3 Worst Drinks for Your Health | Healthy Food

the worst three drinks for your health are caffeinated milkshakes from coffee shops energy drinks and sodas those caffeinated milkshakes from coffee shops combine an incredibly volatile combination of caffeine sugar fat and dairy all which make your brain in your body really happy for a few minutes but over time they add an incredible amount of calories saturated fat dairy caffeine and sugar which all upset your body's inflammation issues and they can exacerbate any hormone imbalances over time energy drinks combine too much caffeine and too much sugar into one beverage and they should especially be avoided by children and teenagers who do not need that extra caffeine hit and it will set them up for adrenal fatigue and hormonal dysregulation sooner than they need to experience sodas whether they are sugar free or regularly sweetened also have a combination of caffeine and phosphoric acid in them phosphoric acid puts your body into a more acidic state and the way that your body can alkalinize that acidity is by drawing more calcium out of your bones to balance that acidity over time this can lead to osteoporosis and bone loss so avoiding sodas is the best idea for anyone concerned with bone loss you


  1. Lol its fine to have it every now and then the things she had only happens when you drink it constantly moderation is the key you dont have to drink and eat clean 100% of the time

  2. id smoke weed with her.

  3. jenna marbles 6 years later.

  4. my bones make a very load crack when i move it if i havent moved for a hour

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  6. Thank god she didnt say beer! This calls for a beer!

  7. Morgan Spurlock's wife. 🙂

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  9. what do you recommend drinking to get that extra boost of energy say when you're studying for finals???

  10. I shoudn't drink soda

  11. Brace yourselves, fat unhealthy Americans are coming!

  12. Prove to me that she knows what she's on about it doesn't make any difference if she does

  13. She didn't say beveraged weed

  14. Probably any minute now; but I'll go happy!

  15. Nah, drinking sulphuric acid is much worse for your health.

  16. How about a gallon of orange Kool-Aid with about 1/2 lb. of sugar? Nectar of the gods!!

  17. Damn, I need a pepsi and a cigarette…

  18. Correct, they are all bad beverages disguised as "harmless" drinks. Some even have oncogenic potential.

  19. 😀


  21. u mean that red bull is bad for your health

  22. I haven't drank a soda in 5 months! Quite honestly, thinking about what exactly is going into my body has given me a different outlook on life. Know what you're consuming! :]

  23. I don't drink any of those ^_^

  24. Thanks grandmother greenhells

  25. What about Arizona Green Tea?

  26. ill go get some acid

  27. What literature supports something being wrong with dairy so long as it's organic. I mean dairy is one of the 4 food groups and is in the food pyramid.

  28. *Unsubscribed*

  29. I'm drinking Jack Daniels and Red Bull everyday! What do you say to that, previous level health shows? YOU AIN'T GOT WHAT I GOT! >:(

  30. Dairy is bad for you?

  31. In moderation, yes.

  32. i watched this video and i want to sleep … dunno why lol

  33. Helpful. And u look like jenna marbles. Weird.

  34. I can't stand soda/fizzy drinks anyway XD

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