I already finished this once (in more than 30 days..) and then stopped for a few months. now i feel like i should start over, cause i feel like there is no progress 🙈😂 But i will just start from here again and make some new progress

  67. Starting this in 2019💪 thanks!

  68. I am going to start today 💝

  69. Is this applicable for beginners?

  70. I am 56 years of age and needed relief after 2 big toe joint fusions and a year with crutches and boot casts. Started with chair yoga and then I found your channel. I can feel a difference with flexibility in my feet and legs after 3 days into the challenge. I have a new love..yoga

  71. Thank you very much for this amazing yoga journey 😊🙏 Namaste !

  72. What Yogablock do you use? There are so many different sizes and materials… Thank you so much for your help and your practices! Love them! 🙂

  73. I’m starting tomorrow, after having completed true and dedicate for the past two months… This thing is so transformational Adriene, these videos and your beautiful presence accompanied me in some important moments of my life…I am excited to restart! Much love as always from Italy ❤️

  74. Can someone with disc issues (2 mild disc bulges to be precise) undertake 30 days of yoga?

  75. Doing this again four years after the first time as I've just given birth and want to get back on the mat after such a rough pregnancy that I couldn't practice. Beyond excited!!

  76. Going To Start Today… Hope I'll Change And Believe In You.. Thank You…

  77. I'm old(ish), fat(ish), weak and stiff (no ish about it). I hope I can do this…

  78. After many years of trying to find a yoga class to suit me I eventually ditched my weekly takeaway and hired a personal yogi to come to my house. She is fab, but I can only afford one class a fortnight and I was instantly forgetting all the poses the minute she walked out the door! She recommended Yoga with Adriene and I haven't looked back. I love this woman's energy and I've been doing yoga every morning now for a month.

    I haven't had a class for 3 weeks because my teacher is on holidays, and I really can't wait for her to come back and see how much I've progressed. My posture has improved vastly and I'm so much more aware when I'm slouching. My muscle tone is improving and my energy levels are higher. I take things like the breathing and the neck stretches and incorporate them throughout my day…. it's easy and it feels so natural. My silhouette is improving and I'm even making better decisions with what I eat (starting with the forsaken takeaways haha!) finally I'm beginning to believe that I'm worth taking care of.

    I'm also vacuuming more often as I'm down on the floor…. a lot 🙂 so I have a cleaner house too!

    Just about to start this challenge and I can't wait to see the results.


  79. I have done yoga for a while now, (albeit inconsistently), and Adriene 's 30 Days of Yoga is the best online program I have encountered. She eases you into the movements and her pace along with the way she presents different aspects of the exercise is great for anyone who is having issues with strength and flexibility and want to get back into the practice. I just completed Day 3 and I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you Adriene!

  80. I'm the kind of dude that always thought yoga was super easy but I just finished day one it was challenging and I'm super excited to keep this going day one done I'll be back in 30 days 😅

  81. Here we go, 3rd go around. Dedicate and true under the belt. Can’t wait.

  82. I'm starting now! <3

  83. I will start it this month and I just finished day 1 thank you❤️❤️❤️keep doing the good work ❤️

  84. At the end of the 30 days I'd finally like to say thank you! I have never ever in my life done yoga regularly, or finished an athletic 30 day challenge (or many other 30 day challenges, come think of that), and this has been the first one! Thank you for your supportive, fun, and good-feel challenge, I'm hoping to hop into another one immediately or I'll miss yoga! Routine has been very good for me, and this has helped me gain some flexibility, and helps control some of my gastritis symptoms! This day with the DIY theme was also fantastic, really didn't think a couple of weeks ago like I could do my own 20-ish minute yoga practice without any instructions but here we are!

  85. doing this to start my fourth year of university

  86. I’ve been trying to build yoga practice into my life more consistently (weekends off) and I’ve found that it’s easier with playlists like this, where I don’t have to try to choose a video every day. I just finished a 30 day beginner’s from fightmaster yoga and I’m really excited to start this one as I build up strength in the hopes of moving away from beginner playlists!

  87. Starting this to help myself, making time for myself. Just completed day 1 and i am so excited to see how this goes!!

  88. If I’m a beginner and have some injuries, should I start with 30 days of yoga, true, or revolution? Looking forward to trying them all at some point 🙂

    Edit: I just watched your introduction video here. I truly appreciate your softness that encapsulates your number one rule: there are no rules! Yay for the rebels. Also, how you repeatedly would say that there was a piece of equipment that could be helpful and how you said we don't need it right after. You're out here helping millions of people and I'm grateful to have found your channel and yoga at a time when I believe I'm ready. Namaste.

  89. Starting this in September, 2019. Thank you for making these incredeble videos!

  90. Started this today… After completing "Dedicate"… Love your playlist Adriene and the motivational letters you send for which i have subscribed… I love how the body, mind feels after each session… More power to you… Thank you! #YWA 🙏🤟

  91. Greetings my beautiful yogi, God willing all is well with you and yours. It has been quite some time for me. Trying to get my body back into the swing of things after much trauma. Although I just completed the 21-day yoga challenge on One Commune, I feel I need to slow it way down with some continued foundations and do just as you have explained in this introduction. So I plan on doing those videos you have graciously offered to the community, then yoga for beginners, and then back to here, I am assuming your very first 30 Days of Yoga. Elated to see you again and be back on my journey to establishing an at-home practice with your sweet embrace and other fitness endeavors once able. Thank you for always being there. Jai Namaste 🙏🏽😘💖🤗

  92. I have never “yoga’d” before but she seems so genuine and nice…definitely giving it a try now…Thank you Adrienne!

  93. Soo, I've just finished Dedicate and True, back to back, and now I'm starting this one 😀 I love it. It's what helps me keep my anxiety and stress in a somewhat good place. Some days I will be on my mat with my two kids, barely getting anything done, other days I will be completely alone. It's awesome. Every day, no matter what. Thank you, Adriene, for this.

  94. I don’t typically leave comments but I just wanted to say how helpful and beneficial Yoga With Adriene is. I started doing yoga at a studio once every week while I was going through something emotionally. It wasn’t until I moved that I discovered YWA videos. I love her videos because she works at a great pace, she reminds you to breathe, she helps me with my alignment, her energy and her soothing voice. With the help of her videos, I’ve increased my practice to almost every day (except weekends). I’m super excited to start my first 30 day challenge today. I hope to finish in about 40-50 ( I have a few trips planned this month and sometimes you just need a break from a routine). I’ll be sure to check in when I complete it!

  95. I made it to day 15 but it was definitely not consecutive and I took too many breaks bc school got crazy, so I decided to start over and be more committed!

  96. I just completed (most of) day one and then ended up here. I found it helpful to slow the video down to .75 to be able to not feel rushed. I appreciate how you focus on the embodiment of the yoga, and how you come across to me as offering your practice from a place of warmth and compassion. At 48 my edge is to be present in my body instead of lost in my thoughts. I'm looking forward to doing day one again tomorrow, and working on being more aware and centered and aware in my body. Thank you!

  97. Thank you so much for your excellent practices, and for your amazing positive energy! 🙂

  98. Also starting in 2019.
    I’m excited too.

  99. I finished this last night and have come back to do it again before moving on to other YWA video!

  100. October 16, 2019 start date 🍁✨

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